Chiyangwa owes teachers 6 months salary

TEACHERS at property magnate Phillip Chiyangwa’s elite school in Bluff Hill, Harare, Divaris Makaharis, have downed their chalks to protest the non-payment of salaries for the past six months, it has been established.


The teachers, who requested anonymity fearing victimisation, told NewsDay that their employer had been giving them lame excuses for too long and they could not take it anymore. They spent the last two days idling in the staff room while pupils were unattended in the classrooms.

Chiyangwa’s daughter Vanessa — who is part of the administration – yesterday addressed the aggrieved teachers, but proffered no solution.

“She didn’t give any commitment or assurance,” said a teacher at the school. “We are not going to work until our grievances have been addressed.”

The school’s chief executive officer John Munjilo and head of the senior school, Shungu Mushayakarara, were yesterday said to be away.

Another teacher confirmed that they had not been paid since July last year and accused Chiyangwa of being heartless. ads Ads

“He doesn’t have the human resources at his school at heart,” he said. “We think it is time now for the world to know exactly what’s happening here.”

NewsDay also learnt that after the teachers first threatened to embark on industrial action in January this year, Chiyangwa offered them residential stands at Stoneridge in Waterfalls. The teachers, however, turned down the offer after realising that the stands were not serviced as well as being contested as they are part of his divorce proceedings.

“The unfortunate thing is that some of the stands are currently in dispute because they are part of his divorce case,” said the source. “There was also no agreement of sale as the stands belong to Pinnacle Property Holdings.”

Chiyangwa, however, said he owed none of the teachers any money and said even records at the school would prove that their salaries were up-to-date.

“They took advance salaries in January to cover for February and March. I even warned them that this was going to be problematic,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that when they have issues they always run to newspapers so that they can put me under pressure.”

Chiyangwa, who was out of town, said he was prepared to show this reporter all the salary records to demonstrate that none of the teachers was owed any money.

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  1. these bussiness man are full of shit Zimbabwe look @ TN a.k.a Lifestyle holdings the boss jus closes shops leaving his zip open thats bullshit he hvnt paid salaries since september Government come to our rscue

    1. @Mudyanyasi this government is broke of money and ideas don’t expect much. Whilst its not good not to receive your pay lets not rush to blame these guys who at least tried to help a lot of people giving them employment but the present system is not working.

      1. @businessman iwe ndiwe wataura dama chairo. The govrnmrnt agreed an increase with its workers but it has failed to honour it. What does that tell you? They have also deflauted on payments. Its a systems problm. Hw many companies are failing to meet their salaries obligations. Its not that they dont care but that business is just bad. If they used to pay before what has changed now, the business environment.

  2. Chiyangwa is the worst crook. I really feel pity for these poor teachers who are faced with this painful reality. I urge these teachers to just quit enormous and find something better to do. It’s better to sell freezits at Mbare musika than to work for this man called Chiyangwa. The stands in Stoneridge that he promised the teachers are actually at the centre of controversy as those who are currently occupying them are refusing to pay the astronomical $150/ month for 15 years. The courts actually ruled that Stoneridge is state land and not Chiyangwa’s land. So this idiot called Chiyangwa should just shut up and go to hell. Abira vanhu vakawanda mfesi uyu. I wonder kuti vanomushandira vari right right here?

  3. This dog called Chiyangwa was paying workers two pairs of shoes at G&D

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  5. Panogoshaikwa masalaries sei ivo vana vachibhadhara school fees every term ? Sakanhai vaChiyangwa moti mateachers enyu arikuraramisa mhuri dzavo sei ? Stop abusimg people using musangano , if someone works for you he/she deserves to be paid simlpe . You feed your family because you’r working they also want to feed their families . Pay your teachers in time , thanks

  6. This is just a tip of the ice bag- a number of privately owned schools are diverting termly fees above profits and defraud these institutions with highly inflated projects.These colleges require serious monitoring by the ministry of education.The so called posh schools are being looted by their owners and management to the extent that teachers go without salaries and bonuses. Labor laws are highly flouted.
    Chiyangwa is just one of the greedy ones. You can imagine how the teachers lives being disrupted financially and suffering in silence.Parents must create management committees to guard this and have better results for their children.

  7. you are the verry same people who let zanu pf abuse you …. you know that they rigg elections but you bend over and do nothing ………….do you honestly think anyone will help those teachers

  8. people shouldnt rush to utter this and that before facts are put on the table .what if if it is true that these trs were given advance salaries ,yet u hve already painted the man in black?

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