‘Chihuri you’re responsible’

A SOMBRE atmosphere engulfed the low-income suburb of Rugare, Harare, yesterday as mourners gathered at the funeral wake for three-year-old Neil Tanatswa Mutyora, knocked down by a commuter omnibus driver eyewitnesses say was fleeing from police on Tuesday evening.


There was an outpour of anger and grief as news that Neil, who was due to turn 4 in August, had died at a local private hospital, adding to fatalities involving running battles between police and commuter omnibus drivers.

Mourners and online commentators roundly condemned the police for the unnecessary death and urged Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri to take personal responsibility for the death, saying his officers had failed to properly handle the ongoing battles with kombi drivers in city centres especially in the capital, Harare.

An online commentator only calling himself Courage said: “Chihuri must resign over this. He has failed because there is lawlessness in his force. He has failed to instill discipline and a sense of dedication in his juniors.”

The confrontations between kombi crews and the police have turned nasty often ending in near death of innocent pedestrians and commuters, but the police seem to have failed to control the traffic jungle.

“This is all very sad,” another online commentator referring to himself as Machakachaka said.

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“Why should we lose the future of this country just because (i) kombi drivers are irresponsible (ii) police are mostly accepting bribes and (iii) city fathers have no clue whatsoever about how they may restore order in the city? Many lives have been lost this way in Harare. Are we satisfied that this is normal and should be accepted? I am personally angry with city fathers, police, kombi drivers and VID [Vehicle Inspection Department] for turning a blind eye while we are being slaughtered as if there is a war in the country. What happens to the driver who runs over someone in this fashion? Do our courts just treat it as just another accident, find the driver guilty of culpable homicide and fine him or give him community service?”

Kombi drivers allege the running battles were sometimes a result of police officers demanding bribes from them for allegedly wrong parking or picking passengers at undesignated points.

The young Mutyora died after sustaining serious head injuries when a kombi driver, fleeing from a “menacing police officer”, hit him as he and his aunt tried to cross the road at the corner of Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and Chinhoyi Street.

His father, Cuthbert Mutyora, blamed corruption and police heavy-handedness for the loss of his son.

“The police officer in question is said to have targeted smashing the windscreen of the kombi when the driver ran over my son.”

Mutyora said it was shocking his son had died because of the police officers’ “love for bribe money” from kombi drivers, insisting that he would like to see the policeman involved having his day in court.

“These are the police officers who were looking for between $3 and $10 from kombi drivers who work on target and are tired of bribing them,” Mutyora said.

“We are told by the kombi drivers that this is what they do every day. It’s not about maintaining peace at all, it’s about money.” He said it would be just and fair if police officers spared innocent people’s lives by taking number plates of defaulting commuter omnibus operators instead of putting lives in danger.

The boy’s mother, Leona Kiti, said she left her son in the custody of her sisters while she went home only to learn of the tragedy around 5pm.

“I left him in the morning and proceeded to Willowvale for business. There were three of my sisters at home and when my younger sister, who finished Form Four last year, wanted to get into town to top-up electricity, he cried saying he wanted to go with her,” Leona said. “They were very close so they went together. The accident happened on their way back. I am told she kept on holding his hand, but was dragged by other people, otherwise we could be having two funerals here.”

Machakachaka said: “Is it not time [Local Government minister Ignatius] Chombo,  [Kembo] Mohadi [Home Affairs] and  [Obert] Mpofu [Transport] sat down and sorted this all out? Or do they not see this as an urgent matter? How many bodies do they want to count first before they think it’s worth talking about? God help us.”

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not immediately comment on the matter saying she was out of office referring questions to her deputy, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, whose phone was not reachable.

Neil will be buried today at 11am at Granville Cemetery along the Harare-Masvingo highway.

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  1. The loss of this young life is truly sad & tragic. But the kombi driver is soley at fault here becoz fleeing from the police for whatever reason it may be does not give him the right to endanger innocent lives or to break the law further. In fact if the police were to stop accepting bribes & apply the law as it should be, very few kombis would remain on the road. So drivers pliz be more responsible & deal with your pursuing officers without involving innocent lives

    1. Rejoice Ngwenya

      I agree Tatenda, placing the blame on Chihuri and police seems to be misplaced. Our market is over-traded with combis, so there must be a way of regulating them. Combi drivers and their owners are cantankerous and unruly and the only way to deal with them is NOT to blame the police, but round them up and lock up their cars until a proper system of legality is in place.

