Updated: Mangoma summarily expelled from MDC-T

MDC-T national council yesterday voted to summarily expel suspended deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma and three other senior members as the leadership renewal war takes another twist.

By Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

The MDC-T resolved to expel Mangoma, Last Maengahama, Jacob Mafume and Promise Mkwananzi who have become the face of the leadership renewal crusade.

The four have been the leading proponents calling for the resignation of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

MDC-T national spokesman Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the expulsions.

“The national council acting in terms of clause 5:11 of the constitution of the MDC voted 131 out of 190 for the summary expulsion of the four,” Mwonzora said.
However, Mafume, the spokesman of the renewal team, scoffed at that decision and said it was illegal and undemocratic.

“The decision is clearly utra vires the MDC-T constitution and the national constitution which clearly show that an offending party should be given a proper hearing before being fired,” Mafume said.

“Anything else besides following those laid-down procedures is mob justice and kangaroo behaviour.”

He added that in any event, Mangoma was waiting for a disciplinary hearing to take place in terms of the party’s constitution.

“It’s surprising that the party, which suspended and called for a disciplinary hearing, is the same that is now subverting the procedures by acting grossly unreasonably by denying the accused the right to be heard,” he added.

The MDC-T leadership renewal wrangle blew out of control in February when Mangoma’s confidential letter to Tsvangirai exhorting him to resign for failure to lead the party was leaked to the media.

After that, the matter spiralled out of control culminating in the beating up of Mangoma, MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti and Mkwananzi at the party headquarters, Harvest House. The national council in February met and resolved to suspend Mangoma.

However, since then, Biti came out saying that the national council’s decision was wrong.

The party was in the middle of setting up a tribunal comprising three lawyers who qualify to be High Court judges to conduct Mangoma’s disciplinary hearing.

In another twist earlier this week, Mangoma applied to the High Court challenging his suspension and the matter is still pending before the courts.

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  1. we knew it was coming

    1. Youth are being used to beat up people who are deamed to be against Tsvangiarai come elections Theresa Makone and women are are give first preference to be Councilors,Mps and Senators youth are blocked under Chamisas women disciminatory tool reservation and confirmation.Wake up Youths dnt be fooled or used for nothing if its a party of excellence lets go 50/50 not vana Theresa kumberi chete

      1. Analst wenhema.. ko haunakunzwa here kuti munhu akarova VaMangoma haasati abatwa nepolice zvisinei kuti picture yake vakaipiwa…Gororo iroro harisi youth. Zidhara ravanemakore two richishanda semusoja

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  2. I am no longer part of these stupid mangoma guys, they are not good strategist. look now what they did, they make every effort useless, I once support him but this time around wanachi, zikomo is not supporting them. I am now fighting for my position otherwise I might become history in Zimbabwe politics. I have to rebrand and position myself to take over if tsvangirai resigns willingly. mangoma you have betrayed me by your utterance like uneducated person

  3. Sebhiza Gula-Nyathi

    Now, Mr Mangoma, you are as free as a bird. You can now release that dossier you had compiled on the shenanigans of MDC-T top guys. You must expose them to such an extent that they won’t be willing to show their faces to the public again. You can start off exposing how senior officials in MDC-T profited by receiving bribes to allow party members to stand in elections. Please give a chronicle of how funds were abused by Morgan himself and his sidekicks. Let’s get the ball rolling. Over to you Elton………………!

    1. @ sebhiza.Why do you expose your little brown substance like this kikikiki

  4. Wings of Change

    Now he should form his party. He will soon realise kuti kunze kunopisa unless if he still has fuel money. Magoma and dust bin same fanana. How can one wait for a disciplinary hearing for some one who continues to misbehave like that. Mangoma should have waited for his disciplinary hearing akanyarara then talk after the hearing. No employer will let you recklessly open your mouth like that. 131 over 190 its 68.94% which is a majority baba maenda. You can now join us in the ruling party and be guaranteed that come 2018 you will be a member of parliament.

