‘Former MDC-T ministers were in government to make up numbers’


FORMER State Enterprises and Parastatals minister Gorden Moyo has admitted that MDC-T Cabinet ministers were unable to curb corruption during their tenure in the inclusive government because they had been allocated “irrelevant ministries” and most of their proposals to the curb the scourge were ignored by their Zanu PF counterparts.


Speaking during a public meeting organised by corruption watchdog Transparency International Zimbabwe in Mutare on Thursday, Moyo said of the 14 ministries allocated to his party, only five were significant.

“It’s only the Finance, Health, Labour, Energy and Water ministries that we had and the rest were like departments. We were there to make up numbers. We were conned,” Moyo said.

He claimed the rest, including his, were only there to make numbers.
“I was just a thinking minister and not a doing minister. The MDC had only five ministries, but on paper we were 14,” claimed Moyo when quizzed by the residents to explain what efforts he made to stop the vice during his tenure as Cabinet minister in charge of parastatals.

Turning to the ongoing exposé of corruption and obscene salaries and perks received by top executives at public institutions, Moyo accused President Robert Mugabe of not being sincere over the issue.

“The problem is bigger than the salarygate. We have a structural problem. The State enterprises have become retrenchment home for the military, former ministers and former ambassadors.

“Over the years the current government has been losing elections and it is the military that is saving the current government from implosion. Therefore, they have a sense of entitlement. The President is held hostage by these people.

“The government has no guts to take these people to courts because doing so will be like self-indictment,” he added.

Moyo said State security arms of government were also “too weak” to deal with the matter as they were either incapacitated or accomplices in corruption.

Speaking at the same event, human rights activist Farai Maguwu accused Zanu PF of failing to enforce its own 1984 code of conduct which denounces corruption.


  1. I dont agree with what u a saying gorden. when yu were elecyed into thos house yu simply went to sleep and some of yu will soon join the bandwagon of corruption.

    • @antic0rruption- You see Minister that is exactly why we have a fourth estate called the press. Its job is to put these issues into the public domain..Why did you wait for Johnathan Moyo to release these ugly figures to the press when you had them in your bag for five years? I suggest you shut up before you do more damage to your party. You guys were in it for the power, fun and games not the people…at least this much is now known.


  3. now you are admiting and you want the nation to forgive you, why did you not fire them and fallout with mugabe, why didnt you raise it by that time. waitotsvagawo pekuba napo. mapolitician mese muri mbavha dzevanhu, ministers also should seve 2 terms so that they face the law once they are out of gvt since they are above the law when in gvt, lets come to lusaka comunity hall tomorwand worship the lord is spirit and in truh, nyika yakuda vanotha mwari, 9am highfields

  4. Finance irrelevant, Health irrelevant, Energy irrelevant!! etc phew! which ones did he want? Silence is golden irrelevant former minister Gorden.

    Some matters are beyond redemption.

  5. Hamuna kunge mawirirana here? Makuzvitaura nhasi coz masara? Dai makapiwa maMinistries iwayo in the current government mairamba here?

    Nonsense, nxaaa

  6. We were conned,” Moyo said. Well imi maivepi uye muchiti chii nazvo? Makore mashanu cooned? this raises many questions. Inga Chematama was having tea with the president wani zvaaitaura kuti, “Ini nava Mugabe we have tea every monday morning at the State House.

  7. If Mr Moyo and others were token Ministers did they also receive token salaries&allowances and drive token Mercedes Benzes with token fuel and live in token State Residences with token free electricity,water&rates????

