$6000-salary ceiling for parastatal bosses

CABINET yesterday slashed the salaries of parastatals and local authority bosses to a maximum of $6 000 a month.


Those in breach of the directive risk drastic measures against them, the Finance minister has ruled.

Addressing a Press conference in Harare last night, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said top-earning parastatal bosses would get $6 000 pending finalisation of appropriate remuneration structures.

“Accordingly and with immediate effect, Cabinet has decided, as an interim measure, that no chief executive officer of any state enterprise, parastatal or local authority should receive a total pay package (basic salary plus benefits) which is above $6 000 per month for those in job level one,” Chinamasa said.

Level one constitutes the highest earners in the new structure.

He said the new salaries should be immediately cascaded downwards in each organisation and the lowest paid employee should not earn below the poverty datum line.
“We are not saying everyone should get $6 000, we are saying in any organisation, the top-notch salary should be $6 000 and no one should be above that,” Chinamasa said.

The directive comes in the wake of revelations of “obscene” salaries and allowances being earned by parastatal bosses. Some are reportedly getting more than $500 000 per month plus allowances.

However, only Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Zesa and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe bosses would be entitled to the $6 000 per month.

The lowest paid bosses at other parastatals would get $1 966 per month.

Chinamasa said that the government had learnt that in most cases, the parastatals and local authorities raised their utility and service charges in order to finance their high salaries.

He said there was strong suspicion that the parastatal bosses were likely to have evaded taxes by financing higher benefits relative to basic salaries.

Government also said that in the case of bonuses, the bosses would only get the 13th cheque based on performance and not as an automatic entitlement.

“Cabinet committee is seized with the task of conducting remuneration audits of parastatals. The Auditor and Comptroller-General will have to be brought on board and any work will be done under the auspices of the Auditor and Comptroller-General and it will come to the committee to take appropriate decisions,” Chinamasa said.

“Appropriate action will be made to recover the awards awarded illegally and there will be consequences naturally and those who did things immorally and unprocedurally, necessary action has to be taken.”

Chinamasa could, however, not give a timeline to the exercise, adding that the problem started with the migration from the Zimbabwe dollar to the US dollar where people took the hyperinflationary environment mentality.

He said the government was not ruling out criminal charges against those involved, saying that might fall under the armpit of corruption.

Asked why it took five years for government to act, Chinamasa said: “There was too much quarrelling in the inclusive government and we could not focus our energy on anything.”

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  1. yea well done. Thats the firat step towards erradication of corruption & poverty. Chinamasa you are proving a very hard working man, keep it up

    1. The bible says my people perish because of lack of knowledge this is very true. First and most importantly these parastatal bosses have entered into legal contracts and as such their remuneration is part of the contracts and the labor act makes void and unlawful any reduction of ones salary without consent, being brought before a properly constituted disciplinary committee. Secondly the pensionable benefits of those affected are determined by their current salaries how many of them will agree to such a drastic reduction in their anticipated pensions considering there have no guarantee of retaining their jobs after this reduction from say 300k to 6k a month. This is just a populist move aimed at hoodwinking us. Finally now that we are being open just give us a schedule of salaries and benefits of all these bosses.

    2. This looks excellent on paper but it is the ENFORCING BIT which is the hustle..How does government propose to enforce this? Setting up a salary fund administered by the Ministry and ensure that all para bosses are paid from there and then claim reimbursements from the paras later perhaps? Outside this, compliance is not going to be automatic..

    3. $5000 would have been better for a performing entity such as ZIMRA. The rest should be graded downward. These are service providers and not producers. Why should someone earn half a million for collecting civil servants medical contributions from Salary Service Bureau? Those who think that these guys were professionals deserving better perks should look at the pathetic if not poor service provided by the entities they led. These CEOs were good at praise singing during mugabe’s birthday or at zanu pf events. Read The Herald or watch ZTV and see the evidence for yourself. Why should Mahachi receive $6000 every month? For making Harare residents drink contaminated water if ever it is available? Why should ZESA CEO earn $6000? For more power outages?


      1. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

        Anenge aba, tinoti batai munhu. Finish.m

    5. This could be a step in the right direction, as long as they do not find other ways of once again paying themselves obscene salaries.

  2. Well done gov, this is the way to do things, things are hard for us all and if it means tightening belts, it must be for us all.

  3. not enuf Patrick..they looted n records are there, arrest n take them to court. Gvt auditors? Hey this is a serious issue..go for external auditors like wat the nutty pro has done zc

  4. not enuf Patrick..they looted n records are there, arrest n take them to court. Gvt auditors? Hey this is a serious issue..go for external auditors like wat the nutty pro has done at zbc

  5. Beyond the salarygate is the mismanagement, abuse of authority, tax evasion and incompetence. These guys will devise new ways of ensuring that they continue to fleece the parastatals and the country. Afterall, the mansions need to be completed, the children need to complete their private education and the small houses need to be maintained. Only a clean out will produce significant results and show government to be serious.

    “They did it because there was no oversight, we were too busy fighting amongst ourselves.” You can’t better that for a cope-out! It’s the situation that is at fault not individuals. You can’t punish a situation can you? I expect more from a revolutionary party, it’s time to get the scalpel out.

