Multimedia: Police-kombi war child victim buried

Emotions ran high at the burial of Neil Tanatswa Mutyora (3) with residents, family members and interest groups attacking the police heavy-handedness for the demise of the young boy.

Residents said that police were being tough on commuter omnibus operators by demanding bribes which makes them flee whenever they see police officers in the discharge of their duties.

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Police spokesperson senior assistant commissioner Charity Charamba however said the police was not responsible for the accident but the driver involved was in police custody and being charged.

“Whilst the ZRP regret the loss of innocent life, we are demanding Commuter Omnibus drivers not to flee from the police and observe the laws of the country,” Charamba said.

Neil was buried at the Granville Mbudzi Cemetery on Thursday April 24.

A picture of then one-year-old Neil Mutyora  taken in February 2012. The toddler died on Tuesday morning after he was knocked down by a commuter omnibus fleeing "a menacing police offer".
A picture of then one-year-old Neil Mutyora taken in February 2012. The toddler died on Tuesday morning after he was knocked down by a commuter omnibus fleeing “a menacing police offer”.
Leona Kiti,  Neil Mutyora's mother says she will forgive the commuter omnibus driver but not the police.
Leona Kiti, Neil Mutyora’s mother says she will forgive the commuter omnibus driver but not the police.

Watch his funeral below:

Neil Mutyora's coffin being lowered into the ground at Graniville Mbudzi Cemetery on Thursday April 24.
Neil Mutyora’s coffin being lowered into the ground at Granville Mbudzi Cemetery on Thursday April 24.
Anna Kiti (right) was inconsolable during the Neil's burial.
Anna Kiti (right) was inconsolable during the Neil’s burial.
Ashes to ashes... Relatives pay their last respects to Neil.
Ashes to ashes… Relatives pay their last respects to Neil.
Mourners stand around the grave of Neil Mutyora during his burial at the Granville Mbudzi Cemetery.
Mourners stand around the grave of Neil Mutyora during his burial at the Granville Mbudzi Cemetery.
Neil's grandfather Shadrick Bakoli prays at his late grandson's gravesite.
Neil’s grandfather Shadrick Bakoli prays at his late grandson’s gravesite.
A relative holds the epitaph of Neil Mutyora.
A relative holds the epitaph of Neil Mutyora.
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  1. and Chihuri will be very glady,with a job well done

  2. Nematambidzi mai Tanatswa. Thank you for forgiving the Kombi driver. However, let it be known to you that not forgiving the police will not heal you! After all, the police are not at fault here. They did not cause the death of Tanatswa. The lawless kombi driver did! Dai asina mhosva aitizei? R.I.P little Tanatswa! You will be sadly missed!

    1. Ko iye mupurisa wacho akatizirei paSecne yeAccident why chase maKombi why not simply take the number plate n follow it later, hanti theres a database for all vihecles kuCVR. Look at SA if u overspeed kupinda red robot unongozoona ticket mumailbox


      1. Vee i will be honest with you i hope you wont think im being rude , every grown up person including you is responsible for his actions.responsibility is never transferable .You are a grown up Vee and by your comment you are simply saying you will keep killing people until the police stops chasing im talking to you not the are responsible for your actions irrigardles of excuses you might give us to justify your actions.As a road user you know when told to STOP you stop .if you fail to you cant justify your criminal behaviour nekuti mapurisa haakushaire mhosva .uri murume mukuru Vee not mwana mudiki anongopomerwa mhosva yasina kupara wototi ehoi officer .Grow up and take responsibilitty .im not saying the police are saints in this But im saying Vee usape escuse yekuti watsika mwana or munhu nekuti wanga uchitiza mupurisa and wotofunga its a very good reason yekuuraya munhu.

