Lack of political will hampers corruption fight

HARARE — Lack of political will is standing in the way of the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe, top lawyers have said.


This came to light at a consultative workshop on the assessment of Zimbabwe’s anti-corruption laws convened by the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa at the Bronte Hotel in the capital recently.

Presenting their reports, legal practitioners Alan Chaumba and retired Justice Majuru said Zimbabwe has taken positive steps in enacting anti-corruption legislation in Zimbabwe through the Constitution that gave rise to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

“First, there is need to consolidate all corruption-related legislative matters in one law to create a comprehensive legal framework and also to examine ways to enhance coordination among the different institutions,” Chaumba said.

Justice Majuru said the solution to dealing with corruption from a legal perspective is in capacitating and operationalising the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and blamed political bickering for stalling the process.

“ZACC has the power to investigate and expose corruption both in the public and private sector. It is also empowered to combat corruption, theft, misappropriation, abuse of power and other ipmproper conduct in the public and private sectors,” Majuru said.

Apart from promoting honesty, financial discipline and transparency in the public and private sectors, Majuru said ZACC also has power to direct the Commissioner-General of Police to investigate cases of suspected corruption and to report to the Commission of any such investigation.

Majuru bemoaned the fact that at a time corruption cases are on the increase, government has not renewed the mandate of ZACC commissioners except that of its chairman, rendering the institution a toothless bulldog.

To that end, Majuru and Chaumba urged authorities to channel adequate financial and human resources to relevant anti-corruption bodies like ZACC, Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Department of Anti-Corruption and Anti Monopolies in the Ministry of Home affairs.

“Enhanced technical assistance could also be handy in fully implementing anti-corruption legislation. This could be through capacity building programmes for authorities responsible for establishing and managing protection programmes,” Chaumba said.

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  1. this is a waste of time and resouses doing meetings concerning corruption, it is imposible for the gt to curb it coz it will probably leave only nhema and mzembi in gvt and everyone will be dust of corruption and thus distroyin gt and the party, i bet you if anyone is going to be prosecuted or even tried, they will only be told to patronise so that they are not arreste so ts a good thing for my president, thumps up, lets meet tomorw at lusaka comunity hall to worship GOD in highfields 9am

  2. Correct. Use the laws and operational environment that is there.

  3. the psychoanalyst

    the will is there alright and well cast in stone for all to see though temporarily clouded by the bearded man syndrome of abusive neoliterate power which has permeated the grey matter of some institution.

    take heart though, for the celestial fireball of the sun will clear it all up when it finally dawns there !!

  4. Not serious at all why hold anti corruption meeting in some posh hotels inseady of Mabvuku communityhall or Chinoimba community hall in Vic falls .It seems zimbabweans lke too much comforty they can spend thousands of dollars in a single day for the need of pleasure. corruption meetings should be brouhgt to homes of the poorest becoz they are the ones hit hard by it. Get idears on how to root out corruption in our society from these people,

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