Breaking: Zimbabwean, Zambian ministers meet over Kariba Dam


Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Energy minister Dikamai Mavhaire and his deputy Munacho Mutezo are reportedly in Kariba, meeting with Zambian Mines, Energy and Water Development minister Christopher Yaluma to discuss the condition of the Kariba Dam wall.

After the closed door meeting, the ministers are expected to tour the dam.

The meeting follows reports that the economically vital dam – which is the source of major electricity supplies to Zambia and Zimbabwe- had developed serious structural weaknesses and the arch wall could collapse if $250 million worth of repairs are not made within the next three years.

More details to follow

Everson Mushava/ Chief Reporter


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  1. What interests me is in the first paragraph of the story. Not the dangers posed by Kariba, but the Zambian Minister, solely taking charge of the equivalent of three (3) ministries in Zimbabwe! Food for thought, and we should not cry about salarygate when the government itself is bloated as it is and what remains of the economy shrinking at an unprecedented pace.

    • You are spot on. There is duplication of portfolios on the Zimbabwean side and that slows down decision making and obviously increases recurrent expenditure. The gist of the issue is that we have not budgeted for capital expenditure for the dam. In other words there were was no provision for depreciation, why? because the money was used for the upkeep of ministers, deputy ministers, perm secs, directors, managers the list goes on….

    • Dont be so naive and foolish abt clear things. Isnt it an environmental issue if the dam wall breaks,hence nid of responsible minister? Also is Kariba nt a power plant under Min. Of Energy? Rather its the Zambians who r shortstaffed who shld to take ths issue seriously.

      • i pity you for losing the perspective of the discussion. Also look at your rush to spew expletives, this attitude leads us nowhere else but backwards. This is a discussion that requires sobriety if we are to move forward as a country, and not be driven by emotion. God bless you

      • The offensive language manje? Zambia though “understaffed” as you say has grown its economy to twice the size of ours. It appears the one man with three portfolios does a better job than our three men sharing one portfolio.

  2. ministers and not engineers are meeting over kariba dam,interesting,policy makers in africa think they are too superior to meet the man that really matters,no wonder things go haywire all the time

  3. So this prophet now says he has seen a tired wall and this wall will be washed away.
    Go on Man of God, tell us the solution, we know the Kariba Dam wall needs attention, you are telling us what we already know.

    Stop instilling fear in people.

    • The prophet has already said, its up to the officials to save money or to save the people.
      At the moment we need as a nation to make our government to be accountable to the lives of the millions at risk. Its not a joking issue.

  4. In Zimbabwe we have Chidhakwa = Minister of Mines, Kasukuwere = Minister of Water and Dzikamai = Minter of Energy. In Zimbia they have one minister responsible for Mines, Water and Energy kkkkkk.

    • @exiled

      very simple, how many mines in Zambia? How many in Zimbabwe?, How many Water bodies in Zambia? How mNay in Zimbabwe? How many electricity generating plants in Zambia, How many in Zimbabwe? Musango kombeya-kombeya zvese zvese. Saka makazoinda kunze becoz rizining ishoma

      • Tikwanire iwe. Kana uchiti how many mines, how many boadies, how many generating plants unorevei? There so so many copper and gold mines among other minerals in zambia. Akakuudza kuti Zambia inongori neKariba ndiyani? Asi urikureva water boadies yakaitwa seZINWA here? Usangocommenda.

      • Compare Zambia GDP USD 23 billion and Zimbabwe USD 11 billion
        Then compare the size of the two governments!!!

      • Hey fairtalk.. you come across as one who is really well educated yet you don’t know what the education was for or how to use it!!

  5. its a matter of building a new wall down the gorge not repairing,repairs will not do the trick.en it seems our ministers like travelling in pacts,to the chineese built tokwe mukosi which wz washed away,lyk they also did to hwange game during the elephant disaster,

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! One able and I am sure reasonably competent ministry from Zambia who handles all three portfolios and his counterparts in Zimbabwe who are running them separately and still cannot get it!

  6. Thank you newsday for keeping us updated and also for the deligence you have in publishing this article .keep up the good work.

  7. @fairtalk. Take a break from your zpf buttlicking. Miserable minds voting for an 89 year old so as to perpetuate this kakistocracy.

  8. Chikwama I big u up,you talk sense man neither Mavhaire nor Kasukuwere are engineers what will they do about Kariba they only want to talk nonsense and loot.

  9. In Zim,it should be : Minister Without enough Energy
    ” ” ” Treated Water
    ” ” ” Diamond Revenue
    Cronyism Politics dzokanya basa.

  10. , at fairtalk give us numbers if u re reasoning better ;; u can side wth them but the truth remains dat zim cabinet is too big thats y they are bizzy looting they are nolonger serving the people”s interest but their selfish hiden desires to erich themselves

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