Gumbura calls the shots from prison

JAILED cleric Robert Martin Gumbura is still running his RMG Independent End Time Message Church business from his prison cell with his deacons consulting him on all crucial church-related matters, Newsday has learnt.


Gumbura at his Malborough house during an inspection-in-loco that was carried out as part of his trial
Gumbura at his Malborough house during an inspection-in-loco that was carried out as part of his trial

He is also the sole signatory to the church’s bank accounts.

This emerged on Wednesday when deacons from Gumbura’s church met Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) head Johannes Ndanga to negotiate the lifting of a suspension on church activities imposed by the latter.

Gumbura was in January this year slapped with a 40-year jail term for sexually abusing female congregants from his church.

The High Court is today expected to deliver ruling on his application for bail pending appeal.

Ndanga on Wednesday advised Gumbura’s subordinates that the suspension order would only be lifted after they present a new leadership structure and renamed the church.

As one of the conditions, the church was ordered to take care of Gumbura’s family which consists of 11 wives and 30 children.

“You must elect an acting pastor to run the church and remove the acronym RMG from the church’s name because it is now associated with a criminal,” Ndanga.

The ACCZ head said he had discussed the matter with Gumbura during his familiarisation tour of Chikurubi Maximum Prison recently.

“If we let a convict run the church, it will be out of order because he is regarded as a criminal,” Ndanga said.

“So, you must hold an extraordinary general meeting to effect these changes.”

Ndanga said he recently toured Chikurubi Maximum Prison where he met Gumbura following his appointment to the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service Advisory Board for Mashonaland Region.

He said the church board — which was under Gumbura’s authority according to the church’s constitution — should be elevated so that the senior pastor would also report to the board to ensure accountability in church governance. The church was advised to delete from its doctrine the teaching of condemning people to death, to add respect of women’s rights and affiliate with a recognised ecumenical body and adopt a new constitution for the renamed church.

Ndanga said Gumbura’s church leaders were also advised to allow members to freely choose marriage partners and renounce the doctrine of total separation through which members were instructed to cut ties with relatives who were not church members.

“Specifically, state that the practice of Satanism, victimisation of congregants of any nature and sexual abuses which resulted in the suspension of the church shall not be tolerated in the new church,” Ndanga said.

The church leaders requested for more time to iron out some differences that had emerged among them after which they would fulfil all the requirements to facilitate the lifting of the ban.


  1. We will begin to doubt the sincerity of the ACCZ, the church should never see daylight. It has caused enough damage as it is. Its suspension has liberated people especially the women congregants. Reconstituting it will be bringing back the old wine only in new bottles. The article also shows that Gumbura is still in charge. The church or whatever organisation it was should simply be banned and people find new churches, Zimbabwe has never been short of churches.

  2. musavatendere izvozvo masatanist vanoda kuuraya vanhu , ngavapinde church dziriko kare idzodzo . Pliz plz

  3. we are christians not satanist in zimbabwe so musavape mukana iwowo , vanozouraya vanhu manje , kana vanetsa vavhairirei vese , ne ma fundisi acho , vaparidzirane kuchikurubi ikoko ,

  4. What is the legal standing of the ACCZ? Does it have an enabling Act hence authority to ban churches. Why do we know Ndanga ONLY – who else is part of this outfit.

  5. these gu
    ys ana Ndanga nde ve Zanu havana kana zvimwe zvavanofunga apa iye ane chifambi chishoma he z sliping ne vakadzi ve vanhu nxaaa

  6. Sure as it has been said, the world is cruel.To deny people their human rights is to challenge their humanity.To impose on them a wretched life of hunger and deprivation is to dehumanise them. But for an “annointed,” he had a worldview which was out of this world. He preached a gospel from the unknown. The bottom line question that can still be asked is ” How could he do such a thing” yet there is overwhelming evidence. Surely the Gods must be crazy. Its a shame. Ko muchati kudiiko kana ishe vachinge vokubvunzai kuti makabateiko mazuva amairarama muri panyika. Kuti makaitei mazuva ose amairarama??Tinoraramira ani???? NdiJESU chete wamutsa Razaro.Kwete vamwe vose ava.

  7. vanhu vemuzimbabwe ndakukoniwai. Kuti ndookugona chirungu heree kana kt wat. Makapenga paeverything……question, ideas, secrets, victims & criminals, answears, lies & politics, judgements …….woooooo u r real a group of professors. Mwini mwini dzenyu ukaita zvokutamba haizofa wakaziva chikwadi. Munovhiringa

  8. I attended a meeting recently where other heads religious bodied denied that Ndanga and his ACCZ has no mandate or legal standing to dictate to other fellow churches what the should do. Look carefully at the above statements attributed to Ndanga where he tells them what to do , what to include in the constitution and what doctrine to follow and so forth. Leaving this dubious se;lf appointed to exercise his personal discretion in Gumbura’s church is an affront to the right thing citizens of this country . I appeal to EFZ and other such like bodies to bring this issue to government attention so that a proper legal position is taken.

    its wrong for him to do that.

  9. Shabbata Mashanana

    zvakaoma hazvo

  10. women’s rights for what in church? everyone’s rights are clearly defined by the church’s only constitution which is the BIBLE, and all that you think is good, is not good for anything, some things we think are good for these Earthly kingdoms will only but destroy them. if that is really a Christian body, it should impose true bible teachings on that church, and not what Earthly parliaments and governments come up with.

  11. Uyo Gumbura muburitsei haana mhaka, itosungai vakadzi vacho avo varikuti vakarepwa, vakadzi vakuru vangati vakarepwa kuti vana vadiki here

  12. can Bishop Ndanga come and help us at AFM. EFZ is just quite yet we are one of their founding members. All the genuine christians supports you baba Ndanga with your ACCZ

    1. ko AFM yadii wch AFM anywae

  13. leave Gumbura alone pliz

  14. talking abt judgement all denomination wil be closed acording to bible doctrine, on earth no one is worthy to close church, JESU ANOTI REGAI ZVIKURIRANE TICHASANGANA PAKUKOHWA.

  15. Zimbabwe is not an animal is a respected sovereign states that has rules tht mst be followed by ts citizens en foreigners tt live in it en on it…..

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