    1. Possible Machote

      This is a blessing in disguise for Mangoma. From now on he won’t need to defend Tsvangirai’s sexual escapades, indecisiveness and ineptitude. Mangoma can now sit down with people of like mind and establish a well-grounded party based on constitutionalism, principles and a passion for solving people’s problems. MDC-T is all about sloganeering but no substance.

    2. Taura hako Wings of Change…Mangoma chiuya tidye mari yetakapiwa kuti tikonzerese muMDC T umo kikikiki

  5. Democrashy. The party of sexcellence. Zip open, mouth open and mind shut. Come next elections, the expelled will be welcomed back as heroes just like Jobless with zpf being blamed for the misharp. Mdcteaboy is not responsible for its actions as everything bad is caused by zpf.

  6. mdc t yaparara

    Biti muZanu akakwana

    1. Possible Machote

      Nhema dzako. Haunyari here?

  7. he deserve it bcoz he brought the part into bad disrupute but however can e newsday dig more and find out whts e view of real Bitii not e 1 above and wee need to noe how strong is e MDC

  8. Shame on Mangoma and crew, its cold out there. But infact they deserve it. Too much stories.

  9. wattsopeter@rocketmail.com

    thumbs up mdc-t good move mapuruvheya aya apachena senhingi yemombe manje vaifunga kuti vakuru kumusangano kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. I think Mangoma and company lack both leadership and followership skills.If the congress is in 2016, why the huff and puff before congress.Its not democratic to demand your Leader to resign before congress.Why didnt you ask the entire leadership including yourself to resign since any failure you talk about is collective.Its good to be a good Leader.Its better to be a good follower.Mr Mangoma you are neither of the two.If I am not happy with my leader I would not shout at the mountain top about it.I will raise my concerns in the right fora.Playing to the gallery is not a sign of maturity sir.I stand to be corrected.These are my personal views as a passive onlooker, from afar ndirimudhuze.

    1. mushando nyanga

      Thanks for balanced and well informed contribution. Acceptance of order is fundamental to leadership. Many if not all our leaders need read your comment.

  11. Mangoma should simply comply or apologize. This is the end of his political career. MDC T is a principled party.

  12. Newsday you are biased you said ” After that, the matter spiralled out of
    control culminating in the beating up
    of Mangoma, MDC-T secretary-
    general Tendai Biti and Mkwananzi at
    the party headquarters, Harvest
    House.” The other two were not beaten you have stooped so low to be MangOma mouthpiece your editorial leaves a lot to be desired where is Madanhire.Mafume saying it’s a nullity form your own Party Mafume and co and see if you have got numbers

  13. @gandanga une makore mangani ekuzvarwa

  14. Mugabe ari better Mavahire akati Mugabe “must go” haana kudzingwa mu zanu pf infact atove minister, tsvangirai is a dictator before he is even president, apa ane behaviour yechitsotsi yekuda kurara nevakadzi vevanhu

    1. Mavhaire quickly went quiet after calling for the tired horses to be changed, he never took Mugabe and Zanu to court, he never called press conferences to announce his actions all the time and last of all he made his call in the 90s and was only welcomed in the central committe and politiburo recently before being drafted into last cabinet. While Mavhaire was very tactiful Mangoma is not and has shown his weaker side for all and sundry to see; impatient at everything, now his lawyer is calling for the disciplinary hearing yet they ignored it and went to court in the first place.

    2. I think what was wrong with Mangoma that any party would have expelled a member was the way he went about attacking the party leadership uncontrollably after his suspension. In a way i think he was inviting it so that when the inevitable happens he will find some story to launch his party. Wrong as the mdc-t decision might have been but really the pararrel we are drawing with mavhaire are terribly flawed as the latter did not then go about to tell us how mugabe did this and that after his expulsion(you are telling us he was not expelled)

  15. the psychoanalyst

    unlicenced are these mdctouts
    chaos louts cast out

    you bums
    go play your drums
    far off of the oak tree
    you are free

    noise is not hive motto
    our drivers need original photo
    without which licence
    none can miss your absence

    never learned did u
    more than bench booo
    how to drive
    around the hive

    u are now free
    but not near the oak tree

    you can’t cut it
    so bitit u pieces o’shit
    bump off scoff off
    pee off !!

