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NewsDay Editorial: Mugabe contradictions very puzzling


President Robert Mugabe (90) on Friday gave the slightest hint that neither his deputy Joice Mujuru nor long-time confidant Emmerson Mnangagwa will succeed him when he calls it quits or even in the unlikely event of a disaster. Mugabe told his Gushungo clan elders that Zanu PF members would choose his successor.

NewsDay Editorial

But what he did not tell his clan members is that there is a hierarchy in the ruling party with a clear structure such that Mujuru or anyone in the Presidency, including national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and administration secretary Didymus Mutasa, can still assume the mettle. In the absence of a new Vice-President, there is no doubt that Mujuru should seamlessly assume leadership.

In the story by our sister paper Standard, one wondered why Mugabe would throw tantrums against the so-called factions when he has in the past dismissed them as a figment of those against his party? Why is he trying to block his most favoured juniors? Is Mugabe trying to groom his wife First Lady Grace for the leadership of the party once he decides to leave?

Zimbabweans are confused by Mugabe’s many contradictions. Should Mugabe be taken seriously on this one? Will Zanu PF allow him to bulldoze given that First Lady Grace is not within party structures? If it is true that Mugabe is trying to groom his wife as a successor, to whose benefit is it? What will be his legacy then? Why is he fearful of any other party cadre to succeed him?

Because his actions have a bearing on the wellbeing of Zimbabwe, Mugabe should be discouraged to dictate.

It is about time Mugabe thinks Zimbabwe, drinks Zimbabwe and walks Zimbabwe to salvage his tattered image. He should uphold both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe’s constitutions for the benefit of over 13 million citizens. The public is tired of politicking at their expense, (and) wants a stable environment that will allow them to go about their business in peace.

What kind of a leader that would want to leave a country in chaos on leaving office? Mugabe should refrain from stretching the people’s patience and adopt a smooth succession plan. The majority of the people do not worry about who will succeed Mugabe, but are worried about the future of their children hence whatever happens in Zanu PF now has far-reaching effects to all and sundry.

Mugabe must deal with some of the big succession planning mistakes that he has made as they are showing up in lots of other leadership situations in Zanu PF. He’s being overly optimistic about the challenges Zanu PF is facing and thinks that external trends don’t apply to his situation.

He must be reminded that a combination of impressive performance, good rating and the appointment of a successor, in a seamless manner, will earn Zimbabwe a pride of place by investors.

While most Zimbabweans will not care about who will take over after Mugabe, he should look in the rearview mirror instead of the windshield when making big decisions. It appears Mugabe lacks clear accountability and ownership for big decisions.

He should ask himself how he would want to be remembered. Those who have lived in the long, long shadow of the President, of our generation, and of all that he accomplished — How and what do we remember?

Is it his staccato authority — This is critical because a people’s memory sets the measure of its political freedom.

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  1. this old fool should just die, chosing or not chosing a successor zanu pf will be destroyed the moment mugabe leaves his presidency. He should just stop wasting our time

    • The headline and whats written is not the same shame on yu writer you lack the skills.You just hate the president.fullstop

  2. gushaz hameno kut urimhuka yakaita sei .hapana chaunowana yangwe vakafa ukurwadziwa ne vote yako yakarasa last year dai wakaspoil ballot paper usinga nyanyorwadzire ; shaaaz god still likes this man bcz f yu say anokanganisa manje haafe

    • Zanu Pf is going to choose the next leader from among Charamba,Shiri P and K.Moyo.Check the space!Gwarwe and Mother will tear the party apart.

  3. I think he z ryt. He said by replacing with a faction leader creates an internal opposîtion and it divides the party. So a neutral cadre lyk him is needed to hold the party together. Hameno Mr journalist kuti ipapo makapapotsa sei.

  4. It is NOW time for Mugabe to look back at Dr Simba Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa and appoint these clean comrades. Dr Simba Makoni is a President for real. He is humble, neatral, well groomed and is a realist, he calls a spade a spade. He does not fear. He is not in dirty corruption. He is a Technocrat, an Economist, a Policy formulation expert. Mugabe should appoint Makoni.

    • @Mpranga. Just to inform you that Dr Simba Makoni is not an economist. He studied Chemistry at varsity and he actually holds a PhD in Medical Chemistry. Of course, he knows a little bit of economics through interacting with real economists!

    • yah simba makoni will drive the economy well as his recodes dont have corruption
      lets hop he will success

  5. @mparanga. Simba Makoni is a chemist by training just like Tendai Mahachi. Seems everyone is labelled economist in Zimbabwe: Robert Gabriel Mugabe is an economist by training.

