Uebert Angel is an anointed man

Last week, on Friday to be precise, NewsDay carried a story: Uebert Angel distances self from Zanu PF.

Déjà vu with Kamurai Mudzingwa

And he also distanced himself from his original name Mudzanire in a complaint to the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) against NewsDay for publishing a story entitled: I am Zanu PF — Uebert Angel declares in which he was allegedly quoted in Marondera — celebrating President Robert Mugabe’s birthday — uttering words to the effect that he is Zanu PF’s son.

Prophet Angel was also irked with a follow-up story by the same paper quoting readers who were castigating the church founder and leader for the alleged allegiance to the ruling party.

Part of the letter from VMCZ to NewsDay reads: “The VMCZ media complaints committee has received a complaint from Pastor Uebert Angel over two stories carried by the NewsDay on 24 and 25 February 2014 respectively headlined: I am ZanuPF – Uebert Angel declares and Uebert Angel torches storm.

“The complainant says that the news stories are malicious and incorrect. Mr Angel is also aggrieved by the usage of the name Mudzanire that he says has been officially changed to Angel and whose usage he states is illegal as it is not found on his particulars.”

Predictably, Prophet Angel has the right to be angry because the name Mudzanire evokes in many memories of his roots that are deeply embedded in a small rural district of a Third World country called Zimbabwe in Zaka, Masvingo province, while the name Uebert Angel, in tandem with his current status as the founder and leader of a church with an international following, sounds cherubic.

The name, as Prophet Angel, in his righteous indignation points out, should never have been referred to by NewsDay. We must understand that unlike Uebert Mudzanire, Prophet Uebert Angel is an anointed man.

So there is nothing wrong with Prophet Uebert Angel attending Mugabe’s birthday bash in Marondera that gobbled millions while flood victims were drowning in tears of sorrow hoping for financial and spiritual assistance including prayer.

Yes, he had the right to be merrymaking with the Head of State because he is an anointed man.

Prophet Angel was recorded at the bash as having said he was born to a Zanu PF father (If it was citizenship he would have been claiming Zanu PF citizenship by natural descent). Yes, why not claim to have that natural relationship when the charismatic prophet is an anointed man?

The fact that many in Zanu PF need prayer so that they are delivered from their excesses that are largely responsible for the downfall of the economy should not be held against the charismatic church leader who decided to publicly join them, not in prayer for their lost souls, but in merrymaking, for we are talking about an anointed man.
There should never have been a furore over what Prophet Angel purportedly said in these words:

“Critics will be there and stories will be written (that) Angel has been swallowed by Zanu PF as if they know where I was before. I was born to a Zanu PF father and we had a sister who campaigned for MDC, but we never fired her from home.”

Notice the last phrase: “. . . we never fired her from home.” It shows that Prophet Angel is an honourable man who participated in not firing his sister from home for not being Zanu PF. This is expected because Prophet Angel is an anointed man.

We have seen that those in Zanu PF are materialistic, judging by their zeal to acquire personal wealth. We should also remember that Prophet Angel’s most known miracles are centred on the creation of material wealth as symbolised by “miracle money”. Yes, we understand that those in Zanu PF are clear in their doings — they pursue mammon and mammon only.

But Prophet Angel, contrary to what Jesus believed and taught, (we can safely observe) seems to be able to serve both mammon and God in equal measure because he is an anointed man. The man of the cloth has said several times that he is a businessman of repute and he wears expensive designer suits to reinforce that.

There should be nothing wrong really with the man of the cloth allegedly boasting that he was born in a Zanu PF family and that critics of his attempt to mix politics with the Word can say whatever they want. And in equal measure, there is nothing wrong with him retreating from those very words when he feels the heat of the backlash, for Prophet Angel is an anointed man.

So the man of the cloth should be left alone because he was anointed by God. Everything he does, we can safely conclude, is directed from above for he has that privilege because he is an anointed man.


  1. Urikunzwika hasha negodo chete kwete sense. Your raging hatred is crystal clear

  2. kanga Mbeu KurimaKwaramba

    Wat wz rilly the purpose of this article….ShAme on u

  3. That is an annointed analysis. A cut above e rest.

  4. say it again. Wataura apa, ndokurova gudo kusvka ravhara kumeso kkkkkk

  5. Well articulated. Truely this man is an ‘annointed man’ thats why others kneel down to him to honour him and he is so happy with it

  6. hahahaha kunyangira yaona anzi it ws untru izvo zvakarecodhwa eeesh maprophets anotonyepawo nhai manje.musakwatiswe tinovaziva vakahwandira

  7. sorry but to me this analysis is b*llsh*t, trying to twist my mind into believing what u even no is nonsense, u cant twist facts lyk that to learned zimbabwean lyk u or less, this article is a waste of a read

  8. I don’t c any reason of fighting the man of God u will find kut u guys wu mock the man of God ,consults n’angas without being concerned abt their dressing, belief or political interests. If u kno th bible wel u will find tht even prophets in the bible were interested in politics check on Samuel. Nathan, etc and Jesus also did miracle food ,miracle money wen he send peter to fish and take money from tht fish’$ mouth d a fish hev a bank in its mouth, so ask yo self is it not miracle money wats yo prob

  9. Dieuetmondroit

    Nemazuva ekupedzisira, ngwarirai vaporofita vemanyepo. CHENJERAI!!!