  16. WanaMangoma wanotora maZimbabweans semombe dzavo dzavanouraya pavanodira , I Sorry to tell you this ,chinhu chinonzi mangoma hatichiziwi muMDC-T GO and rest shamwari tinozviziwa kuti ndimi wana baba jukwa munoita kunge munoda vanhu , for your personal gains . NOW it time for zimbabweans to stand up and protest aganst who ever thinks ismore important than the voters .stop confusing people forthwith

  17. Elton said he is a businessman so let him go back to his tuckshop business!

    1. Mangoma never said he is a business man. It is known that he is a business man and a chartered management accountant!

      1. Then his education s not helping at all, shame

    2. hesi mukoma mangoma. politics dzirikunakazve.muri kubanhira bhora muygedhi ripi.

      tonosangana kwamugoti.kumauyu.

  18. the fact that its still not 100% or at least 75% of those who voted against it means this is the beginning of real squabbles and dramaz, in 2018 there is going to b a massive voter apathy judging from this, why?, its easy to tell that there might b de-kampeining of candidates as I see it, Promise may I remind yu there is nothing like ‘right to be heard’ in African politics, sor my dear I c this as r end, why? bcuz in zim politics if yu want to known in politics circles either join mdc or zanu, those are the only 2 political parties that the mob kno tho ideologies seem to b the same, Promise and r company yu shd just do the honourable thing of apologizing even if it hurts yu, failure to comply im sorry yu b history when others wl b making real history

  19. judas isikariot

    fambai zvakanaka vamangoma tinozoonanazve kana mdc t yotonga

    1. Sara zvakanaka, Judas Iscariot. MDC-T ichatonga muhope dzako basi. Kana wafunga zvakanaka usanyara kuzotenga membership card ye MDC-Team party yevanhu!

  20. mangoma yu are full of shit go and form yo own party period

    1. At least Mangoma was man enough to face the internal dictator. Elton needs to just his approach and acquire a few social skills and he will succeed in politics. Very soon Tsvangirai, as is to be expected, will shoot himself in the foot and the public will see why Mangoma had to take the path he took. A great many people will be rushing to Mangoma’s MDC- Team party to buy membership cards very soon!

    2. Why are you calling me names? I have already formed a formidable party by the name MDC-Team. Our interim spokesman is that fine specimen of a man called Jacob Mafume. He is going to counter all the propaganda nonsense from that uncultured sidekick of Tsvangirai called Douglas Mwonzora.

  21. mavhaire wako akaita makore mangani kuti adzoke uye mavhaire akazvitaura muparamende maiwe nazanu pf chete kunze kwadongo independent l think kudaidzwa kwamavhaire hakusi kudiwa kwete kuti auye newanomutewera kumusangono ko mangoma chaaizo swera achi imba nekuunganidza wemapepa nhau chii iye tsamba anga anyora kare atsvaga kufarirwa hezvoka rambai muchimusekerera

  22. @harare mavhaire was taught a lesson he was relegated into the political dustbins for quite a long tym and mugabe saw that he was nw reformed and he gave him a ministerial post saka bhobho aita nani papi yu dont know politics wake up!

  23. nhai newsday ko last evening zvamakati he was fired wani pa breaking news now makuti summarily suspended which is which mr editor

    1. kkkk. handis editor hangu asi verenga futi @mwana.

  24. Good. Its time for him to go. I have always said to him form your own party, don’t waste time trying to remove incumbent leaders pachigandanga. If you are not popular wobuda mu politics dzacho utsvage basa. Noise yako yenge yanyanya Mangoma. Even uri Minister wainetsa. kkkkkkk.

  25. Ndati Save havarambidzwi kudzinga vanhu, asi sei vachitanga vavarovesa nemamonya?

    1. ngoma isina chinhu handikurira ikoko kunzwika nekurewo kuno kumusha kwamugoti.mangoma urigreedy. sei uchiita ndiwe pamusoro peparty

  26. yah neh! Hupenyu mutoro chaizvo. Izvezvi ndakumama nechando. I shud have followed the party’s constitution than going to the press. I thot I had support but it seems I’m nw all alone. Pliz forgive me party of excellence.