  6. Next r the cars, no one shuld have suv, BMW or merc. Go for Toyota Camry or equivalent

  7. Ma ministers are next. The cars they have are too posh. Y shuld a mere deputy get a Range Rover surely.

    1. Range Rover is only $60,000

  8. umm shame shame shame poor pple,poor minds and fools bt claiming to b educated. Wel done chii ipapa apaah thats stupid…ndoo kusekwa nezanu ka uku kusekwa chaiko….ndiyani achaona mapay slip e mbavha idzi hapana job raitwa apa stupid

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  10. ivo vanaChinamasa ava ndivo vamwe vacho ngavasade kutibata kumeso. they used these guys pamasalary aya . mari yose iyi yaienda kuZANU iyo 6 000,00 ndomari yavagara vachitambira. kana zvisirizvo let him arrest them. makoronyera vanhu ava;

  11. If CEOs get 6000 how much will everyone else get? Wont this increase corruption and incompetence in these companies? No competent people will want to work in government so wont this increase the poor services we are already getting? these people should be paid on performance not your emotions… open your minds people and see the bigger picture

    1. Competent? Were they? Only looting state funds. These jobs you are appointed, you don’t apply.

      1. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not supporting these people. the looters should face the music. that’s why I said they should be paid on performance, and not your emotions

        1. No, Mr. Guest. Ask yourself if the service delivery was any good at all when they were looting. For your own information, $6,000 is a lot of money. A lot of money.

    2. Portiphar Simango

      Do you think $230 000 is a reasonable salary, even for Bill Gates?

      1. arggh everyone knows that’s unreasonable, I never said they should get thet much, don’t misquote me.

    3. Rational thinker

      Mr Guest, how much are people in pvt sector earning? I dont think you are being honest with yourself. If obscene salaries equate to high productivity and output, then we should not have water and power shortages by now judging by the salaries that these CEOs were earning. Even PSMAS would have been the best medical aid in the world. US 6000 is quite decent, even by world standards. How many managers are earning above R60 000 in SA, a country with a national budget above US 300 BILLION. Let them quit, we are many qualified people who can take their positions. Its time they go into business with the money they immorally earned.

      1. I’m tired of replying. Please reread my other comments.i never said people should get obscene salaries, I said they should be paid on performance. well the average CEO salary in SA is R91000 but that’s not the point

        1. R91000 Mr Guest translate to $9100 and that is fine for SA since their economy is kicking. For Zim an average of $4000 will be ok for CEOs considering the economy. Teachers in Zim earn average of $400 whilst in SA the average is R9000 which translates to $900. do the Maths and u will find that its fair game.

      2. 1.I agree with Mr Guest this is too emotional reaction by the government. if CEO earns 6000 before tax means take home is around 4400 in which country do u have that low paid CEO for state enterprises. ZimAsset yafa apa if i am a CEO better to take my package ndonochengeta huku i can easily surpass that amount nekurima mbatatisi nehuku and there is less tress than being CEO for ZESA, ZIMRA,Agribank,Reserve Bank, State University same goes down being a director nor Managing Director for the same utilities obvious take home becomes less than or just about $3500 far less than an ordinary engineer or accountant or economist would earn in South Africa then you want the Managing Director lets say for ZPC paid that surely pure insanity lets cascade it down then a director below MD will have to earn less putting take home at around $2800 there about that would put senior managers at around $2400 there about and middle managers at $1800 as you move down to messengers you definitely cant be paying above the poverty datum because you would want to maintain the scales. So what has the government done you have simply created corruption more incompetence for the little that was there more brain drain coz people will seek greener pastures.

        2. lets look at it from a life point of view. Half if not 80% of the workers in the middle range of these parastatals are likely to be servicing loans with banks. So immediate cutting means a cut by at least 50% to 60% how then are these loans going to be paid instability has extended to banking sector considering these loans were salary based and no collateral was asked, Not to mention tose who were also employing other services such as general workers at home etc with cut in income they have to cut that too more unemployed on the street. Most of these are professionals honestly if some CEO was exaggerating there packs then you can affect the whole sector.

        I dont support high packs but neither will i support very low packs lacking reasoning. You cant have the whole country paid as civil servants they is need to maintain balance in order to maintain some sectors of economy tose tikatadza kutenga zai then uyu arikuchengeta huku kuti a wedzere shoma yeu civil servant achatengerwa nani if all are paid low.

        1. Rational thinker

          Tawa, you may have a good point but parastatals are loss making and are not delivering. Secondly our Zimbabwean economy at GDP of US9 BILLION, we are just the size of Ethikweni Municipality aka Durban Metro. Thirdly, the salary adjustment has to start somewhere close to what majority of managers are earning in this struggling Zimbabwe. Then let them perform and justify more. To say that we should keep CEOs salaries higher because they took loans which need servicing, is ridiculous. They should have bought those houses or properties on cash because sure any sane person would have seen how unsustainable those salaries were. How many GPs would PSMAS CEO have paid, at an average of US2000 per month?

          1. I agree that some were outrageous, but then to lower them below what may seem normal for the expertise carried is also not a good move. we surely cant have graduates straight from college holding these positions remember its not all of them (Parastatals) that have failed coz of the CEOs but rather state of the nation some are if not all very competent for the jobs especially Directors just below the CEOs (which will be affected too) but the government policies are a hinder to their success as well. Proof is most CEOs that left and went private are doing quite well and senior managers and senior staff not in Zim left same parastatals are holding successful positions in successful organisations so we cant solemnly blame individuals here. But we may create that situation soon.

