American tourists fined for overstaying in Zimbabwe


TWO American tourists were yesterday fined for flouting immigration regulations after overstaying in Zimbabwe when their permits had expired.


Gregory Joseph Klazura (25) and Michael Arthur Rose (24) appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Sharon Rosemani and pleaded guilty to remaining in Zimbabwe without permits.

Prosecutor Listen Nare told the court that on May 25, the two arrived at Victoria Falls border post and presented themselves to an immigration official.

One immigration officer asked the two to produce their passports and discovered that they had overstayed.

The two entered Zimbabwe on January 8 and were supposed to leave on February 8, but remained in the country illegally until May 25.

In mitigation, they said they were not aware they were supposed to renew their visas.

Klazura was fined $70 and Rose $100.


  1. are we sure we want tourists especially Americans to still think we are hostile towards white people. Food for thought

    • patriot the law applies to everyone irregardless of color. saying they didnt know that they were supposed to renew their visas is a lame excuse.

  2. these people came together on the same day, why then were they fined different amount, what a judicial system

  3. Dzimwe nyika you are fined as much as USD$100 per day you overstay, vane lucky fines here are so low.

  4. piece of cake,i was jailed n deported for overstaying by a day in SA.they had it good they shouldnt complain

  5. we need them but if they over stay they must pay as much as we also pay in other countries.

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