Mangoma holds parallel rallies


SUSPENDED MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma has escalated his defiance campaign by addressing parallel grassroot rallies to drum up support for his push for leadership renewal.


Tsvangirai-etched Elton-MANGOMA-MP_Layer 1Mangoma was suspended from the party last month. He is facing disciplinary action for putting the name of the party into disrepute, causing divisions in the party and undermining the authority of the party leadership.

He told NewsDay yesterday that he had already met MDC-T structures in Masvingo and Manicaland to garner support.

His suspension on charges of writing two damning letters calling on party leader Morgan Tsvangirai to step down, has shaken the opposition party’s foundations with MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti fighting on his side.

The defiant MDC-T leader said his rallies were meant to explain to MDC-T members the problems bedeviling the former labour-backed party and alleged abuse of the constitution by Tsvangirai.

“There are people coming to talk to me and I am explaining to them the status of the party, my letters to Tsvangirai and what the best way forward is,” Mangoma said.

“We spoke to people who gave us their views on the leader who is acting unconstitutionally and also we are discussing the best strategy to remove Zanu PF from power. The response is overwhelming and the people even felt that I left out a lot of things in my letters to Tsvangirai,” he said.

So far the campaign trail has taken him to Gutu in Masvingo and yesterday he addressed a rally in his Makoni South constituency in Manicaland.

Tsvangirai has also embarked on a whirlwind tour of the country’s provinces to mend fissures caused by Mangoma’s outbursts and assure the grassroots that there was cohesion within the party’s top leadership.

Last week, Tsvangirai who has repeatedly brushed aside calls for him to step down told journalists that warring party members had buried their differences and agreed to work as a unit.

However, his claims were rubbished by disgruntled party leaders, among them suspended MDC-T Manicaland provincial spokesperson Pishai Muchauraya, who accused Tsvangirai of “lying”.
Mangoma yesterday vowed to continue his campaigns saying he was not bound by Tsvangirai’s call for a truce.

He said he was only served with his letter of suspension last week, but had not yet been summoned to appear before an MDC-T disciplinary committee.
“I was in Gutu and today I will be in my constituency for people to know what has been said about me,” Mangoma said.

Contacted for comment, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said : “The position is that a person under suspension must not attend to party business, but if it’s true it is quite unfortunate.

That does not stop our leader (Tsvangirai) from carrying out our lawful party programmes. Our leader is very serious on party unity and cohesion. Further, we know that there are people who want to try to stop due process from happening in the party, but due process will not stop as the independent tribunal is going to sit.

The aim is to achieve justice for everybody including Mangoma himself.”

On Saturday, Tsvangirai addressed a rally in Zhombe, Midlands Province, where he repeated his calls for unity of purpose and cohesion in the MDC-T.

“We will not push anyone out of the party because this is a family. We want you here with us because we know it’s very cold out there and we have closed that chapter of fighting,” Tsvangirai said.

“It is time to re-energise the party from the base, meeting chairpersons and the loyal party members. This is what we are good at, not these hostile boardroom takeovers. Some want to talk about their degrees and learning. Let me say learning is not just books, but it is having wisdom to know that the party needs stability in the cockpit and discipline in the ranks with me as the captain,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, MDC-T women’s wing boss Theresa Makone, however, sang a different tune when she said party leaders who campaigned against Tsvangirai ought to be “thrown in hell”.

“We don’t want women who straddle the fence because we are clear that our leader is President Tsvangirai and I want to make it clear that those who straddle the fence, I will throw you in hell,” she said.

“We are not going to have a split in the MDC because those who are making noise and want to leave are going to do so alone, nobody will follow them.”


  1. mr magoma you want to pretend as if u represent democracy yet u want to remove chematama undemocratically. if someone in the mdc executive asks you to step down , will you resign. why cant u wait for the congress and contest the seat. if u have support then you will simply win the presidency. there seems to be conflicting positions in the mdc regarding the previous elections. if u say tsvangirai lost the elections then you must recognise our Head of State as democratically elected. if u want to mantain your stance that the elections since 2000 were stolen then Chematama neva lost any election. please come out clear on these two positions

    • Thank you Dibango for pointing that out to Mr Mangoma. Mangoma please explain??!! We don’t want opportunists with no real solution to the people of Zimbabwe. We need unity, and please follow proper procedures. Please stop your coupe de tat approach to solving party problems. Thumps down on you!!!