          2. Not every parastatal is loss making, not every parastatal gets funding from state coffers e.g ZERA, ZIMRA, NETONE ect i could go on and on. That same government is the one taking money from these parastals. How will NetOne retain its lawyers, engineers etc. This is an emotional directive which will do more harm than good jus like the mandatory price cut of food in 2008 it ddnt help anyone. The minister needs Economics 101. The effects will ripple banks defaults in loan payments.

        2. I agree with u because pushing everybody who is a CEO or whatever does not add up. Let’s control our emotions so as to solve problems affecting our parastatals.

          What method did the minister use to come up with this US D 6000?. Consultation is required in this exercise so as to come up with a realistic salary structure. From US D 40 000 to US D 6000 does not make sense to me. We must not forget that these CEOS were offered the salaries and perks at the time of their being engaged by the parastatals ministry.

          My suggestion is yes reduce the unaffordable salaries to between US D 20000 TO US D 25000 for the top executives so as to avoid the BRAIN DRAIN AGAIN. .Food for thought ladies and gentlemen

          1. Brain drain? What brains in this instance? The ones that destroyed all public infrastructure? By all means drain them. They are no good. In any case, I think it’s a lie. the bosses are handpicked “ex-military service man” in many of the parastatals. Do you really think they will pay their fellow comrades that little? I doubt.

          2. no brain drain to talk about. come to think of it, wat value addition are thiese money mongers bringing to our economy. the nation is on auto-cruise and it will work wonders if we loose them. that would mean great savings. in fact even if you yourself, are to be appointed to those positions you can do better unless kana dzako dzisingadhonzi. remember currently appointments are made along political lines and not merit so ndiyani angatadza basa rakadaro.

          3. I am sorry I do not agree..if there were a brain drain where we lose these chiefs IT WILL BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ZIMBABWE SINCE INDEPENDENCE. 6 000 is a princely amount..most professionals even in developed countries are not making this much!

        3. Do these CEOs deserve the perks they awarded themselves? Look at their performance and the performance of the entities they managed. $6000 is even out of the capability of this country. Who said civil servants should earn less than those who collect and abuse their medical contributions? The same civil servant is educated enough to lead the parastatals that were abused by the CEOs you defend. There is nothing that sets these CEOs apart from the civil servants or lecturers in universities. If they borrowed against their salaries let them feel the pain of their greed. They may as well go farming; who cares. Thieves!

        4. There is nothing emotional about this cut. Yes a drop from 40 000 to 6000 is huge but why did it get to 40000 in the first place when the economy cannot support such a salary. Tawa tell me why should that person get such a salary when the company he runs is in perpetually loss making and the lowest paid workers is hovering around 290 and goes for months without receiving that pittance yet the boss gets his monthly without fail? They used the Zim dollar menatlity to award themselves obscene salaries otherwise they should have been getting at most 3000 since their companies are under performing. Someone says it will be better to go and grow potatoes, sure they will save us a lot since they spend most of the time varikumunda as they say and not at the job. Serious do you think Mahachi stays and drives in Harare? if yes he would forgo his salary for 2 months so that pot holes on our roads could be repaired, water pumps bought since Chivero is overflowing. Hard looters preying on Hard workers.

    4. the so called competent people were doing nothing,thats why there is rot in almost every parastal,where were they if they were competent.

    5. Perfomance? Are you nuts. How about Dube earning 500k/month and PSMAS failing to pay service providers paralyzing the health sector, and that war veteran Muchechetere earning 40k/month.?

  12. No insult intended but i think as a zimbabwean nation we are turning out to be a confused bunch.first a few months ago pple were complainining that salries of these high earners should be slashed .now they are slashed and suddenly for some it seems to be not the way it should be done or for some it is not enough ..so my beloved felow zimbabweans what is it really that you want?before you answer that one please differentiate between wishful thinking and things that can actually happen.

    1. Listen. People don’t just want salaries to be cut because cutting salaries doesn’t necessarily translate to fixing the rot. People want the rot to be fixed first, have all the corrupt individuals convicted in court and be made to pay back all the money they stole down to the last penny, to have a complete transformation of the system, one that ensures that specific salaries are received based on QUALITY SERVICE

  13. There are are young and competent graduates in zim. and outside prepared to take up those post at such salary levels Mr. Guest. Most of those earning megasalaries have been on those jobs for decades and view themselves as demigods who can’t be replaced. They are no longer adding any value to organisations they purport to lead.

    They should go, and I can bet you no one can employ someone like Mahachi and pay him $6000.00 per month!!

    1. I agree with most of what you said but it would be out of desperation realy. Would you want a CEO job with that amount as a ceiling, do you think you would work hard enough knowing that nomatter how well you perform your salary will not reflect your effort. these old madalaz should go but lets be reasonable

  14. This is a noble idea, however I’m a bit sceptic as to whether it will be implemented effectively. While these CEOs where earning such salaries, what were the permanent secretaries and ministers of the parent ministries getting? Surely they cant expect us to believe that they were earning $6 000 yet signing off for someone to earn $230 000.

    Then again this may well be a show for the press just like the civil servants’ increment that only saw the day in newspapers and did not make it to the pay slips.

