Albert Nyathi collaborates with Chirikure Chirikure


RENOWNED poets Albert Nyathi and Chirikure Chirikure on Tuesday launched their collaborative fusion of poetry and music at the Book Café in Harare.

Andrew Moyo

The eight-track album about cultural solidarity was put together in an effort to unite people from all corners of the country.

All the songs on the album were done in both Shona and Ndebele highlighting the linguistic diversity of the country.

Some of the tracks on the album include Kudala/Makare kare, Okhubekeyo/Anogumburwa, Butsu/Izicathulo and Isikhathi/Nguva among others.

The two poets, who are both 52, proved they have not weathered with age as they performed a couple of their tracks, dropping captivating poetry verses on well-orchestrated musical backing.

The keynote speaker at the launch, director of culture fund Farai Mupfunya mentioned the importance of poetry and the impact it has on people’s lives.

“I think poetry means a lot to us and in times such as these that we are going through in this country,  two lines that will last a thousand years can define the course of history of a nation,” said Mupfunya.

“Poets are important because we need them to give us back things that we can hold onto; that allow us to think more about the nature of life that we want in our beautiful country.”

In an interview with NewDay, Nyathi said, together with Chirikure, they had come a long way with poetry and comparing them would be difficult since they had different styles. “We have gone on a long time as poets and I do not want anyone to compare us because I think Chirikure has his own style and Albert has his own style,” said Nyathi.

“This album is an effort that we are making to unite people and make them laugh about their differences.”

Project manager Tavonga “TK” Mafundikwa said the collaboration between the two artistes is a milestone.

“These two great poets come from different cultural backgrounds and to merge them and come out with a solid album embracing our diversity was a milestone,” Mafundikwa said.


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