Audio: Mliswa hits back at Rautenbach

Firebrand Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa has threatened to name and shame senior government officials who were allegedly bribed by businessman Billy Rautenbach to scandalise him in a deal in which he is accused of attempting to extort $165 million from the businessman.

Listen here:

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  1. one day the chickens shall cum hom to roost.wät u do in the dark shall be exposed.neither Themba nor Rotten buck is clean.idiots

  2. Your hands are also dirty Mr Mliswa with the fires you are starting u’ll be lucky to die in car crash, if not u’ll be eaten alive by maggots at chikurubi

  3. Mliswa talks a lot but thats rubbish bcz he is one of them and his hands are also vry dirty,so shut yo mouth.

  4. Musungwa uyu ngaadzikame

  5. Who must take you seriously Mliswa. You are only trying to gain prominence by shouting too much against corruption . We are sick and tired baba, find new tricks

  6. Yayaya! look who is talking! but lets also learn to do
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  7. Both of you are corrupt, Themba. Where were the govt officials when you were making these deals? I thought Hwange is a parastatal. Why is he referring to the lying Herald? Arda is part of the deals in ethanol. Are you saying Arda management is not doing its job and the relavent ministries? Themba from the way you are speaking are a racist.

  8. Themba you are also very corrupt .You guys you have killed the economy , to hell with you guys

  9. iwe I donated blood 4 times in my life bt what pains is that my dear brother died of lack of blood in his body at Parirenyatwa coz he had no money to pay for it but I gave u my blood for free. I will never do it unless I charge you as well. hamuna tsitsi.

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  11. Manje wakutambira kunoyudza, remember that Billy z a business partner naMugabe……uchenjere kusungwa iwe……………..

  12. Kkkk Nyc1 Jono waudze vasabe,gore raunozoita Min of Home Affairs zvinobva zvanakidza

  13. Themba is either brave or stupid. He will die very soon. Ngwena&Co. dont hesitate to eliminate. Anyway let him talk and reveal some stuff for our entertainment.

  14. While we support Mliswa in fighting corruption, the question is why did he have to wait for his dirty deals to go wrong before trying to smear his colleagues. His is a case of sour grapes. And in this day and age Mliswa, only fools like you are so racist.

  15. Audio: Mliswa hits back at Rautenbach

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