Former Zimpraise singer dispels love affair


FORMER Zimpraise member Primrose Njewa has dismissed as false allegations that she deserted the choir on allegations of love scandals involving her and one of the choir’s leaders.


Njewa, who was on the lead vocals for the choir’s hit song, Sungano, left the group last year after three years. Rumour in showbiz circles has been that Njewa left the choir after an exposé of the affair heading to neighbouring South Africa.

“I know there are people who want to tarnish my image. My decision to quit Zimpraise has nothing to do with love affairs, but it was a decision that came since I wanted to pursue my education in South Africa,” said Njewa.

“I never dated anyone in Zimpraise choir. My boyfriend is not even a member of the Zimpraise choir, but some of the members actually know him.”

Njewa said she was forced to launch a solo career because she could not commit to travelling back home to rehearse and perform with the choir.

“I decided to do my own project as I felt we had drifted apart since I could not conduct rehearsals with the group,” Njewa said.

Njewa said she is working on two singles, I have made it and Ndibatei, off her forthcoming album to be released soon.

“I am working towards the release of my debut album with the help of Kwaito musician-cum-producer Arthur Mafokate and Mkululi Bhebhe of Joyous Celebration among others,” Njewa said.


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