Grade 7 exams in chaos

SCORES of pupils might fail to write their Grade 7 examinations this year after several headmasters battled to meet the Friday registration deadline due to a newly-introduced electronic registration system.


In a last minute bid to beat the deadline on Friday, headmasters from Matabeleland provinces thronged Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec)’s Bulawayo office, but most failed to get help.

The headmasters said they were informed about the new system late amid fears that some failed to travel to Bulawayo in time to complete the registration process.

In the past, candidates had to manually fill in their details on registration forms. To compound their woes, the headmasters were required to use their own computers for registration and most of them did not have the gadgets.

“We only heard from other teachers that there is a hand-written circular at some Education office in Lupane to the effect that the registration deadline was Friday,” a headmaster from Lupane in Matabeleland North said.

“We had to use our own funds to travel to Bulawayo on time.”

Another headmaster said: “Beginning this year, registration is done electronically and a bulk of us have no computers while some completely don’t know how to use those gargets.

“On top of that, we were required to have specific software to register which was difficult to master within that short space of time”

According to the Zimsec website, the new system “is meant to be used by Zimbabwe Schools Examination centres to register candidates for Grade 7, ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level examinations. This application is used to enter the candidates’ details which are later written on a CD to be sent to the Zimsec regional office.”

Zimsec officials could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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  1. Chiiko nhai, vanowedzerwa nguva nhai, seiko vapepeti venhau vachida kutsvaga vaverengi zvisina pfungwa.

    Grade 7 registration deadline can even be extended to August with still no problems, all Zimsec needs is numbers of students per school so they can prepare the correct number of exam papers chete!!

  2. Is this meant to cause alarm and despondency? The deadline will obviously be extended…

  3. Murambatsvina

    This Dokora guy fires from the hip. I think he is the worst minister so far to head that ministry since independence. His communication with stakeholders is almost always thru directives. He thinks he knows it all and does not need input from the people affected. He gave a directive that no pupil should be send away for non-payment of fees, no holiday lessons for those that need them. When a pupil has not paid fees at a boarding school, will the school be able to supply food thru out the term with inadequate funding? For students writing their final exams August holiday lessons have been of immense help in preparing and focusing students for the exams but the minister has also done away with this. What he intends to achieve with these measures is obscure.There is serious need for reflection on these and other matters before education standards further slip down the slopes.

    1. Obviously his children are not affected by all this as they are abroad. This how ZPF system operates, you prescribe solution for others as long as it does not affect you. We wonder how such people end up in ministerial role, simple because they can win all seats in region.

  4. Wings of Change

    Dokora is a good minister but does not have the support from the finance ministry which is struggling to raise funds for almost everything. They cannot finance education which is a basic need for our children. There should be a law to ban foreign education and you will see kuti everything will change. Kaukonde wants said rovai mateacher anodzidzisa vana venyu asi vangu vanodzidza mhiri, meaning his children are learning outside Zimbabwe. The good thing is he was trying to tell the youth not to be the teachers.mari kumaschools chete zvapera

    1. Lazarus “DOFORA” zidofo cant lead a ministry on trial and error basis.

  5. Wisemanfromtheeast

    You newsday guys please be professional.The deadline can be extended.Dont be so desperate to maintain volume in your newspaper.

  6. newsday i once read a coment were one said you(newsday) want to always present a poor picture of zim i was angry at that person but i would like to apologize to that person because he was right you are a biasd paper and you like to cause panic wenever u can.

  7. I dn see anyting wrong wt new system itoribho cz t reduces labour guys u kno hw t suck to regestr students manualy n helpn dem to shade their nem,nt tokn abt d mistakes dy fo me I thnk d person hu cem wt e great idea of eregstrtn hindawa vanhu musingadiwo zvakanaka we a livin in a world of technology dzidzai kufambirana nenguva haikona kungoita kunge vana lobengula

  8. Dumisani Ndlovu

    this is a disorganized organization Zimsec they should have tried this first after training to all headmasters before the system is rolled out. Did they check if all schools had computers and have internet. Someone should be responsible for this this is a call to the Minister of eduction to take action.

  9. @ Mweni Tafara you have said it all, even a 3weeks before the exams are to be written registration can still be done without a problem. Mapepa nhau aya zvakaoma.

  10. Some schools do not have those laptops guys. anyway all we be fine guys.

    1. Repoters are right they need people to be well informed,a person in rural area does not have the same effective comunication like what we hadve in town ,that is why the President is pushing for IT application through out the country for effective comunication.

  11. ma headmaster eku primary mahwani far i think its best system user friendly faster and cheaper for zimsec even for them rather than those omr which sometimes working on them is tedious

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