Bid to fix defaulter backfires

A SELF–CONFESSED prostitute’s bid to fix a client who had defaulted payment by raising false rape charges against him turned nasty when she was on Tuesday jailed for three months for making a false police report.


Betty Kondo (27), who is married, was initially slapped with a six–month prison sentence, but Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba set aside three months for five years on condition that the accused person would not commit a similar offence.

Prosecutor Constance Ngombengombe told the court in aggravation that only a custodial sentence would suffice to meet the justice of the case to compensate for the rape sentence that the client, Vengai Shumba, would have faced upon conviction.

She said on March 30, 2014 at around 9 o’clock in the morning, Kondo, who resides at Plot No 24 in Glen Forest, went to Borrowdale Police Station where she made a report that Shumba — who had contracted her for a night–long affair — had raped her.

She lied to the police that she had met the complainant along Hwalshed Road while hunting for a part–time job.

Kondo also told the police that Shumba sweet-talked her to accompany him to a bushy area where he said he knew of someone in need of an employee before he allegedly raped her.

On April 1, the court heard, Kondo, however, returned to the police station and told the police that she had had consensual sex with Shumba on the understanding that he was going to pay $5 for the services.

Shumba only paid $2, courting Kondo’s wrath. She hatched a plan to fix him so that he would not cheat other women in future.

The admission, however, led to her arrest.

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  1. Only 3 months as compared to more than 10 yrs this guy would have been sentenced.surely men have no rigths.i’ve observed female judjes apply stiffer sentences to male offenders as compared to female.dai waudza pfambi iyi kuti iende hayo kumba pane kutivhara maziso

  2. Vakadzi zvavanomboitawo zvakaoma

  3. Female judges have emotional judgments and this is because they think man is the source of all evil acts. 3 months sentence given was just an unfair judgement especial against man 10 or 12 years of imprisonment,that is my opion. Women forget that it was Gods’ plan for them to be part of man. Since their are victims of Satan maybe they are in partnership with Devil to strip off mans’freedom,power and authority invested in him. Like their mother Eve is likewise the daughters.

  4. A self confessed married prostitute?? What is marriage?


    MPs please do something about this by crafting a law which deals with people who fake rape to fix others it’s now a trend that people are using rape to settle their personal goals. please we need this peace of legislation quickly do it quickly please,we thought padare will sought this but until today nothing is done.

  6. How can one be a self proclaimed married prostitut?

  7. Willard Mubvumbi

    Women are very stupid.

    1. Well you maybe true there @Willard but the truth extends to you and me that we are all sons of these “stupid” women. What does that then make us??

  8. I implore that Gumbura is innocent, the Zimbabwean justice system is in total shambles , many innocent man are languishing in prisons for non criminal matters and the true criminals and corrupt sharks are roaming our streets. The Country stinks and yet we claim to be a highly literate society, yes we might be highly literate, but we are also highly idiotic.

  9. i bet you there are many more man who are in because they were not so lucky like this shumba guy.

  10. supplementing husband’s income by thigh vending ,Ubuntu is a very scare commodity no wonder why vanhu vakunyengana nenyoka nekuda mari

  11. Parliament haina varume shuwa,munhu anyepera kurepwa anofanira kungoenda kujeri makore akafanana nearepa,shumba must sue d lady for defamation of character.Varume varikuroverwa mutsaga

  12. @constableThose men in parliament vanototongwawo nevakadzi coz vanozviti macivilised.zvimitemo izvi zvinobva nekunyika dzevarungu coz they are capitalists & women are the biggest consumers of their immoral products

  13. so this 3 months z to make her suffer the way the alleged rapist could have suffered, assuming that he could have been sentenced to 3 months for rape!!!!!!!!!! sound learned

  14. A married woman having sex 4 money or reward with another man! Shame.

  15. The law is an asshole. Imagine what could have happened to this guy had it been him accused of “raping” an innocent married woman. She should have been given more time, the “suspended sentence” should have been invoked. Where are the men’s forum here. In the case of Gumbura, woman’s organizations followed up with keen interest and when he was wrongly sentenced, they were conspicuously quite. If men have the pride not raise hell, W O Z A, Musasa Project and other women’s organizations should stand up in defense of Vengai Shumba and other unfortunate “rape” victims, better still Judge Jacqueline Pratt should be recalled from her private practice to mete out an appropriately sentence this “married” prostitute.

  16. She will be pardoned as her crime is trivial thus qualifying for presidential amnesty, afterall our prisons are full of real criminals -men.


  18. Married and prostituting the whole night????????

  19. pfumburahuruva

    the kangaroo laws you seek to implement before research may be wide open for prostitution. protect the girl child by not mixing consenting adult conduct with nyaya dzoku fixana dzakadayi. matakanana chaiwoiwo.

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