Tsvangirai predicts another GNU

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday predicted that another coalition government was in the offing as President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF government was likely to re-engage the opposition party to rescue the free-falling economy.


Addressing party supporters in Mabvuku, Harare, Tsvangirai said Mugabe had “no option than to call me to the negotiating table” for a new Government of National Unity as the MDC-T had a proven record of turning around the comatose economy.

The former Prime Minister, during the inclusive government which ended last July, however, said this time round, he would force Mugabe to implement the agreed items in the new power-sharing pact.

“They (Mugabe and Zanu PF) will come, there is nowhere to go,” Tsvangirai told about 2 000 supporters at a rally in Mabvuku yesterday.

“They will say to us, ‘come and let us have dialogue and find solutions to our problems’. We will tell them to swallow their pride. We had another Government of National Unity in which Mugabe refused to implement agreed items and this time, we will demand full implementation of agreed items.”

Tsvangirai said the MDC-T had an emergency economic revival plan which they will release once Mugabe, “who has already admitted failure”, approached them for a power-sharing deal.

“They stole the elections, and now they are stranded. They don’t know how to proceed. Companies are closing, people have no money, they are losing jobs and the economy is collapsing,” he said.

He added: “If it will happen that way for the purpose of finding a national solution, this time we will demand that we have to return to legitimacy. Mugabe’s government came from a stolen election and therefore, after the economy is revived, we will hold a free and fair election.

“It seems they have given everyone an instruction to loot wherever they are as reflected by the salarygate. If Mugabe is serious about dealing with corruption, he should look into himself. If a fish is rotting, it starts from the head.”

But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo dismissed Tsvangirai’s prediction as fallacious and “preposterous”.

“They (MDC-T) were in the government for the past five years and they did not bring dramatic changes to the economy,” Gumbo said.

“We have a blueprint and in six months’ time, things will start shaping up. I don’t think that one can dispute the challenges the country is facing. Yes, companies are closing and people are losing jobs, but we believe things will be sorted out soon. The people of Zimbabwe gave us the mandate because they have confidence in us.”
Turning to the infighting in the MDC-T, Tsvangirai lashed out at “party rebels” describing those calling on him to step down as “opportunists”.

In an apparent jibe at MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti and suspended deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, Tsvangirai said party officials opposed to his administration were free to leave instead of pushing him “to leave so that they take over”.

At the rally, senior MDC-T members chanted slogans denouncing both Mangoma and Biti, describing them as traitors.

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  1. it seems like this Tsvangirai is day dreaming….unity gvnt paya yakapindwa because wanga wahwina ma elections and they were trying to give a false picture to the world kuti takabatana and we want the country to move on…yu were busy run around uchiita zvevakadzi uri PM vamwe vachironga ku rigger ma elections and this time wakarohwa white wash and who do you think cares about you the Highlands Mansion man? now ma donors ese akutiza vakuda kupa mari Biti. zanu pf will never engage in talks with you again Mr.

    1. Half crazed, silly wishful thinking. The man lives in a different reality.

      1. The MDC president has clearly lost his way in the maze that is MDC politics..what good would the MDC do in a unity government which they failed to achieve in the previous one? Is there something these guys are smoking..You have Biti insulting the whole population with hardcore nonsense..and now this..Old Gumbo for all the many faults of his party chief amongst these, is the fact that after winning the election ZANU have no clue how to get people out of the hole they find themselves does have a point when he says MDC was in government for five years and they did not bring in any dramatic changes. If anything all they brought were higher costs in the form of more cars and the Highlands mansion..Is this what MDC are all crying for?

    2. Ko zvakambotizve tongai tione, saka imwe GNU yava yei? It seems the guy always find himself on the wrong side of the bed.

  2. mr chamaz stop dreaming instead of aiming for another GNU u hv to look forward on how to win 2918 elections.u showed us u want to work with others policy cant u tell us something diff,,ukuda kunanzva mari neGNU manje this time haulume chenjera kutorerwa support yedu naBITI uyo.

