Newsflash: Tsvangirai,Biti ‘boxing match’ over

“I am coming out of a Press Conference at Harvest House where I was announcing how the movement is forging ahead to create a home for all like-minded democratic forces,”

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai said as he announced on Tuesday afternoon that his party’s leadership had extinguished the fierce factional fights that had turned publicly confrontational.

Tsvangirai with Biti at the press conference. Credit. Morgan Tsvangirai Facebook Page
Tsvangirai with Biti at the press conference. Credit. Morgan Tsvangirai Facebook Page

The party’s secretary general Tendai Biti -who was among those believed to be orchestrating the ouster of Tsvangirai from the party’s helm- was present at the press briefing.

“After that frank heart-to heart session, we all unanimously agreed that our disagreements in the cockpit, while confirming our credentials as a democratic party, had needlessly diverted attention from the key issues affecting the people of Zimbabwe,” said Tsvangirai.

The factional fights took a nasty turn after deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma wrote a letter to Tsvangirai, urging him to step down following the party’s loss in last year’s harmonised elections.

Mangoma was subsequently suspended by the party’s national executive council.

Explaining Mangoma’s absence from the presser, Tsvangirai said:

“Mangoma is not here because the national council, the party’s supreme decision-making body outside Congress, has suspended him pending his appearance before an independent disciplinary tribunal. He is still very much one of us and he is innocent until proven guilty.”

More details to follow

Tapiwa Zivira
Online Reporter.


  1. What a load of garbage. In politics once you fall out with each other then there is never going to be any comeback or reconciliation. If Biti indeed returns then he will always be viewed with suspicion whatever he is going to do from now on. Papering over the cracks. Sinking ship MDC-T. The sooner this idiotic party breaks up the better for Zimbabwean politics. Wasting political space.

    • Musona you don’t seem to understand politics. What happened to Johnathan Moyo in the past five or so years and where is he right now. Food for thought.

      • @chamu – understand politics? I can bet you I know more than you do in that field. Biti will never be trusted in MDC-T. Politics in Zimbabwe is veryy very predictable. I have seen such spats over the years in Zimbabean politics.
        Jonathan Moyo was brought back into ZanuPF so that he doesn’t attack Mugabe as he was doing when he was in the political widerness. That is the only reason he is back. Jonathan was getting on Mugabe’s nerves so they decided to bring him back to stop him attacking Mugabe. Biti will have to watch his back all the time from now on.

        • musona if u hve a great deal of knowledge in politics as u claim. U wl agree with chamu and i that the fall out of biti and the president must not lead to the destruction of the democratic party like mdc t. Unless u want it to disband so that ur zanu pf continues killing and destroying of zimbabweans and zimbabwe.

    • You talk of politics the Zanu PF way…Obama and Clinton contested for Democratic party nomination, said nasty things about each other but went on to work together when Obama eventually won. You have a sinking mentality of course

  2. so by your argument vamusona zanu pf is also papering over cracks Munangangwa, Chinamasa, Moyo and others back in the zanu pf fold were involved in the tsholotsho debacle that sort to replace bob. Mavhaire was suspended and in the wilderness fro years after calling for the bob to resign. In politics people fall out make up and continue. Shamuyarira (Nathan) and others formed Froliza yet went back to zanu pf and most people are unaware of this detail. Need i say more Zanu pf and Zapu unity accord? etc.

  3. Musona is mad.He really wants the Peoples’ Party to collapse.He is so shallowminded.Democratic forces must fight the war of attrition.There is freedom of thought in a real democracy.There is freedom of expression.Mangoma exercised those freedoms albeit in a wrong manner.According to Party System written as Constitution he has no right to exercise his rights in the manner he did.Hence the hearing.Forget the physical abuse he was subjected to by Party enthusiasts.Those culprits too broke the law and justice will be done and they will learn.MDC is not a bush Party.It doesnt belong to Tsvangirai.Neither does it belong to Biti and Mangoma.Its the peoples’ project.To prove this point we are going to remove the T at the next Congress or even before.We are very intelligent people and can do anything iwe Musona iwe.Kushata kwako mhani iwe.What Biti and Tsvangirai have done is good and we like it for real.Whoever continues to suspect Biti will be wasting their time.We dont care.Your wishes Musona are a disgrace sha.Go to hell and burn like charcoal.Kushata mhani iwe.We dont belong to you .We dont belong to Zanu PF.We belong to Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe belongs to us.Musona you are a misfit.

