Mugabe summit boycott over wife’s visa raises uproar


OPPOSITION parties and civic society groups yesterday reacted angrily to President Robert Mugabe’s decision to boycott this week’s European Union/Africa summit in Brussels, Belgium, saying it was wrong for the Zanu PF leader to deny the country representation at the summit over personal issues.

Mugabe’s government on Saturday said it would not attend the summit after the hosts denied Grace Mugabe a visa to accompany her husband.

Mugabe and his wife are still under the EU travel ban imposed in 2002.

MDC Matabeleland South chairperson Pilate Ndebele said: “If you are a President, you are chosen by people to represent them and not your family or wife.
“It is 100% wrong for the President not to attend the meeting just because his wife is not invited.

“He took an oath to represent the people of Zimbabwe not his wife or family alone and boycotting the meeting because he will not be with his wife is a betrayal of the people who entrusted him with leadership.”

Political commentator Joy Mabenge said: “It’s unfortunate for Mugabe to compromise the thawing relations between Zimbabwe and EU on the basis of his spouse, Grace, being denied a visa.

“The President should put his country and people first to use the opportunity to improve trade relations between Zimbabwe and EU especially convincing investors to come and invest here.”

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions secretary-general Japhet Moyo said Mugabe’s boycott was a non-event as EU member countries had good trading relations with Zimbabwe even when the travel and trade embargo was in force.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said : “To hold Zimbabwe to ransom simply because Grace Mugabe cannot attend the summit is the worst form of sabotage for one’s country.

“The EU did invite Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Grace Mugabe.”

Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba Makoni said: “It shows that he (Mugabe) is after merry-making.

“What is the role of her being at the summit?

“Which country does she lead?”


  1. These EU people denying the first lady of Zimbabwe a visa is a show of disrespect to us Zimbabweans. How can you deny a head of state’s wife a visa? If Mugabe agrees yet they have disrespected his wife like that then that will be the ultimate sign of being subject to them. Besides, they didnt want to come in the first place so they knew if they denied his wife the visa he will not go. So why are their puppets in the MDC complaining. Heee, heee heee, Mugabe should go and represent us…like they even care

    • EU is saying good riddance to a dozing geriatric. He serves no purpose at all. It shows how myopic and vision less bob is. He is simply a villager who thinks his family is Zimbabwe. God forbid if we continue to have such leadership.

      • I think the EU is using a cheap trick to tell Mugabe they dont want him in Brussels..Otherwise this idiotic policy of theirs does not make sense at all..none! And in any case how far has this policy taken us besides give Mr. Mugabe ammunition to use against his own people who are suffering from all this nonsense. And how do you allow a leader of a coup in Egypt to attend while denying a woman who is not even involved in the politics of the country..this is sick.

    • The boycott is good news, it will serve the country millions of dollars in allowances and spending money for his excellency and his entourage

    • this EU guys should not dictate to us who should come and who should not. why is it that we have to go to them? they should come to africa so they can swee the poor living conditions that we have…. these summits should be held in places like mbare.sakubva,chitungwiza,soweto,lagos somalia so they can have a meaningful picture of how people are strugling in africa myb they can come up with good and productive ways to solve are problems after such an experiance ratha than having them in luxury hotels and rooms let them come kuma singles kwamutare…..nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. None of the invited leaders are taking their wives. The EU did not invite spouses of other leaders.
    This is really infantile and selfish of Mugabe to refuse to undertake an official duty simply because his wife can’t accompany him to the two-day summit.
    Whats wrong with leaving her behind. Most politicians, business people and journalists leave their wives/partners when they go out on business.

  3. its very disappointing tht the wife can drag the country down with her like that.Thats very insincere of them.Zuma is boycotting bt they are clever enough to see the bid picture being hypocritical to zimbabwe yet having a ministrial representation.The zero tCtic is very poor even if they wntd their point to be heard.Oldage is a disease eversince the day someone bickered his mouth tht keep your England and i will keep my zim we hve suffered in Zimbabwe.why personal fights drag the nation down.