      1. Mr. Ndarwadziwa Ini

        Rejoice you seem to be drunk. “”Round them up and lock up their cars'”” saka tinoenda nei kudzimba dzedu isu vasdina zvekufambisa???? Chihuri and his mbavhas are to blame mhani iwe.

        1. Emporor Nebukatnezar

          Mr Ndarwadziwa seems to be driven by hatred of the police and not by reason. The police are there to enforce laws, instead of you appreciating the situation as lawlessness on the part of the combi driver, he finds the police guilty of an undefined offence, IDIOT…..

          1. Emporor Nubekatnezar !! Put yourself in the shoes of a parent who has lost his child.What laws are the police enforcing as they cause accidents? Is it lawful to smash windows mukombi mune vanhu all in a bid to catch an unlawful driver. Remember, two wrongs make no right. You cant do a wrong because someone else has done their own wrong, worse still when you are a police officer. This is why even kana vachida kubata mbavha ine pfuti, they dont bomb the whole neighborhood just because paita mbavha imwe chete ine pfuti!!! Same applies, police is supposed to protect the public first, before upholding the law. Yes kombi drivers are a manace, but mouraya vanhu here nekuda kwekuda kusunga kombi driver. If this is the best option our police have come up with then we are doomed. Oneday , dear Nebukatnezar, your loved one will be strolling along Chinhoyi Street and mapurisa oita zvakaitika pakafa mwana uyu, tinzwe kuti unozvidzokorora here zvaurikutaura izvi.

          2. a young life has needlessly being lost,that is bottom line.zvekuti undefined offence is neither here nor there.I hope you are not a parent.

          3. the offence is engaging a hostile in the public…!

          4. emporor i agree just because Mr. Ndarwadziwa Ini hate police isnt reason enough to just blame them for the death of people.i dont agree though in calling him idiot just because he shares a different view.

        2. Sir , are trying to say the police should actual withdraw all officers on the roads and let the combis do whatever they like. Its sad that life is lost in such situations but honestly had the combi driver had complied with the police officer no one was going to die. Blame the person who decided to accelerate a vehicle and killed someone.

          1. Sir..are you blackmailing citizens to accept corrupt policing

          2. @Mhlanga inga wapindura wani wega two wrongs dont make a right just because a policeman is corupt you should not break the law to justify his coruptness.usatize kana usina mhosva.iyo yekutyisidzira siyana nayo iyo just make your point haikona kuda kuisupporter nekutyisa vamwe.Pamwe ndini ndotsikwa mangwana but fact remains same whats wrong is wrong hazvichinje nekuti ndatsikwa

      2. you are such an ignorant human being rejoice..these combies have been there kubva kare and these sick tactics by police have been here for a couple of years, look at how many have died because of the police’s violent and barbaric tactics they have started to employ….its plain and simple the police are solely to blame for the death of this child and any other person who has lost their lives under these unholy circumstances

      3. uri stupid yemunhu manje iwewe. U cant clean the police in this one, drivers are wrong but all thats happening is a result of the police corruption, open your eyes mhani

    2. Tatenda you might be right to a certain extend but i see this in a different manner, to be a police officer you are a law enforcing agent thus you will be acting on borrowed/imposed authority that’s why you hear people crying fowl on leaders, besides i have witnessed one occasion when a kombi driver was stopped and he followed the instruction but without explaining anything the officers started hitting the screen of the kombi as if he was running away or something that we had to run for our lives from that kombi, due to such behaviours portrayed by our officers why do they have to stop for? so i suggest we send mature well trained officers to the our roads and curb these behaviours. kusvika rinhi tichingonongedzerana yet no one is taking action tirikupera takatarisa.

