Didymus Mutasa to sue Tendai Biti

STATE minister for Presidential Affairs Didymus Mutasa has vowed to take MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti to the cleaners for labelling him a murderer in the run-up to last year’s harmonised elections.


Mutasa is suing Biti for $5 million after the latter told MDC-T supporters that the Zanu PF politician had played a hand in the death of a 12-year-old Headlands boy, Christpowers Maisiri.

Mutasa’s lawyer, Gerald Mlotshwa, yesterday told NewsDay that his client was determined to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.

“We are waiting for the pre-trial conference date. I spoke to my client about that and he is still eager to have his day in court. The matter is still alive and we are just waiting for a date,” he said.

The teenage boy was burnt to death at his father’s Headlands home in a suspected politically-motivated attack.

His father, Shepherd Maisiri, was the MDC-T’s aspiring parliamentary candidate for the area.

Addressing mourners at the teenager’s burial in February last year, Biti said he had heard that Mutasa was behind the death of the teenager.

“We told Didymus Mutasa (Zanu PF minister and local MP) that he is behind the murder of this boy,” Biti said.

“If he thought we were hiding under the cover of Cabinet privilege, we are now saying it in public. Mutasa, you killed this boy! If you think we are lying take us to court for defamation.”

Biti could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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  1. Biti is commuting between a frying pan and a fire these days.Reaping the seeds of getting big-headed as it were.

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  2. Diesel rock Mutasa at it again!

  3. Don’t worry Biti I will talk to Mtasa. He is my home boy. As such u must lose sleep over that. By the way what is the position with regards my case involving Kereke?

  4. Mutasa and Tsvangirai versus Biti. Hauponi shawmwari TB.

  5. Well Didymus Mutasa is in the Intensive Care Unit at a private clinic in India right now. The chances of him ever appearing in court is between slim and none. Worry not, Tendai Biti !

    1. wELL MURONZI Wishfull thinking, at least mutasa can get specialist treatment, iwe you need that specialist treatment but the problem hauna mari, urikuenda kun’anga and your biti is going to sing the blues. irikubva kuna gono ichienda kuna va mutasa, ndokunzi keep the monkey busy.

  6. Well,Biti was hiding behind MDC-T which he has turned against.This shows how naive the guy is.
    Mr.Biti be careful! That Mutasa is in the intensive care unit somewhere does not mean you are innocent.
    Mhosva haiwori mwachewe-kunyange iwe uri LAWYER!! Your careless talk may cause you problems!!!

  7. Iye ndiyo inonzi gomo muremeri Chireseri nyya dzawanda munhu angova mumwechete.

  8. Zvorwadza Save Wedoko

    kusura kwemukuru kunokwezva kumama, nhaka!

  9. Ana reason mukadzikama kwanzi zvodii baba.

  10. So Puffing Diddy wants to take Biti to court on allegations of character defamation? Strange. Veeeeery strange indeed. Diddy, didnt you accuse MDC supporters of violence and murder in 2008 even when you knew very well that it was your supporters? Were you taken to court for that? Others were even jailed for crimes committed by your goons yet you and your bosses tied police’s hands. Were you sued for that? Now that you have been accused this once, and not suffered for it once, you rush to the courts. shame on you sir. A cry-baby!

  11. Biti hauna mhosva ndoo kuti politics panototi patukanwe kuti zvifambe mapedza monodya mose kfc kkkkkk.

  12. Nine finger Disiel pa Chinhoyi . You’re lying on a death bed

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