ZITF: President Mugabe steps in

The 55th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) reaches its climax today with the official opening by President Robert Mugabe this afternoon.


The government is running a Mugabe exhibition at the showcase, which some say has created a sideshow.

Today also marks the first day the fair — which ends tomorrow — would be open to members of the public after the first three exclusive business days.

Mugabe will open the fair after Congolese President Sasou Denis Nguesso pulled out at the last minute.

This year’s fair, dominated by Chinese and South African companies, has been low key.

It could turn out to be a Mugabe show after the Media, Information and Broadcasting Services ministry put up an exhibition of the 90-year-old leader at its stand.

Top government officials, including ministers, were spotted making a beeline to the stand yesterday.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo said the exhibition would inspire youths to follow in Mugabe’s footseps.

“This is not just an exhibition of the President,” he said. “It is an exhibition of iconic moments of the President, which is why we are calling them Gushungo Moments.

“Now, here we are at ZITF where our nation is displaying to the larger world its resources, talent and the opportunities of its economy to attract investment under a very far-reaching policy programme, ZimAsset, and this with the leadership of the President and now focusing more on creative cutting-edge ideas that can take us to the kind of new heights that everybody believes our economy should get to with the understanding this requires the full length and breadth of the country to be innovative, particularly young people, you professionals,” he said.

Still reeling under de-industrialisation and ravages of economic meltdown, renowned Bulawayo firms are not exhibiting at the Trade Fair.

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  1. this is ridiculous, zitf is strictly a business affair not time for political sideshows which if anything actually destroy the spirit of the event

  2. We used to see a lot of Bulawayo companies dominating in their City. This is a sign of failure. The invited guest made a good decision. There is nothing to see. In his country some places they are doing very well in terms of development in Congo. Jonathan Moyo started his boot licking again.He is trying to please his boss. Zanu pf ministers need to know the difference between politics and business.

  3. let them eat cake!

  4. Let our president show them the way forward.If you have been invited and at last draw back,it is a sign of no true leadership in you.We shine with our president and you wasted his power in inviting so polish up your shoes and we now know that you are together with western countries.GUSHUNGO take the country to its destination,we love you.

    1. The destination my friend is a cul de sac.

  5. Bulawayo is known as having big industrial companies so just look at the numbers of vendors and you will see that many left,retrenched or else so no money as an industrial worker better find something which is better for you.

  6. Gushungo…! Tinovada, Gushungoooo….! Tinovada isu, gushungo vanotonga haiwa….! Gushungo tinovada…muoffice garai zvenyu, muoffice pindai zvenyu sure .muoffice pindai zvenyu nhai gushungo……. Watevr the situation he s the Zimbabwean Moses, keep singing

  7. Jonathan Moyo reminds me of Sqeualer in Animal Farm. That’s cheap and recycled propanda. There is no justification whatsoever. Which investors does one hope to attract that way?

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