Drama as Biti stages coup

Infighting deepened in the MDC-T party yesterday as the leader Morgan Tsvangirai was said to have been suspended in a boardroom coup.


The MDC Team, a group of people calling for leadership renewal in the MDC-T, yesterday announced in Harare that the party’s national council members had voted for the  suspension of the former premier and other party leaders who have been seen to be sympathising with him.

Other members, who were shown the exit door were Tsvangirai’s deputy, Thokozani Khupe, national chairman Lovemore Moyo and his deputy Morgan Komichi, national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and his deputy Abednico Bhebhe and national spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora.

The meeting that was attended by several party officials and sitting MPs, lifted the suspensions imposed on party deputy
treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, youth assembly secretary Promise Mkwananzi, national executive member Last Maengahama and lawyer Jacob Mafume.

Speaking on behalf of the renewal team, former Water minister in the inclusive government, Samuel Sipepa-Nkomo who chaired the meeting yesterday and is also secretary of the party’s Guardian Council said they had decided to suspend the seven top leaders because they had proved to be undemocratic.

“The national executive has decided to suspend the seven pending a tribunal. The suspensions will be formalized. Their charge sheets are being prepared and they will appear before a tribunal to answer their charges,” Nkomo said, amid cheers from the crowd of about 300 people who attended the meeting.

“We have decided to reverse the so called suspension of Mangoma, Maengahama, Mafume and Mkwananzi. They are full of the party now. All these suspensions meant to put their cronies ahead of congress have been reversed.”

Tsvangirai had suspended Mangoma and expelled Maengahama, Mafume and Mkwananzi for discussing party issues in the media.

This followed the attack on Mangoma at the party’s headquarters in Harare after a meeting to discuss his letter calling for Tsvangirai to step down. Mangoma wrote to Tsvangirai asking him to step down claiming the former premier was no longer an asset to the party.

Mangoma’s call that came after the MDC-T’s heavy electoral loss to President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party in last July’s general elections, triggered serious infighting.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday referred questions to Mwonzora who described the move as a clumsy attempt by “spineless” people who feared to contest for positions at congress.

“This is not an MDC national council. This meeting is a culmination of an elaborate progamme of covert operations by State security agents, Zanu PF, Mugabe and a few malcontents from the MDC led by Welshman Ncube to destabilize the party. Their resolutions are meaningless and impotent. Tsvangirai and his leadership will remain in office,” Mwonzora said.

He said the party’s critical organs would meet in the following two days to strategise and resolve the infighting once and for all.

But Nkomo claimed about 138 national council members out of the party’s 178 attended yesterday’s meeting and voted for the suspension of the seven.

He said for the party to avoid a leadership vacuum after the ouster of the top leadership, the party’s guardian council which is led by Sekai Holland would take charge until the next elections.

Party secretary-general Tendai Biti, who had kept the party guessing about his involvement in a team opposed to Tsvangirai’s leadership, came out in the open yesterday declaring that they were practicing their “constitutional right of disassociation” not to deal with the seven because they had violated the founding principles of the party.

He said the party had diverted from the core values that influenced its formation because of people who were keen to stifle people’s democratic right to express their views freely.

“The party had been hijacked by a dangerous fascist clique bent on destroying the same and totally working against the working people of Zimbabwe,” Biti said.

Biti said his team was made up of true democrats who denounce the use of violence, a patronage system, intimidation, privatization of the party, wanton disregard of the party’s constitution, dishonesty, absence of personal accountability, and factionalism and use of informal channels such as a kitchen cabinet, among an array of problems.

They also accused Tsvangirai’s team of disregarding women and children, with the team’s supporters describing the former premier as “Gumbura”, due to his flirtation with several women.

RMG Independent End Time Message church leader, Robert Martin Gumbura was recently sentenced to 40 years for rape.

Biti said the inclusive government openly exposed Tsvangirai, accusing his former boss of being out-smitten by Mugabe during the period and stampeding the party into elections without reforms. He also claimed that Tsvangirai abused party money running into millions of dollars.

