Councils refuse to cut salaries

LOCAL authorities have defied a government directive to slash salaries and perks of their top managers, saying the order was against the country’s labour laws.


Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa last week directed all local authorities and parastatals to slash salaries of their top executives to a maximum of $6 000 inclusive of allowances.

Chinamasa said the cap on salaries would run while investigations into how the bosses were awarded hefty salaries and perks were being undertaken.

The local authorities yesterday said they would not act impulsively as they would be guided by the country’s Constitution and labour laws when dealing with the issue.
But lawyer Tawanda Zhuwarara felt that the government could get away with its directive with no legal impediments.

“Section 195 sub-section 1 of the Constitution says all companies and institutions owned by the State should abide by generally accepted standards,” Zhuwarara said.
“When an individual gets $500 000 and the company can’t pay its workers, it’s not good corporate governance. It’s not just stupid, it’s illegal.”

Zhuwarara added: “If you look at it on the surface, it’s unfair, but it is legal and necessary . . . no crime might have been committed, but these salaries are tantamount to a fraud.”

Harare City Council (HCC) yesterday said it would not be shepherded into implementing the government directive without considering the consequences.

HCC human resources committee chairperson Wellington Chikombo said the issue of salaries for local authority bosses would be dealt with within the confines of the country’s Constitution and labour laws.

“Everything has to be done according to the laws of the country. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing, it’s about the law. We are a law-abiding council and everything has to be done according to the supreme law of the country,” Chikombo said. “We have to be diligent and sober, we don’t have to approach matters with emotions because we get emotive results. We will be cautious in dealing with our (human) resource.”

Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi was reportedly getting $37 000 in both salary and allowances, but that would be slashed to $6 000 if council implemented Chinamasa’s directive. Salaries for town clerks for Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, which stood at $9 439 and $7 352 respectively, were also supposed to be cut.

But Bulawayo mayor Martin Moyo said Chinamasa’s directive could also ignite brain drain that could heavily impact on the performance of the local authority.

“I don’t think that is right for government to impose a new salary structure on local authorities. There is an adage which says you pay peanuts, you attract monkeys. If the government imposes the announced salaries, I don’t foresee the best brains remaining in jobs,” Moyo said.

Kadoma mayor Muchineripi Chinyanganya added Chinamasa’s statement was not “implementable and also populist”.

“The minister did not only set an upward cap for salaries, but also instructed us to raise the salaries of the low-income earners to above the Poverty Datum Line ($511),” Chinyanganya said. “The question one has to ask is will local authorities will be able to afford that salary hike and for us it is almost impossible. The minister made that statement without consulting those involved. It is just populist and we can’t implement it.”

Mutare mayor Tatenda Nhamarare said the local authority was awaiting a directive from its parent ministry, the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

“We only heard about that issue in the newspapers, but our directives come only from the parent ministry, which is that of Local Government. We will wait to hear from them,” Nhamarare said.

There were fears that the directive could trigger a massive exodus of experienced personnel to countries such as Botswana, South Africa and Europe where they could get better salary offers.

Efforts to get a comment from Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo and Chinamasa were fruitless as their phones went unanswered.

Labour experts have, however, warned that government would be overwhelmed with lawsuits if it implemented the salary cut decision.

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  1. What brain drain are u talking about , its not like those people running town councils are highly specialized and indispensable. This is just a self serving statement. Do u think in zimbabwe we have manpower shortage. For your own information we have over 10000 people who can do that job efficiently and at that salary , so stop lying about brain drain blah blah . its you whose brain is drained

    1. Thanks Tendai- this insensitive arrogance from those councillors who purport to represent the people is unfortunate. Please spare us the nonsense about brain drain..If these guys were to leave, it would turn out to be the BIGGEST FAVOUR they ever did their communities…more like superb community relations! The communities they have been robbing can not wait to see them in the rearview mirror!

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    2. my roomate’s sister makes $64 hourly on the laptop . She has been without work for six months but last month her payment was $21522 just working on the laptop for a few hours. original site……

  2. If the people running councils affairs are the best brains we have in the country, then its better to lose them all through that so called brain drain.

  3. Ngavasiye mabasa acho kana vasingachaade takatomirira kuapinda isu tine experience plus the relevant qualifications.

  4. mr Ndoro itai mushe ka,

  5. These guys should all go, we have lots of unemployed people who can do the job. Asvotwa ngayende!!!!

  6. “There is an adage which says you pay peanuts, you attract monkeys.Moyo said.” – so those earning less than $6000 are monkeys?