    • Mugabe is not an economist by training but has a degree in economics. He never practised economics nor got an economics professional qualifications (as can be seen in how he has ruined the country economically)

  6. Dumiso Dabengwa and Simba Makoni could stabilise Zanu pf if they had not been frustrated out. Unfortunately, its too late to persuade them BACK because they NOW lead political parties with different ideologies from Zanu pf’s. We are now witnessing the beginning of the total collapse of Zanu pf. The party failed to accept POSITIVE ADVICE since the days of open letters by the late Dr Joshua Nkomo to prime minister Robert Mugabe in early 1982 and afterwards. Now it will pay dearly for its arrogance. We regret that in the process of its demise, life might be lost. MAY GOD INTERVENE AND PROTECT LIFE!

  7. For years to come the opposition choice of a leader by the people is to be accepted after Mugabe. That is all he is saying.

  8. VaMugabe havana pfungwa dzekumbozobva pachigaro so he has no desire to see his successor ever. Those who have been in the shadows since they joined Zanu PF are afraid of telling him to go rest and give others a chance.

  9. I don’t care who’s chosen to be successor zanu is also divide into many parties it’s only a matter of time. After Bob retires zanu won’t go to two consecutive polls still one party NEVER, everybody want power . Zim is now corrupt more than any of their neighboring countries, anyone in power feeds only their stomach

  10. President – Jonathan Moyo
    Vice President – Sidney Sekeramai
    Vice President – None

    Ministerial posts can then be filled in by Waleter Mzembi, Nelson Chamisa, Supa Mandiwanzira, Christopher Mutsvangwa, Henry Madzorera, Welshman Ncube and others. I would actually want this brilliant soldier Phillip Sibanda as Minister of Defence. You will then see Zimbabwe working again.

  11. Its interesting to note that the 90 yr sick old oldman can still manipulate the entire Zanu pf , and the country, is it a case of failing to accept the reality that Mugabe is too old and past retirement age . Why should an old and experienced party like Zanupf can fail to run its affairs as well as be ready to pull down the entire the country into its dilemmas . Down with this party , gone are its days of reigns ,lets usher into governance better people ,take note we should not allow zanu to continue bullying our people and our lovely country. Zanu pf ,stop the land seizures from our black poor citizens like the latest in Mazowe.

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  13. Awu, dont u know ukhulu narrative, perfect rhetoric nd grandstanding but who needs a successor from zanu ranks???no, wat we need is a rigeme change. But eish ma gents the end is nigh donate blood, be a blood
    donor nhasi and th almighty god will
    immensely reward you, Yes of course he wil if you donate
    blood today!

  14. worrying about the wished death of someone is like wishing a pregnant woman to give birth to a baboon.

  15. Simba Makoni is the next president, he is the only one left besides the rest of the monsters blood suckers , corrupt and puppets in our political circle. He is so moderate and can bring our country back to normal.

  16. I now believe that some ZANU-PF leaders are “Mugabe’s wives”.Surely how can all these men around the President be so scared of him to allow him to manipulate the succession issue.

  17. This story is not very clear. Mugabe will not allow such a thing to happen when he is alive angatotinga akapfeka mapampers. Varikuzviona zvavo vanaNgwena kuti sekuru yavahari yofanzirofa.
    This is the end of oppression if it happens that he surrender the power to anyone. NO TO NGWENA AND MAI MUJURU VOSE IMBAVHA NEUMHONDI HUZERE MAVARI. MDC must now come with full force.

  18. donate blood yah tapanzwa but unongopiwa drink ye 5rand but to get tht pint kuhospital you have to pay $200

  19. this reporter suffer from same issue mugabe was being accused of few days in this paper.that is overestimating their influence .writer you are not zimbabweans

  20. How dare you suggest rural primary school drop out Joice Mujuru should lead this country? Joice Mujuru is functionally illiterate. We have had enough of rural-born bumpkins running this country like some big Reserve. Rural-born Mugabe and his rural-born followers in ZanuPF have turned this once advanced state into a backward “Reserve” by their primitive methods. We are facing another Somalia in the making here. That is exactly how Somalia became a failed state. Siad Barre thought he knew everything and when he was gone everything fell apart in Somalia.
    We the urban-born have nothing in common with the likes of rural-born Joice Mujuru, Mugabe and Mnangagwa. Their behaviour is strange to us. We are civilised and respect each other unlike these rural-born idiots who overdo the politics and have nothing else to do – all they ever think of is political power for power‘s sake. And have no clue about running the country. Our children are shy but could run the country much better than these rural-born bumpkins. There’s no way these rural-born folk can learn to live in the city first and then LEAD the town dwellers. That’s why there is a mess. These rural-born idiots have allowed vendors on the streets, obnoxious emergency taxis – kombis, so-called home industries in urban areas, unapproved buildings all over the place, dirty streets and overcrowding. These things are an eyesore to us the Salisbury-born.

    • To Musona—
      Foolish Rhodesian: There is nothing wrong with being rural. It’s not a political capacity or administrative qualification to be refered to as either rural or urban. You may be confused. Just do yourself the courtesy to check. Why not have your IQ measured by professionally licensed folk?