    • Mdc-t is a confused part Tsvangirai is busy say something yet Chamisa and Bhebhe are doing another thing why are thy firing Provincila chairs if noone is to be fired from the part?

  2. Another MDC-M? Im wondering what the donors are thinking about it. Looks like anyone with guts to challenge is expelled. Democracy must be the most abused word in the english lexikon. Mitosis…mitosis…mitosis, thats how organisms grow, said my form one teacher. I think he was right.

  3. Vana Mangoma kana munoti muri ma democrats yet munoshandiswa na bennet, muri ma puppets. tsvakai zvimwe mese na Mudzuri na Biti. ndimi makadyisa party yedu imi, you can`t strategies as Top leaders, yet you blame Morgan. Morgan is more, yu are finished like Ncube and Mutambara, ucharidza Mangoma wakumusha.

    • No one is a puppet here…..If u say Mangoma is a puppet then the whole MDC since its inception acted as a puppet to the west. tsvangirai should have dealt with Mangoma’s case in a more professional manner and it was to his adva so tht he knows what really happening at the ground than firing someone who tells him the truth..Chamisa (tsvangirai’s aide ndiye akadyisa party with his imposition of candidates on the primary elections..

  4. I think mangoma lost the direction now. this is the end of his political carrier. he should learn from the likes of ncube. also this is the time to fight zanupf coz it is failing to deliver its election promises. I think mangoma is used by zanupf to detract people from fighting zanupf. mangoma you are a condom to zanupf, you wont manage to do anything as long zanupf is sponsoring you. look the old man is failing to show his patriotism by attending that crucial meeting, he is patriotic to his wife. we Zimbabweans we need investment but the old only thinks about grace

    • @chawada leo- I think Mangoma is over playing a hand here..Misova nzombe ino dzipa! That said, Tsvangirayi is not doing any better either..When people say the MDC does not know what hit them, they are not just talking!

    • @Mukoma Leo, revise your economics and international business trends, the EU has NO money to invest anywhere! Where is the Greek bailout? What about the German standoff? Spain and her wine industry? British skirtishness over a single currency? Unemployment on mainland Europe? Trips by EU parliamentarians to China, one after the other! Ndiyo investment yavachauya nayo kuno? Riini? Ko kwavo vanenge vagadzira ?

  5. Mangoma is power hungry. If you make him a leader, you will cry. What record does he have? After all he joined MDC later from his party called ZIP. In 2000 he was with the unknown ZIP and he dumped us there when he joined MDC. One cannot just say in the middle of the year, plant maize. Wait for the rain season. Congress is coming. If we change leaders like pants, is it democracy?

  6. mangoma hauna fundo mufanaami haufungi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk unofunga kuti anokuda ndiani remember gwisai mdc means tsvangirai uchida usingadi unotaura democracy ipi yaunoziva,kana uchiziva democracy sei uchida kuita hostile take over,democracy means you wait for your time at congress then you forward your name for presidency kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,because you know you can’t beat tsvangirai at congress that’s why you want to use undemocratic means yet you say out your mind to your leader it’s freedom of expression,that’s ok mangoma then step by step please wait for congress if you are democratic as you claim to be if not that you are being used by your bennet,kay and them let them keep their money we will source ours.

  7. This Mangoma fellow is really quite something. I surely hope he is not campaigning for his own ascendancy to the presidency. His cause is quite noble and commendable but the problem is that Mangoma himself lacks gravitas. He is not presidential material. I support what he stands for but I don’t support him!

