MDC-T warring parties bury hatchet

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday papered over the fierce boardroom squabbles that had threatened to split his party, saying he had agreed to work together with members pushing for his ouster, to save the party from collapse.

Paidamoyo Muzulu

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Harare, Tsvangirai said the MDC-T’s national standing committee met last Friday and urged the warring parties to bury their differences.

“After that frank heart-to-heart session, we all unanimously agreed that our disagreements in the cockpit, while confirming our credentials as a democratic party, had needlessly diverted attention from the key issues affecting the people of Zimbabwe,”  Tsvangirai said.

He added: “I can assure you that in those five hours of no-holds barred discussions, we told each other the brutal, but honest truth that will save this party and ensure the security of the faith and trust the people have bestowed on us.”

The former Premier has over the past three months been fighting fierce internal battles with some top party officials campaigning for him to step down. The fights have already led to the suspension of deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, Manicaland provincial chairman Julius Magarangoma and spokesperson Pishai Muchauraya.

Some top party members perceived as pushing for leadership renewal in the MDC-T attended yesterday’s Press conference, but were not allowed to address the media. These included secretary-general Tendai Biti and Warren Park MP Elias Mudzuri. ads Ads

Biti has spoken publicly against Mangoma’s treatment and the alleged purge of those perceived to be against Tsvangirai.

But Muchauraya yesterday questioned Tsvangirai’s sincerity, saying; “How can the perpetrator speak on behalf of victims?”

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  1. Tsvangirai is being clever. But he just wants his critics in MDC-T close enough for him to conveniently stab them. Just watch.

    1. Byo emergence youths

      To Morgain Tsvangirai as a father of democracy please dnt late Chamisa destroy our lovely part even though he is in your faction also Lovemore Moyo and Mwonzora may thy refrean from being stubborn and begain to unite people.Ths l have mantioned are creating a disaster in the part mark my words before next election u will c.

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  2. Pishai Muchauraya inga uri dununu and unodhanisa amweni sesu. Morgan spoke because he is the leader of the MDC and not u or Biti. Imwimwi u are leaders in your own capacities and please grow up, wear trousers and allow the party to heal. After all you are useless

    1. Pishai Nucharuraya zvauri rombe chairo

    2. ndokuva ne courage yekutaura chokwadi

    3. Ana Pishai injere dzebenzi manje hakuna kwaanoenda kunze pane chaakatsika

    4. pishai ibenzi plus chikoro hamuna bvunzai Chinotimba anokuudzai kuti pishai haana ku chikoro kwaakaenda .violence ndiyo yaanogona nana teddy chipere namagarangoma

  3. @Machakachaka he just want to save face.He realized that no more resources are coming in from the donors. U know what the west use you and dump you. He is trying to do fire fighting but he is not attending to the real cause.


  5. Zvaitwa maita henyu Save Vavengi nyarai kana makundwa

    1. @ Harry Maora::::? You are so naive to think and believe they have united when Morgan has not done anything to unite his party! His weaknesses and failure to unite his party has nothing to do with his political opponents! His enemies will of course capitaslize on his weaknesses and failure ! Ari kutadza wega to unite his party !

  6. Jehovah pindirai, the whole scam stinks tu kingdom come.Hapachina trust, Biti akangwarisa and political fissures seldom solidify, its almost impossible. we will be watching.

  7. Good story but there is still more to come in this ugly saga…it is not over yet, not by a long chalk. Of course there will be more bruises all round before a true victor in all this emerges. Going helter-skelter to congress might arrest th rot if the congress itself gives birth to ‘truly elected’ officers.

  8. Change Is Coming

    don’t blame tsvangirai at all. remember NIKUV.

  9. Bennet akasunga Mari achaisunungura kana Tsvangirai astepper down.agenda yekubvisa ZANU inoda vakaitanga vakakutumai now that vadhinhiwa mototanga imwe strategy yenyu.Pindai muvanhu muchivaudza chokwadi chamuchavaitira chinobatika kwete kungoti Mugabe achembera.Tinotodawo vanotonga kupfuura Zanu pf but hamusati maita zvatinoona kuti mungakunda Zanu.Tipei maserious tikuteverei

  10. Good leadership and management is not about the absence of crisis but is how to react and handle a crisis.

  11. Hanzi mu cockpit, kikiki thats funny ndege yemashanga iyo.

  12. Judging by the words “cockpit” and “diverting” used by Tsvangirai, it would seem the Air Malaysia crash has steered him in the right direction. Thank you for opening dialogue with the others, we still need more with Mangoma, Ian Kay and Bennet for the sake of good progress and please do not let detractors come in again.

  13. When they have burried their differences for sure, suspended members eg Mangoma & others must now be uplifted. But Pishai Muchauraya ngaavhare gaba rake mhani.

