South Sudan courts Zimbabwe’s military help

OIL-RICH South Sudan has reportedly appealed for military assistance from the Zimbabwean government to help protect its oilfields from rebel forces.


According to the State-run South Sudan Television, Foreign Affairs minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin on Wednesday made a passionate plea to Zimbabwe for assistance during his meeting with Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to South Sudan Kufa Chinoza.

Benjamin is also said to have pleaded with President Robert Mugabe to be part of South Sudan’s inclusive political dialogue due to take place in Pretoria, South Africa.

“Zimbabwe should join IGAD (Inter-governmental Authority on Development) countries to help protect South Sudan oilfields,” Benjamin reportedly said.

IGAD is the East African regional group that on March 13 announced plans to deploy troops from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Djibouti to protect vital installations including oilfields in the troubled country.

Online publications yesterday quoted Chinoza as saying Zimbabwe was closely following talks between the South Sudanese government and rebels.
“We are following the Addis Ababa talks closely. ads Ads

We’ll support every effort including that being mediated by IGAD to bring peace to South Sudan,” Chinoza told the South Sudan media after meeting Benjamin.

However, Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi yesterday said they had not yet received the request.

“It’s news to me. Usually that level of interaction isn’t made a secret, but we have not heard about that. Where are you getting that from?” Mugwisi said.

South Sudan and rebel forces will hold face-to-face talks mediated by IGAD, in the Ethiopian capital on Thursday.

Zimbabwe has deployed several peace-keeping forces to South Sudan and other troubled African nations on several occasions.

In 1998, government deployed troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to help fight off insurgents on behalf of the late Laurent Kabila, but the matter caused a fierce storm back home with civic groups and opposition parties accusing Mugabe of making unilateral decisions without consulting Parliament.

Violence erupted in South Sudan last December after a section of the presidential guard supporting former Vice-President Riek Machar attempted to topple President Salva Kiir in Juba.

The fighting then spread quickly to the oil-rich states of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile.

Rebel forces halted production in Unity State. Prior to the coup attempt, Unity State produced 45 000 barrels per day (b/d) of crude oil, or 15% of South Sudan’s total output of 245 000 b/d.

Upper Nile State, which used to produce 200 000 b/d of crude oil before the outbreak of the violence, is also affected.

South Sudan seceded from the Republic of Sudan in 2011.

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  1. Sent them to South Sudan, after all they dont have much to do here. Busy nagging touts and kombi conductors soliciting for free rides on our kombis. send them commander in chief. @ least they get some rerturns back home, and maybe reduce some poverty in the households. ndingatoshaira hope kuti uto raiswa ku South Sudan ini?

  2. Kugaro tumira vana kuhondo eha oho hona muchadura:singing: Thomas Mapfumo singing

  3. Hero basa vakomana ve commando, paita chibhanzi apa kkkkkkk

    1. @Tokonyai, TRUE datt.LOL

  4. Yes, i agree with you Lewis. Sent them Commander in Chief.

    1. Fosholo Kapwepwe

      Title please, Commander In Thief. And he shall lead the way shouting commands in battle like he is doing to the economic battle. Kuswero shanyira kapurazi kaGono tsvezvekunyatso gadzira nhamo yeupfumi hwenyika. Wait till the civil service lose their patience, kanakwaZvimba hamuende.

  5. ……hondo ineropa rufu matambudziko….seiko uchitanga imwe hondo? i participated in the DRC mmm… yes basa ibasa zvaro guys but pamwe……

  6. Ngazviende zvinofirako! Kujaira kurova macivilians nguva dzemaelection chete, after that kungosura muri mumabarrack with nothing to do. zanu condoms.

  7. If Zimbabwe refuses, which is very unlikely, try North Korea they will give u all the evil shit.

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  9. @Lewis Idama iroro.They gt nuthin to do here.Vakawandisa!

  10. It all depends on the national interests if sending our military force is going to benefit us more than it cost us then its fine.there is need for serious cost benefit analysis

  11. ey must go

  12. As long as they pay is ZNA and ZRP who put together some South Sudan army units and the entire police force from scratch, if you dint know. and

  13. Blood for fuel NO

  14. Is this not an internal problem. I heard someone saying Zimbabwe is a sorveign state which does not need interference from other countries

  15. kufira dzavamwe

    Kungoinda kuno kurira vamwe nhandare,kana yachena ndovopiwa Oil, isu miromo papata,KuDRC kwaka budei zvatakadai

  16. Eureka! This is window of opportunity for our soldiers to gain experience. Whats the point of training soldiers and keeping them in their barracks? I wish they could also be deployed to Afghanistan to fight on the side of the Taliban! In addition, Nigeria which helped supervise our recent elections needs our help sezvo yaoneswa moto ne Boko Haram.

  17. Our deployment should have strings attached. Nothing for mahara! We take over two or three lucrative oil wells as payment heee!

  18. Wow! I am so surprise that Barnabas Would go and beg another dictator to fight one tribe. How many more of dictators does south Sudan need to fight Nuer? Why dont the S.S.G just take their time and bring simple peace then escalating the conflict to all dictators countries of Africa.

  19. It shows zimbabwe’s army is reputed as the best in Africa. They mean business! People always say 1 commando is the best Zimbabwe has to offer. True, the commandos are very elite soldiers and one of the most feared and demanding units in zimbabwe. But there is a better unit than one commando regiment. A unit that even the commandos fear and accept they superiority over them. That unit is the best of the best in zimbabwe. Those are the guys that should go to south Sudan.

  20. Is the zimbabwean army capsole of defending another country’s interests with the state of the economy? I doubt.

  21. let then go.let them go.they must go

  22. Ngavaende zvese nacommander in chief wavo. Ko vagara vane basa rei

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  26. Now all country wanted to fight with just one Nuer tribes, so they can not even ask about human right law. All Africa country are so stupid and evil for what they doing to there own peoples. Why kill only one tribe in South Sudan. This happen to Jewish then now Nuer tribe again..

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