  8. this is getting interesting. So after all, mdcteaboy lost the elections. There were not rigged hence MT must go. Keep it up Mangoma, Biti, Mudzuri etc. Tell the truth

  9. The MDC-T needs new leadership! Morgan has tried on more than one occasion and has failed to removed Mugabe,he got too close with GNU n felt what it was like to almost have power which has made power hungry and not see the bigger picture!.. The congress may be coming but what the structures in the mdc-t are trying is to put a new president in now before the congress so that enough time will be used for campagning to gunner more support coz come congress in 2016,morgan will lose and those close to him will be calling and pointing fingers that the election was rigged or vote buying was used which would split the party again,but if Morgan would see the bigger picture,step down allow elections to happen for a new party president,endorse that president,get behind and have the party going forward stronger and in a better position to dethrone Mugabe n zanu-pf. Nobody is saying step down and be obsolete,u will be helping the person put @ the helm of the mdc-t go forward n plan a new attack on zanu-pf n gunner more support from the multitude of disgruntled Zimbabweans. Let Democracy reign and see the bigger picture not that u are “the only one” who can remove Mugabe n zanu-pf from power,step down and let new fresh enthusiasm take charge,a true leader would see that!!

      • zviroto zviroto ngazviperere kuharvest vedu Gushungo hamuvakundi hokoyo tsvangcry chwakadya chakukurovarova mudumbu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest. chokwadi kutitambudza 14 years dzose idzi hona zvino womukirwa newawaidya naye

    • what do you know about democracy when you tolerate such nonsense. if the constitution says leaders are elected at congress so be it rather than to have opportunists like mangoma telling an elected leader to step down. is that what democracy is all about. term yake ya Tsvangirayi yoku leader party haisati yapera then you say ngaabve unconstitutionally is that what democracyis all about. Tsvangirayi is the only politician to beat mugabe in an election in independant zimbabwe. dont take that lightly. mangoma is just a loser akatoita join MDC and he has the guts to disrespect the founders and tell them to go where? tikwanirei vanhu vama mangoma mune njere shoma

  10. i will be in my constituency mangoma said.which constituency is understanding is tht u lost in tht constituency mangoma n u shall always b a looser.continoue being fooled by roy bennet n peter ndoro of sabc at yor own peril.

  11. I once said this guy is losing it. Mangoma you should know that politics is a dirty game.This could be the end of you.

  12. Mangoma is being used already and sucking donor finances. Its for all of us to see. People who attended his meetings say he is so much confused and he is being fronted by Benett and Biti but the ultimate leader will be Biti. Shame on these guys because Mangoma is being sponsored by ZPF. Believe it or not, ZPF’s real challenge is Chamatama. An MDC without Tsvangy now is dead and buried and hence a plan was hatched to pay Mangoma to distabilise the MDC, a task they are already failing to accomplish. Shame on these guys.

    • muzaya chirikudiwa namangoma imari chete saka the ploy is he is going to be filthly rich saka zvese zvekuti haana kudzidza muchaona kuti he is a true economist and everyone knows. chematama haakwani pamari kuchimunhu ichi. he wants to fish out money from the donors and let me warn you kuti mari is the basis of power do not take it lightly you will see how powerful money is and you will soon come to believe it that every one, be it a church, any grouping is strengthened by financial support so lets wait and see.

  13. Mangoma speaks of tsvangirai being undemocratic yet he wants to topple tsvangirai undemocratically. Does th mdc constitution say every dog in the party can ask the leader to step down nekumunyorera tsamba.

  14. Mangoma please i beg you to wait for congress and throw yourself in the ring for challenge.Tsvangirai`s term ends in 2016 ,so why do you have to push him before the expiring of his term.Is this democracy.Kurayiwo vaMangoma hatitarisire zvinhu zvakadaro kwamuri.Munorwadzisa mhuri yeZimbabwe yave nemakore ichirwira kubvisa Zanu.Kana magwinyira hameno,togochiona kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe.

  15. hey mangoma. i dont see kuti chauri kunyanya kuda chii apa. Why don’t you move out and form your own political party??? I used to think kuti une brain but you are not thinking at all. if it is your strategy to move out after wabvongonyodza MDC-T hapana zvaurikuita. Spend your money to form your party period. Call it MDC-Mang, if it is the name that you want. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ayaaah. Just Advise vari kukupa mari this noble strategy. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  16. mangoma apererwa ndiko kupera kwe carrier yake and he is a suspect becoz he the only person in the MDC family who benefitted much in theland reform and indegenistion

  17. Save was given the mandate to lead the party by the people; only congress can choose to do away with him, not anyone else. MT is the most popular opposition politician in Zim and noone can stand against him, why cant these guys wait for congress, throw their names into the hat and let people decide who they want to steer the ship?