  4. musona u are bankrupt upstairs… You should acquaint yourself with facts rather than opinions before you come on public foras…… Where is Jonathan Moyo, Mnangagwa etc?? Politics is all about swimmming with the tide

  5. i pray kuti house of MDC-T continue to be on fire very soon. vambozororera then vozoContinue waine more energy. VIVA Chaos in the MDC-T(anambwa). you MDC-T will not rest until you collapse for good. lets mobilise more funding and support the BITI’s and crew to end this life of MDC-T.

    Tsvangirai watomama….. watomama. nhaka tichaonerera!!!

  6. they have done whats good for the party and all Zimbabweans we are behind them we want to see this party to be the new government this Zanu pf have failed us , with their Zimasset its becoming heavy for them they are nowhere now they don’t what to do next , companies are shutting down the economy is collapsing bit by bit

  7. kwahi all droning activity should cease forthwith and all workers get back to the patriotic, peaceful and hively productive oak tree honey comb activities and dont be foiled no more by those bee line flame throwers with no knees.
    kwahi as qualified and experienced worker bees in your cells go up the ante of well combed work ethic with purpose to manufacture and deliver clear quality lice free honey products for the nation’s agricultural and commercial benefit.
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    no tree cutting is permitted under council durisdiction !!

  8. I have always seen Masona’s comments and have come to conclude that the guy somehow has a diseased mind. In every organisation, in every institution, there will always be divergence of views here and there. Quarrels and arguments will occur, but how they are resolved matters. When people decide to come together for good, then we applaud them. Even in families, the same things happen. Even in the bible, Peter vehemently denied Jesus at a critical time of need, but upon His resurrection, Jesus wanted to see Peter continue with the cause of the Gospel and surely he did so. Ndiko saka vakuru vakati munhu haarasi mbereko nekuda kwekufirwa.

  9. Musona, one fact of life is some people are good at learning from their mistakes. Unlike you my brother !

  10. I can understand your vile Musona. Chokwadi chinorwadza. Enda undovhenekwa jere dzako dzakasunuma idzi. You are the only person who posts nonsensical things on every story you comment on. Just for once, show sense please.

  11. I will not say son of this or that as you do because I am not commenting about your parentage here, but rather, your personality as an individual. You are in urgent need of serious physiological help.

  12. Musona, I will not say son of this or that as you do because I am not commenting about your parentage here, but rather, your personality as an individual. You are in urgent need of serious psychological help. Unotori murwere wepfungwa ari serious.

  13. The divorce was acrimonious. This is like trying to arrange a settlement between a divorced couple. It’ good for the public and press but deep down there will always be this lingering feeling of distrust. In fact, the example of a divorced couple is not good enough. There are no “children” involved in the Biti-Mangoma vs. Tsvangirai divorce. If you look at the Jonathan Moyo “come back story” you will find only 2 days ago Retired Brigadier General Benjamin Mabenge, a former member of the ZBC board of directors accused Jonathan Moyo of planning Tsholotsho number Two. Jonathan is not trusted in ZanuPF whatever he does. The same goes for Biti.

  14. Imhuka rudzii inombonzi musona iyoyi, yatimutsira ruzha pano.
    Hapana here ane mbwa asaiidzire pliz!
    Mhuka yanetsa iyii.

  15. In all my comments I attack politicians, because I have every right to do so, but one idiot on this forum, who is employed by Newsday, attacks me using various aliases and when I hit back he moans. I attack the ball but this idiot attacks the me, the man, like a useless footballer who goes for the man not the ball. The ball in this case is what is in the news. If you give me dog’s abuse I will hit back in kind.

  16. @ musona, despite yu calling me a son of strumpet, a son of………, idiot, i continue to enjoy reading yo comments. I dont believe yu have a problem upstairs no. The vernom yu spit is an expression of inner feelings. Let me help if yu care about yo life. Take a deep breathe exhale slowly, do it again. Is it helpful? Do it on a daily basis. I am not a doctor but trust me it works. Smile musona. Have a good day.

    • You people should direct your comments on the news item instead of attacking me. Your attacks will not change my character or my attitude. I will continue to write if I feel there’s something to be said.

  17. the supposed union is just some of EU requirements for funding nothing much- the fight will not end now not tomorrow. Tsvangirai is singing for his supper.