    3. My friend you are not serious. In your view police should continue to accept bribes so that there are combis on the road. If that is the case then why blame the drivers? They are playing to the terms of your paradigm. In either cases the blame lies with the police in the final analysis…the police are there to enforce the law, bribes are not law. If we do not need laws because we will end with no cars on the road then we do not need the police on the roads either. Why would we need them….to collect bribes? Get real!

    4. I’m a parent with a boy of that age I just visualized this tragedy to have happened to my own son hey I cried .whoever is responsible just ask yourself if it was your own child how would you feel .what picture of Zimbabwe are we painting to tourists .every bad thing happening in Zimbabwe will be blamed on our president .lets not take advantage of our peace loving Zimbabweans coz if this had happened even in America the pressure was going to mount and spill into parliament people demanding answers and to know what have been done to the perpetrators and what the government is doing to make sure this does not happen again.when I say government I mean the responsible ministers one In charge of police and transport let’s be humans and accept responsibility .Do we need the president to action on this yet we got mps and ministers who have been elected and appointed to work for the betterment of our lovely Zimbabwe .Do I need to pray to God to bring instant justice to the people involved ,Yes God can do that let me tell u that God is not happy with the death of this innocent Saul

      1. @D Msindo sure sure here kutofunga matourist panguva ino shuwa warwadziwa nenyaya iyi.Just joking newe hangu D musindo i really do feel the same we need more of God but at the same time ndationewo maactivist groups roaming the streets of harare vakapfeka matshirts anekamwana ako just marching in harare and more awarenes programs on whats really happening in harare kuti zvisvike munzeve dzevanezvigaro zvihombe.just be carefull mumwe anotsikwa muchimacgha futi

    5. I agree with u, tru talk

  2. ‘National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not immediately comment on the matter saying she was out of office referring questions to her deputy’. The death of an ‘ordinary boy’ does not bother her or the police at all. If it were something to do with an opposition party member caught on the wrong side of the law she would be fuming with vitriol. It’s a side story for our country!

  3. It was all about corruption. The Police Officer wanted his share of the day $3 or $10. This is happening in the future independent Zimbabwe. This type of leadership that we have does not care about restoring order in the Transport industry. Before the destruction of our economy we used to ZUPCO but because of Politics ZUPCO collapsed under Brighton Matonga. Now have a disorganized system of Combis all over the city
    During the time of Douglas Chingoka all this mess was not there. Police Officers were dignified not what we are experiencing with the Partsan Zanu pf Chihuri. His incompetence is now costing human lifes. I hope this issue is going to be fairly handled or it will be favorable to Police.

  4. this is a very disturbing issue and im somewhat touched that you wake up one day with your son and a few hours you loose him just like that….this is not the first incident to happen but no measures were taken…..some time this month there was a march to fight against corruption but i don’t see any changes ….or was it not effective……i’m deeply saddened hangu to be honest…..police should be protecting people not help in harming them…..what in the Lords name is this world turning to…..can we have new policing measures not these outdated skills ekuti mapurisa anoita zve tsuro nembwa mukati me town munenge muri busy zvakadaro….if they cant think of anything let them ask the public kuti tinofungei then we get together and discuss safety measures to prevent further loss of lives aaaaaarrrrrrggggg#####VERY ANGRY###

    1. @angry lady one march will not do it more marches needed and organisations coming up to stand up for these kind of cases.Malawywers aye anozviti emahuman rights basa iro to make sure families like the one yarasikirwa ne mwana iyo are backed up in fighting not for compernsation for nothing can replace a child but for the system to change.

  5. I keep on saying it again, it is the KOMBI KILLERS , WHO ARE TO BLAME, for example if the person driving the Kombi at that particular TIME IS NOT LICECENSED, taking the car’s number plate would not prove that driver was not authorised because next time the same car could be in the hands of another driver. So that is all hogwash to blame the police and yet these cold blooded kombi killers are doing it for the love of money, As long as you keep on blaming the police whilst they are doing their duties, and encouraging these idiotic kombi murderers, more deaths shall be recorded, PamuchasiYa politicising the issue munenge manya, no one will arrest the police, try to sue them in a court of law tione kuti zvinopera sei. MHONDI NDIWO MAKOMBI drivers. As long as you wrongly point a figure to the police muchangoramba muchitsikwa, period. .MHSRIP, THEY YOUNG BOY TAKEN BY THESE KOMBI MURDERERS. PERSONALLY IF I WERE CLOSE TO THIS KOMBI DRIVER, I WOULD BE IN CUSTODY FOR MURDER BY NOW.