  4. I thought this is a heads of government meeting. Is it a family outing where old people need medical attendants within reach?

  5. Hanya nani chidhoma chekwaChivi. Ngaaregere because aingonorara(Dozing) muSummit macho while others are discussing business

  6. Maybe this is actually a blessing in disguise because if he is given a chance to speak ikoko aitotanga kutoka vanhu tikazonyara. Old age has caught up with him, dont bank on him to effectively represent Zim

  7. The Mugabe family is under sanctions and is not welcome in eu countries. Other African leaders are free to decide whether their spouses can accompany them or not. The AU/eu summit is non-event. Gushungo stay at home. Zuma is not attending togather with other African leaders.

  8. I think the president should travel with his wife. Ko akarwara airiikoko mozotanga kubvunza kuti iye mukadzi wake angaarikupi. Our President akura saka he needs a lot of care and the first lady should always be with him. She was supposed to be given a VISSA by the Belgian Gvt.

  9. Mukweguri kumba haadi bufu wakadhlisiwa mupfuhwira weGonera chaiwo wotongwa naGire isvo svakachenjeresa seshindi . Kana maiiti vakadzi havana simba hezvoka mukweguri uya hati bufu . Vanhu varikufa nezhara toti ngaainde kunotitsvakira choviviri iye oita sezvinonzi vanoda kuenda kuhoneymoon . Nyika inotungamirigwa nembavha nemhondi dzeZANU chavanofunga kuguta vega isu tichitambura nechikutumeno .

  10. kwahi ne mutariyana muvete hamuhwisisi maths.
    kwahi bracketed factors of africa are not divisible by au.

    kwahi chimafia chenyu pales when comparisons are drawn with their spirit of muchohwe diplomacy which is too bad.

    kwahi maths hadziitiki muchimhanya because dudziro yacho ingahorashiwa !!

  11. Stay home and enjoy your wife Gushaaz, you destroyed our country and if u had gone there u where going to bring nothing so its better u didnt go thanx Gushungo

  12. It goes without saying that when CEOs of companies attend seminars or any other function, the take their spouses with them. What about the CEO of a country?. For the MDCs to suddeny shift goals and now ‘say the presindent was chosen by the people to represent the people’ its grandstanding and gerrymendering at its worst. If all other country heads are attending with their spouses he is justified to refuse to attend. Okwenzeka konakaMduduzi makwenzwe konakaPhilani – thats the democracy they want. It all goes to show how difficult the implementation matrix for these sanctions are. By the way, I am not a member of the president’s party.

  13. The problem with many commentators is that they talk without much reasoning especially when it comes to the issues relating to his Excellency Cde R. G. Mugabe.
    If the First Lady is not relevant in the equation why did the EU deny her the visa? The President’s invitation always include his wife and it is upto him to decide on whether his wife will go with him or not. In this issue the EU is wrong because it is taking the role of separation and dictating on who should go or not.

    The very unfortunate part is that the so-called political analyst and commentators are blind and dumb to the divisive ways of the EU. The EU is trying to frustrate the President and now they are driving their overtures into his family. That is wrong, very wrong if I might add.

  14. iiiiiii waita hako nekusaenda because you have saved the taxpayers’ money. apa vakuru maratidza kudyiswa chaiko. shame on u. wy dont you go and represent your country. Oho yaa makatya kuti ndege inga divetwa

  15. Blessing in disguise. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s money saved which could have been blown up for nothing isu ana Hondo tichingopiwa tuma pension twe $175.00 for fighting in the liberation struggle for the Mugabe family to live large.