  15. What of the funds they looted from 2009? My take is we should backdate their salaries to 2009 at 6,000 and calculate how much they owe the state. The state should then liquidate all the assets they have accumulated with these ill gotten gains and capitalise their respective institutions. Lets leave them in the position they would have most likely been if they were earning 6,000 from 2009. No villas in Glen Lorne but a modest house in Cranborne and a mortgage to boot.

    Right now if you pay them 6,000 only they will only concentrate on their empires they have built since 2009. so lets get rid of those empires

  16. @mr guest. Please research on the salaries being paid to the senior management in the foreign NGOs operating locally and you be shocked. Very few, if any exceed the proposed maximum limit. A casual browse of the South African Sunday Times will show that our salaries are not in sync with the regional salaries. This is also true in the private sector hence our goods and services can not compete with the imported. Sanctions yes to some extent, but the major problem is employment costs. At one time, owning a sim card was a mean achievement until Telcel decided to the cost of its sim card and the other two also followed suit and now everybody can afford a sim card. Once all salary costs have been reviewed downwards, goods and services will be affordable.

    1. Rational thinker

      Gandanga, I like your sharp analysis. We need more of you Pal.

      1. Mr guest talks much sense at that ceiling accountants, engineers will probably earn kuma 800 to 1000 so who stays surely if experienced brain drain will happen. Pamuchaudzwa kuti ma system a down you will see that you were better off.

        1. it is clear that to solve the salarygate, there is need for a starting point Mr Guest, this now is the starting point , earning 6000. any parastatal organisation which have sales reaped through subcriptions is worth doing so, since it is not born out of innovativeness. in the event of a disaster, the Government is still liable to the public for service delivery so this is the way to go. this can bring order and sanity in the pricing of commodities. wait and see. those who think greener pastures are good , the borders are open and may they leave and pave way for new blood to enter these responsible orgns.

    2. Interesting analysis, but you know zimbos will be zimbos, Profit always comes first here so I doubt that these salaries will have that kind of effect on our economy. They probably own lots of businesses anyways so they will still try to make up for this in other ways (just an assumption though) but what do you think will happen to the corruption levels we’ll have. Its a no win situation for us

  17. this is an unfair labor practice ..unilateral variation of benefits…. comparison should be made with how much other ceos of similar skills level are getting before settling for 6000, whats gonna happen is that there is going to be a drastic increase in travel to compensate for the variation . brain drain is definitely going to follow… my opinion is 6000 is t00 little for a CEO, LET IT BE A BARGAINING PROCESS RATHER than just setting a figure.how did they settle for 6000. this means more corruptionas they try to compensate

    1. Finaly, someone who sees reason.

    2. Is it fair for me to be denied Medication because PSMAS did not pay the service provider?Mr.big man you have to understand that the same person earning $230.000.00 is the same person advocating for someone to earn $300.00.This is reality check.If we can survive on $300 why can’t they also survive on $6000?without scaling CEO’S Salaries downward the goods and services will remain very expensive.Imagine Lobels CEO earning $15000. what will be the cost of a loaf of bread? I think $2-$3 inorder to raise the CEO’S salary.
      Remember this is a temporary measure to instill sanity.Thumps up Minister Chinamasa and Jonathan Moyo.

    3. There is no bargaining process when you are not delivering the best service. Perform and perform well or board up, close shop and earn NOTHING.

  18. This was long overdue Cde Minister. These thieves must also be jailed for looting our beloved country resources.

  19. Thats better now you need to visit those with their buildings they are charging too much rent

  20. Inga Gordon Moyo MDC-T suggested that in GNU tenure mukazviramba wani. S aka toti MDC-T NDIYO YAITA IMPLEMENT THIS

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  22. 6000$=60 000 Rands per month! Makes sense! It was to cost less than one managers’ previous monthly salary to cover potholes in the road to mbare. They never bothered! All rates increases were to foot Managers salaries and perks! Very true indeeeeeed!!!
    At least cabinet has made one sensible move!!!!
    Lets give credit where its due!

  23. Ko vese vanga vachiba ngava siye basa

  24. Kam also investigate all other ministries, perm secs, college principals and anyone heading an institution from the blessings of the big people

  25. This is fantastic Cde China. Zimbabwe needs some tightening of seatbelts going forward and povo has been tightening theirs since 2005. Ony the big shefs were having it easy. Now it’s their turn to tighten up. Let’s see this happening in letter and spirit. Very soon Zimbabwe will work again and ZANU PF will win clean.

    Musambotye kuti hanzi vanorega basa. Ngavaende! We have so may competent unempoyed graduates itching to work hard(er) for those amounts and prove a point that the old madala were sleeping on the steering wheels. Let the pay slips reflect this development starting March 2014. The savings should go to improve civil servants salaries. Zimbabwe yodo kunaka zvino!

  26. Why am i not surprised. Typical of ZPF, all their decisions are based on emotions. Those paras and councils who wer doing thinks the right way will now have to suffer in same way as the rotten ones. An example, we have read the Bulawayo’s town clerk earns 9-10000, for argument’s sack lets say their engineer is eraning $3000, now if you cascade down from $1966, how much are you going to pay the engineer. Worse you are going to create the very same problem you have in govt right now were you have so many different grades bunched on one salary, or an engineers salary and that of cleaner having a difference of $20.

    You chasing the professionals away, those that are helping the systems not to collapses.

    Simple look at each entity on its own merit and not destroy the little that we stil have. We know that your interim is eternity.