    1. Regererai Save vabatwa nechigwere chemanyoka. Dzimwe dzenguva zviroto zvinonakidza fani.

  3. Tsvangirai is delusional seriously, he failed for five years in the GNU, and he believes if taken back he wilk make them agree to his demands…he has to see that he is just a figurehead and was one for five years, used to suport this guy but have seen that we are just nurturing a dictator…thank God he was rigged in the 2013 elections.

  4. PowerToThePeople

    It’s either Tsvangirai has lost it completely or he has another twin brother we don’t know about. Things that come out of that tea boy’s mouth these days, can not believe l once voted for that men. It’s time for him to pack up and leave before he does more damage to his legacy and reputation. What a desperate loser?!!!!

    1. wareva iwe………. zvinhu zvaari kutaura soka……… zvakaoma…..hazvo

  5. Ufuni coalition yesbumbu..just resign & go home uyephethuli izkethi ebuhera..m sure too much izalukazi laba felwakazi abafunu kukhothwi sbumbu..

  6. someone please give me what this man is smoking

    1. Kkkkkkkkkkk Funders have gone ka and party running dry………Chemaz you’re desperate tibvire apo!

  7. that’s why ari kuramba kubva munhu uyu .zanu pf kutorazve tsvangirai kuti ngatitonge tose .une mhepo save wauraya party.

    1. Nhaiwe i hop u don’t mind me asking kty ze’ne zvorevei? #curious

  8. If Biti and others dream of forming a party and win the hearts of the people, let them do it. Welshman and others tried it but where are they. The struggle will continue without their input. Let them be financed, the people do not want money, but they want democratic change, a change that will see Zimbabwe moving forward. History will repeat itself, Biti, please go back to the drawing board and digest. I still remember you were the one who warned Welshman and others that if you think you have the support, form your party and prove yourself. I urge you to wait for 2016.

    1. You are absolutely right, people want democratic change but I promise you Tsvangirai ill not be the one to deliver it as he is merely masquerading as a democrat. This democrat is so democratic that he has presided over violence againnst Trudy Stevenson and more recently Mangoma and Biti. Hakuna democracy yakadaro.. MDC (the one isina mutupo) is the only one of our political parties to transition from one leader to another. Even ZANU did not ever name itself ZANU PF Mugabe. I voted for you Tsvangirai but thank goodness hauna kupinda panyanga. I am so disappointed by you. You cannot represent “the struggle” from your million dollar homes. You decided to enjoy the fruits of office uchipihwa chikafu ne ZANU kunge broiler chicken only to be slaughtered at the election. People used to say Morgan chipanera chekubvisa bhaud. You are a tool and NOT the democratic movement and as a tool you have reached the end of your usefulness. You did not invent opposition nor will opposition die with you. You were simply put there to symbolise the push for greater democracy and now you are useless as a symbol as you have lost all credibility. I guarantee you your popularity will not increase in the intervening time between now and 2018, you will lose once again and cry vote rigging meanwhile compromising the true push for democracy. Voters have already started to tire of pushing for democracy. Do not insult us by likening yourself to Mandela of that little lady from Burma, the only reason you landed the job is you were willing to be beaten by ZANU. ZANU has changed tactics and no longer resorts to beatings therefore we no longer need useful idiots like you..

    2. iwe siyana na Biti. Anzwa nebenzi iri rinonzi Tswangirayi. Hapana munhu akadzidza angaita chinhu chinobudirira na Tswangson. Who would want to be Identified by a day dreamer. How can Tswangirayi talk of GNU now. Hakuna nyika ine rinda. Tinongotambura kusvika tazvisunungura nekushanda. This is a transitional moment from being workers to being owners of production. For sure with people like Tswangirayi who does not want to see this succeeding, the process will be dleayed BUT we will get there.
      Biti just joing Zanu and contribute. After all you are one of the MDTC T who was never involved in corruption or violence.
      Uyo Elton akadzidza aka robwa ne mathuggs vana Tswangirayi. Siyanai ne munhu anopenga uyo. Munongoteverana nemupengo muchiti munoendepi. Munokuvadziwa ka.