    Plus what brain drain? All what these guys do is just suck the finances out of the council. HCC has become a money pit to these guys and yet nothing wonderful is showing in their work.

  7. Stupid minds here! Wake-up smell the coffee!

  8. We have enough labor force to replace those people . There are a lot of people who can do the same job batter. If they want let them go. These Salaries represents capitalism which is not good for the generations to come and even now. The poor will remain poor and the rich richer. It starts now . Beside the extra income can bust the economy if it is redistributed in some sectors like health. it can pay a lot of civil servants . With the multiplier effect help the economy.

  9. hazvinetsi izvo ngavaeedzere munhu wese anoshanda kukanzuru voenzana nemaDirectors acho then vozosangana pakushaya source of the funds tione kuti who will they blame and sue kuLabour court kwacho

  10. When we ask for $20 salary increment , the answer is : there is no money!! Kabahambe vele kwakulabanye ezikhundleni zonezo bengakangeni bona; Right now they are failing to give us $ 54 increment back dated January yet they are getting those huge salaries

  11. another case another pay cheque for Madhuku,Gwisai,Matsikidze and Mucheche (labour experts)

  12. Capping salaries is just populist n stupid.they shld be determined by market forces.its foolhardy to say all CEOs of parastatals n local authorities get $6000 yet their performanc n revenues r different.whereas 500k is obscene bt 6k flat is unacceptabl.we also dnt want to c a situatn wher workers go for 12months without pay but mgmt goes home with hefty perks.

    1. that’s really the issue. we a diversity of institutions with different incomes/revenues and government has put the ruling that salaries should not exceed 30% of revenue.

      in this ruling that ruling has been ignored completely.

      in all writings people/commentators or newspaper editors are not mentioning at that Tomana has exonerated all the parastatals ceos council heads included. he says they all have valid contracts of employment. what may not be clear from tomanas statement is that for all government institutions the head of state is the ultimate appointing officer.

      he appoints ministers and gives them terms, who equally appoint their subordinates and give them terms.

      so chinamasa and jonso were just over zealous. currently their promulgation of that of piece of legislation is being challenged by the mps.

      now going to quality of ceos we have in Zimbabwe. most them have long stayed. surely everyone would be happy to have mahachi removed from the city of Harare. they are many like him who don’t care about service delivery. the issue of service delivery should not be directly linked to salaries. people what ever they earn should deliver on their mandates. that’s the normal rule. but our top leadership does not seem to understand that.

    2. Do these morons know the value of US? If they are too good for 6000 then they must look for greener pastures. I promise you very few if any can be employed elsewhere. These ungrateful fools

  13. vanovhundutsira aniko, ngavaende mhani kwavanofunga kuti vachanopiwa mari yakawanda. maqualifications echii? nxa.

  14. Majaira kudya ma$300,000 mavakuona sekuti your real amount haichaite u a talking about R60,000 saying haikwani wakambodzidza chii chacho siya,Just pay them peanuts there are monkeys looking for those peanuts ivo vatsvake zvinoita maburstards ngavasiye basa racho.What surprises me is that a lot of graduates are just siting not working but with qualities of working the same job.To hell with u vekuBulawayo they worth it coz they were working without fraud bvirai kure iko

  15. They must cut their salaries imagine someone take home $37 000 but the same councel is failed to mantain streetlights. Residents getting shit to drink. I think we dont have powerfull government bcoz hw come a human resource officer is challeging government’s dirrective.if these poeple are basing on constitution thy must show us which chapter says they must not deliver. Fire them if u look over the way most of them are over 60. My foot

  16. I think most people here are just trying cut their nose to spite their face. This reduction in salaries is not going to end at senior management but will go down to the engineers and technicians maintaining these institutions. These managers will also cut down salaries of their subordinates to make sure kuti imi ndimi muno suffer at the end of the day. How can an engineer get $2000 when his managers is getting close to that or even less. Regai muone zvichaitika. Mvura, magetsi, phone, roads etc zvichaita wastuk manje manje. musazoti handina kutaura!

    1. Uku kufunga kwe huku chaiko..those experts have always attracted a special allowance..why would they not get it because the chief executive who was a thief was brought to heel.If anything it is the people who do the actual work who were being shortchanged incuding these experts..So hey huku, this is what these experts have been waiting for all along to be recognised for their competence not the scarecrow nonsense you are peddling here, but then uri huku anyhow!

    2. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

      No the engineer must get more than the so-called senior management who can easily be replaced without specialization requirements. Simple.