  18. Thanks President and vaBiti…i pray to the Lord that unity prevails…you are chosen to liberate Zimbabwe from Zanu PF.Zanu Pf is clueless about changing the life of Zimbabweans.Mavendor zvaakaita mustreet tonazz so..these punks are sending the nation to the dumpers.Please continue visiting SCOAN even as a party to ear what the Lord is saying!We love you!! (Musona enda unofa mhani..mhino yako)

  19. Even if Biti will be viewed with suspicion, the good point is that they have abandoned the public spats which were making you happy. Phew, misguided element of the society. To you, unity is best when it is Zanu PF talking about it, not any other party. You are wicked!!

  20. You are wicked, Cde. Who doesn’t sing for his supper? Even you, aren’t you singing for your supper? Phew!!!

  21. All of you guys are just nuts. Tsve kuaddressa the issue at hand mava kuswerotukana panapa. Hamunyare makaita sei grown individuals? Pedzerai hasha dzenyu elsewhere pano mocontributa zvine musoro. Kutinyaudza zvisina nebasa rese. Nonsense.

  22. Please let’s leave this moronic Musona. The dude suffers from severe brain trauma due to an accident he suffered from a head collision with a mud fish (muramba) while swimming. The dude actually needs sympathy and help.

    • @hondo – idiot. Zimbabwe does not belong to your mother neither does MDC-T. I will commentas I see fit. If you don;t like the comments – tough. You can get lost. Idiot

    • @hondo – idiot. Zimbabwe does not belong to your mother neither does MDC-T. I will comment as I see fit. If you don’t like the comments – tough. You can get lost. Idiot

  23. Those riled by this show of unity are counterproductive – the Musonas of this world who are bitter towards the whole world. well done Morgan and TB

  24. Abusiveness from This so called Musona shows that he is thick in head. kutuka kudaro kanhi urimwana wemuchikunda kanhi. have facts to defend your thoughts and stop insulting other people. we need constructive ideas to help our leaders map forward.

  25. Abusiveness from This so called Musona shows that he is thick in head. kutuka kudaro kanhi urimwana wemuchikunda kanhi. have facts to defend your thoughts and stop insulting other people. we need constructive ideas to help our leaders map forward.

  26. If Tendai Biti goes out to these MDC-T rallies you can be sure he will not touch any food or drink for fear of being poisoned by enemies within the party. He will bring his own bottled water which he will not let out of his sight. That is Zimbabwean politics for you. There are others in the party who are eyeing the Secretary-General position, turncoats like Sikhala.

  27. In August 2013 Tendai Biti said ZanuPF has rigged the elections. In early March 2014 Biti was quoted saying ZanuPF had won the elections because of people-orientated policies or words along those lines. Now today, 25 March 2014, Biti is back in the MDC-T “cockpit” – is he going to change back and say ZanuPF stole the elections last year? This is how fickle Zimbabwean politics is. You can change at will and blind followers will never know.

  28. i think Musona is spot on this will be open hipocrisy for MT to sideline Mangoma and Biti at the same time recalling vana Sikala and company.This is clearly a marriage of convinience.MDC-T is currently financialy broke and need vana Biti on board.

  29. In politics there are no permanent enemies but you look at common interests. let’s observe how the united front will reinvent itself to topple the dictator.

  30. Why are we not told why Solomon Madzore was not there? Why did Mangoma have a meeting in Masvingo the following day calling for MT to step down? why is Manicaland Provincial Executive on suspension? why are Paul Madzore, Willas Madzimure and Munyanyi on suspension? Why did Mwonzora recently talk about a congress in March 2015 yet Tsvangirai’s statement says NOTHING about that? This is nothing but public posturing. A house in serious disorder is one not worth our time. Zimbabweans have every right to explore other avenues. We will NOT let our struggle begin and end with Tsvangirai. Let him go home and look after his wives.

  31. This punk called musona! wakati kwesere iwe.Please come home if you ar in self exile bcoz you lack facts on .enda unogocha huku better.constructive critisism and cash talk breaks no friendship.

  32. Tsvangirai is a good poitician. All that fire exinguished overnight. Now the radar is pointing back to ZanuPF to pay Civil Servants which by prediction they will fail and strikes resurface.

    • @rbanshe wakapenga. good analysis. @Musona please type the following letters. we need to check if u are human. MORON

  33. @rbanshe wakapenga. good analysis. @Musona please type the following letters. we need to check if u are human. MORON

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