Zimbabwe, Biti said, was facing a legitimacy crisis that was affecting the country’s economy. He said there was need for fresh elections to be held after reforms were made to the electoral process. The former Finance minister also called for Zimbabwe to go back to the curatorship of Sadc for reforms to be implemented ahead of elections.

He said the new establishment would move around the country reinvigorating structures and forging an alliance with students, churches, civil society organizations and other parties to unseat Zanu PF in the forthcoming elections.

Former Energy Minister Mangoma, Kambuzuma MP Willias Madzimure, former Bikita West MP Heya Shoko, former Youth and Indigenization deputy minister Tongai Mathuthu, Evelyn Masaiti, former Marondera MP Ian Kay and his wife, Paul and Solomon Madzore, former director in Tsvangirai’s office, Charles Mangongera, Edwin Mushonga and Costa Muguti attended the meeting.

Several party provincial chairpersons also attended the meeting. They include Paul Madzore (Harare), Wachi Sibanda (Matabeleland South), Wilfstus Sitemere (Masvingo), Costin Muguti (Midlands North), Julius Magarangoma (Manicaland), Sengezo Tshabangu (Matabeleland North). Other officials who attended are Bulawayo provincial secretary Regie Moyo as well as Evelyn Masaiti from the Women’s Assembly, while other leaders reportedly gave apologies.

Biti said he would write to the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda and Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo to seek the protection of sitting MPs and councilors from being recalled.

He said he was aware Tsvangirai’s team would not go down without fighting, “using violence, as they are used to.” He however said contingency plans had been put in place to protect the officials from the violence.

“We are committed to put the struggle forward,” Biti said. “The struggle had become sterile and there is need for renewal and return to democracy.”

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  1. ngavabude ava not democratic at all. tsvangson got to be arrested…

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  2. Leadership renewal kureva here kubvisa aripo uchizviisa iwe? Biti naMangoma handi muri maLeaders here? Sei muchibvisa vamwe imi muchirambirapo pazvigaro? Shame on you. Where are your Headquarters? Ari paHarvest House ndiani? Sei musina kuitira masuspension enyu pa HQ yeMDC? Munotyei kana zvamakaita zviri pamutemo? Biti naMangoma handimi maiva manegotiators eMDC-T here? Chii chamakabudisa ipapo? Nhasi Biti woti Tsvangirai rushed kuenda kumaelections without reforms, ZANU iwe hauizivi here? Handiwe here waichema nekusaziva kwaienda mari yemadiamonds? Were u not out-smitten by ZANU on this regard? Shame on you. Kana iri nyaya yevakadzi dai waisiya zvako, nokuti zvako hazvisati zvabuda hazvirevi kuti hauzviite. Most men have the so-called small houses including myself!!

    1. Being at Harvest House does not any value to the democratic cause. Biti and company had to move away in order to avoid violence. There are certain issues for which Biti and Tsvangirai shared collective responsibility but there are other issues that Tsvangirai was personally responsible. Tsvangirai’s poor leadership skills were reflected during GNU. There are many examples. Tsvangirai had chosen Bennett to be Deputy Agriculture minister but Mugabe refused though the MDC-T allocation of ministers was the sole responsibility of Tsvangirai. We all saw Tsvangirai giving in. Tsvangirai was head of the council of ministers but ministers from ZANU PF refused to obey his directives rendering him useless. Morgan also signed the GNU agreement without the party agreeing first thus the agreement was favouring ZANU PF positions. Morgan also took liberty with party funds on the pretext that he was going to carry out party business. That’s theft. Tsvangirai put the name of the party into disrepute by engaging in shameless promiscuity. The guy was at pains to choose between Elisabeth and Lorcardia as a spouse. He even paid lobola for Lorcardia only to turn back 2 weeks later to say he was not going to marry Lorcardia. What sort of leader is that? He is not fit to lead.

  3. Biti uri benzi chairo asi wakatengwa here pamwe chete naMangoma?Nyatsofungisisai musarasike nokuda kwemari????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Sellouts always sellouts vese zvavo na Tsvangson wacho. Atengesa neatengeswa neatengeserwa ndozvasiyana.

