Picture: One dies, four injured as haulage truck crushes kombi

One person died on the spot and four others were seriously injured when a commuter omnibus they were travelling in was crushed by a haulage truck in Msasa, Harare, on Monday night.

1-what was left of a commuter omnibus after it was crushed by a haulage truck as a result of the driver of the truck failing to negotiate a round about along Mutare rd yesterday evening.PIC AARON UFUMELI

Eye witnesses said the truck driver allegedly fled the scene after the accident.

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  1. Rugare harwo asi midziyo yadeura ropa iyi hama.

  2. these combi drivers are ruthless I also witnessed it they just stop anywhere to pick passengers endangering everyone aboard and other road users. imagine he was getting a passenger akamira muroad just after round about these combi drivers nxca

  3. Rest in peace magirazi

  4. Obviously dai driver we truck amira on the scene of the accident, he would have been beaten up by eyewitnesses. This will be regardless of the driver being on the wrong. Chero panotsikwa munhu mob beats up driver. Why?? RIP

  5. RIP bla Diva

    1. Combi yaienda kupi nhai. Ndibla diva vapi pliz ndiudzeiwo

  6. Brighton Nemwaini

    Zvakaoma, mwari anenge atara.rest in peace and wish a speed recover on those who have been hospitalised.

  7. vanhu vemakombi matipedza vedu, RIP

    1. zvino uyu apedzwawo nani ariye mutyairi, inguva yamwari yange yakwana

  8. Rip inguva mwari kamurai kudeuka kweRopa,vakuvara vapone

  9. R.I. Eternal Peace Diva

  10. five years uchinditakura RIP DIVA!

  11. There comes the issue of 7.5m from a curve coz this almost within the roundabout. There wasn’t enough space for the truck to come out of the circle into the road as the combi was blocking the way. Condolences to the family. RIP

    1. you are right defensive driving

  12. R.I.P Magirazi

  13. Zurora murugare Divha. Bhambi sezvawaiita munhu wese. Gonna miss u!

  14. rest in peace hama.zvinoratidza sokuti combi yakange yakablocker mugwagwa coz hapana bus stop paya zvekare paroundabout chaipo. kudai zvaibvira vmakombi kana muchitakura nekudzikisa vanhu monyatsokubuda mumugwagwa chaimo

  15. @ morepolite, Iwe usamhanyire kuti “vanhu vemakombi” truck driver ndiye aiva wrong, kombi yaive right and on this accident kombi driver ndiye akatofa because of negligence yatruck driver.

    1. @ Tendai Nenge, uri kuti gonyet driver aiva wrong paukuita sei? ???? Pane bus stop here panga pakamira kombi ipapo???? Dont say things out of emotions name a spade a spade , yes its a pity that the kombi driver passed on but he was wrong.

  16. ma driver emakombi beware nema gonyet isimbi hombe dnt be rude in the road plz munodeura ropa rakawanda RIP

  17. whose Diva?

    1. Diva is the Kombi driver who died in this accident, he was good, and polite young man who was not like many of the rude drivers you have come across. Imagine the kombi he was driving was almost his he had entered in those use/rent to buy deals. This was his last month. Some even called him Bambi because of his humbleness. Rest in eternal peace Bla Diva.

    2. ndiye driver akaurawa paaccident….the guy was a very cool dude!!!

  18. May your soul rest in eternal peace man. And to those who are in hospital may the Lord heal you

  19. apo ofa mari yemusana irimuhomwe, igehenakairi…

    1. bad commentn iwe,dont judge

    2. yo comment is bad,ur a stupid

  20. In as much as we always want to point fingers at Kombi drivers, I strongly believe we (as passengers) are wrong because insist on being dropped at the exact spot where our hearts desire. We also want the kombis stop at unauthorized pick up points regardless of the fact that we will be putting our lives and fellow passengers in danger. I

  21. Of course I agree about the 7.5m from the curve rule but also the truck was speeding. The kombi was already stationary ichitsvaga vanhu. Only God answers all questions but please let us respect the dead kwete kungoti wasvika paaccident unobudisa kaphone kutora chitunha picture kuda kuendesa painternet we need to grow up and respect even the dead. was pained nevanhu vanga vari busy taking pics of the deceased driver when one lady was even still stuck besides the corpse. Ngatikure please.

    1. Thumps up Lamsig07

    2. thank you Lamsig07, Most of the commentators on this column don’t know that the CONTAINER that this truck was carrying fell off the truck just after a curve and fell on the said stationery kombi. People must understand that even if that Kombi was on that spot the Truck was still going to drop that container because the Container started falling from the truck when the truck was still in the roundabout and circumstances as they have turned out to be LANDED on the unfortunate kombi. The truck driver ran away because he knew he was speeding and failed to negotiate the roundabout. I stand to be corrected, defensive driving should have it as that Haulage trucks should actually stop at a roundabout even if its clear and then proceed with caution taking into consideration the long haulage on tow. If this is what the truck driver had done he would have had time to stop and safely negotiate that roundabout. THE TRUCK DRIVER IS GUILTY OF CULPABLE HOMICIDE. FACT DARE

  22. its so sad, RIP magirazi he was such a good driver

  23. Watungamira sahwira….RIP

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    1. idiot..

