2 ZETDC employees nabbed over aluminium cable theft


TWO Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) employees were yesterday hauled before Mutare magistrate Sekai Chiundura facing charges of stealing aluminium cables worth $5 000.


The two are Tapiwa Mutetwa (31), employed as a driver, and Elias Sagonda, a linesman at the company.

They were remanded in custody after the State expressed fear that the pair might flee as they were facing serious charges.

Charges against the two are that on May 2, police received information that some ZEDTC employees had stolen 2 005 metres of aluminium cables and tried to sell them to a small-scale miner in Penhalonga identified as Garai Dumbura.

Reacting to that information, police officers teamed up with ZETDC loss control personnel to investigate the matter.

Police later picked information that the two accused persons were allegedly the ones who had stolen the two drums of steel coded aluminium conductor from their employer which was meant for a project being carried out at Odzi Business Centre.

Upon arrest, the State alleges that the two indicated that they  had stolen the cables on March 27.

They allegedly delivered the cables to Dumbura’s newly constructed milling plant in Penhalonga using a ZETDC truck on April 4.
The State further alleged that the accused tried to sell the ceded aluminum conductor for $4 500 to Dumbura.

But the deal could not be reached because the gold miner insisted on invoices indicating the supplier.

According to State papers, Dumbura refused to pay the two because they were failing to give him invoices of their supplier.

The two accused were subsequently arrested on May 3 and the 2 005 metres of aluminium cables were recovered.

Magistrate Chiundura remanded them May 15 for trial.


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