    2. Binwell Mapwashike

      Biti aita benzi pakudini futi? Benzi ndiTsvangirai akabhadhara Lorcardia $300 000 for nothing. Wakaona Biti achitengwa here? Nhema basi. Tsvangirai ndiye akatengwa naMugabe akapihwa imba kuHighlands. Akapihwa $3million naGono zvikazivikanwa nemunhu wese. Tsvangirai ari kushandisa mhirizhonga kuvhundusira vanomupikisa. Haisiyo democracy iyoyo!

      1. josefa chinotimba

        My friend Biti has gone insane,he must first get treated his Aids before doing anything that has to do with politics.

  4. Given the violence that happened at Harvest against Mangoma, these guys have a valid point. They are pointing out issues which only those supporting Tsvangirai blindly will not want to acknowledge, like the existence of a kitchen cabinet which has usurped the powers of the national council, the flirtatious attribute of the president, his sudden accumulation of wealth and his penchant for power hence his force marching the party into an election without the country’s adherence to set electoral guidelines. As much as I would love to have an opposition that is united, I also would not fathom the idea of a party composed of a leadership that had a dangerous inclination towards dictatorship. If Mangoma broadcast party issues to the press against party protocol, it was regrettable, but the issue of political astuteness of a future leadership takes precedence over some political party protocol, so in this instance Mangoma was merely concientising the populace about the dictatorial attributes of certain members of an aspiring government in waiting.

  5. move it rastar move it,firebrand Biti move it rastar i support u

  6. Another curse from Witchdoctor Robert Mugabe. Guess the witch will continue to rule Zimbabwe even from his grave. The curse of being Zimbabwean…

  7. Dr Simba Makoni ka1

  8. Musaita mahumbwe nevanhu.zvataimboti ndimi makadzidza.kudzidza kwacho ndokupi manje.zvimwe zvinoda kuteverera pasi pevamwe.Viva Chinoz viva.

  9. You are in no way better than Welchman Ncube Mr. Biti. U always’v been a Zpf allan key and now u have just pronounced yo death sentence.

  10. lf an opposition arises within intraparty structures Africans in politics are quick to find blame…znau pf this and that…we need a party with leaders that accpt failure when found wanton and not leaders who are quick to hide behind theories..if Tsvangison sees himself fit let him stand in front of the tribunal council and defend himself…

  11. Tsvangirai enda unoita Sabhuku kuBuhera uko, you are not fit for Presidantial seat.

  12. Consider MDC-T as an immunocompromised HIV+ve patient.

    Such patients are known to suffer from opportunistic infections.

    Morganococcus Tsvangirius is the pathogen causing the opportunistic infection.

    In January this year a Lymphocyte by the name of Elton Mangoma tried to kill the opportunistic infection by unleashing an antibody letter titled ‘RESTORATION OF HOPE AND CONFIDENCE: A Cause for Leadership Renewal’.

    Morganococcus Tsvangirius reacted by unleashing his younger, more hyperactive, more virulent pathogens, who mercilessly tore the Mangoma Lymphocyte’s cell membrane into shreds, leaking its cytoplasm in the process. A macrophage by name of Tendai Biti jumped in and repaired the Mangoma Lymphocyte.

    Meanwhile, the patient’s viral load was shooting up and the CD4 count was dropping to dangerous levels.

    After recovering from the Morganococcus mauling, all the Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, Eosinophils and Macrophages held an emergency meeting today and announced all-out immune offensive to get rid of the Morganococcus infection.

    But, the Morganococcus pathogens immediately responded by threatening to destroy the patient’s entire immune system.

    With this kind of biological madness, no amount of anti-retrovirals will save our dear MDC-T patient.

    It time to prepare for your own funeral, maChinja.

    1. As a medical scientist I have to take my hat off to you. Well written mate! Morganococus Tsvangirius kkkkkkkk Hauite hauite!