        1. You must be a very stupid person to talk like that. Every one knows these police thugs will syphon any combi driver they catch. You are such a fool to think that everyone complaining is a fool except iwewe wega. I stopped this combi business because of these thugs. Were on earth does the law empower police to put the lives of innocent bystanders at risk because they want to apprehend a criminal. So to you its justified to shoot a criminal pa coba cabana. You are such an idiot to say that hogwash on an issue which is so sombre. nxa

          1. @fred obviously you are disgruntled because you are a failed busines man i forgive you

      2. May the grace of God be with this family panguva yekuchema .

        1. Terrence ita kunge munhu, indava une moyo wakazara hutsinye kudaro ? Ndononzwira tsitsi munhu waucharoora, bcz its obvious hausati wambozvara ndosaka usinga zive kurwadza kunoita kufirwa ne mwana

        2. Thats why i said you are a fool. That was part time business, my life did not depend on it. i gave the combies to my father, vanotakurisa manyowa kumusha vakabvisa maseats.I couldnt stand having other shareholders in my business,shareholders who take money daily but dot contribute any capital. You are an idiot tsano.Its typical of idiots to try to be outstanding in being stupid, thats the only way you can attention

    3. Willie Mlauzi you have not seen what these people you defend do in town. I work around that area and my office overlooks that area, they jump into the kombi and after a few rounds you see them being dropped off that kombi tell me will they have ticketed the kombi or taken a bribe? When you become a victim you will know why people are blaming the police. These kombis have number plates for God’s sake and are registered at the Vehicle registry. The owners know their drivers and so they can just follow them later and make sure that kombi is impounded forever. This will solve the problem once and for all, if you want to operate you will tell your driver to behave. For Chihuri all he has to do is make sure all police officers with Kombis are transferred to rural areas so that those with no kombis work in town and deal with kombis fairly.

      1. Maita, this is a voice of reason, well done for a good piece there. Rest in peace Neil.

    4. u are heartless willie. so stupid

      1. I agree with you maita. There are corrupt police officers, it’s a fact. But not all of them. Again, it doesn’t guarantee lawless motor vehicle or combi drivers to menace the city centre willy nilly. The laws of the city must be observed, that’s the bottomline. Taking number plates is a good idea, but it doesn’t work in a situation like ours. Again, it’s not for us to tell the police how best to execute their job. They are trained professionals. @Hardnox, you are uncivilized!

        1. @Terrence, you are absolutely correct. Vee anofunga kuti kana ane drivers licence nemapepa akwakwana zvakureva kuti anebvumo yekupicker nekudropper vanhu pese pese paada. Mhosva inenge iripo Vee. Haungotizika, hakuna zvakadaro.

        2. iwe ndiwe wakasara technology inozvitendera

    5. musorowegomomkosi

      think twice bru kana mapurisa ange asina mhosva aakatizireii pascene ,combi driver waz not to blame koz mapurisa arikutorera vanhu mari vasina mhosva unogara kunyika.ipi iwewe

  3. ZRP is holy shit. instead of protecting the vulnerable members of society, they are at the forefront of violating people’s peace. i hate, i mean HATE, yes HATE ZRP. we have lost so many lives unnecessarily because of the behaviour of ZRP. All they are care about is bribe money. defective cars are running up and down our roads daily, provided he owners can pay bribe money. ZRP need to do their real work. Commissioner Chihuri, where are u?? does the force spent at least 6months of toy-toying and intense learning at Morris depot so that wen they go out they contribute to the death of innocent people. we need better from you ZRP.

    1. Lewis even if you hate the Police it doesn’t give you victory. Kana une mhosva unayo chete.

  4. Inzwai vanozviti mapurisa vacho zvavanotaura doesnt make any sense . Ko mupurisa wacho aimhnyisana nayo kombi arikupi. Whats the difference. The love of money is the root of all evil. Mapurisa pamari apa ponai pliz.

  5. Its time for Chihuri to see kuti their strategy nemaKombi has failed and is dangerous to the general public

  6. The commuter crews are at fault here not the police .The law is clear that no one should run away from the police so as we say RIP to the child we also call on the police to declare total war on these commuter guys cause their rudeness is increasing daily

  7. woried citizen

    its police change its strategies firts the use of spikes on kombis now this..its a shame on them….kip pubishing newsday a job well done


  9. Rest in peace baby!

  10. Tragedies of this nature shouldn’t be condoned in a civilised society. The policemen have gone too far with their unholy acts of trying to solicit bribes. If indeed they are serious about serving society then why these kombi wars everyday without an everlasting solution. Those quick to blame the kombi drivers I am sorry you are not getting the point and only God knows because next time it may be you, your friend or relative.

