Mugabe’s tour of Gono farm raise eyebrows


Speculation increased last week that President Mugabe has been grooming former Reserve Bank Governor (RBZ) Gideon Gono for a Cabinet post and eventually the presidency.

By Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

This followed Mugabe’s unannounced tour of Gono’s chicken farm last week at which he was full of praise for the former central banker.

But political analysts have said Gono’s chances of landing a Cabinet post and the presidency were slim considering his lack of political clout and the complex nature of Zanu PF’s succession matrix.

There has been wide speculation that Gono was being groomed, but it intensified last Friday after Mugabe toured the former central bank governor’s New Donnington Farm in Norton.

Mugabe for the first time in a long while last week openly defended Gono’s credentials and right to ascend to higher political office despite blatant opposition from some within Zanu PF and government.

The analysts said while Mugabe publicly endorsed Gono, the Zanu PF leader could not implement far-reaching changes to the politburo and Cabinet before the party’s congress in December.

University of Zimbabwe political science professor Eldred Masunungure said the praises were only anecdotal evidence that Mugabe had a special interest in Gono and that attempts by political rivals to put a wedge between the two had failed.

“Mugabe is playing his cards close to his chest,” Masunungure said. “The appointment to Cabinet is a long shot — maybe after congress even though Mugabe has been unhappy about the performance of some of his ministers.”

He added that Gono’s chances to become a compromise candidate to take over from Mugabe were remote considering his lack of political shrewdness.

“Gono is not politically astute to navigate the crocodile infested waters in Zanu PF. I also don’t see him succeeding Mugabe because he is too divisive a factor to take over especially that he is a leading player in one of the factions intending to succeed Mugabe,” he added.

Other Zanu PF heavyweights touted as contenders in the succession race include Vice-President Joice Mujuru, Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, dark horses Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi and Information minister Jonathan Moyo.

Midlands State University lecturer Nhamo Mhiripiri said the development shows that Mugabe may be preparing Gono for political office in the long term.

Mhiripiri said: “Most Zimbabweans see it as a natural progression to self-actualisation by making it into politics. It may not be surprising that he gets possibly a politburo or Cabinet position in the ruling party.”

The analysts agreed that Mugabe was alive to the political realities in Zanu PF and that is why he has not immediately moved to remove the impediments blocking Gono from being sworn-in as Buhera senator.


  1. GONO killed the economy during the zimdollar era , which he defended as fire fighting, which i also concared and i think he is the right man for the top job ,he knows sanctions are real, he knows western can live without zimbabwe but zimbabwe can not live without the west, he has learned frm his mistakes, remember his stance on indiginising banks, he has learned, from his past he is the right man for the top job

  2. Bob just wants Gono to be Finance Minister. He is not being groomed for any other post. He has no history in ZANU PF at all but is a chancer like Chinamasa and Chombo.

  3. @respect- You will be surprised what a chancer can achieve if he sets his mind to it. The whole political leadership in the land is made of chancers so this is not saying much really! Gone might not get the Finance Ministry but he will get a cabinet post thats for sure and we wont have to wait for congress to see this. Eldred Masunungure is flying off at tangeant as always, for what is the meaning of “Gono is not astute…” when he single handedly ran government during the zimdollar era? Remember Lenin’s telling words..”Any cook can run government.” There are no special skills required to run government and if Gono was able to run the central bank and by extension the country last time why can he not do this now? In any case who in ZANU is not divisive anyhow?

    • You are right that politics has had chancers like Bob Mugabe rising but for Gono to rise above the ministerial level is impossible. Masunungure is right that that Gono lacks astuteness. This was reflected by his leadership at RBZ. The guy introduced quintillions and sextillions of worthless Zim dollars due to his ineptitude. The Zim dollar just died like that. Gono’s “creativity” was just to siphon national resources for personal benefit. Remember BACCOSSI where Gono’s friends supplied various goods to RBZ at exorbitant prices ? The BACCOSSI goods were made into food hampers for the poor. The reality, of course is that only a few benefitted and the major beneficiaries were the politically connected who made huge profits by winning the BACCOSSI tenders. Remember Tich Mataz was paid in advance and never supplied the goods? Gono looted forex from the bank accounts of various organisations to buy vehicles and tractors for the well-connected members of society. The RBZ still owes the various organisations to date. Gono is the founder of casino economics. He is a skunk who does not deserve respect.

      • @respect- but you forget this is one guy who went way over and above his brief to start running the government in the place of cabinet rendering it more astute can one be? That he dragged the country down the tubes is not in doubt but he did not even have the authority to do this to begin with. That he was able to pull this off as a credit to his astuteness!


  5. Gono is the only sober person capable of landing the presidency as he has seen it all during his tenure as Rbz governor. For people to say he is not a politician or Zanu Pf blah blah blah is complete hogwash, what we need is a Game Changer who is at grasp at ever changing dynamics of the economic evolution. A case in point is Malawi remember during Bingu waMutharikah the whole country was in the precipice until Joice Banda not in the ruling party came in. Believe me you Malawis economy coupled by radical changes and zero tolerance on corruption its economy has rebound so i will totally support GG for presidency than Joice or Emmarson who will persue the current status core.

  6. I would rather have someone who is not “astute” but a game changer than a veteran who wil come with the usual political rhetoric.