  27. Nyatsime Land Lord

    Good move to get rid of drum drillers.Mangoma and your guys you are now history in the MDC bye

  28. Batai vanhu varume, musajaidza!

  29. This is goon for you Mangoma. Now you can map out your own party of good values and principles!

  30. mangoma is now free to form another political party and become its president to prove his popularity. that is the end of his political career. SAVE MUNOGONA.

  31. Zimbabweans, may you pliz forgive me. I was send by zanupf to destroy mdc, but it seems I am exposed so its better for me to ask for forgiveness. very soon I will have a press conference telling the whole nation and world about who gives me the money and what was their next move if the plan was to win. so pliz Zimbabweans put all your support behind the mdc. I was nearly to be judas Iscariot.

    1. Come on, Chamisa, why are making a fool of yourself? You know, Elton Mangoma, will never turn back from his journey towards true democracy and transparency. The battle for the hearts and minds of MDC-T supporters has just begun!

  32. zvaperaka vana mangoma kutaurisa muchinyaya. chidaidzira ma rally ako nezita rako uone kuti panouya vangani other than your family and your other expelled guyz.don’t tek people for granted causing unnecessary confusion izvo zvinhu zvakaoma munyika kudaro.Shame on u very soon Biti u wl follow them ukasachinja hunhu hwako.Morgan iz more

  33. MDC extends olive branch to rebels.

    The interpretation: “Come Back and I’ll fire you”.

  34. Godfrey Sengweni

    I’m eager to see what Mangoma will do from now on. I like that guy’s fighting spirit and his never-say-die attitude. There is going to be a lot of mudslinging from now up to 2018.

    1. Nyati paNyahondo

      Enda zvachose usadzoke futi KuMayo wakasiya wauraya wakaitei makore mashanu uri Minister of Energy. YOU are now HISTORY .

  35. forgive me guys l thot l heard the support ndanga ndakatengwa nezanu. 133 voted in favour of expulsion out of 190 saka handina support . dont attack tsvangson only the rest of the council voted for my expulsion. biti keep quite our project is shattered dont follow me its cold here. ndamedza kutsenga ndichada

    1. You are an impostor. I will never humiliate myself again by being led by that sorry apology of a leader calling himself Save. The man proved beyond any reasonable doubt during GNU that he is not fit to be even a prefect at a remote rural primary school. Mugabe was able to manipulate Tsvangirai on every turn leaving Morgan being a mere ceremonial prime minister. Tsvangirai thought it was prestigious just to drink tea with the dictator. What a shame!

  36. Good riddance to the sellout. Kuitira misangano mumakitcken okumamisha ndizvo zvinokukanganisa musoro. Nhasi wamama.SAVE WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  37. Asi chokwadi, zvomene nyika ndokuti president vedu avo VaMangoma hevo avo, avo Head of State of Gvt and Commander In Chief of Zimbabwe Defense Forces. Zviroto zviroto chokwadi ndikapika nevakafa.

    1. Why not, Chinotimba? Was Mugabe born the commander-in-chief? Every Zimbabwean above the age of 40 can be the president of this beautiful land of ours. There is nothing to it really. One needs to appoint capable and incorruptible people for every public post and things will start happening. The leader will also need to be exemplary so that the nation will follow suit. I’m a Chartered Accountant who strongly beive in integrity.

  38. Asi chokwadi, zvomene nyika ndokuti president vedu avo VaMangoma hevo avo, avo Head of State & Gvt and Commander In Chief of Zimbabwe Defense Forces. Zviroto zviroto chokwadi ndikapika nevakafa.

