Councillors delay review into town clerk’s salary

REDCLIFF councillors have resolved to put on hold all plans to review  their town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza’s salary until the dormant Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Ziscosteel) has been brought back to life.


Two months ago, councillors held a special council meeting where it was observed that at $3 000 per month, Gwatipedza’s salary required to be reviewed upwards so that she was at the same level with her counterparts in other urban areas.

Part of the council minutes read: “The deputy mayor (Vincent Masiyiwa) indicated that the salaries of the town clerk and other heads of departments were low and needed to be reviewed upwards but there was need for Ziscosteel to be operatinalised first.”

Gwatipedza is entitled to a raft of allowances such as unlimited cellphone use, a council vehicle fuelled to 70 litres every week, free water, full holiday allowance for not more than three days and $200 for her maid and gardener.  She is also entitled to a car and housing loan payable at 1% interest rate over a five-year period.

The council also pays her $2 500 per term for her children’s school fees and other allowances including housing, medical aid and funeral cover.

Gwatipedza is also entitled to take ownership of her official double cab vehicle purchased for her by the local authority in 2011.

Redcliff Municipality is currently in the red owing to the collapse of major employer and largest revenue provider Ziscosteel.

The local authority has struggled to meet salaries of its workers with finance chairman Clayton Masiyatsva saying workers are owed in excess of three months’ salaries.

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  1. Coucncil thinks that town clerk’s current salary is too low when compared with other local authorities. This mentality is the reason why we have obscene salaries and allowances in parastatals and local authorities because one entity will push up it salary and allowances structure and if approved by the powers that be other entities then follow suit. In Local Govt once council approves the obscene salary and allowances, Chombo will approve it

  2. where does the money come from if these folks at council want to attain parity with other local authorities each with different revenue amounts. These idiots will pay what is in excess of revenue in blindfolded pursuit of parity. Those who throw the most stones and care less about harm to themselves during political strife are not necessarily good at administration.

  3. Redcliff has collapsed. Elizabeth misused money from Pinnacle and they awarded themselves loans at the time when the council was struggling to pay workers. It is utter nonsense for anyone to talk of salary increase when things are not well for Redcliff comunity. That council needs a fire tender,refuse collection truck, the street lights ar no functioning just to name a few. So if Mai Bwana (Elizabeth) is not happy at Redcliff she is free to leave. Let me just say Elizabeth is not competent enough to look for green pastures atleast she should plough back to Redcliff council because yakamusimudzira atleast u nw have a Degree from ZOU it was through redcliff council. Stop tht madeness mama as th comunity we are watching you.

    1. Iwe Matoto, Eliza akadzika ku UZ (economics), akaita Full CIS akaita Masters ku MSU. Haana kumbo enda kuZOU. She is not a ZOU graduate. Mwana wedu wemuRedcliff and lets support our sister.At least she did not earn an obscene salary!

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  5. haiwavo. tiitire zvine msoro. mastands amakapa vanhu kumillenium park neEnglerbert muna 2009 haana kuserviswa muchipedza mari nemasalaries.

  6. Karaga, thanks for informing Matoto. Eliza ane twunhu twake, she is not an ordinary woman. Economics Degree from the University of Zimbabwe, Full CIS and a Masters in Strategic Management from the Midlands State University. U cant expect her to perform miracles pataundi pasina mari. Go Elizabeth go!!!

  7. the lion of tiranga


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