Mutuma back at Dynamos

RODRECK Mutuma made an appearance at Dynamos training yesterday as he angles for a return to the Premier Soccer League (PSL) team he left just over a year ago.


The towering forward is a free agent after being released by South African Premiership side Bloemfontein Celtic last month, a club he joined during the January transfer window last year.

Mutuma was signed by then Celtic coach Clinton Larsen, but has struggled for game time since the arrival of Ernst Middendorp, playing just two games since the German coach took over this year.

Speaking to NewsDaySport yesterday, the 26-year-old said he would love to return to Dynamos and resurrect his career after a tumultuous period at the Bloemfontein club.

“Dynamos is my team at heart. They contributed immensely to my career growth and I will forever be grateful to them. When I decided that I should return back home, the first team I thought of joining was Dynamos,” Mutuma said.

“My manager Edzai (Kasinauyo) is handling the issue, but if the chance avails itself, I would want to rejoin Dynamos. I have spoken to the coach and he has said he would want to have me back so I think everything will be clear when the team resumes training on Wednesday (tomorrow).

“I severed ties with Celtic because of lack of game time. I wanted to play, but the coach wouldn’t give me a chance. It happens in soccer and I have to move on.”

Kasinauyo said Dynamos would be the first choice for his player, but there was a possibility of a return to the South African Premiership in the July transfer window.

He, however, said two unnamed teams had shown interest in the player.
Dynamos manager Richard Chihoro said negotiations for Mutuma could begin anytime soon as the club were looking to strengthen their strike force.

“We would love to sign him as soon as possible,” Chihoro said yesterday, in an apparent show of desperation for a proven striker by the Dynamos technical team.

“We should start negotiations with his handlers anytime this week, but the good thing is that the player is willing to return so there should not be many complications. We worked well with him and his qualities are unquestionable.”

Dynamos are desperate for a good striker after the team fired blanks despite dominating possession in their opening two rounds of the season.

The defending champions beat How Mine 1-0 in the opening weekend courtesy of an own goal and they were stunned by ZPC Kariba 1-0 last Sunday, conceding in the last minute of the match.

However, Mutuma, who won the PSL golden boot in his last season before he left for South Africa, believes the Dynamos strikers would come right as the season progresses.

“It happened to me when I first arrived at Dynamos. They (Dynamos strikers) are low on confidence and what they need is a goal and everything will fall into place,” Mutuma said.

Meanwhile, the team failed to access their training venue at Zimphos yesterday and ended up having a team talk outside the facility before dispersing.

Club secretary-general Webster Chikengezha was forced to deny rumours following the incident that the team had been locked out for non-payment of rentals.

He said the security marshal who had the keys to the facility was away as the team does not usually train on Mondays.

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  1. So Henry again you decided that this is sport page headline once again all because these overrated non performers want to play for dynamos?You are so pathetic in your reporting and its a wonder why newsday keeps you as a sports reporter.ZPC Kariba beat your team at their first meeting and coming from Division 1 you should have given them the space and acknowledge an achievement but no you thought that this pathetic player who cant even play in south Africa is worth the place.No wonder Les Gwindi says you reporters and commentators cheated his player of the Soccer star of the year award.

    1. Whats this Ray? Usarwadziwe zvisina basa iwe. Chiendaka unonyora iwe. Nxaaa.

    2. Mutuma coming back to Dynamos is newsworthy, ZPC beating Dynamos was also newsworthy, it was written about what more is there to write about it? You could have skipped this article and read the one about Jere coming back to Caps, that is also newsworthy. Wagumbukeyi nhai Ray?

    3. Tonderayi Chanakira

      Roderick Mutuma coming back to Dynamos and wanting to go back to South Africa again? Dynamos is not a charity club life goes on without Roderick Mutuma. APERA mu face uyu!

  2. @ news reporters. Please may you change your favouritism towards our team Dynamos in the moment. Things are not well. Leave it a bit so that the chaff can be exposed and chugged out of the team.