  39. the right to be heard forms part of the core of justice thats why a murderer is given a hearing before an impartial tribunal. MDC-T calls itself the champions of democracy bt stil denies its fellow members the same. GNU made u fools and now u are acting lyc ZANU PF. lets wait and see what the High Cout will decide

    1. Khethiwe Moyounotsva

      @ mutemo
      You can say that again for the benefit of that ignoramus, Tsvangirai. It seems the MDC-Tsvangirai crew has a lot of skeletons in their cupboards. That’s why they could not stomach the idea of inviting Mangoma for a hearing. They knew a Pandora’s box was going to be opened!

      1. You are an equally worse ignoramus who doesn’t know that Mangoma can still contest his summary dismissal using internal party processes. The behavior of Mangoma of continuing to denigrate the party and its leadership deserved a decisive knockout blow to a lawless renegade who was clearly not interested in peaceful resolution of issues.

        Instead of showing restraint and waiting for his day before the party tribunal, he continued insulting, lambasting and bad mouthing others inthe party. Even if he was to be exonerated, how do you work with an individual who is ill behaved like him. Also note that there are offences which warrant instant dismissal especially to arrogant troublemakers like Mangoma who clearly did not want to be brought before the party tribunal.

      2. Wings of Change

        Mangoma can still appeal his dismissal through the internal means.You cannot wait for a hearing if the person you want to correct shows kuti he does not want to be correct. If you do not want to be corrected you will be expelled and that’s precisely what happened to Bad mouth Mangoma. He is history now. if he wants to survive he should associate himself with Cashbert

  40. Good riddance to useless rowdy loudmouths sponsored by the zany party. RIP in pieces Elton and your sidekicks. Tendai will follow you after congress. you can as well start preparing your bed, your friend will join you in hell. You are very a destructive malcontent who is worse than Prof Ncube who left quietly. Democracy is not pushing out using money and dirty tricks. Goodbye Elton.

  41. nyika haiende ndiripo

    now mangoma feel relieved u don’t have to betray your country anymore by eating at the same table with devils who are working tirelessly to see zim never enjoying true independency .THERE IS NO HONOUR AMONG PUPPETS

  42. The fact is Tsvangirai is a psuedo Democrat. Why does he and his kangaroo executive have to fire mangoma a few days before his hearing? I smell poison. Chamisa and Mwonzora stop misleading Save. Sabhuku Save close your zip so that people can’t vote for you. I also urge you to resist practising violence.

    1. Khethiwe Moyounotsva

      Yes Tsvangirai is a fake democrat. The same applies to his criminal friends Nelson “Cobra” Chamisa, Obert Gutu, Ian Douglas Mwonzora, Obert Gutu (who Tsvangirai undemocratically wanted to be mayor of Harare), Theresa Makone (who connects Morgan to such dubious ladies as Lorcardia Karimatsenga), Lovemore Moyo (a walking zombie) and Thokozani Khupe (who just like Tsvangirai had an irrigation system erected at her rural home by Nikuv).

      1. U r a very confused fellow, that last 2 also adding Monzora r d most disciplined and sincere comrades in this movement. They have a very mature behaviour

  43. Mr Mangoma is by any description evil like all zanu pf members . You are nothing mr thats why we openly chase you from our party because we know that you are working hand in hand with zanu pf. You want to create chaos within our party but this time you have no chance whatsoever. With God all you evil plans will come to naught mr mangoma . YOU CANNOT LEAD EVEN WILD ANIMALS. Forget about being mdc president mr mangoma . Only TSVANGIRAI for that post. You got it .

  44. Well. Mangoma has proven to be wanting to be the thorn in the flesh for MDC-T. now as a neutral, i cant really make out what his ethos and ethics are. Truly speaking, Mangoma is just trying to steal constituents from opposition. My dearly brother Elton, you are just fishing in your own tiny fish tank. why not cast your net wider to lure those neutrals and rebels from other sinking ships than your own house? do you really think any outsider would sympathise with you for burning your own house? shouting MT must go from the top of the mountain will never change your position and strategies. bring to table the way forward first and highlight why you think MT cannot fit in that equation. Please bro, have some sense.

