Church leader in court over $25 000 debt


DUNAMIS Assembly of Christ Church leader Fanuel Madzvamuse has been summoned to appear in court after failing to settle a debt of over $25 000.


According to the summons filed under case number 4746/2014 at the Harare Magistrates’ Court, Madzvamuse borrowed $27 700 from a Harare businessman, Godfrey Munyamana, in January 2012.

The terms and conditions of the loan were that the man of the cloth was supposed to settle the debt within a month of receiving the cash.
He, however, failed to abide by the conditions, compelling the plaintiff to take the matter to court.

Madzvamuse — who is known among his congregants as Apostle Gabriel Prince — resides in Mabelreign, Harare.

“The Plaintiff lent and advanced a total of sum of $27 700 at his special instance and request. Payment was due on February 23 2012. The defendant, despite demand, refused or neglected to pay.

“The defendant signed acknowledgment of debt on January 23 2012 consenting to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court in the event of institution of legal proceedings,” the summons dated April 11 2014 read.
Munyamana filed the summons through his legal practitioners Makuku Legal Firm.


  1. Pastors learn to live within your means and believe God for your upkeep. you are never muzzled when you tread the wheat but do not eat more than whats being harvested

  2. Itwo tumapastor netuporofita twemazuva ano tuchinyanya kuda zvinhu.No wonder why they end up sleeping nevekadzi vevanhu kunyanya kukara maningi!

  3. nyaya iyi inenge yekunyeba iyiyi, after all, ungangopa munhu mari without any form of collataral, unenge uchitopenga chete, after all its 27 k. besides nyaya iri kucourt here kana kuti iri kutongwa kunewsday. how did newsday come acroos masummons,

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