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Brace for life-changing prophesies: Magaya


PROPHETIC Healing Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder, Walter Magaya says Zimbabwe should brace for positive prophesies that have a bearing on the lives of people.


Magaya told NewsDay ahead of the Easter holiday that he had many prophesies about the country, but would only disclose them at the “right time”.

“My spiritual father will also help me on the perfect timing to release them,” he said.

Magaya said prominent Nigerian prophet; TB Joshua of the Synagogue of All Nations Church was his spiritual father. “When someone is your spiritual father he gives direction in the form of advice as someone who has been there before you,” he said.

“He points out certain mistakes he would have probably made in his past so you avoid making the same errors. Where he has fallen, he makes sure you avoid falling too.”

Asked whether people who came to his PHD Ministries should expect quick fix solutions to their problems, Magaya said: “When they come it is important for them to realise that God has already answered their prayers and needs in the spiritual realm.

“We simply help people receive these answers, however, with some it’s instant and others it take days while others take even longer depending on the individual’s understanding.”

Magaya dismissed reports that people were flocking to the new pentecostal churches because of economic hardships.

He said people who came to churches such as his were simply “opening their eyes.”

“They want to see the demonstration of power. My message and my preaching are not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the spirit’s power,” Magaya said.

He said prophesying a person’s address, identity card or phone numbers was meant to make people certain that God was aware of every detail about them.

On reports that certain prophets were raising people from the dead, Magaya said: “Only if God speaks. In such instances it’s Jesus who works through a prophet sometimes when one has died due to demonic attacks, however, sometimes people simply die because it will be their time to die.” Magaya is reportedly drawing huge crowds to his church where he is said to be performing “breath-taking” miracles. He recently made headlines after converting raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda to his church.

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