56 Zim prostitutes arrested in Zambia

LUSAKA — Fifty-six Zimbabwean women suspected to be engaged in prostitution have been arrested by the Zambian Department of Immigration.

Zambia Daily Mail

The women were arrested in Lusaka in an operation conducted on Friday night and in the early hours of Saturday.

Immigration spokesperson Namati Nshinka said in a statement that the guest houses which immigrations officers raided included Bulawayo in Kuomboka, Katete in Chawama, Ainet, Nsimbiyanga and Cool Park in Emmasdale.

“Also arrested during the raid were three undocumented Congolese nationals, three Egyptian carpet traders and a Burundian national in Mandevu while a Zimbabwean deportee was also nabbed in Makeni,” Nshinka said.

Nshinka has since warned foreign nationals coming into the country for business, trade or social visits not to engage in illegal activities.

“The department also wishes to strongly warn owners of guest houses and lodges who provide accommodation or lodging facilities to prohibited immigrants to desist from doing so because it is an offence and they risk being prosecuted for harbouring prohibited immigrants,” he said.

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  1. Nyasha Muyambi

    What can we expect when the enconomy has been destroyed by greedy, corrupt individuals who care nothing for the poor, all they want to do is loot the resources of the country for themselves.

    1. Morgan Vharazipi

      @Nyasha Muyambi ;;;;;;;;/But there are prostituttes even in other countries such as ZAMBIA , BRITAIN,,where you think its heaven on earth! There poor people also in US!

  2. We are now exporting prostitution! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. tatotangaso,we will supply the whole of africa manje manje,s long s kuine varume chete

  4. Zambia chipfambi chabhadhara rimwe pfambi paChinhoyi via Mhangura apa rakatotenga Noah aiwa nyika iri kusimukira

  5. nyika yamira ngesoro. SouthAfrica,Botswana

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  7. Zvanyadzisa!!!!!!!

  8. We don’t have to blame those commercial sex workers coz they are trying to eke a living .Many pple are living below the poverty datum line while some of the high ranking officials continue looting resources…..i shall not speak

  9. so Zim is nw known for prostitution, taiziva Botswana yakatora mujeki

  10. Chishawasha News-Mandireza

    They must stop spreading Aids. They must repent before its too late.

  11. i dont support prostitution, but if our economy was good we would not be having these girls going that far. it therefore means that the economy is so bad that the man here cant pay them any more. its not that our man are good but its becoz our man dont have money because of the economy. robert mugabe where are you. your children are suffering. you saved us from the whites but now you cant save us from lack. that why we are saying your duty was to free us from the white rule not to tell us about how to run the economy. give us a chance to do that for ourselves baba, please.

    1. @ see I’m sorry I don’t agree with you because there are so many people struggling in Zimbabwe and the whole world. But prostitution is not their answer. These women have choices and they chose that. Even if the economy was better tell you what? They would still go and do it.God ois a just God he gave us choices.

  12. IT IS not worth news because its common across Africa and World at large.

  13. Its not worth news.

  14. repend before it too late, we have so forgoten that hell is real becoz of these promisese preachings from ghana and nigeria; GOD is looking for those who worship in truth and in sprit, lusaka comunity hall is the place to be every sunday 9am, lets come and pray

  15. Uyu anonzi j smart anomboda news dzipi

  16. why are women organisations such woza, msasa project etc quiet when their sisters are being by the Zambians. Why were no men arrested as it takes two to tango. Orpha’s silency is defeaning. Whats bad is bad whether its in Zimbabwe or any foreign coountry

  17. In Zim there are some lobby woman’s group fighting for prostitutes to be given licences so they can not be prosecuted. They have already started exporting their product before the licences are out. All those woman has got husbands here in Zim. Ko mudzimai wako arikupi mazuvano varikusevenzera kuZambia

  18. Taura hako Gandanga ana Musasa project ngavataureka tinzwe ,they must admit vakadzi vemuno vanyadzisa.

  19. Regai vanhu wawane kurarama. Moti kuchapiwa zvimabaskets zveBACCOSSI here these days? Unotoshandisa matools ako zvebasa. Nyika yakaurawa naMugabe iyi.

  20. Chakaipa chakaipa nomtter kuti chaitwa naani. Ngatirege kukurudzirana kuita zvinhu zvakaipa. Chipfambi haisi answer kana zvinhu zvaoma.

  21. they must come back for a FULL service and oil check, pressure test plus inspection of the inlet and outlet manifolds, then they can go back again

  22. service man!!!! please send me one soon after engine overall

  23. izvi zvonyanzisa tenge tichiti makadzi vakusha but kuhura kwega kwega ma 1 zvobhohwa

  24. but y vakadzi vachinyanzisa zim kudai

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