  10. Facts can never be better…

  11. Dieuetmondroit

    Nemazuva ekupedzisira, ngwarirai vaporofita vemanyepo. CHENJERAI varikuwanda ende vachiita mari. Zim never lacks business geniuses@no wonder why its economy will never sink !!!

  12. If one is rich he is not subjected to wear what the poor wants him to wear,above all Spiritual things will never be understood by canal people,kneeling down to someone does not mean you worship him,a man in the bible meet a prophet and layed prosrate on the ground,I wonder ,in some homes people kneel down to their parents does it mean they worship them,absoutely NO

  13. I do not agree with u The truth,when you say Jesus made miracle money,yes he did but what happened when more people were now coming to him,he realised its no longer genuine and rebuked them,saying you are coming to me because of the bread i gave you,dont make people go astray,many of you,who go there are after prosperity only.I also dont agree with this so called article of News day,it shows this is coming from an unborn again person,to be a pastor it doesnt mean i have no time of merry making,or going out with my family,this shows that this so called writer is uneducated,how can u say people need prayer,so i shouldnt enjoy myself also,Infact no pastor should refuse when summoned by the president or authorities,chero webato rako ngaatonge atidane uone tichingouya


  15. Newsday unosvota and u ar filthy cursed hee annointed, annointed as if u kno what u ar saying ddnt the bible say touch not my annointed kana iwe wave we zanu chingotaura kwete kuda kumanikidza munhu after all they is nothing wrong abt being zanu pf inga mai mujuru ndeve salvation army bt ve mdc havana kumbochinja chechi wani

    1. Major General Tokuseva Margarine

      Eheka Ndopanoti anointing yekunyepera kwaaaaaaa

  16. Mongi Kevin Hope

    Kamurai Mudzingwa We thank you for the loads of Sarcasm in this analysis…. kkkkk you made my day. am definitely saving this page. But beware Pastor’s disciples will be coming after your head in 3….2…..1 Go.

  17. this article is utter nonsense does it matter that he went to celebrate the President’s birthday?? or maybe pastors are no longer allowed to celebrate with those who are rejoicing lol please don’t waste our time publishing such articles and respect man of God. ndatenda.

  18. Mongi Kevin Hope

    that is exactly what he said it doesn’t matter lol… ” So there is nothing wrong with Prophet Uebert
    Angel attending Mugabe’s birthday bash in
    Marondera ……… Yes, he had the right to be merrymaking with
    the Head of State because he is an anointed

  19. Ko iye munhu angatize mumvuri wake here? Born Mudzanire and will die being Mudzanire.

  20. i love the Prophet Eubert Angel..Major….Major…Major…Major!!!!

  21. Eheka ndopanoti anointing yekunyepera

  22. Mudzanire ndiMudzanire mogoda kuchinjireiko nhai Netombo

  23. Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka

    Ndirikunzwa godo rine munyori uyu.Asi inyaya yekuti he is suing you here? This spoils your reporting because you have lost focus. It’s better you keep quiet.

  24. Cde Mabhunu Muchapera

    This prophet does not need people to tell him that he is anointed. God anoints and that settles it

  25. Major muporofita.

  26. NO professionalism in this story, you are just attacking someone.

  27. I love this Prophet, he is mightly used of the Lord

  28. Major Prophet is a great man of God i salute you Baba keep up the good works that God called you to do, to those who hate him munemweya wesvina you need deliverance from the demons that are possessing you.

  29. Cde Kufakwangu Zvarova

    Apa munyori urikuratidza kuti Prophet Angel vanonyatsokusvota kusvika pabonzo chairo. Chinja maitiro ako.

  30. that”s Major asvotwa ngaarutse

  31. THIS SHOW THAT YOU ARE BUSY TRYING TO PUT THE MAN OF GOD DOWN BY THIS ARTICLE. What you have done is to show that you are very much biased and you want reporters to take your side of the story.

  32. Makushaya nyaya manje vanhu vemaPaper

  33. This man is annointed.

  34. This shows that you have gone astray and you are wrong on being judgmental

  35. Trust me people, this man is a man of God

  36. .,whats really the point of this articles,.you dont know wat u are duin and u shud b fired,.u are tanishing the Newsday image.

  37. I think its now too much for this man, cant you write something else? ts boring guys

  38. The man is anointed so whats the sarcasm all about. Do you think God will change his mind and remove his anointing upon him? No God is not man that he should do what pleases you but what pleases him. Why don’t you leave him and concentrate on other issues of paramount importance. If people are starving what did you do about it? Do i have to pray for the people just because you wrote so? No never!