    1. Mr. Ndarwadziwa Ini

      reason hauna kana brain iwe. Its not Kombi driver. Its the dead zanu pf governance that has destroyed all our beloved systems. Its not the love of money but survival skills coz of mugabe and zanu pfg who are unable to solve the zim crisis. I can see you are pro zanu

    2. @reason check all my coments they agree with you about Kombi drivers but the way that you seem to close your eys to the fact that the police are playing a part in this too makes me think its either you are biased or you are maybe a cop yourself

  6. This child can not die in vain. Can this practice yekurova windscreen stop please. It is barbaric and encourages violence. Imi mapurisa mirai one ku front one ku back kwe Kombi yacho. Put your lives on the line kana muri serious tione.

  7. rejoice and tatenda. the police are at fault not just becoz of what happened yesterday but what has always been. wait until you come face to face with what is happening there. i am not saying the kombi driver is innocent not at all. all i am saying is that chihuri and his bosses systems are rotten. they promote corruption which make these kombi drivers behave the way they behave. zimbabwe needs to stop and start again. it will be painful but it will be worth it. the lose of a young life like that is a curse and we will pay for it with our own blood. so please chihuri and bosses and your police help us. get us out of this mercy. soon we will be having bad dreams.

  8. goodchildgonebad


  9. its very sad to lose life for anyone but nhai vanhu why vanhu vachiita sevano blamer police chete? Ko vanotakurirei vanhu kana kumira panzvimbo dzisingatenderwe? Kana wapara mhosva ita zvinodiwa pamhosva yako why fleeing frm being arrested iwe wapara mhosva uchiziva …. The police is there to enforce the law so they cnt leave mhosva dzichiparwa but with due respect to human life, without fear or favor and considering our human rights

  10. my question is, Where is it written within the duties of the police officers that they should chase the kombis when they run away. If there is a written clause which mention that then the kombi driver driver is wrong but irf there isnt any then the police should take the blame.

  11. their phones will only be available if MDC-T youth/member did something wrong. Munhu munhu hama dzangu. toita kunge dhorobha remakonzo nekatsi. zvirikwakowo mangwana the earth is a sphere guys.

  12. we died for this country, i will not resign

    1. That’s the warped logic, you nailed it. They want to get paid for waging the liberation struggle and they alone can decide how they are paid and how much they are paid too by retaining political power. So much for our independence….

  13. Both the police and kombi drivers are to blame for this there are so many ways of catching up these guys and like what one reader said if they have failed why not gt ideas from the public am sure there are more learned people out there with better ideas but panoti mari chioko muhomwe corruption ndipo pane yese its like its all man for himself and God for us all..kungava kuita here ikoko

  14. Cde Augustine Chihuri

    Garai makadaro. Handibve pachigaro changu. Ndichabva kana Bob abvawo. Abaiwa ngaabude. Nyika yaZimbabwe ndeyedu. Mapurisa angu pamberi nebasa.

  15. The suggestion that Chombo, Mohadi and Mpofu should sit down and sort the chaos of kombis is idiotic. How the hell are they going to sort this chaos out? Have them all painted in amber and black stripes? Build special roads for kombis? Stupid. The reason why the administration before 1980 adopted zero tolerance to kombis is because they knew the mayhem it brought to the roads. It cannot be sorted out in any way ,shape or form. These abominable kombis should be taken off the streets – they are a danger to society.
    The fault does not lie with Chihuri – it’s the government’s fault who introduced kombis. These kombis are very hard to police.

  16. Reason you don’t reason. Do you believe the so caled police officers we see on the road are real police officers? You know the truth that these are militia bastards from border gezi. Real police officers know how to handle all this nonsense. Pamwe uri rimwe rema border gezi benefiting from the system. Mutemo wokupi unoti temai mota dzema drivers adambura mitemo. You sound a well indoctrinated fool!!!