  9. Tsvangirai want to destroy MDC before he goes.Ko chirikumutadzisa kubatanidza mdc chii,iye zvino avakusiiwa nezita chete Mari yaholdwa.He is so dull that he cant even see the outcome of these folding events.iri ndiro zidofo chairo

  10. All is not well in Mdc-t and Tsvangirai should desist from making statements which he will deny tomorow last year before elections promised people if he losses was to resign and was bitten never did wht he promised so why did he say such a thing?.People who r nolonger wanted by the structures especially in Matebeland the likes of Khupe,Lovemore Moyo and Bhebhe wants to create permanant positions in the part of which it leads to manipulation of the part constitutions

  11. This Rugare Gumbo guy makes me sick! He doesn’t talk sense at all.During the Inclusive gvt inflation dropped from quintillions to reasonable figures.Isnt it dramatic?Because iye Gumbo is now fat like a bull haaone kutambura kuri kuita vanhu.Cant he revisit mazuva ayo aigariswa mugomba na Mugabe!He was thin like most of us.

    1. @chikata- you attribute the fall of inflation to Tsvangirayi? This means you should stop smoking or change brands of whatever you drink. Neither MDC nor ZANU were responsible for bringing inflation down..the people did this themselves when they refused to accept the 100 trillion dollar note..Biti and Chinamasa can fight about this but both of them know none of them was responsible for taming inflation but dollarisation did.

      1. That’s true Falcon. Inflation came down as a result of dollar isati on and not because of Biti

  12. @Mafirakureva, Ndoxvitaura, The Watcher and Power to the People you are all brain dead, howmuch credit did you give Morgan before the GUN or u were all thinking he was dreaming. He has his weaknesses but he commands the figures necessary for a GNU which is what turned around the economy a while ago. The Zpf gvt is full of the most educated ministers in the world but is the most dismal too. Call him a fool but he has the political acumen for alternatives. Shame to Mugabe for stealing from an ‘imbecile.’

    1. Political games are not meant for self-known and self-confessed imbeciles. Why did Morgan enter if he knew he was not strong enough for what lay ahead?

      1. He entered for your sake if he hadn’t you could be history sir. Most of you who are commenting negative about Tsvangirai are either in the diaspora or are political pretenders. You dont see deep. You and all the likes including Biti, Mangoma, Mudzuri are clouded by power and you can sell your cause because of it. You are very myopic, including these Biti, mangoma, mudzuri, solomon madzorera things. Very shame on you throw away politicians!

    2. Stokononzi Vakuru vanoti anebenzi ndounerake, kudzana anopururudza. You doing just like that. What can Tswangirayi do. If he cant manage his few people how much Zimbabwe.
      Tswangirayi has not been honest ever since and he will never be honest. Siyanai naye veduwe.

  13. To Elton Mangoma,’Ndima ine makata iyi chinin’ina changu,inotoda muchina muhombe!Pane akakunyepera chinin’ina changu kuti iwe watova muchina muhombe.Mari ndaikupa wani,zvawairamba mumwe wangu handikendenge.USATUKE mvuu usati wabira rwizi,unorumwa,hahahahahahahahahahahah.’Richie muchina muhombe.

  14. Some prophet predicted a Zimbabwe win over Libya in CHAN 2014. Let’s wait and see what becomes of prophet Tsvangirai’s prophecy for the MDCT and ZANU-PF.

  15. Read GUN as GNU.

  16. Mangoma’s letter is driving people mad

  17. tsvangirai is fooling himself the same pple vaari ku adresser ivavo I noticed kuti panoitwa ma rallies ake Muharare kumabvuku myb kunenge kune 100 vanhu the rest ma same pple vanobva kumbare, fiyo vachitenderera kuma rallies ese iwayo oti 2000 pple attended

    1. I attended this rally 2000 people my foot

      1. During the election MDCT had 7917 and Zanu PF had 6319 votes now less than 2000 people attend your rally in the same constituency http://harare24.com/index-id-news-zk-15800.html

        Tsvangison do the math you are loosing it Save.

  18. Maybe lets say after Biti and Mangoma are gone, and the donors gone, the MDC will accept that ZANU PF won and in reward, Mugabe makes Tsvangirai a Deputy Minister. Biti is already asking for a post by accepting that MDC lost. So he will be appointed Attorney General soon. The Change agenda is now a lost cause I see.