  17. ibrain dzokuba dzavanadzo chete ngavaende chinovatadzisa kuforma makambani avo kushaya njere, kumirira mudyandigere, Chavatiitira chinotaridza hunyanvz kushaika kwemvura nemarara, hudofo hwavo hwakawandisa kudarika zvavanogona . endai kumafuro akaoma mhiri kwamuchanoshandira zvinoenderana neyamuchapuwa, toti muno munehusimbe.

  18. mutengesimukuru

    Kusaziva value yemari chete, bad mentalityin Zim.

  19. They have tasted good life now its becoming a problem to contain them.All this is because of Mugabe who failed to rein in Chombo. What we”re witnessing here is nothing, but just a dare to Chinamasa. Those guys know for sure that if they relinquish those positions, we have so many people who could not just replace them, but more so do the work efficiently and deliver.What Chinamsa should is to man-up enough and show the bastards who holds the cards.

  20. Just make sure those who are refusing to follow orders are arrested for treason full stop. headmasters were called to account for Teachers’ incentives when gvt put a cap to them and some of us parents wanted the teachers to get their incentives. Headmasters had to follow the directive from the gvt so what is so special about these councils. Just arrest them now before they pay out the incentives. Isn’t it gvt payday has been moved to llok for money but these councils would rather not pay their workers so that bosses get their obscene fraudulent salaries and perks.

  21. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

    “-we don’t have to approach matters with emotions because we get emotive results.” As far as this issue is concerned, let us approach it with emotions in order to solve it once and for all. The reason why we should approach the issue with emotions is that Chikombo and his colleagues, gave themselves salaries while emotional. These are not sober figures. If the councils continue to get such salaries this month, then we will never trust what the authorities who gave the directives will say in future. We are very angry. Haisi nyaya yekutamba nayo irikuitwa ne these greedy worms.

  22. up to I looked at the paycheck which said $7050 , I be certain that my best friend could truley taking home money part time from their laptop. . there sisters roommate has been doing this for under 7 months and recently repaid the loans on there mini mansion and got a top of the range Mazda . Get More Info ..>>> w­ww.b­ay92.cℴ­md

  23. Gara zviya Chombo na Chinamasa varikudivi rimwe here muzanu pf. Vanhu hamusi kuona Factionalism here panyaya iyi?, Chombo ndiye arikutovafurira and Chombo ari kwamai Mujuru. MaiMujuru murikueredzwa na Ngwena mbichana-mbichana. Hokoyo!!

  24. KKKKK Why dont you fire them and replace with your rural teachers and we watch after three years, Do you really think some one who was teaching 3 pin plug can come and design or trouble shoot a substation or run a power station some times people you just waffle, this is mere en-vie turn jealous of those succeeding working in the sectors problem is not salaries alone which most were distorted evidence from Sunday mail report by net one boss. The government seeks to divert attention from real issues affecting the economy. Your corruption, failures and ill policies after all the salaries were signed by government officials after board recommendations and even with further corrections from same government officials with the blessing of the ministers. Many which were Zanu PF. Correct your mess silently please not make it loud to divert attention from real problems. Jonathan Moyo is a strategist he knows when to touch and shift weak minds. @ Falcon huku is correct special allowance you are talking of will not apply the instruction is $6000 max inclusive all allowances which practically means inclusive professional fees, fuel allocation, vehicle allocation (converted to monetary value), medical benefits, cell phone allowances, etc because these were the ones used to come with the total we see though some were erred by the consultant so take home will be far short of $2000 in reality after tax for a CEO expected to deliver ZIM ASSET. So i want you to stretch 30 grades between $2000 and $511 and also varying managerial,professionals, non professionals and general. Rather just come out open and say we want them paid as civil servants. whole nation paid as civil servants except them and they create empires while the rest join you those who are crying unfairness. those in civil service qualified will only enjoy the extra $300 for a short time pressure and decrease in standards of living will just have them crying, under performing and also seeking greener pastures as would have been done by those who would have left. some salaries were too high but to blanket them is not a wise move rather do it on a case by case scenario plus the main out cry PSMAS is not a parastatal for your information they are nationalizing private company using public out cry. You have never seen the company listed on fiscus budget but it has grown far more than these real parastatals these outstanding payments they talked of could have been artificial considering they got cleared in 2 months can Zesa clear its debt in that space of time by changing the CEO or cutting salaries?, which ever the case maybe human resource is going to be affected and for all you crying im sure you have relatives in these parastatals guess what they are going to suffer weather manager or CEO or cleaner if you that close soon they will be knocking on your door for assistance if you were going to them then better start thinking of another option coz definately this shall not be a CEO slash alone.