  45. You want to destroy Our party thats all . You have already failed its better for you to die little naught child mangoma

  46. Khethiwe Moyounotsva

    It is very strange that Mangoma’s side of the story was never allowed to be heard. What is Tsvangirai afraid of. I’m now beginning to believe Mangoma’s version that:
    1) Morgan Tsvangirai and his friends are incapable of rational thought
    2) Morgan and friends are only interested in acquiring wealth for themselves
    3) Morgan and company misused party funds.
    4) Team spirit and mutual confidence is dead and buried in MDC-Tsvangirai
    5) There is no rule of law and constitutionalism in MDC-Tsvangirai
    6) MDC-Tsvangirai is an extension of the massive private property of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai !

  47. You can see from the above debate the level of all MDC followers. They are not dynamic and do not adapt to changes. Vanoita semurume akadyiswa nemukadzi wake and this is why they cannot notice anything wrong with Tsvangirai the fornicator.

    1. what changes they need to adapt to nhai Learned? you want them to suffer from system cyclic redundancy syndrome as exhibited by those across the floor who recycle dead wood and still get dead wood? is that what you call dynamic? so far there hasnt been a change in MDC-T unless someone telme they have e’R’ected Mangoma to be Pres.

  48. Musatukana, peace macdes, vaya vakamirira kudzingwa nevasarira kutya kudzingwa nokurohwa navamwe vose vaingoteverawo Huyai KuZANU PF. Musarove Biti na Madzore vakomana vedu. The last drama is yet to unfold, Good Work Dougie, yu will be rewarded.

  49. Tsvangirai and his clique’s decisions are not democratic at all and as such they reached this decision knowing very well that if they had acted lately Mangoma was going to win his suspension case.The decision to chase Mangoma is nothing rather than desperation of the which stinks to the heavens and it’s desperation of the highest order. However, this is not over yet and we want to tell Tsvangi that MDC is not your property and if you think you’re invincible, then think again.

  50. Tsvangirai’s lack of strategy and vision has been exposed again. Two don’t make one right. An eye for an makes the country blind. Why did the mdc-t kangaroo council expel mangoma a few days before the setting of his trial tribunal and date? Isn’t this comic? Mwonzora and chamisa are misleading Tsvangirai and come 2018 the writing is already on the wall. MENE MENE TEKERA UFASINE TSVANGIRAI. Zimbabwe will never be led by a man like Tsvangirai who is a psuedo Democrat.

  51. Two wrongs don’t add up to a right. An eye for an eye makes Zimbabwe blind. Tsvangirai those who likened you to Mandela lied to you an Idi Amin.

    1. Tell me if it’s your company what will you do to an individual who is bringing the name of the company into disrepute. Will you continue as normal?. There are problems in MDC-t but are they going to be solved when someone is pouring petrol on to the fire.

  52. But only yesterday there were reports MDC-T was offering rebels the olive branch – is summarily firing someone the olive branch? MDC-T is Tsvangirai’s personal property and he has surrounded himself with yes men and yes women. Morgan Tsvangirai is rural-born bumpkin and lacks any street wisdom. He was taken for a ride by Mugabe for 5 years and he did not realise he was being cheated the fool. These rural-born politicians have messed our lives, turning our country in one big backward “Reserve”. MDC-T will definitely lose the 2018 elections all things being equal. The firing of Mangoma is like being fired by a company which is under liquidation. Fighting over deckchairs on the sinking ship. This useless party must disband. Serving no purpose.

  53. @learned, tsotsi and mhandu, you can now mobilise support for your party president. Now mangoma you are free kuridza ngoma dzako in your own party and no one will stop you. good riddance of stinking rubbish.

  54. Mangoma chidzokera ku Accounts undobalanza mafigure hameno uchapago here zvawanga wava kuda kuita President, hino tsoro yese musango

    Makarasika CA

    Ndaenda ini

  55. @Kt, definitely we will. You’re still fast asleep if you think it’s the end of Mangoma.Tsvangirai lacks vision and political cloutness required to take Zimbabwe ahead, its people like you who are responsible for sacking of Mangoma simply because you’re enemies of the truth.How many times do we have to tell you that MRT has failed someone must take over. For almost 15 years he has failed and people are fast losing patience because they realise that the ship is fast sinking. ZANU-PF has already started rigging 2018 elections and yet MRT is busy purging and destroying the party. An enetity that refuses change like the MDC is doing right now collapses from within. So wake up and see where things are heading than to be deluded into thinking that Tsvangirai will come up with something new, with exception of probably another new wife.

