Govt, Tokwe-Mukorsi villagers clash over game park

MASVINGO  –  Thousands of villagers from Chivi South have crossed swords with the government after they vowed to resist government plans to relocate them without compensation to pave way for a game park.


More than six villages that span along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway near Muzvidziwa bus stop and Kushinga School, among them Ndove, Muteve and Maringire, would be affected by the proposed creation of a giant park for game viewing whose size could not be immediately established.

Villagers said the government was taking advantage of current donor support for the Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam flood victims being moved to Chingwizi Camp in the Nuanetsi Ranch to also relocate them to make way for the game park in the evacuation confusion.

In the case of the Chivi villagers, they argued that theirs was not a national disaster or an emergency and said they would only move once compensated.

“We are now being put in the same bracket with those who were affected by floods or who are in the dam flood basin,” said a woman who declined to be named.

“If there are plans for a game park, then the government should not hide behind the floods, but should do it in a proper and orderly manner after compensating us first and developing the area we are going to be resettled.”

Another woman said what angered villagers the most was that soldiers were deployed in the area to force them to demolish their structures.

Masvingo provincial administrator and chairperson of the Tokwe-Mukorsi relocation co-ordination committee Felix Chikovo confirmed that there would be a game park, but said it would be strange to start evicting villagers now for a project set to begin in  2017.
“We were supposed to move the villagers in the buffer zone in three phases. We had completed phase one and phase two was forced to move by the national disaster.

“The issue of the game park is set for 2017 well after completion of the dam and after all, those villagers may not know if they are in the buffer zone,” Chikovo said.

“It would be strange to hear them saying that because we will make the right communication when the right time comes.

Maybe they just overheard about the project and are starting to react.”

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  1. The pple hav realised that the ‘gvt’ is made up of inconsiderate people whose plans ar in fact, stratagems meant to to enrich themselves. They hav allocated handsome projects to themselves well b4 th dam z completed, isu varidzi venzvimbo tichiendeswa kuChingwizi wher the pastures were finished by Joyce Mujuru’s cattle…shit mhani

    1. Mwanawevhu Mzee

      Its natural for people to react that way especially if things are not being done professionally. There are reports that even those who were resettled in the Mukorsi Resettlement Scheme long back, i.e villages 4, 5, 6 will be affected by the said game park. The provincial leadership responsible for the land should address people in advance so that people can make plans about their future. No future planning can be done if people are not sure what is going to happen to them. People need to build permanent structures and make some investments in the area but how can such people do so if their stay in the area is not guaranteed?

      Does the government mean that animals are now important than people who were resettled there initially??????

  2. Lion of Ngundu

    Why come up with such projects without thinking of the people first? That is plain selfish thinking for a government of the people to act in such a deplorable manner.

    1. I urge the planners to be considerate and move fast to allocate meaningful plots for the affected ,politicians are greed and taking pple for a ride by lying to Bob that tokwe -mukosi floods affected many pple because they wanted him to declare it a national disaster so theat they will loot most of the donated goods to their advantage lving the poor villagers will just matemba,beans,second hand clothes and mealie -meal.Gvt should not only compensate for the destroyed homes but for the loss of their damaged properties which were soaked in water since the incepton of the refugee camp.

  3. tibvigwe zvedu. what game park. were are you taking the game from? you have already created 1 for Rottenberg in Nuanetsi. so tell me the whole of Chivi and the lowveld is being turned into a game park? then if you are so organised and have planned this all this while, was it not obvious that those people should have got priority in the scandalous land reform.? if you care so much for the people. vana Chikovo musashandiswa mhani kuuraya vamwe venyu. develop infrastructure for irrigation and thats beneficiation at its basic. dumping people in Nuanetsi which we all no has nothing to sustain the poor families is ludicrous to say the list. vana Hungwe, Mumbwngegwi nana Mavhaire makangoti vavava vana vachishungurudzwa. tichaona kuti huMinister ihwohwo hwo zvika kupi. I am just hurt. clearly Robert knows these people did not vote for him so why should he care but for the useless trio i mentioned above to seat and watch and not make overtures to put things right for your people is scandalous.

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