List of Parastatal bosses’ salaries

The Zimbabwe Cabinet on Tuesday slashed the salaries of parastatal and local authority bosses to a maximum of $6 000 a month.

Below is a list of the parastatal CEOs’ salaries in US dollars





Tapiwa Zivira Online Reporter

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  1. This list has been greatly deflated. the only thing real is on PSMAS boss. where is ZESA¿ is it not a para anymore ?

    1. Timothy Thorton

      ZESA is no. 20. How do you explain benefits that are 400% of one’s salary. In almost all cases the benefits are more than the salary itself. Were these salaries and benefits taxed?ZIMRA can get much more than they tried to squeeze out of Kereke

    2. Check number 20 idiot!

      1. @ Dokota lets not insult each other anenge asina kupaona pane zesa yacho haisi mhosva ingato attracter an insult

    3. my co-worker’s aunt makes $70 hourly on the computer. She has been without a job for seven months but last month her paycheck was $19034 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this web site


  2. Katerere Pamela

    I think they are still too high, especially psmas down to posb. Surely some of the psmas boss salary can go towards ailing civil servants? Since the money is coming from civil servants in the first place!

    1. All of them are too high down to ZIMSTATS…salaries should correspond to our economy.. their number has to be trimmed or some of them merged as well, do we really need 90 , too much duplication of duties. imagine a seemingly no longer existent company like Kingstons, where are they getting the money to pay their boss. remember the bills may be higher considering some of them have other unlimited allowances like airtime, fuel, educational benefits and unlimited air travel which can gobble thousands more..

  3. who is going to keep a tyte led on these guys to make sure they get the gazetted salary??????????

  4. Where is zupco on this list ?

  5. Zupco seems to be off the radar ..whyyyyyyyyy??????

  6. munhu mumwechete wanga achihora mari yakawanda apa. Lets have salaries for Mining parastatals like Mbada Diamonds and you will discover why no revenue is going to Treasury

    1. Mbada is not a parastatal

  7. Goodness me how can Kingston’s Holdings Boss be paid over $7000 ? What for that company is broke and failing to pay for most services. Most of these parastatal heads don’t need a pay cut but there must be chopped.

  8. Iii ndoda isu veKingstons tanzwa veduwe apa Mitemo gumi nemiviri,toshungurudzwa naiye Munaka wekubva kudelta uyu.No salary apa hanzi asingade ngaabude kana urpano ita zvepano. NaFarai Ruziwa accountant basa ku importer mota isu zvinhu zviri panze tadzingwa ana Lovemore chiwawa kuchinjanisa vanhu from harare to chivhu js to frustrate wokers wthout salary bt ivo vari kutambira havana tsitsi. Bt God is watching

    1. Endai KunaJonathan Moyo. Kingstons ndeyake.

  9. and what happened to the PSMAS executive

  10. All the salary thieves are ZANU PF .

  11. cement industries and type of cars

  12. Ko maDirector emaGvt Departments vari kuAbuser mota dzeGovt muchavapawo maLimits api? Kunyanya vekuAgriculture vana Cames Mguni anoenda kupurazi riri Kwekwe twice a week nePeturi yeGovt. Ane over US$100,000 yaakanyudza namumwe mukadzi anonzi Effie Zituta nyaya yacho yakapomerwa maJunior iye aive pamberi pekusainira mari yacho. NekuPublic works kune vamwewo futi ikoko. Hurumende yedu yaora varume. Yangova inodya payakasungirirwa.

    1. where is GMB

  13. zvipiko, mari dziri apa inzungu, hapana zviripo, those are normal salaries in a normal economy poorly written article

    1. Timothy Thorton

      Saka yedu inormal papi? kana wakazvitarisa unofunga kuti kuPost Office kunofanira kuva nemunhu anotonzi mukuru shuwa.

    2. IN A NORMAL ECONOMY!!John ngoda

    3. @ john taura hako wamai hapana anoziva chokwadi apa iye reporter akazviwana kupi izvozvi ndeyani payslip yaakaona ine mari idzodzi well, tisingatauri hedu dzaana psmas nedzana zbc zvimwe could be ma assumptions chaiwo ko ava vontambirawo havo tuma 3 thaza hanzi vaita sei havo ngakubatwe mane mazviuru zvemazana 3 thaza ndooyata kutodawo zvedu isu maticha

  14. this is nothing compared to what I was earning in 2008,my salary was more than $30 trillion dollars,come and arrest me for it

  15. Nevanji Madanhire – I was not finished with you when you decided to remove your article from the Home Page.
    During white rule all blacks were exempt from paying income tax and black businesses were also exempt from paying corporation tax because the whites knew we were poor. Only whites paid income tax and white businesses paid corporation tax. For example, if I negotiated with my employer and we agreed that my pay was going to be, say, $800 per month, I would take home exactly $800. No deductions. When we voted Zanu into power in 1980, Zanu compelled everyone to pay income tax at a rate of 45% of one’s wages. For example, BEFORE 1980, I was taking home $800 per month but AFTER 1980 I was now taking home $800 – (45/100 x $800) = $440. WHERE WAS THE “YOKE OF COLONIALISM”? This is why I always want to argue with those who were working adults during white rule because they know better. Little knowledge is very dangerous.

