Moyo attacks Gono

Jonathan Moyo

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday criticised former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono for allegedly confiding in President Robert Mugabe that he had been blacklisted in the public media, saying that Gono owned a newspaper and was at liberty to use it if he wanted maximum media coverage.


Gono reportedly complained to Mugabe when the veteran leader toured his New Donnington Farm in Norton last week, resulting in the veteran Zanu PF leader issuing a stern warning on those allegedly imposing a blackout on his personal banker.

Addressing panellists at the inaugural meeting of the Independent Media Panel of Inquiry (IMPI) in Harare yesterday, Moyo said he was shocked that “his friend” had backstabbed him by making unsubstantiated claims that he had been blacklisted by the Information ministry-controlled media.

Moyo challenged Gono to prove the claims and threatened to expose him for “lying” to Mugabe.

“They say some people are on the blacklist and the blacklist comes from the ministry. Why should we have a blacklist as if it’s a credit facility?” Moyo quipped.

“I was shocked when my good friend, the former governor (Gono) suggested there are people who don’t want him covered. He told the President something to that effect.

“If the one who is alleging it is lying, the media should tell that person he was lying . . . In jest, I thought he can’t say that because he has his own newspaper, why not go to that newspaper?”

Gono is believed to be the majority shareholder at The Financial Gazette.
Moyo also blasted Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Temba Mliswa, who on Tuesday accused him for abusing the media to pursue Zanu PF faction fights.

He challenged Mliswa to “carry his own cross” after the outspoken Zanu PF Hurungwe West MP was labelled an extortionist by businessman Billy Rautenbach.

Mliswa alleged that Moyo was in the faction led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa fighting those linked to Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

But Moyo shot back saying : “In reference to the Salarygate stories, those people were not donating to any faction; they were enjoying and living large alone and with their families and friends. You don’t need a helicopter view to understand that.

“To say you abuse funds and you are caught with hands in the till, (if) it is published and say it’s destroying the image of the party, that’s corruption. You will not go down with that political party, it’s you and you alone, carry your cross alone. It’s not in the constitution of the party, it’s against party policy, you are stealing alone and if people keep quiet, the media will say you were stealing for the party.”

He urged the media to desist from “positional journalism” where journalists were not reporting based on “telling a story as it is” and report the true Zimbabwean story.
Moyo also attacked politicians who acted as if they owned the media.

“Possessive journalism is a feature on our people across the political divide that they own the media and the media should tell their story from their point of view. It’s clear people say this media house belongs to us, it’s ours, and it’s an opposition paper.

“There is something which is so primitive now where you hear people say who put this (Elton) Mangoma faction story here or the (Morgan) Tsvangirai faction story in the paper or who has put the Mujuru faction story or the Mnangagwa faction story here,” Moyo said, adding that journalists must be left to exercise their duties in a professional manner as per their training.

On the arrest and prosecution of suspended ZBC chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere, Moyo said: “They ask whether we knew about it, we didn’t know about it.

We didn’t have anything to do with that, we don’t arrest or prosecute people, we were not the complainants in the matter.”


  1. Interesting reading. I would read this story over and over again. “You don’t need a helicoptet view to understand that.”

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  3. Dzamutsana by Suluman Chibetu kkkkkk I like the song. Cannibalism at its best. Gore rino zvese zvakawanzika zvichabuda pachena. Iwewo Gono une pepa rako reFingaz dzorerawo Prof Jon tan. Iwo Prof Jon tan vacharamba vachibuditsawo zvavo muravo pepa reHerald. In so doing everything is going to come out. You don’t need someone from outside to destroy your party.

    Kkkkkk gore rino……hezvo.