  13. Speed Biti anonokerwa.I wander how Mangoma and Biti got poisoned by Chinamasa when they wined and dined together as negotiators for MDC-T.Is that when they were inducted into ZanuPF with promises of protection in parliament?Ko where is the democracy is some elements attempt to remove its entire executive outside Congress.Aya ndiwo mahumbwe chaiwo.Leaders who have balls will pull out and form their alliance with Welshman Ncube and Simba Makoni quietly.They tried before to push Simba Makoni through the side door.MDC-T ndeya Tsvangirai.Imi itai yenyu.Tosangana in 2018 kuma elections.

  14. Rev Com Council

    Things fall apart..This is the end of opposition politics. I smell Zanu PF’s CIO dirty hands in this.

  15. Imboitai but the time shall come soon when you shall announce the leader behind the coup.
    Ndipo pamuchadzidza kuti RMT ndokuti opposition.
    Ppl want to remove zpf kwete ma nonsesical argument u r sayn.


  17. Vanofara farai henyu asi chakaipa ndiye ‘DAI takaziva tisina kubvisa Morgan’. Remember team yaana Ncube yanga yakazara ma academics asi zvakaramba because vakanga vatengwa. This was later attested by the late R. Gasela kuChakohwa achiti ‘mari yeZANU haidyiwi’, zvino hezvo vamwe nhasi vainanzviswa nokuti split yaana Ncube yakatadza kuuraya MDC yaMorgan. Chenjerai kuzodemba mangwana mashaya kana seat rimwe zvaro mozodzoka mave kuti tainge tafurirwa. Nhau huru iripo nhasi ndeye kubvisa ZANU pakuenderera mberi ichiuraya nyika. Kana mapedza izvozvo mochiona kuti motonga sei nyika yacho. Iyezvino muchabatsirwa neZANU kuita further split MDC asi Morgan achangohwina zvakadaro. Chitokurumidzai kufunga zita ramuchapa party yenyu kwete kuzoti tiri kuda zita rokuti MDC. Isu takaona kuti Morgan angava hake asingakwanisi kutonga nyika asi ndiye chete anokwanisa kumira achirohwa nemapurisa achiroverwa rusununguko rwevazvinji. Naizvozvo tichamupa vote yedu kusvika ZANU yabhowekana nekubiridzira apo SAVE achazokunda hake. ITSITSI DZEI TSVIMBORUME KUBVISA MWANA WEMVANA MADZIHWA? ITSITSI DZEI WELSHMAN KUBATSIRA MANGOMA KUBVISA MUGABE PACHIGARO (apo Welshman akabata mufananidzo waMugabe)? Haisi nyaya yokugona kutungamirira, Tongo was not the best candidate for Zim presidency but was used nemazvo up to the end, chii chakazoitika kwaari adongorera Zim? Ko Nelson, good fighter but did not lead, he also paved way for good leaders to govern the country. Nanhasi zviri kufaya. Regai kufunga sevavhimi veZANU vanoti avhima ndiye anovhiya, obika, opakura obva adya zvakawanda achiti ndini ndakabata mhuka iyi (apa ndiyo inenge iri yokupedzisira musango).

  18. Truth is these guys are hungry for power but know they are as good as dead since they dont have the Tsvangirai flavour.
    Let elections come and we shall show these men disappear into oblivion.

  19. Biti and CIOs siyanai naMorgan. Kana atadza moenda kuZanu. Havana Finance Minister. Kana uchida kutonga apply to Ncube. Vacancy yakasiwa naMutambara ichiko. CHINJA pamberi na Tsvangirai. Pasi nenhunzvatunzva.
    Inga makawanda wani. Endai musiye President Tsvangirai. You ill-advise him and when your scheme fail catastrophically you call for his head. We not stupid. Tsvangirai achatonga nyika yeZimbabwe. Dei Tsvangirai ari corrupt like some of you angadai akaitwa kanyamakanyama. Form your own party. But you will never be forgiven. Because each time a fraction of MDC is plugged off by Zanu we feel the lose. The very reason we failing to unsit mugabe. You have not been humble enough to serve us the simple people. You think you too learned but who have you seen brave enough to stand where Morgan has stood. Yamakapuwa yakwana. Garai makadaro. Kuenda kuParliament iticket raTsvangirai. Zanu hamuizivi

  20. Let these guys form their party fast.
    We are warning them but they shall soon learn their mistake on election day.
    For now MT should source other credible figures like Simba Makoni.
    At least for now Wiwa is back.