    Mr Chihuri may you incarcerate every kombi driver who has broken the law, we don’t want to see them again behind wheels. WHY LET THEM DRIVE AGAIN IF YOU ARE SINCERE???

  11. mapurisa are innocent bribe haimanikidzwe saka why run away kana usingade kubhadhara bribe u pay required spot fine and then u go. so mese muriku blema police muribwa dzewanhu to hell with anti police comments.

    1. Saka iwe mupurisa uri kuti zvakanaka kuurayisa mwana nekuda kutsvaga bribe here? Ko kungonobata imwe kombi wopihwa bribe yako pane kukonzeresa accident?

  12. rest in peace young man.pray for our country.

  13. This is so so sad. Precious life lost. Is there a way that we start behaving like a civilized society. Can we do some introspection and see where we have gone wrong as a society and find a solution to these unfortunate incidents.

    May hip soul RIP and God give comfort to his family.

  14. Ndinoda kuti tiri kuchema nemi hama dzarasikirwa hamusi mega ….Mwari ngaaone chekuita nemapurisa emuzimbabwe

  15. Rest in peace Junior.i dnt thnk the ZRP are to blame for the accident.kombi driver unotizei.whether u lyk it or nt u ar going to see that the wheels of justice take long to turn bt whn they do they grind smoothly.kombi driver to prison for manslaughter-ZRP officer kuhearing wodzoka kubasa and a possible transfer,for ur safety.

    1. Police also to blame, why do zvinhu zvinokonzeresa accident. Its obvious the main reason was to get a bribe! It happens everyday! Why not take down the number plate? So this police should be protected, ko mwana akaurayiwa haana basa nhai?

  16. notsoforgiving

    I blame the captain of this sinking ship. Only he has caused all this chaos in this nation

  17. Every Kombi driver runs away from police. Nyange nesu tisiri mapurisa vanongotitizao vakangofungira chete kuti may be tiri mapurisa. Vakaona kana kufungira kuti munhu mupurisa vane ma signs nema codes avanopanana and mota dzinongosimudzwa dzakananga kwadzakatarisa. Problem is havana zvakakwana even ma ranking discs. Pavanotakurira vanhu hapabvumirwe most of the times. I blame the driver, ofcoz mapurisa need to review their strategies as wel. May his soul rest in peace. Sry Mai Tanatswa

  18. what do you expect the police to say. they act as the masters of the law yet they are the breakers of the law. in zimbawe our police force has changed from law in uniforms to criminals in uniforms and now they are murders in uniforms. Charamba will never turn apologise for the poor actions done by her police office its as if she will turn the gun on herself.


  20. Rest n peace young man,thus the way t z!it’s n the hands of almighty to live or to die early!

  21. sad ending to an innocent precious soul. RIP

  22. ndarwadziwa. RIP Neil

  23. ko kunacoventry rd kwaida kuiswa macombi zvakwaane masora kusati kwambodii, imari yakadyiwaka apa, imi vanhu varikutijairira ava


    Some people post rubbish comments. Why blaming ZRP and not these KOMBI DOGS? Newsday is also fanning the flames of hatred. You creating a rift btwn è ZRP and è public, its not good. I urge ZRP to do your roles without fear. To hell with all these KOMBI DOGS.

    1. the issue here is about the way in which these ZRP offficers are conducting their duties.newsday is right in presenting issues as they is common knowledge that the police are only concerned with getting bribes. if they are genuinely executing their duties why then do we see the same kombis doing the same thing/crime soon after being apprehended?its because they know they can always bribe their way out.for this reason that kombis are fleeing coz they know the money they are being required to pay is not accounted this case the ZRP are the dogs for your own information.dai ari mwana wako u wl besinging a different tune.