  56. regereraiwo vana Mhandu ,Tsotsi and learned veduweee havana zvavanoziva,vanototiwo chero vashama miromo vakangofananawo na icho chadzingwa icho.for NEWSDAY TEAM sorry for your editorial policy mavakutonyadzisa.

  57. mangona failed the project

  58. The Enlightened

    It is such misplaced philosophies and ideologies that i hate with my whole HEART that say :political career.Politics is NOT, was NOT,will NOT be a career its civil service period.

  59. It is such misplaced philosophies and ideologies that i hate with my whole HEART that says :political career.Politics is NOT, was NOT,will NOT be a career its civil service period.

  60. muchinja chaiye

    kkkkkkk, thank you so much the national executive for firing this so called principled and vision less Elton and his three foolish followers. MDC is not there for joking or want Mangona to show us that he has the brain than all of us. Poeple should be disciplined not kuita kunge vanhu vari kufudza mombe. Wakaiura mangoma and yo team nevese vasirikubuda pachen kunge Biti, anoti kuvhota achinyepera court. Anga zviona kuti hapanadhiri mangoma aripa tyiti. Varume tikarega munhu achipinda negejo muchechi azviite. Now form yo own party nemadona ako tiwone. Ende tichaidya mari yako yekambeni wosara wabroka. Waida kuratidza ani kuti unenjere. inga ndiwe waiva chif negotiator naTindo wako woti Tsvangirai akoniwa, akoniwa chii chaizvo. Zvakatoita zvakatowedzera Save more fire, uchamama nezhara rega uwone. Usasnyare kuyenda kuzanu, but uko makarwe anokumedza nedzungu rako. Mangona nevese vanokusapota makaura thats yo end in politics musatambe nebato revamhu. chero zvamataura pamusora paSAV, hativasiye kusvika vatonga chete.

  61. Mangoma wakatanga uchizviti ZIMBABWE INDEPENDENT PARTY(ZIP),zvikaramba washaya akakutevera dzoka zvekare kwedu TANDA,UKAWANA KANA 100 VOTES UNENGE WALUMA shame on you

  62. we advised kedu mangoma and mafume to form their own party why worry a tent which is led by uneducated fools when they are educated

  63. Hndicadi zverenewal izvi zvinokuvadzisa.icho mangoma chine dzungu mhani

  64. Handichadi zve renewal izvi.its a flop already.mangoma wacho ane dzungu mhani

  65. Gonzo don’t follow Tsvangirai blindly. That man has failed it’s not that I support mangoma. 15 years of trying to dislodge Mugabe and failing to do for a normal man you give others a chance. Tsvangirai promised to retire if he was to lose 2013 Presidential election and made a speed u-turn against his promise when results were against him. Is that leadership? Suddenly NIKUV appeared. Why is buying time? To sleep around with more women, steal more money and get free air tickets. Sounds more zanu pf. He is reading political books which are worse than those Mugabe read.

  66. kutaura muchinyanya baba iwe morima nzara. Have a gud day mudhara.

  67. munongo tukana kana muine vision wana tsotsi ,mhandu ne co show us say the problem and an alternative solution not kungoshora ndimi wanhu wanoti wakavhotera munodududza muchiti zvinonetsa, kune wanenge wazvipira moita tumatare twe analysis isina soloution kufanana ne awo wanozviti musona chake kutuka chete oneway inga wezanu pf hanzi yakaba mavotes, mdc hanzi waste of political space saka kwake ndekupi zvanzi akurira kumusha haana kungwara shows pfungwa dzekare chaidzo, kufunda kupapfungwa dzinoita wakawanda watewedze dzako, tarisai uone zvandiri kutaura,