  27. AIWA KUVARAIDZANA KUTANDADZANA HIYEEE: Steven Dhongi Makoni. Izvi ndizvo zvinhu zvisingambofi zvakaitika izvi. Ko vana vavo vaive kunana Peter House vodzoka kuzodzidza pa Mbare High school? haa kwekwekwekwekwe!!

  28. 6000 is still too high for this type of economy.

    1. ssssss, your comment is the only realistic and sensible statement, $6000 is still way too much for people who do nothing in a failed economy, if we had councils and parastatals that functioned properly and delivered adequate services then it would be another story. RONALD CHIRIGA I agree these crooks should be arrested but this will never happen because they are all linked to zpf and therefore protected even better than endangered wildlife.

  29. ridiculous salaries I worked for state for 20 years @ did not get a hundredth of what these guys paid themselves, moreso they are not even faithful as multitudes of poorly paid civil servants, their aim is to enrich themselves @ their immediate families while many zimbabweans sufferer, Shame on them, they need no grace, they should be arrested.

  30. its never too late to correct a mistake,and kudos to cde pats!i just hope and pray that the law will be left to take its course.on the subject of pricing,the blame lies with our industrialists who are deliberately operating on inefficient zim-dollar models of yester year.kana ndimiwo makamboonawo kupi ordinary sofa re USD6000 rinotodhura kupfura ex-jap car except muno muzimbabwe?kana tonotenga kujonhi wonzwa futi industry yakuti he imports are killing us blah blah.

  31. The move will definately scarce people away even though there a lot of CVs are on the companies doors. once people gain the experience they also go. Eventually the HR turnover becomes high. look at big companies that have a direct effect on the economy and its constantly replacing manpower. We are not only talking of CEOs but MDs, GMs,Engineers, Accountant, Drivers,Cleaners…..everyone since the salary structure has been bunched up. I really believe that salaries must be controlled by performance of the organisation. Example is if council fails to meet its targets and such target are employee salaries, revenue generation, service delivery them those accountable must feel the pinch. If ZESA fails to provide or expand or share power effectively, meet salaries, attend to problems timously them those accountable must not be rewarded.Some of the salaries gazetted are fake??????? there are higher than that.

  32. I thnk 6000 is too little.20k is more reasonable as total package.they wl stl covertly get 494000 allowances!



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  35. cde minister u sound too desperate in yo utterances, there is much ground work needed to be done for u to earn our respect, putting a ceiling to salaries i suppose is the final episode of the process.1st bring in independent auditors, 2ndly do the worst to evryone implicated in salarygate tht will send a message to future bosses , 3rd close all the posible leaks and lastly gazzet progressive salaries, bt wth this yo aproach, uuu cd minister???….gd luck!

  36. every year our local university are producing graduates in thousands asvotwa ne US $6000 ngaaende vanorida basa iroro takawandisa ende tinoriita nemo nemo kwete mbavha dzaibhadharirwa very little or nothing for loss making, all in e name of sanctions !!!

    1. @graduate- munozorigona here? That said I think 6 000 is fair compensation given the status of our economy..If brain drain results from this no big deal but I dont see it happening as most CEOs are nearing retirement anyway. My beef is how is this going to be enforced. Can the government set up a fund for these chiefs where they will draw their salaries from the rest of the staff drawing from the para..exception being the salary and benefits of the CEO only. The next question is what happens to all those who overpaid themselves all these years? Do they go grinning into the sunset with looted bundles under each arm or they are made to pay at least some of it back? This is where people can see whether government is really serious about arresting the rot, otherwise this makes nonsense of the Minister’s effort.

  37. Mupfana weBikini

    The catastrophic result of slashing salaries to $6000-00 is , serious brain drain leaving the country with mediocre Managers, poor Engineers and Technicians.We were now starting to attract quality manpower, suddenly Chinamasa talks of the impossibles.$6000-00 is not even enough for a technician if we compare regionally. Lets not work on emotions, lets put on our thinking caps first before we dictate anything.

    1. I think the question here is this: HAPPISON at ZBC was getting $40,000 per month but did he produce QUALITY? No. So if we were to pay him $6000 would it make sense? Yes.

      High salaries do not necessarily produce QUALITY managers.

      However, my thoughts are that the $6000 needs to be a BASIC package and then there should be a performance-related bonus over and above that $6000, based on CLEAR performance benchmarks.

    2. It was the MEDIOCRE managers who were getting paid $230k and $40k and $33k and $190k, so according to your analysis we should actually INCREASE these salaries rather than reduce them.

  38. Wasu paWatsomba ngeNyakatsapa

    It has become a norm in Zimbabwe that we are very much able to formulate policies and ask for individuals to implement, we must have a group responsible for evaluation, mataura zvenyu asi zvinoitwa here>? Chimbobatai vanhu first


  40. If the cuthbert dubes and the mahachis are the competent professionals then the country would do well without competent professionals. One comment above from a Guest reasoner suggests that the country will collapse without competent dubes. That is complete hogwash mr Guest. The country has already collapsed under the watch of your “indispensable” professionals. For your own info Zim is a country with over 80% unemployed or under employed professionals who can do the very same job that your Thief Executive Officers failed to do. The salary savings on their own will go a long way in improving service delivery. There are many qualified pple who are earning peanuts in the gvt and they will gladly fill in vacancies at these terrible quasi gvt orgs. Well done Patrick Chinamas and company.