  19. tsvangirai is the only man who can give the required challenge to Zanu pf. Dont allow parpets like Biti to be on the forefront otherwise party inoparara. Go on Save

    1. If Biti is a puppet doesn’t that make Save a bigger puppet cause remember he has been leading and dinning with these Bitis all along. Its me thinking aloud..

  20. Wake up Morgan and smell the coffee!!!!

  21. judas isikariot

    yaa kana nzara nenhamo zvanyatsokukiyayi muchamufunga chematama.apa murikumbovarairwa netumvura twakanaya utwu.vanhu varikusuffer more than 2008 and someone is there to talk rubbish.kana zanu isingade haimanikidzwi but ngavatonge tione.civil servants were promised salary increaments effective february–ooo april sorry eee june.rubbish

    1. ane plan ipi Tsvangs wenyu uyu .Vaimubacker vakatsamwa naye taurai zvimwe Tsvangs hapana chinhu kana cent haasisina and hapana achada kumupa .

  22. kkk honestly Tsvangirai is one crazy guy. Since wen does Zanu pf lead by RGM come & beg? Saka you emergency plan yaukuti unayo isu vakakuvhotera tombofa hedu nezhara waiting for zanu to beg u? I feel pity for those thugs & drunkards that u corrupt @ yo rallies wth yo fantasies

  23. if Morgan surely fixed the economy during the GNU, which i think IS A LIE it shud be because the donors and the west was still behind nw they left hm ,he is all alone yangove tsuro zvayo cash haasisina Tsvangs.

  24. ka newspaper aka!

    1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. tsvangson yava nzara kaayi yakukupa kurota coalition wamama

  26. you pple whlo are n support of Biti can’t you reason? This boy z day dreaming, relay can’t be run that way, He z still too little to lead a part & be our president. Mari yakakapihwa nema CIO eZANU iya ichakapfukira. He z self-leading himself out of political game, Where z Ncude now?
    Tsvangirai z the only person with the capacity of leading this Zimbabwe, even ur president once conferssed for himself that he z the only one who has challenged my dictatorship n this Zim.

    Biti, Mangoma, Madzorez, Mudzuri, toddler Mukwananzi, its better you form ur own part & see kt you are nothing n this world of Zimbabwe.

    1. Dont worry, only time will tell, its better to try than to regret that if only you could have tried…

  27. ah for sure zanu z burning big tym they are failing to pay the 50$ promised increment …..uh Morgiza cum and help the sekurus are now burning…zhara inotibaya very soon and ticha mama coz most of us tirima stupid lyk mangoma and frenz….very soon they wer saying the election has bin stolen the same biti again said zanu managed to do wel in campaining so wat e truth then Morgiza z better that e lyks of biti anotaura zvinyadzi pa public station.

  28. Please give us a break, why do you waste time and money publishing stories about this
    Goblin named TSVANCRY, The man is clueless and buried.

  29. but murumearikurotauyu mazuva ano, angasheedza party yadonha ndiani, he needs to think right

  30. fambai henyu nebhora save, vanamangoma and his moribund do not have any deals in mdc party

  31. I still had high hopes for Morgan Tsvangirai but now I am giving up. Instead of focusing on uniting the MDC which is in fissures the guys is still dreaming of going back to GOVERNMENT. ZANU-PF has never cared about the economy!! They dont care .,There are filthy rich from looting from the very national treasury. How many ZANU-PF officials are suffering?How many have kids in any of our public schools. How many even set their feet in Zimbabwean universities. How many ever visit Mpilo or Gomo for treatment? as long as life is easy going for them dont ever think they care about the ordinary Zimbabweans. The refrain is “Vanhu vedu or VeSlogan”.

  32. I hope this man knows what he is talking about. GNU NO. What does he think he can contribute to this nation if he is failing himself to live by the principles of democracy?

  33. Vanhu vese vaoppoza Biti pa facebook page yake nezuro nanhasi vablockwa. Asiya isu ma bootlicker ake bedzi kkkkkkkkk

  34. This M(ale)organ is not serious at all,Sikala once said the real MDCs have since left bcoz of this man who suspends/fires members willy nilly with the support of his bootlicking surbodinates. He is now dreaming of GNU futi,l think he taking strong drugs or maybe he just lost his mind. He is like creating a drama series after another, remember kuti Elizabeth’s drama episode is yet to be played, chegorerino haiwa muchaonenera, mati mambonzweyi!!!