    1. kwam kwam blazo

      u are lost Musona and u think they were doing blacks a favour?? mombe mbiri nemadhongi mashanu wakamboinzwa here?? hut tax, dog tax wakamboinzwa, zvirimwa zvainotengeswa nevatema kunyange zviri zvegrade repamusoro hapana aitengerwa negrade B UNOZVIZIVA HERE. urikunonoka kukura blazo.

      1. @kwam – idiot

    2. 45% tax! I don’t think you were working age at independence.

  16. ko Zimra iripi apa????

  17. These are all lies. The truth is being suppressed to save the top gurus who were justifying these salaries. Shame on you.

  18. What about Zimpapers doesn’t it have a C.E.O we want to know how much are they earning as well


  20. skunkies

    1. @Nonym
      Stop insulting skunks!!!

  21. Its high time we consultants who apply biblical principles be employed to Audit bcz Ah zvanyanya

  22. If ZIMASSET has to be a success, the this issue of salaries has to be dealt with serious and due deligence ndopanemaleakages ese ipapa shuwa shuwa kukwereta mari yekubhadhara vashandi, this is e greatest anomaly under heaven. our failure is Africa failure

  23. Pay yangu madzikisa uye munhu wese avakuiziva.Tavakuda kuzivawo list yemamultiple farm owners.One farm is equivalent to 1million dollars saka muri kutotambirawo yakawandisa kupfuura ini Cuthbert

  24. is it true that levy nyagura of UZ earns less than what other vice chancellors from MSU, CUT, NUST etc earn, someone is not telling the truth

  25. Those who think the request for them to furnish the government with salary figures was a joke should get the full truck load of legal nasties. If you provided a false schedule that makes you both a thief and a liar and the ONLY fitting punishment should be time in prison. The government should be able to order banks to release the true figures where they are not satisfied with figures coming from the incumbents. This is gone way beyond a joke. I do not believe the ZESA one bit, no sir! And where is Zupco in all this?

  26. Perhaps the editor could also break some of acronymns here..what is GOB and other strange creatures on this list? Might it not be a good idea to merge some of the parastatals here.

  27. These salaries are far from the truth, if you ask these bosses to submitt their salaries, they will just give you what is ‘reasonable’ not the truth. Is it too difficult for the gvt to set up a committe of even four pple to go verify these salaries? Its only a two days’ work after all provided you do not send those dump asses MP & corrupt gvt officials who are also corrupt. This is really painfull, vamwe musguga vamwe munzara……………………………

  28. The list shows that even Zimra had a scheme whereby it paid its CEO allowances of more than 100% of his basic salary. It is interesting to note that The Minister of Finance does not want to vouch for the correctness of the schedules submitted by parastatals. Is it a way of trying to manage public anger?

    If these salaries are correct then there is no story. The only issue is at PSMAS. The Government should just ensure that all these benefits are declared and taxed. At 50% tax rate, all this money would have returned to Government coffers without opening some labour disputes.

  29. Mwari huyai vanhu vaye vatanga

  30. Cry my beloved country! How can people earn so much when the companies are not making profit? This is sheer greed and I guess they will be promoted for being corrupt! Typical Zanu!

  31. Adjustment Bureau

    this is a scam. why the direct attack on PSMAS and covering up for everyone else? This is pathetic. Basic salaries my foot. What about the bribes and corruption fees they get? Newday, this is pathetic.

  32. @musona thank you. in fact most of the guys above are paying tax on their salaries not the allowances. we lived fairly well during smith’s time although we were discriminated against. in the mugabe’s government we were free so that mugabe and his friends gain while we suffer. its sad. i dont know when these leaders will be arrested to answer for all this bad they have done to us for the past 34 years. this makes me angry. if we zimbabweans are taking this lightly we are foolish.

    1. kwam kwam blazo

      @musona and sammy, u are lost guys, kukura kurikukunetsai eish. u thot that was a favour. rembr whites had other ways of taxing blacks, hut tax, dog tax, buying agricultural produce from blacks at reduced price, confiscating cattle, mombe mbiri nemadhongi mashanu wakamboizwa here. just to fool u kuti kugara mutown kunonakidza apa kurokesheni nekumahosteri kwainge kusina magetsi, doro muchitenga kachasu nemunzepete, ukaitawo musoro wofamba nebhasikoro…kkkkkk. ko nhasi urikugara pakaita sei bruru??

