‘Exports only way to Zim dollar return’


FOREIGN Affairs deputy minister Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday said exports were the only way that could lead to a comeback of the Zimbabwean dollar.


Addressing MPs at a workshop on ZimAsset in Harare, Mutsvangwa said Zimbabweans were educated, but it was time to translate ideologies into inventions and products for the export market.

“Exports are very important for the competitiveness of the country and if Zimbabwe wants its currency to have a comeback and become strong, we must export,” Mutsvangwa said.

“The only way is to manufacture and have Made in Zimbabwe products — and that is not difficult to achieve as we have an educated resource base, but the challenge is to produce goods for exports.”

Mutsvangwa said there were three to four world-class mineral resources in the Great Dyke, adding that if the Chinese or Indians could use their natural resources for the benefit of their own countries, Zimbabweans were able to do it.

“I have misgivings about the University of Zimbabwe business school in that it has not produced a businessman of note like the Harvard University in America which produced Bill Gates. Maybe there is need to re-look at their syllabus,” he said.

“All over the world there is a huge market for lithium which is a resource found in Zimbabwe and Bolivia and Zimbabwe should be major suppliers of batteries in the world.
“We need to harness resources because all new cars in the world will be using lithium for their batteries.”

Mutsvangwa said contracts negotiation was very poor, adding that Zimbabwe must demand those companies coming to invest should first build power stations before they start mining.

“As Parliament we should know these are the things that make a country competitive. We should be able to realise our potential. We are like someone who has inherited a sack of gold, but does not open it,” he said.

Secretary for Mines and Mining Development Francis Gudyanga said Zimbabwe produced 40 900 tonnes of lithium in 2013, realising $559 million.

He said tantalite was also extracted in most rural areas like Bikita, Kamativi, Mberengwa, Mutoko, Odzi, Karoi and Bindura by women and it was used for cellular phones, laptops, iPods and army artillery and had a value of $100 per kilogramme.


  1. Well said Cde Minister, if only there were ten more like-minded persons in this govt,the minister of mines included. We expect to see action, I think you double up and be the Minister of Higher Education as well.

  2. crazy minister, how can anyone come up with a manufacturing business without any source of capital as banks etc long seized to provide such finance in zim. Furthermore there is hardly any electricity & water to power manufacturing, jus to mention a few viability challenges

  3. Ana Chris Mutsvangwa munotaura zvine musoro nekuti makaenda paUniversity of Rhodesia paidzidziswa zvirokwazvo! Mabva kuhondo you ditched an education curriculum which was sound and replaced it with watered down rubbish to enable you to loot, today its come back to bite you!

  4. i closed down my manufacturing business coz of high water and electricity bills. We hear the high bills are designed for CEOs to loot. U cant buy a Zim made products becoz of prices. Imports are cheaper by far

  5. Minister yu are the only one who is trying to jump out first of a ship of fools, before it runs aground. But its too late murume. I have always said, Zimbabwe is full of educated fools. If banks can’t lend people money, which is their main sevice to the country, how are they surviving?. Banks are holding the country to ransom by not supporting investments in the country?.

    • You are the ignorant fool. Banks are businesses that lend ONLY on bankable projects and lend to entities with a good probability of paying back. But under the current leadership climate there is no good probability of paying back any loans hence the banks are now reduced to safe-keeping of depositors’ funds. Simple!

  6. the major problem we have as a nation is of capital b it money or machinery but ts a gud observation by the minister. well said

  7. Excellent point but the atmosphere and policies in the US and other nations is far easier for business people to be successful. Exporting products is very important and Zimbabwe has the resources and people to increase exports dramatically. The problem – government policies and victim culture. Lots of nations and their people have been wronged but those who are economically successful for the benefit of the people move ahead. Asia countries like China is also a good example. In conclusion, keep pushing for exports but get rid of the obstacles for economic development.

  8. Well said but I doubt if you can have 3people including yourself from Zanu Pf who will take you seriously. Kutaura kwekunyaradzana. Pa ground ibasa corruption and looting.

  9. Which banks are you talking about Vagoni? Banks don’t manufacture money. Chris and company made banks not to have money by scaring us into not banking when they started talking of taking over banks. The result was that none of us ever put our money into the banks!
    Where were you Vagoni? How much have you put into the banks for onward lending to entrepreneurs?
    Let’s not be fooled by the same people all the time mhani. Ana Chris go about threatening real investors.
    Which Chinese resources is Chris talking about? Marange diamonds?

  10. First eradicate corruption and westernophobia and start think of exports. Many organisations are folding and you hear someone talking of exports. Am baffled.

  11. well said cde but wahat do we export?Industries are dead e.g Zisco which was one foreign currency earning entities zvekutoti vana teurai ropa vakatombondoidyira botswana,revive industries with speed madofo nxaaaaa

  12. Strive Masiyiwa may not have come out of UZ Graduate School of Business but your government tried all it could to thwart his idea were it not for the visionary Father Zimbabwe. Now look at where Econet is in comparison to your very own Netone that had a headstart in the game. It’s the creation of a conducive business and political environment, and your economic policies that only teach people to be self-centered and to plunder that matter, stupid!

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  14. @ mukanya uri gudo chairo! What mutsvanga is saying is very simple and straight forward lets rebuilt our economy through exports period.

  15. I still have vivid remembrance of a guy in Shurugwi and a certain Mr. Sibanda from Bulawayo whom were advised never to fly their locally produced copters until they sought permission from the Aviation authorities and that was the last we heard from them. Probably they were told they would be shot dead, if they ever dared to fly their planes. Have the policies now change comrade minister, or as usual, you are just playing to the gallery?

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