‘Mugabe too old to fight corruption’

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has lost the fight to curb corruption among top government officials and ministers because of his advanced age, academic and political analyst Ibbo Mandaza has said.


The political analyst said Mugabe (90) no longer had the energy to effectively deal with graft.

He was addressing guests at the AMH Conversations in Harare on Wednesday evening.

Mandaza, who headed the parastatals commission in the late 1980s, said during that period, Mugabe used to personally approve lists of nominees selected to sit on parastatal boards.

“In those days, Mugabe would go through every board with me and would agree. No civil servant could sit on the board and ministers could not interfere with the board. The board chairman was in charge and responsible for the appointment of the chief executive officers,” Mandaza said.

“In my day, the President would go through every appointment of every board, what has happened over the years, centralisation of functions in one person so as is natural, as he gets older; he has lacked the capacity of oversight. To put it bluntly, we have a Head of State who is too old to do these functions and it’s as simple as that. There is a kind of hopelessness as it is. As long as the current leadership, especially the Head of State is there, I don’t see anything.”

Speaking at the same event, MDC-T Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi said the high-level corruption being witnessed in government circles indicated a leadership void.
Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) executive director Mary-Jane Ncube said TIZ had a dossier of corrupt public officials, but was reluctant to expose them for fear of reprisals by State security agents.

But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said: “It’s wrong for anyone to attribute corruption to the President. The problem affects everybody and he cannot deal with everything. It’s also wrong to say that the President can’t address the problems of corruption. They can’t be solved by one person, but a collective of people. He has the politburo and Cabinet to deal with such issues. Everyone is fighting corruption and it should be everyone’s responsibility.”

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  1. The mere mention of corruption will soon be banned as a prosecutable offence. This is Zimbabwe.

    1. @Stokononzi- That train appears to have just about arrived at the station!

    2. kkkk. Sando dzako @Stokononzi

  2. …..you will need Police clearance to mention corruption in a written document or at a public gathering the same as u do when you need to do a rally.

  3. ….The subject law will be called The Prevention Of Needless Fear and Economic Despondecy Act.

    1. Followed by Operation Vharamuromo, police roadblocks and all. kkkk

    2. Ha ha ha That is so point on!

    3. Iwe @stohononzi. Zvakwana purizi weeeeeee. Mbabvu dzangu kani!!!

  4. ….if you are convicted you save your time at the farm of the person you accused of corruption.

  5. Dieuetmondroit

    The buck stops somewhere Cde Gumbo!

  6. Dieuetmondroit

    ……… I mean the buck does not stop everywhere

  7. Dzepfunde.

  8. Dieuetmondroit

    ……. Eveybody …..anybody …somebody ….. NOBODY!!!!!

  9. True true Mr.Gumbo the president cannot fight corruption alone becoz we as politiburo we r in it fulltime and he cant fight us.Can he aaaaaaa?No no no we r the Untouchables until we decide otherwise which is never in a thousand years hatimharwe kana nenhunzi zvayo see?Takafira nyika ino macomrades we will forever lead in corruption nd imwi itaiwo nemapurisa pamaroadblocks whilst we do grandtheft

    1. dont try to put a wrong image n other peoples images especially comrades

  10. Mugabe never dealt appropriately with corruption from day one. Corruption was there from the 1980’s. Willogate is a prime example, he didnt act then and wont act now. Corruption is what keeps a dictator in power, it is all part of the patronage system.

    1. Munya Ari Banya

      Well said Jongwe. One of the chief culprits of Willowgate is now occupying the most important space in parliament right now!

  11. i do agree with mandaza.could zpf have pity on the old man?why abuse him?dont they another cde to take over?

  12. Gumbo how can corruption fight its self.The whole gvt system is suffocated in corruption but remember time will catch up with you,smith once said not in a 1000 years.The best solution is to put all the out spoken corrupt ministers,executives on forced leave to pave way for investigations if the gvt is sincere.There is no smoke without fire,give it try.

  13. Ha! Ha! Ha…Politburo and Cabinet to deal with corruption? Seka zvako mwana wa Tsuro.

  14. the President is comfortable working with such corrupt people because they will be 100% loyal.