  18. Mangoma has completely lost it and I do not believe he is even worth all this space. He is obviously somebody’s tool and there are no special prizes for guessing who that somebody is.

    On the other hand I think this guy is also getting a push from the press. This article is a good example. He addressed a rally in Gutu and another in his constituency and the information came from Mangoma himself. What was the turn-out like? If he meets and talks to one uncle or muzukuru and the shops and buy them a scud each and he says its a rally, you then reproduce that.

    Do not aid this dreamer. He is doing well enough of it alone.

  19. What hell Lady Theresa? Does that mean you beat them up to death? Is that what you where trying to do to Mangoma and Biti? Or you have your own gas and acid chambers somewhere? Please stop this violence talk. How do you throw someone into hell for exercising their constitutional right and duty of expressing themselves peacefully?

  20. VaMangoma vakadya mari yezanu saka vanofanira kuishandira regai vamboedzawo raki vachinyepera vanhu, we know aya mabasa ezanu

  21. By holding some unsanctioned meetings it means Mangoma has already expelled himself from the party. His position is now up for grabs by serious people from former rival MDC-N party. We will have a Congress without Mangoma this time because he is nolonger a member of our party.We should not waste our time and ernegy on those people please but concetrate on rebuilding the party which he destroyed with the full backing of Tendai Biti and the rogue ZANU PF Party.

  22. mangoma u are disgrace to the family of the mdc t ,we thought that u have the brains when we send you to negotiate on behalf of the party during the gnu,but waitonegotiate on behalf of zanu pf (waitotengesa musangano) .Mogiza muregedze akadaro ndokuti MDC-T.Iwe kana wakapihwa munda ne zanu siyana neparty yedu yakadaro

  23. Tsvangison what do you mean ‘outside mdc kunze kunotonhora’. Ndosaka uchida dialoge nezanu because you still dreaming about the GNU pleasures. Outside GNU kunze kunotonhora uku tsvangison, now you know wave kutuka vamwe nechituko chimwecho. MDC haisisina mari nokuda kwako maroora, chembere for that matter. Uri fusa vana Bona vakabhadharwa ma$35 000-00 vana vadiki iwe uchibhadhariswa ma $70 000 nema $300 000. Uri dununu bhururu.


  25. mangoma is the only leader with balls to fight for our cause. All these other shrill noises for change in leadership will come to naught if you dont engage and mobilise the structures. I for sure support Mangoma because he believes in a cause and is clear and fighting for what he believes in. Thats leadership material for you Zimbos. You dont need bootlikers, but men with balls who are not afraid of speaking their minds. We are in this sorry state because of cowards whom kept quiet when politicians were dragging this country to nowhere and never took any action. Most of those suppossedly in Mangoma’s corner are cowards afraid of poor Tsvangirai, What chances do such cowards have when faced with Mugabe’s wrath. Please Zimbos this is time to act

    • ….well said Pondo.Mangoma has proven that he has a mind of his own and haasi `gudza dungwe`.That alone makes him have my vote.Mangoma na Biti pamberi nemi…..

  26. what a premix of cheap seasonal theatre tickets ahead.
    the revolutionary power party wants but not a different leader.
    chamatama’s democrats are steadfastly behind the same leader.
    now this one is clear now in pitching drumming and rhodesia fronting his newly thought out unilateral declaration of independence.

    more ale ahead !!

  27. In Zimbabwe pple are being misdirected whoever opposes Tsvangirai z called a puppet or z being uzd by Zanu pf its nt true.What z democracy then so Zanu z ok for refusing to go out of power.enough z enough leadership change z nw neccessary

  28. Zvokwadi ini bennet ndakamuvona pa1st tv achiti zvezimbabwe hazvichati election, zvododa hondo. ndikati, a-a! ko iye benet unoti tiiti izvo iye wakavanda kusasafrica unoti inogwiwa nani? nesu toga, tife toga iye achisvoverera ari ikoko kujoni. hazviite. saka veduwe, in as much as mangoma might be right to seek leadership renewal in his party, he should not do that on behalf if benet and his sympathisers. muno hatichadi hondo zvachose. we are a peace-loving country. only that we have have a grossly failed le**dersh**p.