  25. That’s so inhuman Madam Charity,how can you say you and your puppets ain’t responsible for this.We never experienced such incidents in the years before 2012.Hague(ICC) is where all of you high positioned service chiefs will end up at for murdering innocent souls.If it was your own child you would have arrested all the commuter omnibus drivers and brought all your puppets to a court Marshall,But because your own relatives don’t face such incidents on the streets of Harare.OK tell me one thing,if you say puppets are doing their job why is it that commuter omnibuses with smushed wing screens keep on trarvesing on our streets.So please stop justifying yourself and go grow a musyache.

  26. I think the kombi drivers and the police don’t have any problem at all. We people we a the one with problem hatigone kuenda patino fanirwa kuwana makombi edu. We go on places which put our lives in danger. Pliz people ngati ende pama Ranks not pamushiks shika in order to protect our live. Kombi driver the only want money havana basa nemi vanhu. Mwana akafa nekuda kutiza kubhadhara $2 or $5 chete. Ivayi vanhu chaivo

    1. Iwewe ndiwe benzi chairo hinda uchitaura nonsense….both parties are to blame police nd the driver..hinda uchitaura zvakadaro…..RIP baby tanatswa…

    2. Jamukoko wateva e name ndakushora

  27. Haa Ndarwadziwa ini! An innocent soul lost for what?

  28. ZRP wat kaak julle maak?

  29. the problem with zimbabweans is we always want to hide behind a finger. the police always think the best way is to fight fire with fire….thats not it, they will never win this war. and muzimbabwean rudzii anoti police haina corruption? if u subscribe to that notion u need to get yo head examined by a psychologist. there are very civil ways of arrrsting a criminal. u cant just open fire pacopa cabana so tht u stop one criminal as one observer has pointed out above. the moment i hear that police chief woman charamba speak, i regret sharing the same citizenship with that woman. u tend to wonder wether she really knows what she’s toki about…yet she is paid a hefty salary to utter such, does she live in harare or in mars? its not rocket science that her baton stick wielding boys are corrupt to the core and thats why they chase these kombis sevanopenga. y not take down reg number on plate, go to cvr, id owner and summon him? very simple things they choose to complicate. a life was lost and yairinyaya yebribe $10 for that matter…RIP little Neil, u wer a star & u’ll forever be.

  30. eish its painful rest in peace mufana wangu,but vanhu bemakombi nemapurisa hondo henyu yamakurirwa pavanhu yakuti uraisa,isu vasina mhosva tave kufa nekuda kwemafine enyu.ok kombi isina mapepa akakwana ngaitorwe driver asina lisence ngaaburutswe mukombi,kombi yotorwa kusvika paita runyararo,cz vanhu vafa vakawanda nemakobi

  31. Dai dziri dzimwe just one death would result in the resignation or firing of the Police Commisioner and his parent Minister. Asi muZim, life goes on. Not even a statement from the responsible departments. Apa Charity Charamba arikutoti police bribery its hearsay. They must remember kuti chimoto chekuTunisia (Arab spring) was caused by the death of just one individual. Not only combi drivers are in trouble. Even maprivate cars, we all know that once licence yatorwa nemupurisa watova munhamo. Our police are probably the most incompetent on this continent.

  32. SHAME ON U ZRP I just wish kuti one day kutsikwe mwana waCharamba kana Chihuri or close relative dzavo only then will they open their eyes and c what actually is happening on the ground and how people are suffering bcoz of the police combi war.
    If they wer serious dai musisina ma unroadyworth combis mu road. Enda kuma roads anoenda mbare frm any location and u c condition yemacombi acho and police wil b on the road dzichipfuura. AGAIN SHAME ON U ZRP

  33. Y playin cat n mouse game in public mai charamba dnt justify the police thus the problem kana watizwa tke number plate ndobasa rayo nw mafara ka awechingani afa wit da same issue?

  34. the combi driver may be wrong, but what are the measures being taken by the police in protecting the lives of innocent people? Mr chihuri

  35. the combi driver may be wrong, but what are the measures being taken by the police in protecting the lives of innocent people now that we are losing lives nealy every week if not day as a result? Mr chihuri.