  33. Hw come yangu haipo. I earn $96k. I guess i should be number two

  34. @musona is talking nonsense. Blacks who were earning high salaries paid paye. I worked in a commercial bank and I paid paye. What was happening before imdepedence is that there were two salary levels, ie whites and blacks the former was higher than for the latter hence it attracted paye and not that blacks were exempt. This discrimination is the reason why we took up arms. Madzakudzaku like Musona have not accepted their defeat and will continue falsehoods in futile attempt to discredit zpf

    1. @bvudzijena what has changed now?, mouraya economy and now you set what people should earn because of what you have done. Sure for some one who makes hundreds of thousands on big farms and bribes some of these ministers should not talk too much. They want to benefit alone like the whites did then but only these blacks are now worst because havatodi kuti muzoita kana chinhu. They recommends $60 per month for farm workers, wanna know why? because they own big farms and more farm workers don’t ever think they do this for the nation you will be a fool to think that. After these salary cuts they are going to interfere with operations of these state enterprises tune them to benefit their interests. why do you think they are failing, If you follow media before bills were cut they was an article which was showing bills owed by these people, next thing they propose they be cut kkkkk and iwewe wabvisirwa ka $300 you celebrate Mr they have had $20 000 – $30 000 removed from their bills on multiple owned properties. Now check the herald they want to amend labor laws for whose benefit hint ” THEM” they have moved to own industries now so what do they need to do put harsh laws for employees and kill that stumbling block Employees shall suffer hence the nation will suffer. imagine hama dzedu in those industries. These guys really are they better of than Whites maybe better then you could manage a house in glenview, mbare, high field, Kambuzuma now you cant even dream on owning one working for these guys. OPEN eyes lets not celebrate too quickly otherwise these parastatal workers who will be obviously affected down to the lowest employee can just be victims like us tomorrow, yesterday and today.

    2. @bvudzijena – son of a strumpet – idiot

      1. newewo!

  35. aya ndiwo manyepo,only psmas ndiyo yabuda chokwadi ne kuti yakagara yaburiswa,ko mamwe ma managers ema companies iwaya ari kuita voluntary here, musanyepere vanhu ne wrong infor

  36. For universities the salaries shown are for vice chancellors but there’s one chancellor (i.e. Robert) for all these institutions. How much does he ‘earn’?

  37. My first question is who owns newsday, becoz it is clear he is trying to deceive people .the other time you were telling us that Zimra boss earns 310000 monthly and some guys from the Chitungwiza town council earning more than 30 000 monthly plus we know some very junior people who work for Zesaa who earn more than 2000 .so all these salaries are not true except for Cashberts

  38. KO yema councils, which have a direct bearing to the society, i.e service deliveryn ngaibude, asi Chombo aivharira futi? Ah NSSA, YOU GIVE THE CONTrIBUTORS 40 DOLLARS A MONTH and you pay yourself hefty salaries. NSSA should be a voluntary organisation and our MP’s should
    start fighting the imposition of this great money laundering scheme aimed at milking every poor worker in this country. We don’t need NSSA. They should just close shop and hand over all there assets to the department of social welfare or to auction them and improve facilities at our state hospitals. Private pension schemes or gvt pension is just enough. nssa is a replica of other exisiting systems. ZINARA CEO, must get anything equal to a civil servan or clerk in GVT, Until all the potholes gravel roads are sealed and tarred respectively. MA war vet you should stand up to the facts, we looking forward to demonstrations yekumirira zvamakarwira nezvakafira vamwe. icho.

  39. @kwam kwam blazo. i might be a wrong but here mugabe and his friends perfected the art of thieving far better than smith. smith discriminated, but mugabe and his friends decided to steal in the name of freedom from whites. all i am saying is that they are worse than smith and i am not saying i want smith back, not at all.

  40. KO yema councils, which have a direct bearing to the society, i.e service deliveryn ngaibude, asi Chombo aivharira futi? Ah NSSA, YOU GIVE THE CONTrIBUTORS 40 DOLLARS A MONTH and you pay yourself hefty salaries. NSSA should be a voluntary organisation and our MP’s should start fighting the imposition of this great money laundering scheme aimed at milking every poor worker in this country. We don’t need NSSA. They should just close shop and hand over all there assets to the department of social welfare or to auction them and improve facilities at our state hospitals. Private pension schemes or gvt pension is just enough. nssa is a replica of other exisiting systems. ZINARA CEO, must get anything equal to a civil servan or clerk in GVT, Until all the potholes gravel roads are sealed and tarred respectively. MA war vet you should stand up to the facts, we looking forward to demonstrations yekumirira zvamakarwira nezvakafira vamwe. icho.!