  3. zinhiva phineas

    zvino kana wotadzawo SA league wozogona ipi.wakasiireiumwe unoti anogara kusvika riini.disdraceful iwe namukamba

  4. Idzodzi nyaya dzekupiwa mbiri dzavasina nema reporters iwawa.Gore rino chaka chaya,really they should get a leaf from the likes of Ndoro and Songani

  5. This guy is a very good player , its just that coaches dont nkow how to use him , he plays well comimg fom the wings or as a supportive striker ,if you check his histrory from FC Maningi you will see that he is top class if used well,clinton larsen nkew how to use him thats why he signed him and he scored even when coming from the bench .Some coaches are silly , understand your players before you sign them , demba ba is scoring because mourihno nkows how to use him even if he doesnt score he makes other players score ,You will get thr Rody

    your truly

  6. Madzvinyu edembare anowanza juju pasina bhora rinotambwa. Zvadi isu makepula ma exports edu anogara

    1. Veduwe Siyanayi nedembare. We know you have beef with Dynamos that you see nothing good out of it. However you brag nemaexports amunoti anogara yet for the past 5 years you recorded not even one single win against the same team makepula. Highlanders same story for 8 years now. Championship, 3 years in a row muchimgorwadziwa. Muchafa ne BP guys, just admit. Siyanayi nareporter, he doesn’t play but reports what he sees.

      1. hakuna kumbotaurwa zveBosso apa…Rody akaenda asati aibva chete bvumai…kusarova Dembare kweBosso for 8 years does not mean Dembare is very good…champions leaugue for the past three years inotaura kudaro

  7. zaka chinyabako

    ngavadzoke kumusha hakuna nhamo mhani. Dhange.

  8. this guy plays very well. It’s only that kana coach achiuya anenge sine maplans akevo. Amidu Kaiser chiefs yakamuramba, bt leopards ndiye anga atove chief striker. Takesure Chinyama akamwisa 4 goals in a car champions league match, bt aingoramba achiurawa nebonde kusvika vamuregedza. Denver Mukamba coach wake arikuti he is the future of the team. Bexter achisvika Ku chiefs akati.” I don’t need someone who just run & kick Evryting that moves inthe ground” achieves Katsande. Bt.nhasi uno haungawani line up ye chiefs isina Katsande. Vamwe vanga chinjaniswa bt Katsande haashaikwi. So yu can say what ever yu want bt this guy plays very well

  9. muzukuru ndanenata

    These players r sold by robson sharuko, almost every dembare Xplayer in SA is a flop. Local dynamos has no offside they rarely score genuine goals, why is it tht other Zim players are doing well in SA. Just imagine if muparati ws bought,

  10. mutuma i,v seen him play n a couple of games hameno kuti game time yaarikutaura ndeipi.he just failed period

    1. taura zvako yobo…ko paanotamba pacho anogohwesa here zvekuti angazochema negame time? he is a flop I have watched magames aanopinzwa acho

  11. Willard Mubvumbi

    Sports reporters, exempli gratia, from Herald as well Dead B C, support Dynamos Jujumos fc and these are è people who are killing è team. All dynamos players are below average. NB in SA teams don’t use urine to win matches.

  12. Willard Mubvumbi

    @ Ray Mahupete @ Tshilas, very good comments. Truth hurts.

  13. Muchida musingade Dyanamos is the most successful team in Zimbabwe, it will take the likes of Caps a 100 years to achieve what Dembare has achieved. Hamuna kumanikidzwa kuverenga nyaya iyi asingade ngaarege. Dembare sells newspapers and the papers know it. Miraika muone reject iyoyo zvaichakuitayi season ino

  14. no wonder the coach lost his job at celtic. how could a good coach buy guys like Mutuma? tinomuda kwedu kuma boozer

  15. Kepekepe yakora baba

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