  36. zvichapera riniko.
    very sad zororora murugare ndiyo nzira yedu tese

  37. This Is A Touching incident. Rest In Peace. Bt My Appeal To The police Ndeyekuti Make Use OfOf The Unique Reg Numbers Of cars And Make follow Ups Later. Honaiwo Kana Ndimi.

  38. rest in eternal peace mufanami,to hail with po-ri-si guys………….one day criminals wil be brought to courts,jus tym hapana chisinga pere

  39. Charity Charamba&Sekuru vangu A Chihuri pasi nemi zvachose murikungomhanyira kuti you have charge the Driver only what about your Idiots Police Officers.can you count howmant Fatals have you Cause in Harare only .you want to Cover for your side its Total wrong.kana kumboendavo kunobata maoko Zvavo. Saka iko zvino baba ve mufi vawe kuti vamuri kuti Wittness muri kuda kuti anyepere nyika yese zvamurikuda imimi Imwa dzevanhu musadaro chasara kudhuma Mapurisa Ako.mazvinzwa .
    Zvandirwadza zvikuru handifunge kuti Charity Charamba ane Mwana ini uri Ngomwa chaio

  40. @maita, if you work were you can see them vachiita corruption. please mwana waamai record them and post it on Youtube

  41. Charamba and Chihuri I lay a curse on you. You shall no know peace, may the spirit of the deceased be upon you. May all bad things happen to and your families. and you too mugabe

  42. This murderous zanu pf government should be held accountable for this loss.Ndarwadziwa and i cried.Oh God intervene in our case

  43. Its high time Police forces are held accountable for their action, can someone really inform this big mouthed police defender to stop defending police but rather take corrective measures to deal with their malfunctions, police know that in whatever actions they do Charity Charamba is gonna step in to their rescue,hold them accountable or the public will just take law into their hands just like what transpired in Bulawayo where a police officer was thrashed to become nice!!!!!!!!1

  44. chihuri u a supposed to save the civilian and maintain peace instead u are killing people. Dai dziri dzimwe nyika dzisina corruption u were supposed to resign immediately. Bt i guess u are going to be promoted. Im sure the incident hurt all zimbabweans except u and you allies. Rip young.

  45. The police are ruthless, worthless, heartless, useless.You may try to defend them but the buck stops at the Police Commissioner’s door. Period. This none sense must stop.Full stop. The police spokesperson tried to defend their position yesterday on Star FM but it was far from convincing. Police should enforce their law with the public in mind of their actions.

  46. Cd musadzinga varungu

    Taneta nekudzvinyirirwa nemapurisa aya isu ,nezuro paradio mai vechipurisa vaka interviewer vaitotaura zvavo marough word pamusoro pehuwori hurikuitwa navamwe vavo ,kusanganisira ivo,hazvinei mwari haasi wemunhu 1,regai vaiite ndivo vakataura nanyadenga ,nerimwe gore kutsutsumwa kwedu kuchapfuka.lastly thank you newsday nekubudisa news dzechokwadi

  47. u r ryt there

  48. apa dai Mwari vapindira, kana mutonzi mavakuto tyisa kufamba nekuti ukasangwarira unotsikwa nekombi kana tumota tunotakura Avondale vachitiza mapurisa. Asi basa re number plate ndereyi kana munhu atiza musiyeyi motora number iri pamota. RIP lil boy

  49. @Lewis the word holy is not applicable dai watsvaka rimwe. Apa dai Mwari vapindira, kana mutonzi mavakuto tyisa kufamba nekuti ukasangwarira unotsikwa nekombi kana tumota tunotakura Avondale vachitiza mapurisa. Asi basa re number plate ndereyi kana munhu atiza musiyeyi motora number iri pamota. RIP lil boy

  50. iwe Wellie, chasing a combi within an area thats got pple, is as good as exchanging gunshots fire wth robbers in an area thts gt a lot of pple, maporisa is wroooong

  51. Ladies and gentlemen, the best kungoti kuna Neil do not rest young man, deal decicively with whoever caused your death. Come back boy and haunt your murderer, period!

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