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Bulawayo dams in significant gains


BULAWAYO City Council’s water supply dams are currently 78,44% full with daily consumption averaging about 100 000 cubic meters.


According to council statistics, as of yesterday Insiza and Mtshabezi dams were still 100% full, Umzingwane (71,2%), Inyankuni (25,3%), Lower Ncema (85,7%) and Upper Ncema (70,1%) full. Although Mtshabezi is 100% full, council has not been drawing water from the dam since January 17 due to an unspecified breakdown.

“As from Friday the 17th of January 2014, there has been no pumping from Mtshabezi due to a breakdown. Zinwa (Zimbabwe National Water Authority) is currently working on the pipeline and the supports for the pumps at pump house,” a council report said.

The six supply dams last reached these percentage levels 15 years ago when a combined 92,23% capacity was recorded.

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