    Mr Moyo must refund every cent he earned as Minister except a token $1….If he does not then he must be held accountable as a full minister for the rot that took root at parastatals on his watch in the GNU

  8. What an idiot this Gorden Moyo guy is. He now says they were conned by Mugabe. Some of us know that Mugabe is the biggest con man of our time. MDCs were warned but would not listen because they were more interested in paper cabinet posts. Tsvangirai and MDC-T thought they were the government-in-waiting and accepted anything thrown at them by ZanuPF including urging gullible people to endorse a silly Constitution which allows a 90-ear old man to govern for another 10 years. Power-drunk Tsvangirai even called the GNU a transitional period only. At the time power-drunk Biti even said it was imperative the new incoming order should include the older order. MDC-T has now fallen flat on their faces and are trying to shift the blame to Mugabe as if they were blind when they accepted meaningless paper cabinet posts. These MDC-T fools were unable to change a single thing but they were not worried because they thought election victory was already in the bag. They spent most their time flying regularly around the globe to urge Western governments to lift sanctions against ZanuPF

  9. One senence should read, “Tsvangirai and MDC-T thought they were the government-in-waiting and accepted anything thrown at them by ZanuPF including urging gullible people to endorse a silly Constitution which allows a 90-year old man to govern for another 10 years”.

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  11. How soon we forget people?
    Have we been so blinded that we cant see what happenned in the last govt.
    All major hospitals reopened and started working.
    I remember in 2009 going to Pari in Nov, 2009 after car accident in ambulance and being treated after X-rayed and my friend even stayed for a month and In 2010 was back for an Op all this would not have been possible in 2008. People were now going to Kwaranda in 2008 or other mission hospitals.

    In 2008 when ZESA Substation broke down people were asked to contribute to buy forex for spares.
    Now we dont see that happening.
    Lets give credit were its due
    Industrial capacity utilisation grew to almost 60%
    In 2008 schools had closed, ask any Varsity student there and they will tell of walking to school and finally Varsities closing.
    Now things have changed.

    But however we seem to hurtling back to those 2008 days now quickly now since we now the quickest routes.

    So please give credit to were its due.
    Did I mention Civil Service being paid now too no fuel coupons /bank queues etc.

    • @Educated- that was the US dollar my friend..neither the MDC nor ZANU had a hand in all this! In which country did industrial capacity grow to 60%?

      • Yes it was the magical power of the world’s most valued currency, the US dollar. Nobody in either Zanu-pf or the self-named Tsvangirai party, MDC-T, should ever fool us by pretending they helped turn around this economy.

  12. G Moyo and company remember, a bag of tricks out of 87 only 4 have been used, so brace for more to come.

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  14. @Educated beta shut up yo damn big mouth fo nothing.talking nonsense .they failed these idiot Ministers period.G Moyo beta kunyarara.

  15. I thought some of yo ministries were very powerful. I remember Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant failing to acquire a E10 licence coz it was under yo minister. So the Finance ministry was relevant? Haa

  16. So the truth has been said – Gordon Moyo slept at work. What was this guy’s Job when he could not supervise these parastals????? Who is to blame? If he had no power over this why didn’ t he say it at the time for the public to know????

  17. @educated.are you trying to imply that MDC brought those changes you are talking about?You need to think who brought that whole situation to so low.You also need to know that not even a single cent came from those who promised the MDC heaven.The changes were simply bcoz we legalized the use of the US dollar and it was Chinamasa who was the acting minister of finance.So be honest with yourself.

  18. haiwawo u want to speak today ,where were u all along,yes corruption its there ndosaka makapinda mu inclusive ka then u started sleepng there,nhasi u out of gvt wakutaura taura,all of u zpf and mdc u are thieves,,nonsense

  19. @ Educated, are tryng 2 tell us that u only came 2 know about Parirenyatwa in 2008? Did it not exist during th 80s? After all, who had caused all these problems? Don’t tel us that u know nothing about ZDERA.

  20. @educated yo point is very correct. There was a positive change that registered with zthe inclusion of MDC the Zpf destructive jagurnaut was slowed down, new ideas were heard and shelves restocked. Political competition was increased, what did not change though was the head of state, what he sunctions will never be changed at least for now.

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  22. @educated. Lets be honest with ourselves. Dollarisation brought all those changes. It forced itself cos there was no other alternative at the time. The Mdcs didnt do a thing.

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