  17. Chihuri is good at using his police to suppress opposition supporters. But when it comes to issues to do with protection of life and property he is cruel, arrogant and does not care.

  18. i am deeply saddened by the whole thing. the police and the kombi drivers are to blame. They both have no empathy at all. Reckless driving is the order of the day. illegal u-turning @ their convenient, cutting into lanes without checking mirrors. Inconsiderate kombi drivers and policeman do this everyday because they think they own the road. They show no care for safety of others and rule of the road. Something MUST be done soon!!!!

  19. kombi operators/drivers are to blame. They shld just follow mitemo and meet all requirements then they wud nt have to “run” away. If all is in order-unotizei? Mira ka utaure nemupurisa. Lets put emotions aside here.

    1. Numero uno usada kutaura zvausingazivi. I have a kombi with all the requirements but my friend whenever u come across these Border Gezis, either you pay or they smash the windows

  20. Just wondering what would happen if govt withdrew all police officers for one day?

    1. In that case we will not need that government at all. It is government’s duty to provide corruption free policing from which it derives legitimacy. By failing to provide corruption free policing the government is already losing legitimacy for there is no government outside the constitution and law. Provision of police is not a favour that government is doing the people of Zimbabwe, its a mandatory duty.

  21. Putting combies around harare in order does ‘nt takes a day if not a hour,as it is that disorder is a Cash cow business at their benefit for their day to day target of fines and their personell bribes at the expense of innocent pedestrians beind injured and lives been lost daily.Rest in peace NEIL TANATSWA MUTYORA.

  22. vanopepuka kana kwafa mupurisa mumwe chete

  23. kuchiadzwa kungoda kwaita nyonganyonga but police and army went restored order (though we are yet to reap the benefits ) thousands of people were flushed out and yet the same cannot be done on the killer drivers, why, its because police cannot do that to their source of income. Most of the unlicenced drivers drive everyday past police roadblocks and nothing is done to them, why because they would have oiled the police, they only run away when they are tired of paying or if a new team is deployed and they are yet to establish a relationship. The love of money is now cost our lives. Toti takapona muhondo tourawa nemakombi mapurisa achitsvaga mari here. Police must be directed to submit all the revenue they collect to state coffers(the little that they would have ticketed in the official book) and stop collecting spot fines ndozvimwe zvinokonzera corruption mumigwagwa kuti vanoti spot fine yet you will be having a few dollars that you will end up paying. ZRP, COUNCIL & THE PARENT MINISTERS SORT OUT THIS MESSY. CRY THE BELOVED MOTHERLAND

  24. Ban the kombis from the cbd and lets see what happens. From experience the criminals driving kombis run away at the sight of traffic officers. I wonder how someone on foot can chase a motor vehicle.

  25. its not the end but just the beginning. I said it before and I repeat,” we don’t need police everywhere in the roads. only disciplined and monitored officers should be at designated areas not everywhere soliciting bribes.” I parked my kombi, it will only operate when there is real police not these bribe seekers. chihuri does not see it. we need fresh brains in his position. he has no courtesy to step down.

  26. city fathers are to blame why cant the create enuf terminuses for kombis,look at all the ranks in twn they are characterised by overcrowding even to the extend of blocking roads eg copacabana rank.its high time they shld adopt a system used in joburg wr kombi ranks are put at strategic points and well built to accomodate mny kombis like turning parkade into a rank its more efficient

  27. Calling the police names and siding with the kombi drivers will only worsen the situation. Kombi drivers should just comply with police instructions like any other road user. Some people have political or lame agendas with the police unfortunately these will not help the situation. Kombi drivers should be accountable and law abiding even if takes shooting this into their hard heads it will be done. If they can shoot back then it will be seen from there. ENOUGH

    1. Siding with the police has made you fail to see the real problem right infront of you. Kombi drivers cannot be complelled to abide by unlawful policing. If police demand or accept bribes the ceize to be legitimate, their services can be bought and be negotiated in dark lanes.Why should kombi drivers be forced to comply with unlawful policing…if they feel like not complying. Kombi drivers are normal intelligent folks and even if they have not studied law they have an understanding of what is legit and while it may not be correct always in the case of running away from paying bribes, they are very correct. You and your beloved police cannot win this one…simple logic. You want the law enforced then everyone has to play by the book, especially the police.