  29. Supporting the MDCs is a health risk. Its disappointment after disappointment. BP is always high risking heart disease.

  30. Hahahahahahahahaha. SUNGAI MBABVU VAKOMANA DZISATSEMUKA NEKUSEKA. Mangoma, Politics hadzidero. You are still young and naive. Wait for the MDCT congress and the national elections. Neither will you remove Tsvangirai nor Mugabe through your disorder. Kuita kwewashaya ikoko kwauri kuita.

  31. yaaaa bvuma kushandiswa mangoma. uri zidofo wena. taisaiziva kuti udofo hwako hunosvika ipapa. kam-pena uone kana pane anokuvhotera . enda unotange yako party

  32. anamangoma maivepi pakaumbwa mdc.endai munotanga kenyu kabato.makadya mari dzezanu zvino mavakutya kunyangaritswa.mavakushaya zvekuita you sun of lucifer

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  34. The problem with the people like mangoma is that they do no follow history of their party. What happened to Welshman Ncube when they lost the elections in 2005. He chose to go it alone in the Senetorial elections saying morgan is undemocratic. He thought he was being the brains behind the MDC and that everything will follow. He left together with the small fellas with Gasela included. After losing the elections in 2013, Mangoma feels that he has got the keys, the same keys he failed to use whilst in the party.

    I think the people of zimbabwe miss the point here. When we fail to beat zanu pf, we do so collectively and when we win, we do so collectively. Tsvangirayi can not make himself win but we can make ourselves win. It is not in an individual but it is in the people. You remember the comrades used to rely much on the POVO during the struggle and that is how the liberation struggle was won. First of all, MDC should learn to accept that the people are the ones who really matters. it is only a game of numbers. NOT the number of women one beds or marry or number of educational degrees one have.

    Let me take this opportunity to tell the likes of Mangoma that history will judge you harshly. By all standards you are already destroying your history which you have writing in the inclusive government. The way you fought hard to expose the shod deals at Chisumbanje Ethanol. And to Biti, you have really done yoself a disservice by destroying your history as the best Minister of Finance. Remember, you came in the government when we had only $4 million in our coffers and managed to pay civil servants their 1000 rands and the economy picked on from thereon.

    Pity. pity. pity.

    • @Muti- Biti, the best minister of finance? Is this a joke? If this were so when are the ‘fishes’ going to come down the tree?

      • @muti- Biti, best finance that herd of buffalo flying in the sky and where is that elephant that stole my son’s school bike?

  35. if mogan have failed, then it means the whole so called top 11 have failed inclding Mangoma so all must go. How can u blame your workmate as if he was doing everything alone Mangoma akapiwa chigaro icho na Bennet muna 2005 aramwa musangano adyiwa na biti pau S.G hakuna chinonzi Deputy tresurer chigaro chakagadzirirwa iye anyarwa, saka nyarawo tange tiripo.

    • @peter- I have to agree..get rid of the whole sorry bunch and lets start on a clean new page. The top team got their chance and failed so lets try somebody else. Where are the super subs?

  36. Morgan akatadza kuwhina u president nyika yese yes. It was too big for coz iwe u were not on his side. Ko iwe u lost mu small constituence. Wakatadza papi. Pawaka winner its coz Zanu was confused. So usafunge kuti unodiwa

  37. M T akatadza kuwhina u president nyika yese yes. It was too big for coz iwe u were not on his side. Ko iwe u lost mu small constituence. Wakatadza papi. Pawaka winner its coz Zanu was confused. So usafunge kuti unodiwa

  38. I am sure if Mangoma had asked Mugabe to step down and remind him is 90 i was going to count you as a hero .Mangoma think of amai Mujuru writing a later to Mugabe to step down iwe

  39. kana mangoma achiziva bhora ngadzidze ipapo you dont blame another player, rather its expectators who sees who is not doing well. Not a player to call for a substute to co-player. Wake up manoma

    • @Martin- ko coach kana asipo, player haagone kutaurira mumwe asiri kugona kugowesa kuti wadi waenda kunotenga ma freezit?

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