  21. hatibvi munzira ngedutu….we are in mdc-t to stay

  22. I think Tsvangirai nolonger qualifies to be the party president of MDC because he has now developed characteristics of a dictator over years. this can be clearly shown by his hunger for power.

  23. Guys if things remain the same they don’t change,MDC-T is at its worst,I support Biti matakadya kare haanyaradzi mwana.

  24. Dr tsvangirai pliz tell me kuti man of God tb joshua akati chii kwamuri Save bfore I comment anything. Ndatenda hangu.

  25. magweta okwani anokurudzira kutyora mutemo masikati machena?
    report them to the law society vaitwe strike off register.

  26. biti form ur party .th pple of zimbabwe ar nt stupid.

  27. Biti and your followers vatengisi masikati machena zvino mungabvise Zanu-pf iyemi munonyepa imi mashura chembere kurota ichiyamwa kuti Tsvangirai ndokuti opposition apa vakomana mairasa i supported Mdc before but apa haa ndovhotera zvangu Zanu-pf Biti mboko yemunhu.

  28. A bad leader is a bad leader. U cant build a strong house on the basis of a weak foundation. tsvangson should never rule zim. He is too ignorant to be trusted with running a cooperative, let alone a country. he has done more than he can. kick the ball into his own goal. His presence will continue to offer zimbabweans false hope. opposition will continue to squander every opportunity to change. Tsvangson, please go peacefully. These guys have tried democracy to remove u. If that fails, there are other less pleasant ways of removing obstacles. the renewal team must be inclusive and must persevere. It is better to have a wise leader even if u start with few people, than to be led by a fool even if he has a multitude behind him. Ignorance will squander hopes of the multitude, while wisdom will mature in the long term. Get the foundation right, and then build a house. It is not too late to make corrections.

    1. Chamisa is a young, stupid imbecile…

    2. Let Biti go and form his own party or go back to ZANU PF were he belongs. Biti should never play with peoples` minds .He has shown us his true colours , highly educated but with little under
      standing. Biti has lost my respect . Long live President Tsvangirai, DP Khupe , The people`s National Chairman Lovemore Moyo , Cdes Chamisa, Mwonzora and others

  29. Our Messianic tendencies as Zimbabweans is worrying to say the least!

  30. Imagine, if MDC T had won the last national election, we will have no government by this time! What a circus!

  31. Its tru CIO,Zanu Pf have their dirty hands in this saga.but anyway if Biti and his cohorts want to lead why can’t they form their own party??/

  32. The so called champions of democracy are being swallowed by their own revolution.This was a foreseeable eventuality.Morgan Tsvangirai and his cohorts were just sitting on a time bomb and Biti,so cunningly deceived them into believing that he was not part of a coup plot.Thanks Dombo Dema for saying it so clearly in biological terms.After all the MDC project was a bastard and a plague in our midst.

  33. Tsvangirai was a potential despot.First he threatened to remove Mugabe by force as though he had an army.He engaged the services of Madison to eliminate Mugabe.He further went on a sex spree through a humiliating decimation of vulnerable women.What a villain.The Macbeth of our time.Hail Thane of MDC-T.

    1. Ndiye open zip we muno, Tswanqsin.

  34. Morgan failed to develop his own home town Buhera because of the cosy life he lived while in the inclusive government.He lined his pocket to the utmost at the expense of the MDC ideology.He is now condemned to the abyss by his fellow comrades.Manje uchabhadhara nei rent nhai Mogiza.

  35. Guys its not about Morgan its about Zimbabwe.Biti engage all other opposition groups minus Morgan,build one big opposition,Mugabes health is deteriorating fast brace for Mnangagwa & the securocrats for the struggle for Zimbabwe.

  36. mavhu pachikomo

    mazikope eguti. Asi nyika iyi, nyika iyi musatamba nayo zvokwadi

  37. Nelson Mangoma

    Chamisa is a young but very stupid idiot. Ndapedza.

