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New party petitions Mugabe over corruption


A NEWLY-FORMED political party, Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Dare), has petitioned President Robert Mugabe to urgently address the corruption scourge and bring the culprits to book before they bled the economy dry.


The party’s interim president Gilbert Dzikiti challenged Mugabe to walk the talk and empower MPs to expose and debate the issue without fear.

“Mr President, Zimbabweans in their homes and on fields, on the street, in pubs and churches, in gyms and hospitals, in places of work and play are disappointed, shocked and angered by the undemocratic gagging of our representatives in Parliament from debating the motion on alleged blatant looting of government and quasi-government institutions,” Dzikiti said.

“The prevailing feeling among Zimbabweans is that the Executive is out of touch with the public mood, reminiscent of the period prior to the year 1999.

“The uncaring attitude manifested in the treatment of flood victims at Tokwe-Mukosi Dam and shameful uprooting of more than 900 families in Manzou in Mazowe reinforce a perception of an Executive that is uncaring and out of touch with the needs and plight of the ordinary people.”

Dzikiti added: “Therefore, we implore His Excellency to post-haste allow and enable Parliament to institute a commission of inquiry into the ‘Salarygate’ scandal and other allegations raised by Billy Rautenbach and Temba Mliswa, without leaving any sacred cows.

“The commission will enable Parliament to investigate and act on all proven acts of corruption in different State and quasi-State institutions. This is imperative in restoring a culture of transparency, accountability and compliance in governance.”

The party also denounced government’s empowerment policy, saying it was designed to benefit a few top persons.

“The Indigenous and Empowerment Act is dubiously defined to suit a few individuals,” Dare’s national co-ordinator Happison Chikova said.

“The youths are being used as a thin veil to cover the rot behind the looting of resources by the top government officials at the expense of the majority.

“The issue of 51%-49% is not clearly defined as to who benefits what and where the revenue from the said percentage is sent to. This is just a vehicle of looting.”
The party claims to have a membership of 20 000 people across the country.

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  1. Chiparty chekupi ichi? But its making the right noises, maintain the momentum thats the way to go.

  2. I think this party realy deserves a chance. It has struck the right code at the right time. Forward ever.

    • Tsopi what more evidence does the nation want? This government stole our time above stealing our money. Look around you, mayouth who are 28years what do they have to show for it? Nothing!! Kugara mustreet chete vachiputa nyaope..Employment deadlocks etc is evident enuf to a reasonable man.

  3. DARE welcome. have heard much bout you guys.you have started so well. ngarive DARE kwese kwese

  4. it looks to be coming from masvingo now .i can sense thz ppl are trying to change or convert suppoters of mdc t in their dare.heehee watch out save

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  6. mungatova nani cz zvimwe zviparty zvakanwa doro. sechimwe chinonz chemababe party hachibatsiri. we wil support u. jst proove to us u are strong and we wil be strongest.

  7. @Danger Smokes, vakoma, I stay and work in Masvingo, kuno hakuna chiparty chakadaro, I have not heard of it.Why do yu allege (by inference) that Masvingo people threaten the status quo? Tinenhamo yeTokwe Mukosi, kana musina chokutibatsira nacho tisiyei takadaro

    • Kkkkkk wezhira aramba wena. But chirinani nekuti chataura nezvenyika kwete vamwe varikungotukana vega vega.

  8. DARE kwese kwese. This party will prove its worth, just live to witness it. Point of correction, Dare does not aim at recruiting MDC supporters like wat has been alleged up thr, the party’s goal is to appeal to every Zimbabwean who has been relegated into discomfort by the status qou of our nation. It aims to speak a gospel of democracy, openness and accountability. All are welcome, all tribes colours and creed..Dare kwese kwese iDale konke konke

  9. Munhu wese anoshandisa “His Execellence” to address Mugabe is Zanu pf at the moment. This is Mugabe pertitioning himself. Nonsense!!!

  10. if Mugabe believes we will prosper with Zanu pf policies let him withdraw all his life savings and inject it all ito our economy, mayb we will see pple being arrested for corruption.

  11. You are almost wellcome keep it up abolish corruption and bring democracy and human rights I support you give us you website Dare

  12. Haaaaah thats good DARE but we want you to convince us want you can offer to the people expect what all the upcoming parties do remember one word slogan Bhora Mugedhi what is yours to offer haaaa ichachiona 2018 everyone now wants to be a president now

  13. mombe always know the hands behind Dare and newsday , guys you have failed to takeout Mdc, i actually know how you cio s get into AMH since 2010

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