  35. The rift in MDC-T echoes the rift in Zapu in 1963 when some broke away to form Zanu. “Sell-out” this, “Traitor” that, at the time traitors were labelled “Tshombes” after Congolese Moise Tshombe who decided to secede from Congo and form a government in the rich Katanga. All those in Zanu were called “Tshombes” for daring to oppose Joshua Nkomo‘s leadership. These rifts are often followed by violence, each faction claiming it knows better.
    The MDC-T is now irretrievably split. By naming the party MDC-T Tsvangirai believes it’s his own private project. These MDCs are all useless. They are no different to religious sects, all talk and zero delivery. Tsvangirai says this time around he will make ZanuPF implement reforms! What an idiot! If he couldn’t do it while he was inside how can he do it when he is outside government? Very patronising. Lying as usual. Bereft of ideas. ZanuPF and Mugabe will never ever allow another GNU.

  36. Tsvangirai…always daydreaming huh. The sex machine doesnt grow up honestly. I guess thats what Mugabe taught him during their Monday tea meeting kuti haufanigwe kubva pachigaro. Now without any single cent in your pocket who will finance your silly activities? The guy has absolutely nothing to offer the party now and if he was wisev enough, he would have just done the honourable thing… to resign and allow for new minds to take the party ahead. I also hear that workers at Harvest House have not been paid salaries and stuff like electricity are nowhere to be found. Manje iwe Morgan kana uine nyanga dzemusangano uri kurega nei zvinhu zvakadai zvichiitika. Shame on you babaEdwin. Isu vana Chamisa tichakunyudza topinda isu.

  37. From my judgement, the MDC is now turning into a political party rather than being a movement. Their mentality is turning to political rather than movement mentality. They are likely to come out of this quagmire stronger.

  38. Mupfana weBikini

    Its called POLITICS! In POLITICS one should never say NEVER. Everything is POSSIBLE. Whoever thot kuti BOB 90 would share tea with Morgiza?

  39. Oh i see, bt what about us guyz???
    what contribution hv w done to our
    fellow community evn our country at
    large??? let m tell u th simplest noble
    thing to do now is; DONATE BLOOD,
    even if you are poor of the poorest
    still you can make huge difference to
    someone else life by only donating
    your precious blood, plz today, now
    spare one’s life by donating blood, it
    does’nt matter where you originate
    from neither does your social
    standing matter, your blood
    hs intrinsic value, save life today
    whc iz th greatest gift frm god by
    donating blood, nd spontenously u nd
    yo beloved immediate family
    memberz becomez beneficiaries of
    free blood izvozvi now kathesi!!!

    1. asekuru itai mushe! my friend lost his dad coz they cld not afford to buy blood! u get it free and sell it for more! i will never donate! never ever!

  40. Baba vangu tsvangirai apa makurasika, its not possible to keep sheeps and wolfs in the same room unless if u r a wolf 2

  41. Zvehurumende yemubatanidzwa kwete hatichadi mozogutisa morega mastructures emusangano achifa sezvataiona anaChamisa varibusy kupa macomputer kuChogugudza skul okangamwa kuti basa rake remusangano nderei . Makavuraya musangano nokupuruzira ZANU PF murimukati so hatichadi kuhwa zviroto izvo ngatigadzirirei 2018 tipinde tiri pfuti

  42. Chematama wepfungwa shoma ayaz kana mubedroom akatizwa

  43. Morgan tsvangirai ihapana ndomakusaka akakwapaidzwa naBhobho musi wa31july mumaelections Eliza akati handigarire hapana

  44. Morgan tsvangirai ihapana ndomakusaka akakwapaidzwa naBhobho musi wa31july mumaelections Eliza akati handigarire hapana watadza kumupa mushe

  45. Morgan is dreaming and dreaming big. The MDC demised and was abrogated out of the political arena kare..wats with this man really???

