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Kagomera lashes out at former workmate


EXCOMMUNICATED Alick Macheso dancer Peter Kagomera has lashed out at former workmate Majuice (real name Selamani Mpochi) accusing him of blocking him from re-joining the band.


Kagomera was fired for misconduct with Macheso’s manager William Tsandukwa declaring he would quit if Kagomera was to be re-accepted into the band.

The dancer, who interestingly looks like his former paymaster, had previously been fired, but readmitted into the band at Macheso’s instigation.

The Madhawu singer is on record saying he has a soft spot for the delinquent dancer and has often vetoed management’s decision to sack him.

But on Sunday Kagomera accused Majuice of back-stabbing him.

“When Majuice came into the band I remember Mudhara (Macheso) asking me if he could employ him and I was one of the people that backed him. But now things have changed and I have been trying to get attention from Macheso and Majuice has been blocking me,” said Kagomera.

“He knows if I am to be employed in the same band with him attention will shift from him. Back in the day it was Franco (Francis Dhaka), me and Majuice only coming third and he knows that.”

He said Majuice has been going around painting a bad picture of him to make sure Macheso does not take him back.

Majuice yesterday rubbished the diminutive dancer’s claims and labelled him a “cry baby”.
He said Kagomera should be responsible for his actions and stop being double-faced.

“I do not even know what he wants from me. He has this weird behaviour that I cannot be blamed for. He gets into trouble on his own and blames other people for it and that is not right,” said Majuice.

“He was forgiven for various misdeeds several times and even Mudhara (Macheso) covered up for him when management wanted to fire him. Now he blames me in the media and still comes to me as a friend?”

Jetio Machanja, Macheso’s assistant manager said Kagomera had failed to change.
“It is impossible to employ a person like him. There is no way Majuice can block him. We gave him a chance and even when we fired him we felt if he changed we would bring him back, but the reports that we get every day are not helping,” said Machanja.

“What happens is when Macheso identifies talent he approaches management seconding that person for employment not that another dancer can block him. Kagomera is a good dancer; in fact one of the finest, but his stories of taking illicit drinks, chasing after women and unending battles with the police cannot be tolerated.”

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