  25. nyaya iri pakuti kana agara anechikwereti chinobviswa $6000 pamwedzi. munhu uyu hasisina mari zvachose, ma 1 anenge atotanga.anyway ngavarowe pasi,kudzidza kwavo hakushamisire, ndiani wacho asisina kudzidza.

  26. Hapana akazvarwa achinzi iri basa nderake.kana mari yaveshoma ngawaende kune inokwana.Besides who is going to employees them there Cvs will be full of failuer to provide basic services,no one will employee these pple.So they must shut and thank God they still have a job

  27. ZIMCORRUPTION economic program at work it needs our total patriotic and nationalistic support.

  28. Zvekupenga izvo.we surviving on $1000.00 umwe munhu akutoti 6 ishoma.he e ndakadzidza.asina kudzidza ndiyani
    .yet these pple have not been delivering anything.akanzwa kuti botswana,namibia kunodiwa vamhu vasiri productive ndiani.just jerk off.

  29. Something Good

    Chinamasa, J Moyo, Chinoz, Mliswa are asking hard questions. Whether their hands are dirty or not, I say not since the days of Malunga and Dongo did parliament talked sense. Back to subject matter:
    1) Very silly for zim CEOs especially gvt appointez. U ran down companies and local authorites. Now you say you are performers. U lucky, anywhere else u wld be flipping beggars nekubika pizza.
    2) You didn’t apply for the jobs, had u done so u wld not hve seen the door to the interview room.
    3) As for Martin Moyo in Byo, I challenge u to go in diaspora or to apply for a job with similar seniority, unoita matanyela iwe. Hausi class inonzi yo departure is gonna hurt. Its good ridhensi.

  30. kkkk, @Mangwende we Zimbabwe you have made my day seriously. Much to the disappointment of ratepayers, they will use the law and the law might even protect them.As such Chinamasa must move with the swiftness of a gazzelle and make it a point that his actions speak louder than words here.

    1. Most of them have reached retirement age maybe its time they home and give their sons and daughters a chance to work also…

  31. only a stupid non-educated person will think those council workers are qualified…These are people that easily be replaced….

  32. What brain drain are these talking about, if they are as clever as they say they are why are we in this mess in the first place.

  33. we might as well stop paying bills… n see who is king with no revenue…people who genuinely deserve those jobs are not getting then.l dont think brain drain has a meaning……. if he thinks his leaving office is brain sorry……. he is mistakened

  34. let them go….. l dont think … cities wld stop functioning if they left……life goes on….let them go!!!

  35. chokwadi hupenyu hwakasiyana siyana. I want that job i know it better than them its only oppotunity. Instead of giving me that $6000.00, i nid only $100 on top of my salary which i am earning coz right nw am paid $400-00 to make it $500 then my lyfe wil automatically change mozongonditi mota mondibhadharira pekugara ndinenge ndatopinda machena. Those pple let them give thanx to god ngavaende. Toona sekunge vafa vaone kuti hapana here anopinda pazvigaro izvozvo. Dzinoitiswei mari dzakadaro kuvapa isu tirikurarama wani nema $400 nxa.

  36. Leave and go where? In which planet where they can get those salaries. Even in America they are not earning that much.

  37. mbwa dzevanhu mazvinzwa iwe wekanzuru shit wako brain drain chii chacho iyo kanzuru yamamira kudaiso vabatsirei movapa mari yaifanira kugadziriswa maportholes.ivo chero vakanoshanda out of the country our council wil start to improve

  38. Hey,people are angry.but wy Is cde chombo quiet.we need hie Voice plus cde robert and tomana to speak in This far big up to chinamasa

  39. Majaira kuba chete zvapera zvakurwadza its easy 2 adjust from a low salary & its tough 2 adjust from those high salaries , pay yamakupihwa ndiyo yamaipa mwana pocket money achienda kuchikoro zvakurwadzaka ? Imagine imi muchitambira mazimari yet an ordinary worker within council haasi kutombopihwa shoma iyoyo . Tambai irikurira akomana

  40. Zanu pf unemployed youths Bulawayo?

    How can u people look forwad for yr own private families now i see and i think its we the youths protest againist you,my felow zimbabweans these are the people you voted for into council,people who are selve in Bulawayo its portholes all over the roads they are even doing anything all they are doing is to go around stealing from the public? (concerned youths)

  41. kabahambe….. lapho oku green….


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