  38. Biti miromo kutsvuka wakisa stove kaiwe Isu Toda vatunfamiriri vane utano

    1. Siyana na Bitti, blaz… Ko muromo unorambidzwa kuitazvawo red?

  39. Mangoma: ichinhai chi blaz chirema chinezvivindi….. Good one, Elton. Bvisai chi blaz chematama ichi chi Tswanqsen chisingagone kuvharawo zipi…

  40. Getting rid of Richard Morgan and hi kitchen cabinet is the best thing to happen to MDC since the defeat of that obnoxious Moscan Jemson Timba.. Hurrah! hurrah! Treble Glenfiddichs all round….

  41. …since the electoral defeat of that obnoxious Moscan……hurrah hurrah hurrah!

  42. Surely, how can we be ruled by Moscan imbeciles like Jemson? Hmmmm?

  43. There is now a cult leadership following of Morgan which is dangerous for democracy, whether hes the best opposition candidate or not. We need a stronger system more than a stronger leader. We would rather drive slow on the right road than fast on a wrong one. Leadership renewal ought not to be such a contentious issue. For the sake of progress, Morgan has had a fair chance, let others try before we lose relevance.

  44. Siyana na Bitti, blaz… Ko muromo unorambidzwa kuitazvawo red?

  45. MDC-T, MDC-N, MDC-M, MDC-99, MDC-Pf, MDC-ANC, MDC-3.5 Diesel and now introducing the new, mean, slim, red-lipped MDC-B…………..

  46. Biti brought the Zpf manifesto to an MDC T rally to setup Morgan. Biti losses in the elections but gets back the constituency on a recount, a Zpf advance gift of stolen goods, Mangoma, the handheld political proboscis efficiently malfunctioning in Biti’s hands like an overheated condom, what a sheepish disciple. like Madhuku, Gwisai, Ncube and now Biti a quartet of LLBs not learning from each other lets hear your plea you political bovine. U the engineroom for all the scandals in MDC, u will be the foreskin of a diseased penis, burdened by lack of libido with the Gono link to Zpf yo peril is greater than u can fathom. Sorry Morgan u trusted a sellout,

  47. Stupid headline – Biti cannot stage a coup because he is not an army and Tsvangirai nad his followers are not a government. A coup only happens when an army takes over or overthrows a government by force. Trying to over sensationalise the nonsense.

  48. This is wat we call a circus

  49. At Robert Gabriel Zuma:

    kikikikikikikiki….very creative very creative indeed! I thought the intelligent Zimbo had died a long time ago. Thanks I had a hearty laugh.

  50. Akahambe uShangarayi together with his mistress umaKhuphe,Moyo and Shamisa, the four thinks they own MDC. Let them go and form their own stupid Political Party. Also nina balandeli bakaShangarayi go and hang.

  51. mdc without Tsvangirai is like Zanu pf with Mugabe.

  52. tsvangirai Morgan is more come hell come what we don’t care.Save musavhunduke anatururu ava. Biti hapasisina atopera

  53. This is a coup coz these guys vant wait for a congress.
    Very shameful indeed.

  54. Tsvangison ngabvumi kupawo vamwe mukana sezvaarikutaura kuna Mugabe.Sei arikudyiwa nemazwi ake aarikutaura mazuva ese kuti munhu haafanire kurambira pachigaro.Akangosarudzwawo namwari kusvitsa party pairi apa then mumwe oenda mberi period.Both Mugabe&Tsvangirai are faillers must go give chance to democras.This guys coz suffers to innocent zimbos.kikikiki havanyari shuwa. MABLAZ AYA ANEROPA MUMAOKO AVO VESE .VAURAYI VAKACHEKERESA VANHU VAKAWANDA.

  55. Makorokoto neparty yamatanga iyi.Asi tokukurudzirai kuti mochinja zita reparty yenyu nekuti the letter t means Tsvangirayi.Secondly moendawo kuvanhu movaudzazvamakabvisira Tsvangirai mobva mavaudza kuti mukuru weparty yenyu ndiyani,Biti here kana kuti Mangoma.Ndatenda hangu

  56. welshman arikupinda papi panyanya yevanhu vapandukira morgan.please leave him ouf of this mess morgan created for himself!just look at the similarities between morgan and bob,both men always blame others for their own failures and are quick to use violence against dissenting voices. .