  68. woo remember madrums was 1 of the chief negotiators pa GNU ask him what exactly he was negotiating.the guy failed the MDC project wish my man JONGWE was alive tingadai takasununguka kare kare

  69. woo remember madrums was 1 of the chief negotiators pa GNU ask him what exactly he was negotiating.the guy failed the MDC project wish my man LEARNMORE JONGWE was alive tingadai takasununguka kare kare

  70. they were zanufied under the zanufication process so what do you expect. dont pull the pin i will explode and cause a scene.nxaaaaa

  71. newerwendo tiritose

    there is a guy calling himself Musona who is hitting hard at those who he is calling “These rural-born politicians have messed our lives, turning our country in one big backward “Reserve”. MDC-T will definitely lose the 2018 elections all things being equal”. i find it difficult that on a forum like this one chooses to demonise the rural arrears where most of us were born. what is wrong with being born rural. Is having been born in town itself a charecteristic or trait, if so , then were were you born because it appears to me you lack CIVILITY AND WISDOM. KUMUSHA HAKUNA KUIPA. if you dont like morgan fine, if you dont like vamugabe fine too, but kuzvarirwa kumusha hachisi chitema. inga amwe matoundi acho atori worse pane kumusha.

  72. Mwonzora, Tsvangirai,Chamisa and co what goes around comes around. You will never defeat the truth, even if you manipulate and abuse party structures and resources, the truth is powerful than even a nuclear bomb.Your days are numbered and the writing is on the wall.

  73. Mhandu , uri mhandu ye munhu. Is Mwonzora, Tsvangirai,Chamisa the 131 people who voted for his expulsion? 131 -1 and you call it what goes around comes around. ? This MDC-T move has shocked and taken zanu pf offguard bcz their greater scheme of things was a hope for a split . The zanui pf operatives at work here are now confused. kkkkkkiest. Let him start his own party and see how many people will vote for him.

  74. This Mangoma guy and his accomplices have no clue what they are doing or what they want. He was suspended for insurbodination and instead of preparing to defend himself and overturn the suspension he proceeds to persist with his ignorance. He got his just rewards. Kana akadya mari kare akuvara. His sponsors will dumb him because at this rate no one will sympathise with him.
    Kutadza kumiriria congress and you will choose whoever you want.

  75. We need chartered accountants in faltering businesses, not in politics. Why were you wasting your career & time in politics. Theres no IFRS in politics, neigther is there a code of ethics to be followed by all. The court of politics is the opinion of POVO (& Nikuv sometimes). So go get your CPD and subs up to scratch and get going. Forget about those clowns masquarading as champions of democracy

  76. manyemwe nemunyama hazvisiyane mangoma, chizvimiririra tione.

  77. matsosti haagerani

    mangoma has got a door mate mentantallty

  78. The guys called Achimwene and Ngoya are making more money on Watsaap in Chipinge

  79. Guyz we are done bt the truth is if Mangoma wz a chief negotiator fo MDC lead by Tsvangirai , wht wz he negotiating if h knew Tsvangirai is a failer . Mangoma deputy tresurer position in MDC T is no more. Do use MDC REGALIA cz u can betray our supporters. If u are normal u should hv make sme researches tht those who form their baby parties where are thy now. If u are proffessional like Gwisai do yo things and leave politics out cz u prove tht u are not suitable candidate . We discover tht u want to get an exposure thn there iz no room . U hv enjoyed yo tme now its over, go back to accounts room and do the matrix. See u . Mwari vakuitire nyasha.

  80. Good bye va Mangoma.You were the one pulling the party backwards.Good riddance.
    Kana Biti na Mudzuri vachifunga kuti varume ngavatevere tione.

  81. Chamisa and Mwonzora,Gutu and Makone your title deeds to mdc-tsvan has become threadbare and hoary after 15 years of misleading people.

  82. Kare kwaive neband rainzi penga udzoke. Chimbopenga zvako Mangoma.

  83. Mangoma was right he was expressing his views on the partys poor leadership.Why are they shutting him?Yet you talk of democracy.MDC is a shame to the nation.

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