  46. Remember Biti has a treason charge hanging over his head. The case has never been talked about since his release on bail. So he has to play it very safe. Mangoma on the other hand, has to return a favour given to him by Zanu (on the farms and implements front). So I see both men dumping the people’s cause for expediency. In the process I see others following these 2, judging by the opinions on this forum. Haaaaya

  47. Zvorwadza Save Wedoko

    Save vana vamakazvara nguva yamakatanga MDC vatova muform 3 muchingoimba chorus yenyu, nyika yaparara imi muchidya zvenyu nemaroto. Mese NeZanu hamuna tsitsi mune hutsinye tototenda musiki mvura yakanaya tombodya mabagwe taimawanepi nemanyepo enyu.

  48. vedu we e,musakanganwe chazuro nehope,zvaana biti namangoma siyanai nazvo izvi,i bhag rengoda ravakapiwa necio rezanu riri kuvadaro,unonzwa biti achambotaura nezvayo?munoti chakamupa kumiririra gono,mudare,chii?tsvangison,aluta continua:pane chakanaka vavengi varipo,ava vese vari kutuka vavengi ,usazvitevedzere.Vako varipo,vako varipo save famba nebhora,

  49. Chief Chivi vakasvika grade ani?Kudzidza hakuna basa pakutonga nyika,chakakosha kudiwa nevanhu nekuteerera vamwe vako vanokupa mazano.Zvekunyora mazivara echirungu pa-facebook handiko kugona kutonga.Inga kune dzimwe nyika dzisingatamburwe dzisingataurwe chirungu wani.Chirungu mutauro chete,saka kugona kutaura chirungu ndiko kwatingati kudzidza here?Tsvangirai unoda kutonga asi chirega kuita sebenzi.Biti unoda kutonga asi haungatonge Zimbabwe waita mharapatsetsetse.Mangoma hatidi vanhu vanoda hutongi zvakadaro,uchtsvaga mushonga.Chamisa nevamwe vose rambai muna Tsvangirai muchimudzora-dzora pakutaura.GNU yaanotaura ndiyo ichamuita munhu wemangamanga mhanyai mumuudze anyarare nyaya iyoyo.
    Musaite semapenzi kana muchida rutsigiro rwevanhu.

  50. ko kana vamugabe vakadzidza,sei vakabira munhu asina kudzidza?and if u think u re smart why are u very much bothered natsvangson,shows muri kukwata,verenga zvakanaka nyaya iyi uchaona kuti rugare gumbo is admitting kuti zviri kurema coz makhambani ari kuvhara and matambudziko arimo avasina solution nao and is looking forward kuti pamwe,

  51. From the comments.i can see that everyone is busy castigating Morgiza,but as it is what did you as individuals contribute to the struggle?Zimbabwe is now a failed state yet all you do is to insult.Your cowardice is nauseating ,even as I speak one your relatives is suffering but since you have had your meal everything is okay.Let those who want to carry on with the struggle do so without your b*ll Sh*t

  52. just before I saw the draft which said $9766 , I did not believe …that…my mother in law actually erning money in there spare time on their apple laptop. . there best friend had bean doing this less than 8 months and just cleard the debts on their villa and bourt GMC . go to this website ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, http://www.bay92.ℂoℳ

  53. All u b…tch niggaz trana critisize……..the man of god (tsvangirayi)….gt life …….we coming fo zanu of

  54. Mr. Tsvangison I dont know where a u getting such feelings ftom . Rega mdhara azoti unorotomoka. Yu have pple in the likes of chimwanda who can be able to readthe economic environment on the security aspect hawasi kukuudzawo here zviri kunze. Vapera mogiza .hakuchina chako uko

  55. As for me I don’t this man change anything, he’s a failure and will remain a failure. He just enjoys seeing the people of Zimbabwe suffering and thinks that if we face hard economic times of living we may turn our back to our own government. Now its because his party is shaking, he ‘s now talking about GNU, for what?

  56. This guy never cease to amize me. he is obsessed with GNUs, unfortunately, not this time wena. you were thoroughly bitten hantie. you are a disgrace to humanity

  57. In all fairness, Tsvangirai deserves a bed at Engutsheni hospital, seriously

  58. Save tiritose mundima maZimbabwean chamunogo kushora chete nekuba zvamakadzidza sei musina Hutsanana tsvina pese pese muHarare Munofarira munhu anoba muchituka abirwa hamufunge mazimbavha

  59. For many times we are always told that zimbabweans are educated but from the coments that are here now i have no doubt that most of the so called educated did so through leaked exam papers. Clearly Gumbo admited that the economy is collapsing at a fast pace so why insult Morgan who has this country at hart and offering a plan to revive the economy but you insult him without yourselves saying what must be done to save out country from slidding back to 2008. Morgan says he has solutions to stop falling economy but some idiots just rush to insult him bloodfools!!!!