      1. idiot…we are mournin panapa..ukunyora your fraud stupid schemes…respect mhani!

  25. marwadzo,

  26. truck speeding, container haringodonha that is why risingasungwe patrailer.R.I.P bro.

  27. RIP…………..

  28. Fellow Zimbabweans lets write Mwari as God not this mwari or god..Lets have respect,He is not our friend. If surely we can say His Excellency to our president we can certainly respect our creator, God.

  29. Rip mkoma diva….one f th best drivers i know

  30. rip,plz dnt blem komb driver coz dat basturd haulage truck driver was speedn,wakambona container richdnha patrailer? musatanist chaiye angamhanye parndabt zvakadaro aah

  31. Simon Barley??????

    most of these truck drivers have been combi drivers and kahunhu kawo on the roads eeeish they do not care . get well soon to all injured passengers

  33. eishh… Rest In Peace

  34. Y do pipo blame the driver b4 u know wat happened whr u thr

  35. Rest in peace Diva:

    He was a very good honest driver:

  36. Zvinorwadza isu vasara. Magirazi zvandirwadza.

  37. munhu anokohwa zvaakarima kombi drivers they drive anydirection they think of,overtake & stop imediately in front of u.

  38. Truck driver to be charged with murder. Y coz his container was not secured. Meaning no twist-locks were put to secure container. Again he was speeding on the corner. Truck drivers plse be responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. zimbabwe zoo.com

    munhu anokohwa zvaakarima. kombi drivers they drive any direction they think of.

  40. I’m hurt Diva takashanda tese mushika shika zvakaoma maendero akadai zvinorwadza

  41. May his dear soul rest in peace. Ndarwadziwa.

  42. Soorrrry for the loss

  43. Diva I dnt knw u but rest in pc , combi drivers lets learn from mistakes imagine its u 2dy driving a combi full of pple wr is going 2 b yo dropping & picking up zone ? Lets respect human lives becoz u wont kill those in a combi only but u kill every1 who is behind tht person (family members & friends) mayb he/she’s th breadwinner . Hupenyu hautengwe guys , wish a speed recovery 2 those who’r injured & truck drivers kudefensive hakunzi kill who’s wrong but try 2 avoid such accidents unenge watoponesa vakawanda musatembe mutumbi wenyu pliz

  44. Shuwa ruva rakanaka harirarame….ndiMwari akaita kuda kwake….. rest in peace magirazi….

  45. Rest in peace Diva

  46. I am humbled by the couple of objective statements here. Having been an accident involving a kombi driver(known mostly for their abrasive behaviour), it would not have been surprising to read crude statements. But this Diva guy was level headed I see from the comments here. Nguva yako yanga yakwana hama. Though I didnt know you I say rest in peace, rest from your labour, your deeds follow you. May your family be comforted by the Lord who comforts us!

    1. For someone who has come to this conclusion from just reading,

      “One person died on the spot and four others were seriously injured when a commuter omnibus they were travelling in was crushed by a haulage truck in Msasa, Harare, on Monday night. Eye witnesses said the truck driver allegedly fled the scene after the accident”

      and seeing a horrific picture.

      I salute you for not rushing to utter bad comments like all those who have bad mouthed Diva for his profession not his personal being. He sure was HUMBLE KOMBI DRIVER.

      Mr Editor we appreciate you giving us timely and events as they happen but PLEASE take time to gather facts and tell the story as it is. Unless your journalist and photographers are uploading half baked potatoes willy nilly from accidents sites without your verification.

      Please do Diva Justice and write a full story on what happened not those three pathetic sentences you wrote so that people get the facts on what really happened.


  47. R.i.p brother lyf so short we wil mis u dnt blame them guys nguva yanga yakwana chete Go wel brother it was only God’s tym ende hapana anotiza rufu kana yakwana yakwana guys dnt blame them pliz r.i.p again

  48. bamunini widzo

    rest in peace man esh taikwira combi yako several tymes

  49. Rest in peace diva, dn jus blame ma kombi drivers, ndimi munodaidzira kuty buss top futi, Nxa, truck driver ws wrong, fact

  50. Veduwee ndiudzeiwo kuti kombi yaienda kupi iyi. uye Diva uyu aigara kupi. Am in SA bt I kno most of the drivers hangu eish ndikurwadziwa hamaweee. Hapanawo ane picture yake here andipewo pa watsaap hamaweeeeee. Zita rekuti magirazi ndikuriziva amana#cryingfordays

  51. Veduwee ndiudzeiwo kuti kombi yaienda kupi uye Diva uyu aigara kupi. Am in SA bt I kno most of the drivers hangu eish ndikurwadziwa hamaweee. Hapanawo ane picture yake here andipewo pa watsaap hamaweeeeee. Zita rekuti magirazi ndikuriziva amana#cryingfordays

  52. diva aigara ku ruwa dia, aitakura mabvuku tafara
    , kombi yaienda ku town

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