Reverend Chivaviro launches booklet

REVEREND Toggy Tapera Chivaviro has launched a booklet on prayer and fasting.


Titled 14 Days That Will Change Your Life, the booklet was launched at the Anglican Cathedral Gardens in Harare last week.

Chivaviro said the booklet parleys on the basic teachings on prayer and fasting.

“Pastors meet people with different spiritual issues, some of which need a combination of fasting and praying as an approach to the spiritual discipline and this book gives education on why fasting and praying are important in solving spiritual issues,” Chivaviro said.

“Through the years, I have learnt that many people have never been taught about fasting and prayer, and many have, therefore, never fasted and prayed.”

Chivaviro said pastors continuously had tight schedules that they ran out of time to accommodate many people for some teachings and the booklet would come as a relief as one could go through the teachings on his or her own.

This becomes Chivaviro’s third publication after The Devil Exposed (2003) and Love, Marriage and Sex (2012).

The booklet launch also coincided with the double launch of his eight-track audio and DVD album called Ishe Taungana Hymnal Worship Vol 14 which Chivaviro describes as a spiritual offering with a mixture of hymns from different churches.

“We have discovered that our traditional hymns are slowly fading and to us, recording them in their traditional way and not the contemporary style is part of preserving a heritage,” Chivaviro said.

The DVD album was shot in seven countries in different scenes in France, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Ishe Taungana Hymnal Worship Vol 14 is the ninth recorded album from the artiste who has won a number of awards.

Among them is the Musica Peace Award which he jointly won with Alick Macheso and the late Ephat Mujuru in 2000, SABC’s 2010 Crown Gospel Awards where he was voted third in the Best of Africa category, and Christian Network of South Africa for his book Relationships, Sex and Marriage in 2012.

Chivaviro has worked with some of South Africa’s renowned musician like Buhle Nhlangu, Zodwa Twecu and Thabiso Mhloi.

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  1. I just want to say , this is the kind of message Zimbabwe need to hear Reverend, keep the fire burning in this darkness fast griping our beloved nation .

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  2. this is what we expect, fasting and praying, God and his Son will answer. Lets not engrave our trust in Prosperity prophetic teachings. lets look to the Almight

  3. This is the kind of literature required. recently lost a nephew due to lack of knowledge on fasting. Thanx reverend, hakona vana Makandiwa etc vanonyepera vanhu

  4. pastor D Anifasi

    This is all God’s Grace that God the Almighty has bestowed upon the Man of God. Jehova Ebenezer has taken Apostle Chivaviro , his family, Apm as a Ministry and our Nation as a whole this far. Be blessed as you see ,listen and read the anointed arts of work

  5. God is amaizing. This is what we have been waiting for and hungry for. We thank God for raising you Rev in our season. May God continue to bless you, your family , your Ministry and the whole nation of Zimbabwe.

  6. I trust we will get the right stuff in this book,children of God need to be taught on soome of these issues,Jesus at one point in His ministry after His disciples failed to heal one who was oppressed.Jesus said “this kind does not go only by prayer but by fasting”,will get a copy,God bless

  7. fadzanai chirwa

    This is a life changing book for all christians very informative, we can take it all before God in prayer and fasting

  8. Thank you Reverend Chivaviro, this is the time and season for prayer and fasting. Your book is a life changing instrument which will help all who believe in God and in his son Jesus Christ as well as in fasting, prayer and the Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless the APM Ministry and the whole wide world through this book.

  9. Yes pastor even the disciples where taught how to pray and fast .The world needs leterature on how to pray and fast keep up the good work and shun every evil doings and tendencies. Thnx Pastor

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