  28. This a clear sign of a Government that has dismally failed right from the top. They have no care and dignity for innocent citizens. The Health delivery system has collapsed and we took over ZUPCO and we destroyed it now we have lawless Kombis all over most of them owned by police officers an employ unlicensed drivers. They are a law unto themselves what a hall of shame to the once bread basket of SADC now a basket case. I do not condone the Kombi driver because I do not support lawlessness and at the same time I do not condone the primitive police action in doing running battles with errant kombi drivers and causing loss of innocent life. They should think of a strategic way of handling the situation that’s why our tax pays their salary and not for them to sit on laurels being saluted chef so and so…think you guys. Unfortunately again because you can not sue anyone in such matters because there is no rule of law. City fathers are just getting fat with hefty salaries they have no idea what to do, Our good Dr. Obert Mpofu is in the dark and the Police commissioner Chuhuri is sucking his thumb oblivious of the chaos around him.Cry my beloved country

  29. I think all of you do not live in Zimbabwe,here nomatter what you are going to say or suggest,all those brilliant ideas you think you have no one is interested in them,all those people are busy ne tora Mari campaign,nothing will be done to the kombis because they are a cash cow

  30. Rest in peace ung man.guys lets be realistic and stop fighting
    police are wrong yes. on smashing windscreen.
    what of combi drivers who create third and fourth lane wari kutiza mboma here.ko wanhu wanenge wari mukombi nemasuit netie smiling whats that.ndizvozvo hozvo every two days mapurisa ari kurohwa nemaCombi ko we NEWSDAY MUNENGE MURIPI.i dont even a single inch support corruption.but corruption inoparwa newanhu iv waviri.Anopa mari wacho ndiye akaipa akatanga kupa shoma kusvika apa ytakavanda chawakatanga chapfuka.YOU NEWS DAY CRUE GIVE US FAIR NEWS INEED YOU TO BE FAIR MUSATENGESA PEPA NENHEMA STOP FACILITATING FIGHTS IN THIS Country thank u

  31. the person responcible for such a mishap is the stupid driver who flees away from police when stopped.the behavior of some kombi drivers on our roads is bad,if all your papers are in order stop why try to run away in a congested city very silly and stupid the kombi driver must be jailed for killing an innocent child.


    till when???????


    1. Combi driver running away from a bribe seeker masquerading as a law enforcer. Support them (Police) as much as you like but their actions have nothing to do with Policing. Corruption will not change because we wanna hide it under the carpet.


  35. Why isn’t there anything right in this country? I have a three year old son and im really heartbroken by this incident. I see police officers all the time acting as if they haven’t been through the 7th grade. If anyone thinks the police should not be blamed for this one then you need to get your head examined. Absolutely Rubbish! Charge that police officer and we will get results.

  36. These kombis carry 18-20 people, instead of a designated 15; most of them have no fitness certificates, no route permits; they lacking paperwork and fitness; unlicensed drivers; they bribe their way through police stops daily. Blame the police for allowing these death traps on the road BUT do not blame the police when they attempt to do their job and a driver decides to flee and run over someone. That is on the driver, highway code chaiyo tells you to stop when an officer stops you, you can’t justify fleeing by arguing he was going to ask for a bribe.

  37. Newsday keep on the good work this is excellent ndokuti newspaper kauku continue to publicize this issue until something is done .publicty is very important

  38. Msiniwa Tichafa

    in this case apportioning blame is neither here nor there. what is needed is to take a fundamental re look on the system is it serving the purpose it was put in place to serve. The answer is a crude NO!!!! So what should be done? This now rests with the powers that be, should it be The Chihuri’s or Mohadi’s of this world. what needs to be corrected is the mode of police operations if the are there to enforce the law are they doing it in earnest. Many people old and young have lost their lives and some maimed in this combi crew and police madness and for how long should this continue only the almighty knows. its only one good day when the people affected are going to make a statement enough should be enough. May this young person’s soul rest in eternal peace.

