Zig-Zag Band embroiled in identity clash

YESTERYEAR legendary music group Zig-Zag Band is embroiled in a fierce identity battle with its former drummer Josiah Ndlovu, alias Jones Mabhande.



Mabhande teamed up with former Zig-Zag band manager Madison Phiri to form a new band they are marketing as Zig-Zag York during their live shows at a number of joints in and outside the mining town of Kwekwe.

NewsDay is reliably informed that last month Ndlovu was reported at Kwekwe Central Police Station for theft of identity using the brand Zig Zag and surviving member of the original band, Steven Lunga, who is also the band leader, confirmed these developments.

“We reported Mabhande at Kwekwe Central Police Station and he was called to answer for his behaviour of trying to steal our band’s name. He was conducting shows under that name thus confusing many of our fans,” Lunga said.

Lunga added that Mabhande had been ordered to stop using the name Zig-Zag York and also to never play any songs recorded by the original Zig-Zag Band.

He said that some of the original Zig Zag songs that Mabhande had been playing during his personal shows included Mudzimu Mukuru, Gomo Ramasare and Hombiro.

Efforts to get a comment from Mabhande were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable.

Famed for their popular songs in the 90s, Zig-Zag Band reunited early this year after their last recording in 2005 when they released an album titled Chigiyo Vibes before they took a sabbatical due to economic hardships.

Recently, the group re-emerged with a 10-track album, Harder Than A Rock and are holding shows in Midlands province where they are based.

“As the title of the album denotes, we are here to reclaim our lost pride. We are better and harder than ever as we still have what it takes to be at the top again,” Lunga said.

He said the album was a reflection of cultural norms and values through music to attract locals and they had also started composing English songs so that they would have an international appeal.

Lunga said it was the group’s passion to preserve local culture through music making them relevant to the society.

The album includes songs such as Tinokuyeuka, Ndomene, Hard Than Rock, Moses, Mweya Mutsvene, Simukai, Pano Panyika, Vanodanana, Varoyi neMbavha and Chauya Chigiyo.

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  1. If Mabhande is marketing his new band as Zig- Zag York then clearly he has no case to answer to anybody. The policeman who threatened him to stop using the name is a pedestrian in copyright issues and misdirected himself. Can Manchester United sue Manchester City for the use of the name Manchester? The same goes for Real Madrid it cannot sue all the other Spanish teams like Real Mallorca or Real Sociedad for the use of that prefix. Closer to home we have Orchestra Dendera Kings ( Central Commitee) a different brand to the original Orchestra Dendera Kings. Fans are not confused in any way neither are supporters of Zanu ( Ndonga) as opposed to Zanu (PF) or MDC-T from MDC. In the DRC they had a string of offshoot bands from Zaiko Langalanga with names like Grand Zaiko Wawa and Clan Langalanga.The only contestable issue may be that of using ZigZag band copyrighted songs.

    1. Wings of Change

      Manchester is the name of a city. Non of the two teams created Manchester city , their brand name is Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC. Zig Zag is a brand name created by the Zig Zag band so its an intellectual property of the Zig Zag bank which cannot be used for free.

    2. mukanwa medede

      taura hako iwe. mapurisa edu aya ndeenzara nzara they should be taught their boundaries kwete kuita semaprefects ekuhigh school anoda kukwana kwana pese pese

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  2. Chirandu11 Wekure

    hapana nyaya apa nhai veduwe! Ko zvamunoti asaimbe nziyo dzeZig Zag handiti aivewo member of that band? Ivo vamwe vacho vanozviti tisu Zig Zag Band are they the composers of those songs? Mapurisawo apa makaratidza chidofo kuita majudges pane zvamusingazive izvi zvaida kuti zviende kucourt ndivo vanoziva mitemo yakasiyana siyana kwete zvekupenga izvo

  3. Kkkkkkk madofo dai maigona kuimba pasina makakatanwa

  4. hapana nyaya apa vana Gilbert Zvamaida nevamwe ve original Zig Zag are turning in their graves for this nonsense let them use Zig Zag and York yacho tigoona anogona. The original Zig Zag would hvae been happy kuona vanhu vanogona kwete vava kuda mbiri yezvavasina kushandira chimirai muchaona Zig Zag Exponent toda kunzwa anoti anoenda kumapurisa tinotoda a court ruling ngatiridze kwete kurwira zita. Chigiyo chegorero vakoma

  5. Zig-Zag band as you know it was formed zig zag york band.

    Zig Zag Band as you know was formed as Zig Zag York.Thats the origal name of the band.Jones recorded his album Usimbe using Chigiyo Survival which was good,not to use an existing name.ma1.

  6. chatinoda imusic inonakidza, zvemazita hazvina basa.kana rikanzi Nyoka band as long as it is good music tinouya ikoko.

  7. For sure Mabhande has no right to use the name Zig Zag York,he chickened out of the group and he is not a founding member.Mabhande joined Zig Zag Band in 1991 and the group was formed in the early 80s by George Lunga,Stanley Phiri,Davison Gunde,Emmanuel Nkomo,who are all late and the living Gilbert Zvamaida who is with Thomas Mapfumo.Mabhande joined the group after quitting the Mighty Warriors together with the late Parkshire Mujeliwa.Zig Zag Band was formed using the name Zig Zag Yolk,so the name Zig Zag Yolk remains the trade name of Zig Zag Band,saka Mabhande asade kukohwa paasina kurima,furthermore he never composed any song for the group durig his tenure as a drummer.Kana achida zita rekuti Zig Zag ngaaite joine hands nevakomana varikusimudzira chigiyo music kwetwe kuda kuvhiringidza vanhu,kana zvichimuremera ngaazviti The Mighty Warrior.Thumbs up to the police for handling this case fairly

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