  7. Gono single handedly ran Zimbabwe when everyone else had no idea what was next.He did mouth to mouth resuscitation with Zanu pf when most ppl thot Mugabe wud wake up gone.He can be a crook bt a crook wu has been in the game ,

  8. Senseless article. What makes Joice Mujuru suitable to be President of this country? The present Vice-President post in Zimbabwe is purely ceremonial. Joice Mujuru is definitely unsuitable for the position. She should be a housewife in the rural area not president. It doesn’t follow that when one is a Vice-President then automatically they will succeed Mugabe. Mugabe will never appoint a successor – it will be a threat to his position. He will take the presidency with him to his grave. It’s the press which has created imaginary factions in ZanuPF. There will be an almighty scramble for the presidency when Mugabe dies – but Joice Mujru will not be involved because she knows nothing and offers nothing. As for Gono, the chances are nil because he did not skip the border in the late 1970s. The so-called war veterans will have the final say on this one.

  9. I think the Professor on this regard is the most suitable candidate to take over the presidentship of this country. He is the only one who hasn’t got blood stained hands of which the people of Zimbabwe are in dire need of. Mnanggwa, GiGno, Mjru and Skeramhayi are the really Zanu that has brought this country to where it is and giving them another chance you are making a great mistake again. They where part and parcel of all the decisions that has brought this country to its knees. They have looted all the forex reserves all the good fields they shared amongst themselves the diamond fields oh people of Zimbabwe let us wake and see and restructure our selves not to repeat the same mistakes again.

  10. If I had my way I would propose Dr Sekeramayi for president. He has filled cabinet posts that are controversial in the last many years but look at his conduct in office. He is a man of action who actively supported and participated in the liberation struggle but does not make too much noise about it . Even the war veterans will easily endorse him

  11. Grooming Gono is a good thing. The world over, leaders are groomed for a possible promotion. That is succession planning. My view is that: the President may want Gono to be the Finance Minister and the Chinamasa goes to the Ministry of Justice. ED Mnangwarwa becomes the new Minister of the collapsed Ministry of Security.

    Whatever the way one looks at it, of importance to Zimbabweans is socioeconomic development of our motherland. If Gono is supported and citizens invest their confidence in him, he will do wonders. Gono is not a praise singer. He calls a spade a spade. He is the only government official who criticised government policies e.g Indigenisation.

  12. i believe that a country needs people with direction, people who are able to reinforce the law. A country without law like what is taking place right now act as a signal that all the old horses vatadza. if the debate was open without threats of killing even some so called war vets will confirm that neither Gono, Munangagwa and mai Mujuru are fit for the job. Please tisunungureiwo I think we have paid back, pamadya pakwana.

    • You are right “apo”. It is unfortunate that when we discuss Zimbabwe of tomorrow we see it in terms of ZANUpf. Very unfortunate indeed. These guys are all so soiled. Gono might be the best of the worst but are we saying these people represent the best of what Zimbabwe has to offer? We were “liberated” but believe me, we have paid back ten-fold for the freedom. The price we have had to pay as a people and a nation to these guys is horrendous and I think we simply need to draw a line in the send and say enough of them.

      Jonathan Moyo could have been very good at some point but he lost it years ago and what he is doing at ZBC is simply putting lip-stick on a toad to make it look beautiful. If there is one guy who single-handedly destroyed the spirit of this nation, it is Jonathan Moyo. I know that in a democracy we all have our say, and our vote, but that one is one man I will never forgive. I cannot forget how he made me watch BTV instead of ZBC because of his outrageous policies and interference with ZBC progamming. My heart sank. Now he is back and trying to play Mr clean. What rubbish!!! These guys have all had their time and they have messed us up big time. We must stop treating them as if they own this country and all its people.

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  14. Journalists are wasting their time talking about this succession issue. The president is going to rule until donkeys grow horns. Am seeing him ruling for the next 20yrs.

  15. Am sure Grace was happy to have Gideon “home” !!

  16. I, for one do support Dr G. Gono…..go for it sir! People talk about experience, that is utter hogwas…which school or college or university provides a course in ‘How to become a president?’

  17. Dr Gono is a driven, pragmatic, internationally acceptable, smart, economic and political operative of rare emotional intelligence quotient that will signal the re-entrance of common-sense in our politics. This man is straight Presidential material. We cant afford to lose him to leading multi-lateral institutions in need of his experience, and unique-skill-sets. Gono ndozvo!!!!

  18. I think Go no is being groomed for President I have been saying this to my friends since last November, its likely that he will be like a caretaker until Chatunga comes of age. Zvekuti Gono haana political experience or power hazvina basa, as long as the current President swore and support him look at young Kabila, Putin , Khama and the Bushes its politics guys.

  19. sorry folks gono has no political clout whatsoever put him as a candidate at your own risk locally the opposition will just reply those cyclone gono years,noone in the financial sector will vote for him lest u lose your bank remember zabg,the stock exchange will crash with investors fleeing he will bring back the zim dollar with no gold to back it THAT man is a national security Threat and who wud accept to b led by him in zpf.Zpf doesn’t forget

  20. falcon.thats y he won’t do during that time he created a lot of enemies and remember the armed forces had to abandon the barracks nzara yarova he will have to out rig nikuv to win a single vote

  21. Don’t even suggest that moyo guy for any post. only his presence speaks of an unforseen evil which makes everyone feel very uneasy.

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