Tsuro crowned Miss UZ

MEDICAL student Nancy Tsuro proved that she was not only intelligent, but could also dazzle the world given the chance when she was crowned Miss UZ (University of Zimbabwe) at a glamorous event held at the University of Zimbabwe’s Beit Hall on Saturday.


Thembela Ndlovu and Monica Dhewa also had a bite of the cherry as they were crowned second and first princess respectively.

When NewsDay caught up with UZ’s most beautiful girl after the pageant, she could not contain herself and expressed how happy she was to be honoured with such a prestigious title.

“I feel great. This was a fabulous experience and I really enjoyed myself. I never pictured myself winning, but now that the crown is on my head, the feeling is amazing,” Tsuro said.

She went on to mention that studying was still her main priority and being crowned top model on campus would not derail her academic aspirations.

“Right now, the main objective is my education and since I am in my third year, I really need to study hard. I picture myself treating patients at Parirenyatwa Hospital in the near future.”

Tsuro stated that she intended to inspire other models to also be active on the academic front rather than just concentrating on looking beautiful.
It was not only a showcase of beauty, but of musical prowess also as the likes of dancehall chanter Seh Calaz and award-winning hip hop group MMT kept the crowd on their feet.

Other musicians that attended the event include Mudiwa, Trevor Dongo and Shastro.

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  3. Where are the pictures???

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    1. Wareva hako iwe….Kikikiki!

    2. Newsday need to revisit their e-newspaper layout. It starves us of pictures especially those that are illiterate like myself. Pictures tell exciting stories!!

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  12. Mukoma Changara

    Great hall not Beit Hall

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  14. Wow Nancy well done, represent both UZ and Watershed College. Congratulations, keep it up. Wannnnkkkkoooo,

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