  21. Gumbura for Presidency. Icho! Charira kupi! KuChikurubi! Watch this space. Pharoah and Joseph saga.

  22. there is no contradiction possible at that level. only a contraction perhaps?

    turning to my own zvandakatarira i was just wondering if it is fair for any party to remain untreated and unmedicated for much longer even where clinical psychologists fully licenced to dispense modern medicine are recommended ?
    how long can psychothe rapists who themselves may be born again red flag exonerees and who cannot see wall written graffitti mob mental sign language be tolerated in completion of a basic maths exam?
    my real concern is purely of managerial stuff you know !!

  23. Cde ED Munangagwa is an astute politician who can lead zanu pf and zimbabwe at large.he has been brave enough to stage undeclared ambition to become president.Cde Mugabe also need to appreciate that the presidential aspirants have been patient enough“`to wait until he retires“,wether by natural act of God or by some mechanisation.he should therefore now openly engage dialouge on the succession plan.this the only way to avoid a major impending political catastrophe in Zimbabwe.if the old man goes down without solving this issue properly Zanu wil disintergrate.this has a direct bearing on future stability of our great and beloved nation.opportunity favours prepared mind,I do not see why Ed cannot lead Zanu,he has been brave enough to at least to have the ambition.

  24. The dark horse is coming. See the signs: beat the provincial chairmans into line; give hints of how it should play out, without the two contenders; make a surprise visit to a possible candidate; at the opportune hour spring him/her on the party; beat everyone into line – succession complete & First Family interests secure. After transition faction lords can either bow or die – choice will be theirs.

  25. The dark horse is coming. See the signs: beat the provincial chairmans into line; give hints of how it will play out, without the two contenders; make a surprise visit to a possible candidate; at the opportune hour spring him/her on the party; beat everyone into line – succession complete & First Family interests secure. After transition faction lords can either bow or die – choice will be theirs.

  26. So what if Makoni has PhD in medical chemistry? Are we saying presidents should have qualifications in political science? Then Jonathan Moyo can become your president then!!!

    It is a sign of intelligence that Makoni could shift from medical chemistry to become an economist and head SADC. Where were those with “suitable” qualifications then? Makoni is the real deal – young but experienced at both national and regional level, intelligent, smart, not touched by scandal and well….. handsome too!

  27. thanks newsday for mentioning this. i said once. Grace or one their children or son in law according to mugabe should be the leader of the country soon. if this men is given a chance in the next election, no one else will rule the country again save the ones from his family. remember in the last election, only he, his wife and at some point joice were the main campaigners. slowly but sure grace is positioning herslf or her children for that because zimbabweans and even those in zanu are too sleepy. we all belong to mugabe and soon he will be telling us the good of why his wife or his family members should rule after him. we will all sing the song that he is correct, for there is no one like him and we can not disappoint him when he fought for this country this way. remember zanu is mugabe and mugabe is zanu. remember dongo saying zanu “people are mugabe’s wives. she was not joking.

  28. @Nhamo Inesu, I am Zezuru pure, but one thing I don’t like are tribalist like you.Why should Manyikas not rule this country.Grow-up or else endakunosakura kamunda kako kechibage.Anyone Zimbabwean should rule this country nomatter his/her tribe.Don’t divide the nation because you think ‘we’ Zezurus are superior and are more Zimbabwean than other tribes nxaa.

  29. Dr Simba Makoni will rule this nation after Mugabe. Gono can’t be called a President by our mothers and elders. Makoni is a respected man. He will lead!!!

  30. The whole idea of contesting to get into government is to try and IMPROVE the lives of people – to be servants of the people not their masters as some in ZanuPF believe. To improve people’s lives you have to be familiar with the social set up, where the residents are coming from, not least in Zimbabwean towns where things used to work now things are not working. How can you improve lives in towns when you are coming from a backward rural area? It’s not just a case of shouting loudest about the evils of colonialism or liberation. Some of these guerrilla-cum-politicians are only used to destroying property – this is what they were taught from an early age. They don’t understand what makes a society prosper. They don’t understand that if you kill or chase away the rich man who once created jobs for people many people will end up without jobs to go to (killing the goose that laid the golden eggs). And that if you don’t have the rich people around you remain with poor citizens and standard of living goes down – people resort to bare essentials. You need the very rich in society to pull the poor through. If you are selling expensive items you don’t take these items to the rural area: you know you will not find any buyers because they are all poor. These idiot ZanuPF politicians have turned people into street vendors and beggars. Honest economic inequality is useful because it encourages people to work harder. We have a toxic mixture of very powerful rural-born school dropouts and their rural-born educated minions running government.

  31. I prophise nyika ino ichitongwa nemuuto wamuchatanga kunzwa zita rake panguva yacho iyoyo. Not the likes of my mujuru and mnangagwa. Remember these guys are part of this corrupt government which has made everybody in this country poor. Pasi nezanupf

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