ZOU graduates petition Mugabe over rejected diploma


FORMER Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) students have petitioned President Robert Mugabe to order the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to employ graduates with a Diploma in Primary Education offered by the institution.

Feluna Nleya

This follows reports that the CSC has been turning down holders of the diploma programme, saying it was not a legitimate qualification.

The former students want Mugabe as Chancellor of all State universities to stamp his authority and order the CSC as the major employer to recognise the qualification as genuine.

Part of the petition, dated February 7 this year, reads: “The action by the CSC seems to undermine the Chancellor’s power of having conferred ZOU graduates with the Diploma in Education qualification.

Therefore, we seek your intervention with regard to this crisis. This whole scenario has resulted in former students suffering socially, economically and emotionally. They are suffering broken families and lives (sic).”

ZOU started offering the diploma programme in 2006 with the first group of students graduating in 2010.

“The first group was duly employed by the then Public Service Commission for the period covering eight months, from February 2010 to September 2010 when they got dismissed for lack of ‘proper qualifications’.

“One year later, ZIMCHE (Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education) put up a notice in the print media suspending the ZOU Diploma in Education primary course until further notice.”

They said even after ZIMCHE had suspended the diploma, ZOU continued to offer the programme in 2011 where another group graduated with Mugabe presiding over the graduation ceremony.

“The ZOU Diploma in Education primary course has been stigmatised to such an extent that the Civil Service Commission has refused to employ anyone not even as a relief teacher in preference to people with non-teaching certificates,” the former students said.

“The whole situation with regard to the Diploma in Education is now seeming to take the form of some retribution from the government under which ZOU institution has trained over 100 graduates and yet they clearly do not want to offer them employment or regularise this qualification.”


  1. kana vati hariite hariite, y do u wnt 2 compromise on our children’s education? go 2 various teachers’ colleges across é country n gt é relevant qualifications n skills there.

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    • UZ yaive yekare not now, ko kuri kumboitwa chiiko dai watoti ZOU ne NUST iri nani ine magraduates ano producer results kana vawana mabasa. UZ ine ma half baked and busy kushandisa ma study packs e ZOU nxaaaaa

    • u so much blinded man by thinking that UZ is the only unviversity nd calling atha vaaz bogus,,,,,, may gbe u will need to refer to yo dictiony 1st

  2. uz iz now useless,not innovative e poorest vasity so far nxaaaa MSU now on top of the rest othz follow …UZ z now history ma frend past z past….specise and trust ar now compiting wth uz

  3. Musatiudze zvinonhuwa.Ukaenda kuHarare tinoswera nama students eUZ achiresearcher mumamodules eZOU. Ku Gweru ndozvimwechete matutors eMSU ari kushandisa maQuestions avanoba muma modules eZOU sezvaari.Saka who is superior?

  4. Infact ZOU doesnt have modules on its own. Its borrowing from other institution – however these modules are not final; thats why other varsities use it with other material. So Zou ends with incomplete modules. Also long distance is not suitable to bring better result to form 4s without english and maths -many Zou students. Other varsities complement with experienced lectures. zou partners with unrecognised institution unlike UZ and NUST who partner with Harvard etc. You can meet someone who fail to get a place @ msu do to less points but zou take zonke -garbage in garbage out even unisa dont take zonke thats why its recognised world wide. As long u have money zou accepts

  5. Mazuva ano chinokosha kuita mari.its so sad that illiterate people are making money vane madegree vakati hwa-hwa-hwa

  6. l always wonder how someone who fail to get 5O’level including english and maths end up having a degree @ Zou. Worldwide you cant have a degree when u fail a language you are going to study it in. All varsities that want only money from students not brain render their degrees usesles – because they had to compromised to accomodate brain of their intake.

  7. I do not think that people are coming from an informed position. People need to understand that ZOU is an accredited institution by ZIMCHE and all its operations are accepted by the laws and policies of Zimbabwe. Having checked the entry requirements for most of the programmes on the ZOU website, i discover that Mathematics and English are needed for one to be accepted for study. A degree will never be useless, the question that i pose to you all, is Why does one do a degree, is it for money or to upgrade yourself, is it for employment or for enrichment.

    ZOU allows one to earn while you learn, Most of the diploma students have been temporary teachers for a long time and they are even better than other qualified students from the various colleges.

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