  39. The Police are there sorely for the maintenance of Law and Order and if they fail in this regard they become dangerously constructed dams that block the flow of social progress..such is ZRP. ZRP officers are so callous and sadistic…these people are daylight vampires stalking the vulnerable everyday.

  40. its just quite absurd why did the police have to chase the combi he could just have taken the number plate and traced it to its adress if he is a real trained policeman i think he just wanted money.

  41. Im truly touched my fellow countryman. This bribe issue has gone too far,Police have joined forces with criminals. Life of the fruitful son has been terminated jst for the sake of a dollar. Also Kombi drivers,please nomatter hw bad is yo crime,better leave the Kombi and run on foot than,eish,cant continue my eyes are filled wth tears. RIP innocent child. To the family i say,we are together during this trying time.

  42. Its really sad . May the young boy RIP. both the kombi driver and police are to blame. I think the purpose of the police is to prevent crime and ensure the safety of the people. so the police should stand where they are visible so that makombi acho haauye pasingabvumidzwe , rather than to hide in the public and wait for the crime to be committed then to cme running after a kombi. You then wonder , why they wait for the crime to be committed ” are they gaining anything from it?” . may Allah help Zimbabwe

  43. kip it up newsday, kip publishing the story until something is done

  44. the action of the kombi driver was wrong and uncalled for and that of the policeman equaly wrong they both had a hand in the unfortunate incident saka kutukana ndekweyi asi urimumwe wemapurisa aya ecorruption

  45. legend runners mourning

    it hurts ryt to e bone to c yng pipo dying jst lyk tht,the solution to police is very simple,hanti makombi ane manumber plates,ane adress yaowner so y spend tym fytng running battles nemakombi,insteady they should jst tek note o e #plates track dwn e owner arrest em,they wl lead u str8 to their hwindis,also arrest e touts send em str8 to jail,if 5 o em goes to jail i tell they wl respect the rules o the land

  46. My name is Yui frm China!

    Dont wolly pipolo of zhimbabye there willu be sanctity wen thish Magabe goes and we shay lest in the soil to him peliod nxaaaaa, China Jianxu Jinhua!!

  47. yes that is the use of number plates. This issue of tom and jerry chase is always unsafe. And we cannot dig a pit to fill another pit.

  48. why this think those who lobe bribe are rejoicing God help us as a nation

  49. Bathing Problem

    Police here should be blamed for the unnecessary loss of precious life of this young boy, may his soul rest in peace. What type of law enforcement is it when you go around relentlessly breaking Kombi windows, some of those windows will have been bought recently because of the same reason of being smashed by overzealous baton wielding idiots in police uniforms. First and foremost as a police force is to see how your actions will affect the general public before enforcing it. A clear case happened in Bulawayo where they threw spikes to a Kombi laden with innocent souls, what was the motive of the idiot, very irresponsible. Audit the lifestyles of these idiots and see how they are managed the lives they are living, just because, I presume the said Kombi driver did not collect enough to grease their hands he want to be seen like he is enforcing the law. I am really disappointed with people who support this kind of action. GOD is watching and appropriate action will be instituted.

  50. An unfortunate event that seemingly is becoming a norm in Zim roads. Looking first at the combi driver, l think a normal driver should consider the effects and impact of running away from these corrupt officers especially taking into consideration tragedies like these where innocent people are at the receiving end. it is imperative for all drivers to put human life first as you cannot be able to repay a lost soul especially running away from paying a $20 fine. As such, the driver is wrong and deserves a huge sentence for other drivers to use as an example. To the police officers, l think they should act responsibly and find ways to deal with combi drivers without endangering innocent people and also to shun corruption. The officer in question should be prosecuted also for negligence with a heavy sentence for others to know so that they may be able to use discretion when conducting their duties.

  51. why cant we protest against this menace. the police is to blame 100%. the police have total authority to impound all vehicles. mapurisa arikutadza basa. policy makers in the force shoud be changed. how can an officer chase around a kombi with a baton stick when s/he can simply jot down the number plate. kombi inosungirwa mhosva imwe chete ten times how is that possible . mapurisakaa

  52. It’s so sad that an innocent soul has been taken so tragically. We need to find a lasting solution to this problem because week in week out we read of pedestrians being knocked down by fleeing kombis.A life lost is one too many. Transport operators should employ competent drivers as they carry precious lives and should not consider money ahead of life. To the City Fathers please reign the traffic jungle and designate convenient pick up and drop off points to avoid loss of lives.I am pained at the loss of the future of our Zimbabwe.