  16. am caught between a rock and a hard place panyaya iyi…. coz on one hand it seems eu irikuda kutonga and to dictate asi tagara tongoziva kuti mapresident anofamba nemadzimai awo . pasi neEU!!!! Bob is right, mushini wami aakutopindawo mugroove. regai mutana arambe-anenge achidawo attention yomudzimai esp kumasummit kudai izvi.

  17. When he was voted into power he swoar I R. G. Mugabe, not I and Grace so if he cant manage to attend a summit without his wife because of age then its clear he is too old to hold office let alone that of President.

  18. Iwe chokwadi better uchinje zita unzi manyepo Grace ndipresident wenyika ipi plus makutyira kurwara kwaMugabe pamaimuvhotera maisaziva kuti akura here ngaaregere hatingamutumi kundorara. Imi vanachokwadi ndimi munobatisa harahwa Gejo imi makamira nxaa.

  19. @Chokwadi ,chokwadi ndechekuti you do not have the ability to see the bigger picture just like our president would be doing if he doesnt attend.he is the head of state and he serves his country first that is what he swore to when he got into power.newsday i hope you have done a full research of why he is boycoting coz munozombowandza kunyora mahalf truth

  20. This reporter is very stupid, he is misleading the nation into believing Mugabe refused to attend the meeting only because Grace was not invited when in fact he and Zuma are refusing because other African countries like Eritrea and Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic were not invited. Such reporters should be sued for taking the nation for a ride.

    • @rush- I think you are selfish like kamudhara aka, this issue is not about grace but about Zimbabweans. the only person who benefit from this meeting is Zimbabweans not Robert and grace. if he fails to go, it means he is not patriotic to Zimbabwe but he is patriotic to grace. Zimbabwe is collapsing coz of this idiot shit whore , and her cockroach husband, who is dying. this ladies is only after money not the husband, look at age difference if you want to understand

  21. back to front akomana dzokerayi ku school of muchohwe where you will find a brand new formula in modern diplomatic maths quite different to these unsound meteorological cloud seeding antics of yours at which you are faring badly every round season of morphological misrepresentation of muchohwe.
    the sun shining over all of us is never supposed to beat you to the parody pages muchirova dondo rongaiwo maths inotambika hatingarambobatiwa kumeso navasina mabvi of europe !!

  22. Damned if you and damned if you dont…most commentators saying Mr. Mugabe should have gone are the same who were saying a few short weeks ago that he was wasting money on useless travel..can they make up their minds please. I think nothing was going to be gained by attending except for that those hangerons who fill the plane are not going to have another free jaunt..Yah let him stay at home there is so much that needs to be done here.

    • The reason for the boycott is that Mudhara anokara pamberi uyu. Can’t do without it @ his age? Good riddance, please channel the savings to Tokwe Mukosi victims or some other charity case.

  23. Zuma dd not attend the summit because his busy accounting for the R23million he embezzled from the state but Lindiwe Zulu was in attendance,EU had pledged 100million for the kariba dam wall and China ofcz nothing,so what benefit are we going to get since the president has attended the Grace Mugabe summit in mazoe and refused to attend the EU Africa summit

  24. Phew… that saves us a lot of money. Mugabe’s entourage of over a hundred goons is a strain on our sick fiscus. Kudos to Mugabe.


  26. Its shame that most commentators are blinded by hatred. This is one of the reasons why I for one will never vote for Morgan Tsvangirai!! Mugabe is so very right on this one. You guys want to wittle this debate down to Grace yet their are other pertinent issues that you are not even talking about!! The EU will always try to apply their horse and rider ideologies to willing slaves like most of you. You don’t seem to comprehend the politicks at play here shame on you. This is a well calculated move to try and test the waters before Mugabe becomes AU chair. They want to see who they can brainwash to support their ambitions to frustrate the new African thrust of repossessing our resources, and you idiots cheer them along nxaaaaaa!! Shame on you! sellouts!

  27. Cheziya, why do people hate mugabe as you commented? The do not hate him but he hates them. He is selfish. He thinks he is Zimbabwe

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