  57. Timothy Thorton

    This is not an MDC national council. This meeting is a culmination of an elaborate progamme of covert operations by State security agents, Zanu PF, Mugabe and a few malcontents from the MDC led by Welshman Ncube to destabilize the party.

    Zanu yakadyiwa neZANU ichiti MDC iparty yekuBritain. Be quick save yourself. This is how ZANU was formed from ZAPU. Tarisa uone 138/176 woti kutamba

    1. GOOD ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without even talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman become a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM, all together, to see the method and companies she was using. ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM . Wake up Africans

  58. zveku suspenda Save hazvishandi izvo, panoti MT ndo opposition politics. Save is the only “formidable” foe against Zanu. Ngavatange yavo party ana Biti et al and see if they will win anything. They think because they are academics and have the so called donor support they will win anything. Let them ask other academics like prof Guseni and Prof Ncube and Dr Makoni, these men will testify that kana usiri kuseri kwa MT haulume chunhu. Vanonyengedzwa ne support yevapfanha vasingavhoti, ini mbuya na sekuru vangu vanoziva MT so does several millions in Zimbabwe. They should also ask the prodigal son Wiwa, he will tell them that apa varume marasika

  59. Biti is power hungry, he thought he would be awarded a ministerial post after castigating Tsvangirai over MDCT policies towards elections. anga ajairawo kuba ari minister hamuone anga atosimba ikozvino apera manje. DOnt underestimate the power of the people, you have even given yourselves titles which will never come to fruition, makambozvibvunzawo here kuti Vanhu vanozoti kudini? this spells the end of your political career, makazhangandira, think before you act. The Constitution of the party is not superior to the COnstitution of the COuntry “The COnstitution is the supreme law of the country” and any other law contravening the provisions of the former becomes null and void. Law is very stubbon, you underestimate the provisions wanyura. Good bye Mr. Biti and company – prophets of doom.

  60. I know what will happen to these guys.They will all become politically irrelevant very soon.They should not forget what happened to the likes of Gwisai , Sikala among others who committed political suicide.We will see what will happen.These guys are finished politically.Sorry varume.

  61. Tsvangirai is daylight gumbura and judging from what we saw yesterday sme of u are nyt gumburas watch your health guys

  62. hey u biti u are true zanu pf supporter.pairohwa vamwe iwe waisarohwa, truely speaking Mr GENERAL u dont have principals to rule MDC.ZANU irumbotadzwa nasave mutanda webhasikoro imi matyre nematube mungaigona.kkkkkkk handeka kucongress muchabva musina zvigaro itai dzungu renyu iroro chanza changu pana chiri panaRichard

  63. Surely Morgan was a liability to the party, the same ego that posseses Mugabe had engulfed him. Mugabe and Tsvangirayi now think their are irreplaceable and thats the Zimbabwean problem no1. We need change and Morgan had fought a good fight now its time to rest. Good bye Morgan

  64. musambotya Save hapana zvinomboripo.Biti has committed political suicide. he has taken same route Ncube,Mtambara took they have buried themselves upside down

  65. I am really shattered. ini zvezim politics ndasiya chiitai moga. tovonana 2018. ndavakumboita simba nokutsvaka kuda kwaMwari wababa vangu.

  66. Biti & Mangoma you are the most coward men.just prepare for your gret fall

  67. fact biti wakadyiwa kuelection thanx stoko kuconstiuency kwako hauchadiwi kkkk kwakuzoti zimbabwe une dzungu biti


  69. Wezhira Wezhara

    I think imbos need to mature in their politics….In all these diatribes against Biti&Co I am yet to hear Tsvangirayi’s or his supporters response to the issues raised particularly in Mangoma’s letter.

    Does Tsvangiray have the moral standing to lead after his numerous indescretions with women?
    WHy does

  70. Simba Makoni, its yo opportunity to Shine. Hatichadi zvemadhaka, zvatiri kuitirwa izvi.

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