  41. Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said top-earning parastatal bosses would get $6 000 pending finalisation of appropriate remuneration structures.

    “Accordingly and with immediate effect, Cabinet has decided, as an interim measure, that no chief executive officer of any state enterprise, parastatal or local authority should receive a total pay package (basic salary plus benefits) which is above $6 000 per month for those in job level one,” Chinamasa said.

    Level one constitutes the highest earners in the new structure.

    He said the new salaries should be immediately cascaded downwards in each organisation and the lowest paid employee should not earn below the poverty datum line.
    “We are not saying everyone should get $6 000, we are saying in any organisation, the top-notch salary should be $6 000 and no one should be above that,” Chinamasa said.

    What that basically means is that the whole cabinet is in agreement that someone should not get a salary which is below the poverty datum line. Also that according to them a salary of 6000us is reasonable to be earned by the top brass. How are these pple in parastatals or local authority any different from civil servants? If at all we are different the difference is that we are more educated than most of the them. They are there bcoz of political patronage.

    Its high time we say enough is enough and tell the same cabinet that everybody deserves a decent salary and we are no different from the so called pple in paratatals or local authority. After all the money they pay themselves is largely derived from civil servants.

    lf we are to look back, there was a time when someone would wish to resign from say ZESA and be a teacher. Guys lets make noise and l am sure we will be heard somewhere somehow. If it means making this country ungovernable then so be it. Surely how can the same cabinet which said it does not have money for civil servants have the audacity to say anyone working in parastatals or local authority should get no less than the poverty datum line currently pegged at 560us.

    We as civil servants demand what is rightfully ours because we cannot all be politicians. Let them use the same yardstick they are using to say grade one CEO gets 6000us, in gvt thats the equivalent of our grade E and let them cascade that downwards.
    Cde Chinamasa play your role tactifully

  42. I can do a better job than Mahachi for $3,000

    1. I agree Dino. Many very skilled, hardworking, honest professionals who are not handpicked on political grounds will gladly lead the turnaround of these entities for $6,000 a month.

  43. chaitichouya chikopokopo

    If they don’t want the $6 000 salary they must resign and go farming.Most if not all of them have unproductive farms and moreso in Zimbabwe we have lots of degreed unemployed youths who are equally if not better than these looters .These youths can fill the CEO positions like yesterday and perform much much better,LET DEM GO Mhani!

  44. good turn Minister kudos to you. In any struggle for good things there are SELLOUTS remember, just like in e war of liberation sellouts were there, but e comrades dealt with em severely. singing hangu … vanamukoma vanorova chenjera chenjera …!!!

  45. @SANDILE NARE wtf are you saying!!! This is desperate times and it warrants measures like this, there are millions of educated Zimbabweans who can take up these posts, handiti ndimi munoti we have the highest rate of literacy in Africa, so who cares if these non performers fcuk off?? Don’t be stupid, when a bolt on an engine is rusty the logical thing is to put on a new oiled one, we need to have new people from the President to every head of all management level! Then we can start awarding people based on productivity and progress! Can believe we even have people like you among our midst, Satan!!

  46. whoever doesnt want that salary shud jus quit and give way to the dozens of educated but unemployed zimbabweans afta all these are parastatals and are not remitting to treasury meaningfully later on even making profits or fulfilling their mandate. look at zbc, content is filthy. zinara roads are terrible, local authorities town roads are horrible and theres no water for residents, psmas , u kant access full cover wen sick, there are so many ills and or economy is small to afford larger packs of salaries unless someone makes meaningful profit in their company. i salute this present cabinet its so vibrant and takes issues seriously i hope they wont go corrupt as well …..

  47. guys lets not have premature celebrations, these will affect employees in the lower grades also. there is no way management can cut their salaries without doing the same for ordinary staff. there are middle managers who were earning more than 6000 its means there will be salary restructuring and this will affect other employees who did not benefit in the salary gate .

  48. What that basically means is that the whole cabinet is in agreement that someone should not get a salary which is below the poverty datum line. Also that according to them a salary of 6000us is reasonable to be earned by the top brass. How are these pple in parastatals or local authority any different from us. If at all we are different the difference is that we are more educated than most of the them. They are there coz of patronage.

    Its high time we say enough is enough and tell the same cabinet that everybody deserves a decent salary and we are no different from the so called pple in paratatals or local authority, after all the money they pay themselves is largely derived from civil servants.

    Actually if we are to look back, there was a time when someone would wish to resign from say ZESA and be a teacher.

    Guys lets make noise and i am sure we will be heard somewhere somehow. If it means making this country ungovernable then so be it. Surely how can the same cabinet which said it does not have money for civil servants have the audacity to say anyone working in parastatals or local authority should get no less than the poverty datum line currently pegged at 560us.

    We as civil servants demmand what is rightfully ours
    Let them use the same yardstick they are using to say grade one CEO gets 6000us, in gvt thats the equivalent of our grade E and let them cascade that downwards.

  49. tinotenda dzanwa dzaswera nebenzi.

