2 000 Harare City Council workers face axe

THE MDC-T-dominated Harare City Council is today set to debate and adopt a proposal to shed off more than 2 000 jobs to rationalise the ballooning municipality wage bill.


Impeccable sources in the council’s human resources committee told NewsDay yesterday that the committee had recommended the workforce be reduced from 9 000 to 6 500 workers from the shop floor to top executives.

The council’s top management is made up of 60 heads of departments or divisions of which 16 are directors.
Council officials yesterday said the major shakeup was beneficial for the operations of the local authority currently weighed down by the bloated workforce, with some workers said to be over the retirement age of 60 years.

“The committee will make recommendations tomorrow (today) on the matter which may be adopted by a full council meeting. Once adopted, then the implementation of the resolutions (will) begin. We are looking at about 2 000 people who may be affected in the exercise,” the officials said.

Town clerk Tendai Mahachi last week told Parliament that the city council was planning to cut its top management by 50%.

“We are also reducing at the bottom. For example, the sweeping staff in the CBD; that job can be done by mechanical sweepers and the equipment is yet to come,” he said.

Mahachi has for the past fortnight been at the centre of a storm after he allegedly refused to furnish councillors with the council’s executive payroll amid reports that the top 18 executives were earning a combined $500 000 per month.

Mahachi was reportedly getting $37 000, but he later told Parliament that his monthly earnings were around
$21 000.

Following his alleged refusal to disclose the salary schedule to council, Mahachi was suspended by mayor Bernard Manyenyeni, but the decision was immediately rescinded following a directive from Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo.

Contacted for comment yesterday, human resources committee chairperson Wellington Chikombo said: “I will be in a position to comment after deliberations and adoption by full council tomorrow (today).”

The council was also in the process of rationalising salaries and allowances for top management following Chombo’s directive that salary costs should be about 30% of total revenue at the most.

Council has also engaged external auditors to plug revenue leakages, among a host of other austerity measures meant to restore sanity at Town House.

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  1. “The MDC-T dominated Harare City Council is…”ko ndiwo vadiniwo zvavo? muripabasa zvechokwadi kikikkkkkk


  2. Bvaru Jesu Wepasi

    Ngavanoshanda kuHarvest house

  3. The best way to cut the wage bill is to review the salaries downwards starting with the big chefs. Seriously a street cleaner getting 700 usd when we heard a doctor is earning 297.00 is ridiculous. The streets to make it worse are not clean and they seem to enjoy working on weekends for overtime making it too expensive to have them. They can privatise the cleaning department.

    1. hakuna cleaner anotambira 700 USD thats a misconception. i work in the local authority system and there is nothing like that . even a salary officer at rowen martin building does not earn as much. zvekuti ma DR vanotambira 297 zvinei ne city council izvozvo. kana vachida ngavanotsvaira kucouncil varikurambidzwa nani. dont compare salaries of different organisations. a cleaner at Zimplats is earning more than a goverment accountant or a doctor at parirenyatwa. saka city council yega ndoyadii

      1. nyati wekwarusape

        mukoma Dibango apa mataura asi ndinenge ndakuziwai

  4. Thanks Innocent for noticing that. Why prefix” MDC-T dominated” when the issue on the table is pure council business that requires no political slant? You give the impression that the issue being discussed is on the table because council is MDC-T dominated. This is a matter of council trying to cut its cloth according to its size and these issues come up in govt, in business locally and elsewhere when economic conditions beckon for such reviews. Now does it matter whether council is black or white, MDC-T or Zanu, Republican or Democtrat? That sucks Mr reporter. I hate the insinuation. Why should people be labelled first before we judge the merit of what they are saying. I now suspect that your newspaper has a vendetta against the MDC-T?

  5. the 2000 workers must be coming from your city parking and easypark.we were not that many when we were doing that job and we are still there.Now the entire formerZBC journalists are permanent workers at Town house.doing what?vaya ma enemies vake voendesva manje

  6. e media is like a mini- police,.some accusations are just on paper.

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    1. The gusto with which you are marketing blood donation makes me think you have lucrative commercial interests in our donated blood. Am I wrong? Is this not why blood given for free is later sold for $200 a pint under the guise of costs of processing bla bla bla? What really is this processing thing you talk about if it’s not just testing, cross-matching and packaging? We have lost relatives coz we could not afford to buy pricey blood even though we have been giving it for free. Sorry, for a soft drink and some biscuits or bread slices. And we know that it’s only those earning $21,000 a month are the few who can afford blood, to live longer and continue drawing a salary from granny’s rate payment! Damn it!

  8. Still 21 thousand is too much.The currency is not Zim.dollar.

  9. after cutting those jobs gvt should focus on dealing with the 75 000 ghost workers sucking dry the coffers.but we know the mdc-t led council does not have any power to effectively fire any worker because of mukoma chombo throwing spanners in the works.this is a country of patronage nothing else matters

  10. after cutting those jobs gvt should focus on dealing with the 75 000 ghost workers sucking dry the gvt coffers.but we know that any mdc-t led council does not have any power to effectively fire any worker because of mukoma chombo everready to throw spanners in the works.this is a country of political patronage nothing else matters.mugabenomics sucks fo sho

  11. kanzuru haibatsire, ngavaende vese. Izvozvizvi varikutitadzisa kukwira ma kombi akachipa pa rank preventing them from loading kuti vatidhurisire.

  12. vamunodakumisa basa ndovakaba mari here kana kuti muchatanga nevanenyaya dzavo.

  13. kanzuru yatishungurudza pama rank , mu city centre nekuda kwekurambidza makombi akachipa kuti asatitakure, vanedzimba kwidzirai vashandi ve harare city council ma rent kwavano lodger vanzwewo zvatirikunzwa.

  14. wer did the parking meters go and prepaid parking disks, the vano clamber voita basa to defaulters, other than kuwanza vanhu vanotora mari vachitibira futi, at time wen u park kune ve city parking unonzwa zvichinzi une chikwereti che $5 apa hautozive kuti chakabva kupi. taneta nematsotsi akawedzerwa mustreet na Mahachi.

  15. Its there in Bible that God will not bless a nation that oppresses the minority tribes kkkkkkkkk sizafanana

  16. @Rook, do you know someone by the name Trevor Ncube?if so,that tells you the whole story about this newspaper

  17. Kuno kuchinhoyi municipality takawedzera makore evanhu hapana achaenda kupenjeni vose vachafira pabasa apa takawandisa kuhora hatisi kuhora .vamwe vachembera zvokusashanda asi vanonzi ingoshandai ko vechidiki vachashanda kupi ivo vana watadza,shiri,dibhare,tula,nyabasa,masvora,vava ne 65 apa havade kusiya basa

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