  4. Woooow I liked the discourse “…. You don’t need a helicopter view to understand that….”

  5. Zvirinane kuti jona tan atonge nyika ko iye akazomubatisa patholotho diclaration ndiyaniko veduwe kamufana kambotraya mazuwano but chakakanganisa AIPPA and POSA chet e

    • NdiChinos akangopaparikavo, but otherwise Jorno is back with a bang backed by the Mutsvangwas and the Mliswas.The whole script ichabuda zvayo takangoterera because rino development inongova yokufumurana pauwori rwavo

  6. Moyondizvo! Beautiful melodious sublime expressions. (I know for a fact that he is actually sharper in both Shona/Ndebele.) Yes the media played a role in pollarizing this nation with disastrous consequancies…we expect better.

  7. i read the same story and other similar ones as in the herald and i wonder to myself if both sets of journalists go to same briefings. Your journalism is way below par…

  8. i liked the phrase and i will reuse it to ” you don’t need a helicopter view” to tell that the nation is slowly sliding back to 2008 era, whow thanx jono we will always learn from you.

  9. Wit independence n heroes’ days around é corner n wit wat’s happening in this Zanu tinoviga vakawanda gore rino

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  11. Kkkkk nyc1 Cde minster mukachizoitwa Min weHome Affairs kana ZRP commisioner zvinobva zvanakidza

  12. I read Johno’s frank discourse against Mugabe et-al in 1991, then I read his discourse pro-Mugabe and anti media laws 1999 to about 2005, then I read his anti Mugabe anti ZANU-PF rantings from that time up to 2008, then his side comments leaning on ZANU -PFism from 2008 to 2012, and his open ZANU-PFism leading to and post 2013 elections???? Now a pro-media Johno?? The man who closed down the Daily News and fought against licencing of independent TV and Radio?? Johno has shuttled back and forth so much I cannot trust him!!
    No one can tell which one is the real Johno!!! Don’t relax and cuddle to him too soon. He might start singing a different tune before you know it.

  13. You dont a helicopter view to see that the division in Zanu is deep. Frank talk and frank talking. Get ready for body bags and more heros acre gatherings.

  14. Johnathan Moyo is politiking again and this time dangerously. He knows that what is required for him to effect positive change that is sustainable and level the playing field is first and foremost release Zimpapers from the control of the state. That is within his ambit of powers as Minister of information. Anything else is a tinkering at the edges and is not likely to produce any sustainable results. Engaging journalists without first levelling the playing field is just an attempt at wood winking the public that he really cares for media independence.

  15. Temba mliswa . Fitness trainer Asia gate scandalist. Not a politician go hang your self mother fucker.

  16. @ simon you have said it the best way my friend. i am not sure why people have got so excited about this man of late. i am now coming to understand why mugabe brought him back even when he lost, he and mugabe are up to something and mugabe knows he is the only one who can do it for him. wait and see.

  17. YOU DONT NEED A HELICOPTER VIEW to know that Zimbabwe is in trouble, themba is in deep sh*t, Gono is not Jonos friend , Mugabe is not in charge anymore infact noone is in charge, maybe Grace becoz she told Bob you cant go to europe without me

  18. kkkiest Yangova name and shame and expose vanhu ava vabatwa ne Jukwa syndrome now exposing themselves nad their untoled secrets kkkkkkkk ma onethusand Bhora mberi fumuranai tizwe

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen – our prayers are being answered by Professor Moyo – put differently – Moyo is like Moses – taking his people from Egypt – Without Moyo – Muchechetere and Cash Dube would still be milking the economy you can be assured under the watchful eye of the then Minister of Info.

    Please Prof – tell it as it is and let everyone know nothing but the truth. Those who say he will destroy our party from within – are blind – they have eyes but they don’t see and they have ears but they don’t hear – hypocrits – true Prof – let them carry their cross to Chikurubi and join Gumbura.

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen – the sun is rising. Moyo will carry us out of these looters and connivers – Its not the party that will fall it will individuals like VP, Mutasa, Mliswa, Nyabadza to name but a few – Prof please keep on the good work. Muche. and Dube are no more.

  21. Zpf has pressed a self-destruct button. The’s no life for these zanuists after their 90 year-old’s death. This bunch of fools (Jonathan Moyo included) has been and still is a stumpling block for this peace-loving nation. I love Zimbabwe but I HATE Zanu pf and everything associated with it.

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