  50. Cde Gabarinocheka

    By the way Dino wekuma41, What is the Job being done at Town House which can constitute $6000.00. I am a Civil Servant, a Junior Doctor for that Matter, my job is to save LIFE. If i can paste my Payslip, I will be a laughing Stock before the end of the day. Please Minister Chinamasa Implement these Policies vanhu ava vanga vapinda neMwenje mudziva chaimo. Even our Own President havana kumbotambira mari inenge yaDube or Pasi. Pasi navo vanhu ava.

  51. In any war everyone is affected, whether u support it or not. we are in e middle of an economic war so everyone has to be affected. those who cant bear e battle cry can take refuge elsewhere

  52. yohwe…boss neni tafanana.

  53. Corruption apa ndopayakutoita worse l tell u, how can u expect an Engineer to get $6000 after all vagara vatori scarce, imi muri kuchemera kuti $3000 will do fo u its becoz u are unemployed and hamuna vzekuita, instead yekuchemera kuti malndustry avhurwe u are happy kuti mumwe munh asiye basa, manje musazvinyepere zvinoipa tiripo, u think its easy kuti service delivery isavepo, muchingopinda nhasi basa irori tokupai $2000 in 30 days time munenge motinetsa ne corruption futi, ngatigadzirisei nyika kwete kuswero wawata. the same people varikufarira $6000 are the same people makafarira write-off yezvikwereti makajaira zvemahara munhu anohora according to the services anopa kambani. tichaonerera zvedu hameno

    1. chokwadi muZim hatina maengineers kana grade seven ikaudzwa zvekuita unoona magetsi achibvira wanzwa. musanyeba besides seeking for employment whatelse have they done in life. in other countries an engineer is a rare word to talk of but two or three covers the whole work done here by 60 in Zesa. what a shame. kudzima nekubatidza woti hanzi zvinoda engineer. ini handisi engineer but i know all what they do and perfom better than those with engineering certificates. the fuction of installing machines and equipment needs reading instructions first. all products have manuals attached to them so why worry even a national certificate holder from a politechnic can stand the chance to service and maintain the installed machines muno we do not manufacture these machines.

  54. Guys, a salary, in the strictest sense, is a price of labor, obtained in the labor market. The salary cap proposed by the minister should just provide a guide but not to be applied to the entirety of SOEs. My take is for some organizations which are performing well and are producing clean audits, CEOs can be compensated, say, through profit share, bonuses etc. The idea here is to give incentives to performers. $6,000 is a whopping salary to a loss making entity or a small municipality but it may not be a proper remuneration to a profitable and efficient or bigger entity. So lets take the salary limit as a benchmark and baseline for determining the remuneration, while mechanisms of creating incentives for performance are being worked out, otherwise we will kill innovation and hard work. Where there is price control, black market emerge- that is a law of commerce!

    1. Nam inga ndozvirikubudiswa pachena nebepa iri havina kunzi for the entire life. this policy is a starting point. iwe unozopa reason yekutii kana business ringafambi uchizvitambidza mazimari kana kuti ndinoda kuwedzerwa unonzi wakorobha kariba here

  55. one size fit all solution prescribed by our beloved minister. remember the pricing control yana Misimirembwa goods disappeared from the shelf overnight. cant the gvt deal with case by case and get to the bottom it, bring calprits to book. As much as i am against these avaricious salaries , they should be indexed to perfomance. if salaries are curtailed productivity is also stifled. We will never know how the 6k become the yardstick salary. Blanket solution haishande look at indeginisation

    1. Remember this is a temporary measure and the governmemnt will soon impliment results based renumeration.So hard performers will be renumerated accordingly.This is a temporary measure.

    2. The reason why these paras are constantly going to government asking for bailouts is not because of these salaries but managerial incompetence so why should they be paid more than 6 000 for this incompetence. I challenge them to leave and apply for jobs elsewhere where they will be able to get these salaries..the answer is NOWHERE!

  56. Nyongolozi Omnyama

    These salary cuts will trigger a spat of high managerial level corruption. The govt acted too emotional. Those interested should study the ownership constitution of the suppliers of materials, tender holders and sub-contracted firms to these parastatals from now on, and the unit prices of inputs. I tell you , we are yet to see it! A range of between $9k – $25k would have been fair. If the CEO of companies like say TelOne would get 4000, how much do you think the telecoms technician attached to that company should get?! He’ll get as less as 500 calculating down the echelons of the bureaucracies these companies are. . ..

    1. nyongolozi Omnyama,

      Remember its not about paying someone its about the ability of the organisation to pay.How would we allow a company to apply for a loan to pay salaries.A company applying for an overdraft to service salaries.This is the scenario that had led the likes of GMB,NRZ,RMS,ARDA etc insolvent.They borrow to pay exceutive salaries insteady of borrowing to finance operations.Minister is in the right direction.If A CIVIL SERVANT can survive on $300 when he is master degreed why can’t these executives also adjust?We want a better Zimbabbwe which can be built through non-greedness.Welldone Minister we except more positive measures to come.

  57. $6000 is a hell lot of money for a CEO. There are many CEOs who earn less than that eg the vice chancellor at state universities earn less than that. In Ethiopia, CEOs earn less than $2000 and yet live comfortably, those in state enterprises earn less than $1000. Our economy is far much worse than the Ethiopian’s economy at the moment. Lets sample poor countries similar to us and check how much the CEOs in those countries are earning. A good sample similar to our status would include: DRC, ZImbabwe, Burundi, Liberia, Eritrea, CAR, Niger, Malawi, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Mali, Togo, Guinea, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. You might be shocked how low the salaries in some of the countries are. I have Ethiopia as an example but Ethiopia is far much richer than us even in terms of world economic rankings especially considering that only DRC is poorer than Zimbabwe. Cars should also be considered, standard Toyota corrola (bubble) should replace the Range rovers, etc being given to the CEOs.

