Parliament quizzes council over Kunaka

PARLIAMENT yesterday questioned Harare City Council (HCC) on why it was failing to rein in former Zanu PF Harare youth chairperson Jim Kunaka, who is reportedly pocketing thousands of dollars paid by bus operators at Mbare Musika.


Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government that the city was losing a lot of potential revenue through leakages in banking halls, in the parking business and at markets including Mbare where the managers were failing to put in place measures to curb the rot.

Council business committee chairperson Herbert Gomba pleaded with Parliament to help them stop the leakages.

“We need Parliament support to stop these leakages. We are supposed to get revenue, but we can’t because Jim Kunaka is in charge,” said Gomba.

Chairperson of the committee Irene Zindi, who appeared shocked, asked why the city was unable to deal with Kunaka or at least report him to the police.

Manyenyeni added that Kunaka’s name had featured prominently in several shenanigans at Mbare Musika.

Deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva recently told a full council meeting that Kunaka was pocketing more than $4 000 daily paid by buses at Mbare Musika.

Gomba said council contracted a company to modernise Mbare Musika and to ensure technology was made available to enable City Park to collect revenue.

“When the contractor went to start work, Kunaka mobilised a group to demonstrate. We have made a resolution that he be disciplined because we have evidence that things are not going on well at the instigation of the said person,” said Gomba.

But Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba said the demonstrations might have been caused by the city engaging a foreign company to do certain jobs while locals were not getting such business opportunities.

Gomba however said council was being held to ransom by Kunaka, who was chasing people from a project that would also benefit him as a council employee.

He defended council for engaging foreign firms saying they brought with them new technology and expertise.

Kunaka was not immediately available to comment, but he recently told NewsDay that he would sue council officials for defaming him by alleging that he was pocketing money from the market.

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  1. Only when ZANU PF disowns him,Kunaka will remain a menace to the City Council.His employers,ZANU PF still need the cash that Kunaka collects everyday. It is obvious the proceeds are taken to high-ranking party officials who have stood by and protected Kunaka since 2008. The police you are referring to can not move against Kunaka without instruction from Chihuri,himself a sworn ZANU PF party functionary. The lawlessness of ZANU PF knows no limits.

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  2. zvinopera rinhiko nhai hama weeee

  3. a learned professor once said African prisons are were big criminals put the small ones. I now totally believe him 100%. how can a man be said to be reaping so much yet nothing is done

    1. @jo rug
      Gud one.

  4. U are not serious.u cant say u have no plan of yourself than to run to the same people tornenting u.why cant u hire a private security company for protecting the workers?where is the metro police to man the boom at the entrances?this is absolutely ridiculous.,Why cant u arrest whoever is collecting the money and he wil tel wher he is getting the power from?you must resign if u cant manage a general employee.

    1. Mboma unogara kupi iwe? Kana ariku diaspora anofunga kukudarika.

  5. Mboma Zanu pf people are untoucheable here until Mugabe disowns them. Kunaka will remain a menace until Mugabe tell him to stop. He is aware of this kunaka but he is quite about it because he campaigned for him. The guys are buying houses in every location with money from siyaso, mupedzanhamo and bus termini. Traders and operators pay to kunaka instead of council. If you dont, they say you are mdc. Mugabe must clean his mess and leave office mhani. The country do not have a leader here.

  6. Nothing will happen to him because he is the face of chipangano which was formed by insp benge , late marange , chataika, ali , mapuranga and savanhu. Check how he stopped the construction of a food court at matapi.

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  8. its true that kunaka and his gang are reaping off operators at mbare-musika and this issue was reported several times to police and they are not taking any action. every day the touts are extorting operators and paying little if anything at all to council. some of the money is believed to be finding its way to the zrp dispol as thank you for not arresting the touts who are visibly seen extorting operators. why the touting law not being enforced on these thieves, instead it is our conductors who are arrested with touting after refusing to pay these touts. even in cbd ranks touts are there and council and zrp police are doing nothing about it yet operators pay rank discs for rank services which are non existent

    1. iwo ma entry fees enyuwo council akanyanya that is why ana jimu vaakuita take advantage and corrupting your employees. how can a hiace be asked to pay $7 per hour iyo ichitakura vanhu 15 ve $60 and ichiita 2 hours ku loader $60 iyoyo. what is now happening is that $5 is paid to Jimu and nothing is paid to council and jimu will inturn share the loot with your boom gate employees. some of the fees and laws are encouraging corruption mhani, lets all fight corruption

  9. @operator i agree with u
    @mboma u don’t know e pipo we are dealing with here imbodzoka kumusha uone

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