  60. He taught you to say pasi naMugabe without fear at a time most of you were memorizing Zpf slogans to ensure yo safety in case u encountered a Border Gezi. The hero who triaphed a treason trial for telling Mugabe to go to hell when u were in the middle of Operation Burutsai Madishi. Short memory spans are a curse.

  61. This country has never known anything but GNUs zanu ne zapu, zanu zapu ne mdc now zanu ne zapu, what’s funny mdc coming back? Hamuna kumuvinga kuBotswana kwaaibika tea muchiti huya titaurirane? Nhasi openga nekuti Mangoma adxingwa, Tekere na Dzikamai Mavhaire havana kutandaniswa vati Mugabe must go? Ngwarai vehama n’anga ymumusha haitukwi mangawana mwana anorwara nhova munowana pekutangira.

  62. Chamatama is talking of stolen elections. Whats false or funny about thast? Neither sadc nor AU delivered on their mandate of ensuring fair elections. The villains are apparently clueless on way forwad . Isn’t Chamatamas suggestion the honorable or patriotic option available to the villains ? Chamatama of record never refused to leave office thru due process. Saka in Zimbabwe, the victim of armed robbery is the ridiculous guy? Chamatama & AU were probably the wiser lot than Chamatamas clever critics, when they decided against insisting on the anticipated clever demands for fair elections at the price of national peace. Clever is good but Wise is best. Viva Morgan, for ever & for ever.

  63. What Zimbabweans need most for the success of future national elections is probably the establish ment of condusive environment for free and fair elections, as natio nal consensus demand & responsibility. Otherwise it does not matter who Morgan’s or Bob’s successors shall be.

  64. lets wait for 2016 and see wu leads mdc then we shall knoe wetha.elections are to b won by zanu pf or mdc and by then mdc it shuld remove the T in mdc

  65. Talking of nation building and national heroes in modern Zimbabwe , we probably have more appropriate national rallying points that have replaced the fast expiring & poluted liberation war agenda as national rallying point. The nation is currently undeniably divided into MDC & ZANU, not into ZAPU & ZANU as before. Nothing at all wrong with the current national political reality. Modern Zimbabwe political heroes would naturally seek unity of the current not old major national political divides , at least for the purpose of more meaningful National Unity Day of the nation’s current calender. Otherwise its only someone with nothing material at stake who would wish otherwise. Call the envisaged NEW necessary unity accord GNU or whatever new name, does not alter the current national political imperative. It is every responsible leaders dream to ultimately bring smile on face of suffering majority. There is thus heroic political sanity in Lord Morgan’s latest political prophecy.

    1. Talking of nation building and national heroes in modern Zimbabwe , we probably have more appropriate national rallying points that have replaced the fast expiring & poluted liberation war agenda as national rallying point. The nation is currently undeniably divided into MDC & ZANU, not into ZAPU & ZANU as before. Nothing at all wrong with the current national political reality. Modern Zimbabwe political heroes would naturally seek unity of the current not old major national political divides , at least for the purpose of more meaningful National Unity Day of the nation’s current calender. Otherwise its only someone with nothing material at stake who would wish otherwise. Call the envisaged NEW necessary unity accord GNU or whatever new name, does not alter the current national political imperative. It is every responsible leaders dream to ultimately bring smile on face of suffering majority. There is thus heroic political sanity in Lord Morgan’s latest political prophecy.

  66. Dzavanorova Save todzidawo. Dzinovhara kwazvo apa makore achifamba. 5 years was too good a period to win the hearts of many, including (PF) faithfuls.Vakauraya musangano nekuda madzimai, whether he was set up or not is neither here nor there.

  67. chakavevurwa nadelila simba makasiya pachitaka makasotwa nedzungu pamadress kkkk

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