  58. Ko ma perks; motikari dza chef, ya mai chef, yava kuchikoro, yeku Farm House hold Technician(Maid), Landscape Technician (Garden Boy), Company House, Company Wife (Smell House), Holiday, Cellphone, Telephone Allowance, fees dzevana to private schools, Club membership fees zvatorwa into Account here pa $6 000. yataurwa iyi. @ the end of the day zvinoshaya basa zvekuita set “interim ceilng”

  59. Yes said and done, CONGRATS, but any action to be taken on those who made you came to this point?

  60. If Obama can be given $44K for managing USA then wats wrong with giving an underperforming Zesa CEO $2,8K as take home?

    1. I wish that was truly the CEO’s salary but its not. i cant have the same take home as my CEO. im not even a middle manager .There about 8 grades between me and that guy. That cannot be even his basic salary. Why would a CEO who earns 2,8K approve Magaya’s 26K salary ( +13K in bonuses). Those who gathered the scheduled missed it.

      1. The government should make it clear to those when the government asked for the schedule it was playing games. You raise a very important point..let those who paid themselves pay back but let those who SUPPLIED false schedules go to prison immediately..They are laughing all of us in the face like,….”O shut up you stupid jerks, so we ripped you off, what are you gonna do about it?” The government should bare its fangs for such idiots.

    2. Everything because Zesa is not performing. In the US, unemployment rates have gone down, new jobs are being posted in the market, college grads have a better chance of finding work, there is always power unless there’s a hurricane and even then power gets restored relatively quickly. Obama is performing. Zesa isn’t. No performance, no paycheck.

  61. I understand parastatal bosses are getting hefty salaries but what the minister is saying is a bit unrealistic pa 1 966 for the lowest boss apa hapaite coz in zimbabwe with a thousand dollars chaiyo haikwane we have to take a look at the cost of living iri munyika muno then we can start talking about slashing salaries, if the government has to that then ngazvigumire kuma boss ikoko nekuti we will end up having the little that we get paid slashed unless its just bosses pliz kwatiri musasvike shefu

  62. beneficiaries of unjust salaries make e most noise, ndimi murikuita kuti zvinhu zvidhure to e suffering of e majority, becaz u are willing to part w any amount haikurwadziyi mari yacho.
    @zoya In e bible David and his man ate e bread that was only lawful for priests to eat. desperate circumstances need desperate measures.
    @falcon – i am fully convinced that any level headed graduate can take advantage of e information highway readily available- internet , have u ever heard of google wild search- searching making use of wildcards -everything is there on e net

  63. An engineer at Hwange Colliery was suspended after complaining about the executive management are paying themselves.

  64. I never dreamt for one moment that I would have anything nice to say about Chinamasa..he may just have redeemed himself with this. I think he should also alert the people who gave him that schedule that those who LIED making a fool of everybody submitting false figures will be sent to prison..this should be made clear how serious the government and the people at large are upset about all this. Speed should also board members and their unfunny benefits..how does a guy like Charamba justify being paid 10 000 per month as board fees. In addition how many boards should one person sit on? Some of the problems PLACED on the president’s door should not be there at all. Moyo, Chinamasa here and Chidhakwa have shown that if Ministers do their work things will fall into place. Lets clean up where we can..it is all our responsibility not just the ministers concerned!

  65. Its a cover up.You ought to know how Zimbabwe works.This $6000.00 ndeye mupepa so as kubvisa nyadzi and hood wink us the ordinary people.These CEOs would continue getting obscene salaries but at a reasonable rate ,and this time hapana anyone who is ever gonna question the whole salary thing nekuti it would be water under the bridge issue vanhu vachingoti anacashbert and company vakagadzirirwi size asi but ngoma ndiyo ndiyo vakomana which translates to a situation of “ivhu chete ndiro rinoziva kuti mwana vembeva anorwara”.

  66. We live in a democracy, to effect this cutting salary order, gvt must gazette it and have an SI to that effect, words will be words, patrick is wasting our time he knows better than to order action at a press conference.

    1. when these salaries were implemented at first they were never gazetted,we can’t allow people to steal while others are languishing in poverty sanity has to prevail

  67. l am a civil servant, our directors are getting less than $1000 but they are working very very hard. These ceos will have to take it or leave it. I am actually applying to be at an administrative level knowing the salary scales.

  68. big demolah makadzaidzwa

    hey pple 6k is a lot of money .they said we should live withhn our means.if they expected me 2 servive with a mearge salary of $300 a month which .i get after 6 months.all these crying foul ,imbavha idzi ndiwana mahachi nana muzawazi .muchechetere ana cashbert gud…hanzi tour of duty munhu achitora 4k every week they are so heartless 2 say the least

  69. The chickens are coming to roast. This exercises was long over due,i really second this sanity has to prevail.Even those who work in countries like United Emirates and Qatar are not receiving such ridiculous amounts. There is also need to look at price structure of commodities in Zim. There is something wrong i suggest all stake holders need to meet and agree on certain principles,to bring sanity in the country.

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