  14. VANU VEZANU VACOMMENTA MURIKUGWADZIWA KIKIKIKI MA-MAMA BIG TIME ZVAMAI PURURUDZIRA HAKUNA! Now its yo turn zanu kurwira chigaro cha mdara bob come 2018 muno wachaaa chete

  15. Iwe mukaranga usanyora zvinosvodesa, hachizicho Chikaranga.

  16. they realised kuti vaita vadiki vafana ava(marebels-biti,mangoma)

  17. Prof Chim Su Lee

    Some top party members perceived as pushing for leadership renewal in the MDC-T attended yesterday’s Press conference, but were not allowed to address the media. These included secretary-general Tendai Biti and Warren Park MP Elias Mudzuri. okay

  18. I am sure this is disappointing news for you guys at Newsday. Your anti-Tsvangirai bias is not going unnoticed, to the extent that you use misleading headlines like “Supporters Disrupt Tsvangirai Meeting”, as opposed to a more objective header at the Herald reading “MDC-T supporters call for Biti’s resignation,” which is what the story was really about. You are teaching many of your readers not to take you seriously, and it’s a lesson many of us learn quickly. Mark my words.

  19. mau mau wakadhakwa here. Newsday ndiro paper redu rinotiudza zvese zvataisambofa takaziva pamazuva edu ekuverenga herald. Usatyisidzire majournalist shaa

    1. Asi ishuwa yataura Mau Mau. Headline iyo ndiyo yakadhakwa. Kana neni ndakazviona ndikaseka. Kunyepa here Mukanya?

  20. Saka maakuwirirana. maakurasa hama. ok

  21. I completely agree with you mau mau.Our once beloved paper newsday is also sucked in the battle to remove morgan.Are you guys being paiod by mangoma.I know all of you know that wghat mangoma and company were doing was wrong but your reports suggests that morgan is wrong.We love your paper and we realy need analytical as opposed to biased reporting

  22. MDC-T under Tsvangirai is mortally wounded – in intensive care. Waste of political space. Worse than useless. Blind followers are in denial.

  23. it is me who is failing to follow this Tsvangirai news properly or i am not giving it the deligence attention it deserves. What is this in fighting all about? it is not very clear from the peice of news above what has been resolved between the perceived enemies. is it not logic if Biti is to be the one who should have made the press conference briefing us about the latest development regarding the rejuvenated movement. Here its not very clear comrades. can someone help me

    besides, all the critical issues that needs to be crarified have been left in balances. we want to hear what they have done with Mangona, why they have suspending him, the implications of his suspension, and the purported Political party that was rumored to have been formed by the secretary general tenadu Biti. Thought Tsvangirai was going to iron out all these matters in details.

  24. . Lets focus on real issues . Why did mdct and other mdc not tell the nation about the Salarygate earners during the gnu . Was it because they were in the gravy train ? Mdct a corrupt govt inwaiting

  25. A pic of the above story on fb, body languagewise, has Biti and Mangoma cowed on one side seated, looking like POWs if not sevakuwasha…! while a triumphant looking Chamisa and Tsvangirai are on the other, standing. Behing a banner reads “Öur promise of Real Change”, but then whoever said political promises werever kept?

  26. Musona,it is you who is blind.There is absolutely nothing wrong with MDC-T
    moving forward to unite pple of goodwill for a good cause.

  27. Musona you do not belong to us who want change,maybe you come from the same camp with Reason.Lets be serious if we do not want to die under dictatorship.We want a better Zimbabwe.

    1. @chimwango – what a blind fool you are.

  28. This is a very positive development. No need to fight at this stage. Continue talking even to others still outside so that by the time we reach 2018 the party would be stronger. Listern to the sense of reason and ignore hardliners from within and without

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  30. Musona igudo remugomo

  31. uyu anonzi musona uyu kungotuka chete chiiko nhai murume mukuru saka asi kuwesta political space ndiaani kana muchidawo yenyu space iripo vaMusona. inzwai ndichitukwa ipapa

  32. @ Change Is Coming. Nikuv hapana zvayakamboita iyo. Nikuv is very useless. We lost elections because of the infighting which is revealing now to the public now. Nikuv haina even one major upset yayakaita. It was used by ZANU PF to further its interests yes; but we were also supposed to do the same through our own means. The major problem in MDCT is that it is looking for the nasty ills which were committed by ZANU PF of which they are very few if not none. The point which should be raised by MDCT IS just to say: ZANU’s time is out fullstop. Zvana Gukurahundi hee chii chii hazvishandi izvo; all that was done for the common good of the majority of Zimbabweans. Tsvangirai and the rest of our leaders, face reality guys or else 2018 will be a disaster again. That split which you are preventing is very necessary if any win in 2018 is to come by.

  33. As you are aware that your tswangilayi received a prophetic word that he will never rule zimbabwe frm Tb Joshua so why worry abt him retaining mdc presidency; change leadership, the man will never win any election

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