  53. If a country wants its systems to work they will but if they do not want the system to work because the police and ministers want to take bribes, a lot of innocent pedestrian will keep dying and rate payers won’t get services. A person can be murdered at night with no witnesses but believe me those murders are caught. In the U.S.A they have systems and they make them work. So here in Zimbabwe a combi is a registered vehicle with the name of the owner, it has a road permit, insurance, they pay to city council for rank and this combis have home address written on them, and it is the owner who hires a driver and it is the driver who at times give the combi to unlicenced driver………….. my point How can the police say they can’t trace the driver and the combi? ..we have a corrupt police period inoda kutora mari chete.

  54. the level of corruption is very very high all for the sake of 20 dollars shame shame. you can see how unprofessional these people are

  55. Nebucatinezer and Rejoice Ngwenya go to the police and check how many kombis have been fined from the records there but daily these police officers are chasing kombis in town and it is more to do with bribes. The police officer, the kombi driver and the owner of the kombi must all face murder charges of this young innocent boy. Ndozvamaida hama ne shamwari zvino honai vanhu venyu vamakapa pito vongoridza pese pese.


  57. Chihuri and police ndoana mata.chakonzeresa mwana kutsikwa hasi driver bcz hana kuita achida he was forced to such action,then who forced him?is the police.wht dd they want?chiwoko muhomwe.why chioko muhomwe?bcz gvmnt is failing to pay them.why gvmnt is failing to pay them?bcz they cnt rig the econommy but they rig elections.so end of this is to remove Mugabe and entire mbavha ne mhondi.but how since by death and election zvaramba?kwakuto pinda mu street.guys soon we are heading for war.bcz now ………….

  58. mabhunumuchaparara

    in the city of Harare they are designated ranks for these combis, but why are they shunning them, its very worrisome that these come have made pavement and robots as ranks which is against the city regulations.Police are there to enforce the last laws, apprehend offenders, so they must do their job, blaming Police General, home affairs minister and local authority minister won’t solve this,.Look at Copacabanna the local authority banned New lands Chisipite combs but they are still penetrating the city centre and l don’t think these three people are perpetrating it.In Harare it seems as if laws are no longer respected,red robots give way signs parking places intersection nolonger respected. During rain why do we have high congestion that any other day, how many police officers have been crushed by these combs .The things is we as the people we are fueling this manace, instead of boarding combs in ranks you now use the intersection, pavements, yes the police continue chasing them till they use their disignated ranks, l am sorry for the gruesome death of this child but we as the people of Harare we are responsible no anyone else.

  59. mapurisa vatadza kucontroller vemakombi nekuti makombi avo. Gvt pliz do something about.

  60. Concernd Citizen

    Seiko vanhu ve mu Zimbabwe tichida sstereki kuita hasha online, tinongopopota tichipedzesera tatukana pachedu. If we feel kuti Chihuri ndiye ari at fault kune office ya Chihuri hatikuzive here, handeika ikoko tinoita a peaceeful demonstration. Ndosaka tichidheererwa, mapurisa anomisa makombi pakati pe road tirimo mukombi macho hapana anoti bufu tinomirira kuuya online topopota, let us go on the streets and speak out nezve nyaya iyi, otherwise zvekutukana online hazvibatsire

  61. –tht overzealous cop must be brought to book for hz unwarranted actions coz i remember hearing commissiner charamba announcing during an interview that smashing of screens is illegal.
    — according to wat i hv read here, thz cops want btwn $3 & $10 and a Fine for dangerous parking alone is btwn $10 & $20 and the kombi drivers will be fleeing from corrupt police officers?
    $3-$10>human life OR $20 fine >human life according to thoz hu r exonerating kombi drivers for killing or maiming innocent pedestrans. poor arithmetics!!!!

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