  15. Mr ibo is right coz mgabe is now like a puppert , soldiers and his ministers tell him wat to do

  16. Ngavaende ngavaende vanhu ava mado****i singing

  17. mr gumbo tell us the truths:Are you not corrupt yourself?

  18. its not that the president is old,the corrupt are very clever they have contributed & donated in many presidential schemes including zpf election campaigns how do you then prosecute people who helped you will stolen funds.

    1. Thus in short the President is also corrupt.

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  20. Dominic Mutasa

    Mandaza is right! At this moment we are the laughing stock throughout the world! In the early 80s Prez Mugabe would not have tolerated what is happened today! He was fiercely anti-corruption and action would have been taken a lot time ago! Vazhinji vangadai vava mujeri. Surely times have changed! Corruption will continue because everyone knows that no action will be taken – look at Chombo with his “hapana zvamunondiita” attitude! Tomana is already protecting the “culprits”. Taneta nazvo. I don’t know kuti achateerera nyaya yema “sanctions” achitambira $300 vamwe vachirova 1000 times more pamwedzi ndiyani!

  21. He who reside close to a burst toilet pipe familiarise with it’s bad odour and is certainly not bothered by it. To him the rot is normal and the opposite is true. Kuna Gushungo corruption inotori auto.

  22. It is easier said than done as the Honorable, Minister Rugare Gumbo, is proclaiming. This evil thing, is very disheartening as it is the very same people who are in politburo and Cabinet, who are looting the our resources.

  23. mabhuye gwinyiso antu wee !! asi mashai sha pamweni. Na iye musharuka gushungo is The Head of state and Commander-in-Chief of corruption.

    1. sorry.

      ‘commander in thief’

  24. Why cant this Rugare Gumbo guy just shut up.This guy has got pe-brain.He is kindergarten material.He doest talk sense.How do you expect the President to fight corruption when he is corrupt himself?Why is there no political will from him to fight this scourge?He is involved.

  25. I agree Mugabe is too old – even his young wife said he was always “out of it” meaning he is no longer in full control of his faculties. The normal retirement age for ordinary people is 65 years and Mugabe is 90 years and demented even if he pretends to be going strong. Why did you endorse a Constitution which allows old people to be Presdient? Daft. Mugabe should have resigned way back in the early 1980s after Guk*rah*ndi mas*acre came to light. That is corruption which has been swept under the carpet. He cannot deal with corruption because he is very corrupt himself. He owns 39 commercial farms. Nobody would dare conduct a land audit lest he is exposed. What Zimbabwe needs right now is a change OF government not change of attitudes in the present dysfunctional illegitimate regime. ZanuPF has just stolen elections – that is bigger corruption. How can people expect a party which has just retained power by corrupt means to fight corruption? It’s like asking a notorious arsonist to be the local chief of the Fire Brigade.

  26. Yes at 90 years Mugabe is old but is it the old age that is a problem or the lack of political will to eradicate corruption that is missing? As they say the fish rots from the head downwards. Is he clean and wont he expose himself by taking action on this corruption cancer? The people who are benefiting from corruption do not see why corruption is bad for the country. They mistake the state of their pockets to be the state of the economy. People should be educated on why corruption is bad for the economy. Unfortunately a corrupt leadership cannot preach against corruption. That is the problem. Its about self enrichment and not about the economy or the Nation. We should take a leaf from the Chinese govt on corruption. They have a zero tolerance on corruption. Those found guilty are sent to jail for years or shot by a firing squad. Here in Zimbabwe the system breeds,promotes and protects those are corrupt unfortunately.So the corruption cancer will grow as the failed leadership sees nothing wrong with corruption.

  27. they are saying mugabe is too old to monitor the procedures to fight corruption. He is nw only relying on wrong information you ministers are giving him. You see Karma in Botswana, he goes offoce by office to monitor efficiency of his civil service, or else u a fired. So Gumbo u shud admit u and other ministers are nw the presidents. The old man is only signing yo requests

  28. Lethal Kamudhosvo

    Mugabe benefits immensely from corruption. Without corruption vote rigging would be difficult in Zimbabwe. So lets not think he is unable to stop corruption.

