#AMHVoices Pics and Audio: Kombi accident in Chitungwiza


A commuter omnibus was involved in a fatal accident near Chinhamo, along Seke Road on Monday morning.

For more pictures and details click on this story: Seven die in Chitungwiza Kombi accident.

An eyewitness speaks:

NewsDay readers sent us images below.



Photo by Lizzy Kutyauripo
Photo by Lizzy Kutyauripo
Photo by Lizzy Kutyauripo




  1. Zvakaoma , zvinorwadza vanhu vabva kudzimba dzavo makuseni zvakanaka zvichida vachienda kumabasa . musiki pindiri nenyasha dzenyu. Zororai murugare kune hama dzasara chemai mune tariro.

  2. Rest in peace. Ndarwadziwa ini. Combi and bus drivers and police please ndatiitei basa redu rekuchengetedza isu wafambi mumigwagwa. Kufamba mazuwa ano kwakutotyisa.

  3. May all these souls rest in eternal peace. i think all this is as a result of human error . these chitungwiza bound kombis they over speed zvakaoma taking advantage yekuti e number of potholes are jst next to zero muna seke imomu, and yet these guys are not licenced. toperera muroad zvirwere zviriko here shuwa. am touched ini….

  4. WE May continue blaming reckless driving and unroad worth vehicles but this wont do any justice. government must accept responsibility and redesign the road so that drivers are forced to reduce speed, eg speed humps and robots. i know some will argue that its a high way but i dont think its difficult to erect speed humps between maruta and prince edward water works. if its reckless driving why is is that there are are less accidents reported somewhere on the same highway. the smooth tar and those sharp curves are contributing 90% to these accidents.

    • Accidents are caused by human beings. Be it unroadworthy vehicles, bad roads or bad weather , ultimately its the driver at fault. Even with an unroadworthy vehicle , if you travel at the appropriate speed u get to your destination safely. Vapfana ava now driving public transport are just reckless , period!!!!!!!! don’t blame the roads?

      • @chamu, i think i have accepted that some will be overspeeding but my point is whats the government doing to reduce the carnage. they cant just sit in their offices and issue statements like ” overspeeding, this and that.” accept it there are dangerous bends around that area unless u have neva been to Chinhamo S/station. the government is also on the record blaming heaving trucks on masvingo road but yet its common knowledge that the road is too narrow. while is it along Mutare road they are less accidents yet munofambawo magonyeti almost of the same number.

  5. if someone fails to control his or her car, it shows one was overspeeding. kumhanya kunobatsira chii vanhu wee?. Even at 80km/h you can control your car, please lets try to save our lives by not just rush, just imagine seven bread winners have gone, through recklessness. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

  6. Tthis is horrible what awareness can we do, as zimbabeans inoder to reduce these sorts of cannages please lawmakers and road safety authority can you cab all road user who seen speeding in the expense of the passenger driver and the tout should both get pushed
    this sign or impact shows the driver was speeding forgeting that he has carrying passengers, may those who died in this accident may all rest in eternal peace

  7. hanzi makunguwo zvaakatya akafa mangani. Tikadriver with quotion and tichikoshesa upenyu hwevatakatakura dziwe njodzi tinokwanisa kudzidzivirira. Vafana ava kana vava mukombi vanoita kunge kusina mutemo ending up nekukuuraya innocent pple. MAY YO SOULS REST IN PEACE

  8. its true accidents are human error, even if happen but not speeding you can able to control it most accident are caused overspeeding please vanhu vemakombi vanomhanya kani i know that place very

  9. ndarwadziwa, vatyairi ngatiedzei kusamhanyisa motikari zvakapfurikidza mwero zvikuru sei dzeruzhinji

  10. VEDUWEEE KANI NHAYI VATYAIRI VEMAKOMBI ??? Tipeivo rukudzo rwekukoshesa vafambi nhayi.iiiiiiii Mwari honai topera road yeChitungwiza …..paChinhamo apo !!!

  11. the problem is with our legislators,please enact statutes that imprison any overloaded combi drivers
    those vehicles are made to carry only fifteen passengers including the conductors.but eish,not with our zimbabwe,they can carry as many as twenty two and still pass at a police controlled block.an over loaded vehicle has a very high probability of being involved in an accident.and if it does,its highly possible people are going to bump their heads against each other and limbs against the seats thereby causing fatalities

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