  41. What about long standing Central hospital CEOs?

  42. Magambahockeystadium

    Where is Sports and Recreation Commission?

  43. This is diverting attention of the public. The whole thing is fake; why has it taken this long to publish it. just goes to show they were manipulating the system. Vana Geshem Pasi they earn more than $500 000 per month. Mutasa kuHerald $200 000 per month. Chihuri $100 000. We know it.

  44. I for one never expected them to release true figures. the problem really is with a group of professionals called accountants, or bean counters to borrow from Americans. There is no oversight on the work done by accountants both in-house and externally. They are the final authority in all the work they do and if you get a financially illiterate board, they fly solo most of the time. Most CEO’s are accountants, all FD’s are accountants and all auditors are accountants. if this group connives, as they often do, to steal or enrich themselves, its almost impossible to unearth the damage they can inflict on a corporate entity. Even with a remuneration committee in a board, they only get to see what the two top accountants want them to see or they are bribed through board perks to rubber stamp decisions. We need a good mix of professions and skills in our boards if we are to improve the performance of these entities, the current system allows the bean counters to steal the company clean and no one questions them.

    Financial literacy should be a requirement for board membership and boards should be held liable for executive management decisions. George Charamba did not sleep on the job as he claims, being financially illiterate, most issues discussed were above his heard. Nemasusa, the ex-chairlady is the real culprit. I believe the lady is as sharp as a pin and has an amazing skill for attention to detail and a photographic memory. She would have had to be bribed to allow the rot at PSMAS to prevail. Sit on her and you get all you want about the going-on’s at PSMAS. I don’t hold much hope for the so called forensic audits, all these entities had external auditors, did they ever rise an alarm? More exorbitant fees and we expect better information? Who expects PWC to unearth dirt “missed” by Delloites, I don’t. Its the unwritten code between the firms, see no evil, hear no evil and tell no evil.

  45. and what procedure/tools/plan has the government put in place to make sure that the slashed salaries are the exact cash taken home by these thieves after this directive?? hatidi zvinhu zvekungonakidzana on the media zvichinzi gorvenment has done this and that..

  46. Kufakwangu Zvarova

    The ZESA figures are not correct. I bet.

  47. Inini Muramba Tsvina

    What about Finealt Engineering. How can you mention Verify and forget Finealt. What are these companies doing for the nation?

  48. The problem with today’s generation is denial. Munobvuma kunyeperwa zvichinzi zvichanaka chete – kusvikira rinhi? Mugabe haana chaanoziva – anogona kutaura chete. Handiti ndimi makavhota – muchadya izvozvo. Munovhota makatsinzinya seyi? Fools.

  49. On ZESA, i think you missed the figure there, which ZESA is that? who ever compiled that is guilty of contempt of the truth.

  50. Hausihwo hwega huori huri kuitika muma parastatal. Shuwa unowana zvichinzi takatenga mabroom 20 dollars each, maworksuits 30 dollars each, kusecurity company tinobhadhara 1500 dollars per worker. Vashandi vanopfeka maworksuits i50 bt kunotengwa maworksuits 1500 per yr. Mareceipts anenge aripo chero mukafonera supplying comapany inokuudzai zvimwe chete. Uhwu ndihwo huori hwauraya maparastatal kupfuura hwamabata. Obvious kuti chicompany cha boss ndicho chinenge chichi supplier zvinhu zvine maprice ekupenga aya. At the end mari inoenda kwaari. Batai vanhu ava coz kana musina kuita izvi hamuna kupedza huori NDATENDA

  51. Does anyone from the Govt ever read these comments?

  52. Right corruption yafumurwa. What is the way forward? Saka mbavha idzi dzongoenda freely here?

  53. It is good in a negative way that our colonial & Washington Consensus history has finally caught up with us. Somewhere along the line we used to receive balance of payments & budgetary support from the West in order to balance our books. This enabled the public sector to continue to pay wages & salaries beyond the means of state owned enterprises, parastatals & local authorities. The Look East Policy has now helped us to realize the wisdom of living within our means. Unlike the West, our Chinese friends have flatly refused to provide budgetary support to Zimbabwe. Instead, they have reminded us that the economic miracle of the country can only be achieved by the Zimbos themselves. Not by the Chinese, nor the Brits! Not by the Americans, nor the Europeans! How can we industrialize, or be competitive in global markets with this nonsense in the labour market?

  54. Haa ndopanoti zanu ,hanzi nyika takatora nehondo ,saka moba zve hondo ,this gvt is absolutely corrupt ,these scavengers of zanu pf ar taking advantage of office in which they squeezed themselves in,,where ar we going with such kind of rulership,,nw w have seen th list whoz gonna solve this ,with zanu on th podium neva ,,corruption is their song

  55. We dont see the Consumer council and ZUPCO on the list..or are these no longer parastatals?

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