  29. Rugare, Cabinet yechii, makudo ndimamwe. If you are corrupt, loyalty is 100% coz zvinofumurwa ukasara vava. That is why Mugabe is not bothered about corruption of these goons coz all he wants is loyalty.

    Zimbabwe tapfidza nadzo mbavha idzi.

    Mwari tinzwirei tsitsi.

  30. stole elections,public funds,minerals eg daimonds,now you turn to Mugabe to solve all these alone,i wonder if he can, thats why he keeps ouet since you started this motion.kuita seasinga zvinzwi zvake kana kuti seasipo zvake,pamwe semunhu akura haasikuzvinzwa avete zvake achiteereramuviri zvake.

  31. Its time to take action inooneka pane kuramba tichingochengeta mbavha mumabasa

  32. Mugabe is in power because of corruption ,so why would he expose and fight his comrades in arms

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    1. since when have u started seeing this ha ha ha ha lmao .whats new about zanu pf .it is high time now we should not just talk but take drastic measures about this regime.it is now time for those who are willingly and deicated to suffer anything or die any kind of death for the rehabilitation of our beloved country from these awfully degraded

  34. He tried to expose Godwills Masimirembwa and later he changed his mind after Masimirembwa threatened to open a can of worms, so u Zimbabweans dont be wasted yo time he’s now a toothless bulldog.

  35. While it is obvious that a 90 year old lacks the energy to affectively run a country, the truth is the rot we call corruption started decades ago when Mugabe was a lot younger. He effectively sowed the seeds and lovingly tendered them to fruition. Adequately dealing with corruption would mean he would also have to be exposed.

    Besides, it is corruption that keeps him in power as he has never really run a clean election since he ascended to the throne.

  36. A Nation @ cannot right its politics cannot right its economy becaz ey are twin brothers. The Bible says righteousness exalts a nation but sin [..corruption..] condemns any pple…so is Zim condemned.. lets pray for our beloved country !


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  38. You must think before you talk. This has nothing to do with old age. Infact the reverse is true. The older you become the more wise you will be. How come that the young ones are failing to remove him from power. It shows that they are being out witted by the old man. It is even said “old brooms sweep clean”. Mugabe has managed to control the country under very powerful enemies like America, Britain and its allies. Otherwise had it not been his wisdom which is increasing with age Zimbabwe would have been merged into unbearable blood shed like other countries you know.
    Pamberi Na Va Mugabe. We want you to rule for ever. President don’t be moved by these selfish people who claim that they are clever than you yet they do not know that they are fools.

  39. Unoita hasha dzigopera. if you want to understand wat i am saying, jus go across limpopo and see wats happening there. there is tangible evidence to show that development is happening. surely how can a nation with so many learned people celebrate total investments worth 400mln dolaz when other countries are getting in excess of 5bln worth of new projects. Moza of all the countries akomana, should be learning from us. our biggest challenge as a nation is that people have been made to fight each other along political lines to the extent that rational thinking is obsecured. if you question why parirenyatwa is failing in his ministry, people start to think you are pro-mdc. the reverse is also true. unless and until people start thinking otherwise, these greedy politician will continue enjoying isu tichidya nhoko dzezvironda. my only plea to my fellow collegues is that let’s unite and fight the corrupt politicians irrespective of their party affiliations. isu ana pompi yadonha tisu varidzi venyika ino and these greedy monsters are supposed to be working for us and not the other way round. maZimbabweans mukafunga zvemapato aya hakuna kwamunosvika and thats the truth. we are busy protecting mapato edu as if pane zvatiri kuwana. the very people that we are voting into power are corrupting and looting the nation takatarisa. talk of mzebi, the guy is busy flashing around but famba neroad inoenda kumusha kwake uone. the road is one of the worst in the country and you expect kuti aite wonders at national level. vana Tsvangirai are busy talking of gnu kuti vagute zvekare. nonsense!! zvinorwadza guys. generation yedu yaenda kumawere and never think kuti uchagarika with these monsters at the helm of the country.

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  41. Mugabe is the most corrupt person in Zimbabwe.

  42. because we are born here, zimbabwe is ours to love and to keep.
    because the pressident was inaugurated , he is ours to love and to keep.

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