  39. Sonship u are brainwashed. anointed or not iwewe haunawo mari saka nyarara. dai waimbobvunza kuti vakawanepi funding yemabizness acho and why vakanotora “anointing” kughana mwari ndewekughana here

  40. @Da Truth you are also brainwashed and you want them to tell you where they got their funds or anything about them. Who are you all you need to know is do the preach Jesus Christ and use the Bible. Are souls being saved ? If this is being done then there is no problem.

  41. Prophet Angel is an anointed man that’s for sure. If you doubt this why don’t you just call and visit them at their church.

  42. Mwana weMuporofita

    hate him or love him you will still love him but all i am saying is what crime has the man of God done to deserve this? I sense bitterness in the author’s article and it’s a shame for sure.

  43. Sabhuku Vharazipi

    Godo! godo! wanyanya munyori zvimwe tsvaga nyaya dzekunyora dzimwe taneta nazvo same story for almost a month now.

  44. Sabhuku Vharazipi

    the journalists you are always trying to write negative things about this man. Surely you haven’t found something positive that he is doing? Be serious coz we are sick and tired of the same old story but why don’t you have an interview with him to find out who he really is.

  45. Pamberi nevhangeri munhu wamwari, zvezvimapaper zvinoshaya nyaya izvi hazvibatsiri.

  46. Your mentality has not changed you still have the grudge that this man has taken you to the cleaners. Do me a favour and write something else not this article that is one sided.

  47. YOU will NEVER reach your DESTINATION if you stop and THROW stones at EVERY DOG that BARKS”

  48. This man i have seen photos of him with the Zanu PF stalwarts as well as the MDC bigwigs. So i fail to understand why would he be one side labeled by these incompetent journalists who do no have anything special to offer besides recycling stories.

  49. If ever anyone of you thought Angel was not of God, you are wrong. Some of you will cry whey you realise the truth. Angel teaches/preaches the word of God and I have never had such revelations. I have witnessed a lot of miracles in his services. It can only be the power of God.

  50. Newsday is slowly but surely missing the mark… Matadza kunyora zvekubiwa kwemadiamonds or the sorry state of our economy… two weeks muchingonyora zva Angel…. taneta isu… this is utterly rubbish jounalism hameno kuti makaenda kuchikoro yejounalism or not but apa mazoshaya manje ….. your editor must do something tisati tachinja bepa rekutenga…. so much for being credible

  51. godo ndorandaona panyaya yako munyori asi wamanikidzwa

  52. kkkkk.ana Uebert Muudzanire…u denounce yo biological roots & are not ashamed to openly declare Zanu-pf roots.& then woramba.hameno..ndokuzvitika ma Men of God.makuzviita makapenga kudarika Mwari.inga!!

  53. ini samambo mwana unoda kubvunziwa,haungarambi zita redzinza ko vana vaAbraham vaizodii,yes zita rebas munaro prophet but mukauy kwedu zaka toti mava mwana waAngel??Ha am sorry zvishoma asi pandiremera,bva va robert g.mugabe votonzi R.G.President havozve

  54. First of all people who are not Uebert angel should not get personal,my implication is you all love this man n feel violated because of what the reporter has said…..You should all note god made us in his own image and likeness and I suppose when God chose Mr Uebert he was a Mudzanire ryt!!!ponder on that??this article merely states simple facts of Mr “Angel” and I believe informs you of self identification ..god loves you..the way you are

  55. Ukaona mutumwa wamwari akurwisana nemapepa zvakadai zvakureva kupera kwehumwari hose, jesu wakaroverwa pamuchinjikwa nevairamba kuti mwana wamwari asi haana kuvarwisa chero aive nesimba rekuvakurira. Saka mutumwa wamwari ngavasiyane nevanhu. Zvakataurika zvakataurika and ibasa remapepa kunyora nyaya and mazuvaano vanotepa nema4n saka mutumwa wamwari ngaanyarare zvake.

  56. Mukwasha Wenyu

    BABA CHIPO CHEKUNYORA MUNACHO ASI NDAGUMBUKA. DEI MAIMUZIVA MURANDA WAMWARI IYEYU KUTI MUPOROFITWA AKATUMWA NAJEHOVHA MUNGADAI MAITOBATSIRA ruzhinji kuti vabve kuzvivi nemkumatambudziko sezvirwere zvisingarapike nanachiremba, dei matonyora zvinokwezva vanhu luti vauye kusimba raMwari. PAFUNGISISEI IPAPO.

  57. Hahahahhahahahha


    i had never bothered to read this article when i first saw it as i thought it was misleading but hey that was an excellent piece

    Profit yubert is indeed of some anointing and of god but lest we forget that gods come in different forms so as their anointings


    cant just stop laughing

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